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SchemaEntity List
EntitySchemaID Label Description Action
E1 ShExR Schema of ShEx Edit
E2 Wikimedia Schema of Wikimedia projects in Wikidata Edit
E3 Wikidata Item Schema of a Wikidata item Edit
E4 Labels/Descriptions Schema of labels and descriptions Edit
E5 Statement Schema of a Statement Edit
E6 Language mappings Schema for language mappings in Wikidata Edit
E7 Citation Schema of a Citation Edit
E8 External RDF no description Edit
E9 Wikidata-Wikibase Schema linking wikibase and wikidata Edit
E10 human simple schema for humans Edit
E11 film festival scheme for film festivals Edit
E12 film festival edition scheme for film festival editions Edit
E13 natural number basic scheme for natural numbers Edit
E14 human (basic properties) scheme for humans with basic properties Edit
E15 Danish Lexeme schema for Danish lexemes Edit
E16 Software Titles schema for Wikidata statements related to software Edit
E17 television series basic scheme for television series, without identifiers Edit
E18 television series season basic scheme for television series season, without identifiers Edit
E19 television series episode basic scheme for television series episode, without identifiers Edit
E20 EastEnders full scheme for TV series Edit
E21 rower schema for items about rowers, defined by P106: Q13382576 or subclass thereof Edit
E22 screenwriter basic scheme for screenwriters Edit
E23 film producer basic schema for film producer Edit
E24 film director basic scheme for film directors Edit
E25 actor basic scheme for actor Edit
E26 lightbulb basic scheme for lightbulbs Edit
E27 European lightbulb basic scheme for European lightbulbs Edit
E28 cinematographer basic schema for cinematographer Edit
E29 camera operator basic scheme for camera operators Edit
E30 Australian national parks basic schema for national parks in Australia Edit
E31 File Format Families schema for Wikidata statements related to file format families Edit
E32 sovereign state basic schema for sovereign states Edit
E33 Kakapo Schema for Items about Kakapos Edit
E34 Danish noun schema for Danish nouns Edit
E35 written work abstract concept of a written work and its relations with its manifestations as editions Edit
E36 edition of a written work manifestation of a written work Edit
E37 human gene schema of a human gene according to Gene Wiki Edit
E38 human protein schema of a human protein according to Gene Wiki Edit
E39 Reactome Pathway schema of a reactome pathway in wikidata Edit
E40 European route basic scheme for European routes, e.g. E40 Edit
E41 biological pathway sourced from WikiPathways in Wikidata schema for a biological pathway from in Wikidata Edit
E42 author A Schema for authors Edit
E43 poem schema for a poem Edit
E44 University Teacher person who teaches at a university Edit
E45 university schema for a university based on the basic metadata listed at Edit
E46 chemical element Concept from chemistry allowing properties of atoms to be consistently described Edit
E47 racemic mixture mixture of chemicals with the same structure but different stereochemistry Edit
E48 human no description Edit
E49 Wikidata prefixes default prefixes Edit
E50 NationalFlag no description Edit
E51 hyperpolyglot basic scheme Edit
E52 given names in Spain basic scheme for frequent given names in Spain Edit
E53 sportsperson no description Edit
E54 lexeme schema for lexemes Edit
E55 programming language simple schema for programming language Edit
E56 Danish verb basic schema for Danish verbs Edit
E57 gay pride no description Edit
E58 LGBT flag no description Edit
E59 evidence and conclusion ontology term schema for terms from the evidence and conclusion ontology Edit
E60 cellosaurus cell line schema for a cellosaurus cell line in Wikidata Edit
E61 kakapo schema schema for kakapo individuals on wikidata Edit
E62 Danish pronouns schema for Danish pronouns Edit
E63 ClinGen variant pathogenicity schema on genetic variants from ClinGen Edit
E64 bacterial genome annotation schema for the bacterial genomes in Wikidata Edit
E65 Danish numerals base schema for Danish numerals Edit
E66 music composition by W.A.Mozart basic schema of a music composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Edit
E67 Award Basic schema for awards on Wikidata Edit
E68 Danish hyphenation no description Edit
E69 disease basic schema for a human disease according to the disease ontology Edit
E70 Clinical Interpretations of Variants in Cancer basic schema for items sourced from clinical interpretations in variants in cancer Edit
E71 ceremonial county of England basic schema for a ceremonial county in England Edit
E72 pharmaceutical drug basic schema of a pharmaceutical drug Edit
E73 software companies schema for companies that produce software Edit
E74 pseudogene basic schema of a pseudogene in Wikidata Edit
E75 gene basic schema for genes represented in Wikidata Edit
E76 Danish adjective Danish adjective Edit
E77 vernacular names according to the BSL Schema on vernacular sourced from the Belgian Species List Edit
E78 Western Lombard language common taxon names schema of a vernacular name on Wikidata Edit
E79 file format with PRONOM id schema for a file format item that has a PUID identifier Edit
E80 volcano General schema for volcanos on Wikidata Edit
E81 lighthouse schema for lighthouse on Wikidata Edit
E82 cryptocurrency basic schema for cryptocurrencies Edit
E83 W3C Recommendation basic schema for W3C Recommendation Edit
E84 Scores for a discipline in a figure skating competition no description Edit
E85 academic conference general schema for a academic conference in Wikidata Edit
E86 native Wikipathways schema basic schema of a Pathway in Wikipathways as expressed on Edit
E87 biological pathway in Wikidata basic schema of biological pathways in Wikidata Edit
E88 health in region basic scheme for health by region/country items Edit
E89 Public library branch in The Netherlands Schema for a public library branch (except library buses) in The Netherlands Edit
E90 Public library organisation in The Netherlands Schema for a public library organisation in The Netherlands Edit
E91 Emulator base schema for emulators Edit
E92 Delftware pottery workshops schema for Delftware pottery workshops Edit
E93 FLOSS emulator schema for a free/libre/open-source software emulator Edit
E94 Newspaper clippings archives Schema for instances of Q65651503 Edit
E95 Newspaper clippings archives (minimal) Minimal schema for instances of Q65651503 Edit
E96 dummy for another variant of E94 Edit
E97 Instance of Example schema for WikiProject:ShEx/How to get started? Edit
E98 organization schema of an organization and its subclasses Edit
E99 statue general schema for a statue Edit
E100 city schema of a city Edit
E101 book edition in Libris schema for editions in the Libris library catalog Edit
E102 operating system base schema for operating systems Edit
E103 gene variant according to schema of gene variant statements sourced through Edit
E104 municipio of Rome schema for validating current municipi of Rome [draft] Edit
E105 deceased person in Dutch Wikipedia general schema for a deceased person described in the Dutch Wikipedia Edit
E106 Lunar crater schema for lunar craters Edit
E107 chromosome general schema describing items on chromosomes on Wikidata Edit
E108 sequence assembly general schema describing a sequence assembly Edit
E109 human chromosome general schema for human chromosomes that builds on the general schema for chromosome (E107) Edit
E110 software license schema for software license Edit
E111 virtual reality headset schema for virtual reality headsets Edit
E112 data set schema for data sets Edit
E113 Gene Wiki disease terms schema for items sourced from the Disease Ontology Edit
E114 trail schema for trails Edit
E115 Tsunami Extracted schema for Tsunami's on Wikidata Edit
E117 newspaper with direct claim properties only schema of a newspaper with direct claim properties only (i.e. wdt:~ Edit
E118 virtual assistant schema for virtual assistant software agents Edit
E119 space probe schema for space probes Edit
E120 red panda schema for red pandas Edit
E121 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E122 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E123 Sandbox Schema An EntitySchema to try things out, not intended for productive use Edit
E124 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E125 museum base schema for museums Edit
E126 Nobel Prize Winners Nobel Prize Winners which includes ALL the Prize types including Peace Prize Edit
E127 interstellar object schema for interstellar objects Edit
E128 extrasolar planet schema for extrasolar planets Edit
E129 one-of-a-kind computer schema for one-of-a-kind computers Edit
E130 painting surface artistically covered with paint Edit
E131 Standard German noun German noun with Gender at the entry level and 8 inflected forms in case and number Edit
E132 web comic schema for web comics Edit
E133 adminstrative district in Turkey schema for administrative district in Turkey Edit
E134 Swedish Parliament member member of the Swedish Parliament Edit
E135 Languages should have an IETF language tag no description Edit
E136 Malayalam lexeme entity schema for lexemes in Malayalam Edit
E137 privacy policy this item has a privacy policy URL Edit
E138 patent schema for patents Edit
E139 competition class items schema for items that can be used as values for Property:P2094 (competition class) Edit
E140 metropolitan statistical area schema for metropolitan statistical areas Edit
E141 web service schema for web services Edit
E142 UNESCO world heritage site schema for UNESCO world heritage site Edit
E143 award laureate no description Edit
E144 poem by Emily Dickinson basic scheme Edit
E145 file system schema for file systems Edit
E147 submarine communications cable schema for submarine communications cables Edit
E148 Nazca lines schema for geoglyphs that make up the Nazca lines Edit
E149 cryptographic hash function schema for cryptographic hash function Edit
E150 Specific event in figure skating Schema to check for specific figure skating events Edit
E151 watercraft All types of vessels Edit
E152 Ship no description Edit
E153 Researcher Schema for Researchers Edit
E154 Standard German noun full a more comprehensive check for German nouns Edit
E155 standard English noun English noun with plural and singular Edit
E156 keyboard layout schema for keyboard layouts Edit
E157 Endangered language entity schema of Endangered language Edit
E158 computer model schema for models of computer Edit
E159 sound card schema for sound cards Edit
E160 Basque noun A standard Basque noun with 65 forms Edit
E161 JKT48 member schema for JKT48 member Edit
E162 Southern Resident orca schema for members of J, K and L orca pods Edit
E163 Chilean Politicians Schema to validate political party Edit
E164 French standard noun French noun with two forms, singular and plural Edit
E165 virus gene schema of a virus gene Edit
E166 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E167 protein schema for a protein in Wikidata Edit
E168 LGBT related TV series TV series on LGBTI+ related genre Edit
E169 virus protein schema that adds to the generic protein schema (E167) to apply on virus protein shapes Edit
E170 virus strain schema for an item depicting a virus strain Edit
E171 Chilean Volcanoes Chilean Volcanoes Edit
E172 Chilean Cities Schema to validate Chilean Cities Edit
E173 outbreak Entity schema for outbreak in specific locations Edit
E174 strain Schema for strain information Edit
E175 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E176 Chilean astronomers Scheme to validate Chilean astronomers Edit
E177 Data Structure entity schema of data structure Edit
E178 Algorithm entity schema of algorithm Edit
E179 operating system entity schema of operating system Edit
E180 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E181 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E182 [empty schema] [empty schema] Edit
E183 Chilean Women Football Players Validate Chilean women soccer players Edit
E184 pandemic entity schema of a pandemic Edit
E185 preprint entity schema of a preprint Edit
E186 Macromolecular complex Schema for macromolecular complexes Edit
E187 hospital entity schema of hospital Edit
E188 2020 coronavirus pandemic local outbreaks entity schema of 2020 coronavirus pandemic local outbreaks Edit
E189 clinical trial Entity Schema for a clinical trial Edit
E190 lockdown entity schema of a lockdown Edit
E191 lockdown part of the 2019-2020 coronavirus disease pandemic lockdown part of quarantine for the 2019-2020 coronavirus disease pandemic Edit
E192 virus taxon entity schema of a virus taxon Edit
E193 Preprint server entity schema of a preprint server Edit
E194 Complex Portal entity Schema of Complex Portal records as reified in Wikidata Edit
E195 COVID-19 contact tracing app Entity schema of COVID-19 contact tracing app Edit
E196 covid-19 death entity schema of a covid-19 related death Edit
E197 morgue entity schema of a morgue Edit
E198 crematorium entity schema of a crematorium Edit
E199 Russian noun without paucal Russian noun without paucal Edit
E200 Russian noun with paucal Russian standard noun with paucal number Edit
E201 Filmmaker schema for a filmmaker whose work is held in a film archive or other insitutional collection Edit
E202 German verb no description Edit
E203 school unit no description Edit
E204 Sandwich two slices of bread with filling in between them Edit
E205 COVID-19 dashboards, search engines and datasets Entity schema of COVID-19 dashboards, search engines and datasets Edit
E206 stumbling stones no description Edit
E207 dataset entity schema of dataset Edit
E208 SPARQL endpoint entity schema of a SPARQL endpoint Edit
E209 API endpoint entity schema of API endpoint Edit
E210 hospital (Malayalam) entity schema of hospital (Malayalam) Edit
E211 hospital schema for hospitals Edit
E212 emergency measure emergency measure Edit
E213 spaceport schema for spaceports Edit
E215 same-sex marriage entity schema of same-sex marriage Edit
E216 public artwork entity schema of an artwork in public space Edit
E217 HTML element entity schema of a HTML element Edit
E218 Orienteer schema for orienteers Edit
E220 member of the Instituto Universitario de Análisis y Aplicaciones Textuales no description Edit
E223 EuropeanProject An european project Edit
E224 EuropeanReport A european report Edit
E225 EuropeanResearcher a researcher Edit
E226 Swedish Academy Chair ShEx for a Chair in the Swedish Academy Edit
E227 Gender Schema for gender Edit
E228 United Kingdom Member of Parliament member of the United Kingdom parliament Edit
E229 decision from the Supreme Court of Sweden no description Edit
E230 Swedish Academy introduction speach the speach every member of the Academy deliver on day 1 Edit
E231 Swedish Academy member member of the Swedish Academy Edit
E232 lipid class of chemical compounds Edit
E233 protein family general schema describing InterPro protein families Edit
E234 auto race track no description Edit
E235 auto racing event no description Edit
E236 Member of the Oireachtas member of the Irish parliament Edit
E237 File format with identification pattern schema for a file format that includes signature information Edit
E238 racing automobile driver no description Edit
E239 chemical compound no description Edit
E240 natural product no description Edit
E241 stereoisomer chemical compound with a particular stereochemistry Edit
E242 Configured Software Environment Schema about a software environment Edit
E243 cell type Schema for cell types Edit
E244 Legislation of the Oireachtas legislation of the government of Ireland Edit
E245 Unicode plane no description Edit
E246 Unicode block no description Edit
E247 Unicode character no description Edit
E248 album simple schema for albums Edit
E249 embassy schema for embassies Edit
E250 Swedish municipal no description Edit
E251 non-coding RNA general schema describing non-coding RNA items Edit
E252 non-coding RNA gene general schema describing non-coding RNA gene items Edit
E253 Breton verb basic schema for regular Breton verbs Edit
E254 Bengali adjectives no description Edit
E255 Bengali verbs no description Edit
E256 Bengali adverbs no description Edit
E257 politician simple schema for validating a politician Edit
E258 Genewiki schema GeneWiki schema from Edit
E259 Wikibase property Schema description of properties in Wikibase/Wikidata Edit
E260 Epistles of Fredman no description Edit
E261 no label no description Edit
E262 Fredman Epistels person persons in Fredman Epistels Edit
E263 Type specimens of Oxalis Schema derived from content in Wikidata Edit
E264 Breton Lexeme no description Edit
E265 Gene Wiki SARS-COV2 primary sources Shapes of reference patters used in Wikidata in the Gene Wiki SARS-COV2 project Edit
E266 Gene Wiki SARS-COV2 external identifiers External identifiers used in Wikidata in the Gene Wiki SARS-COV2 project Edit
E267 Revue des Deux Mondes article no description Edit
E268 Building Stockholm Try to get buildings in Stockholm to match Edit
E269 French historic monument no description Edit
E270 building no description Edit
E271 public art in Umeå Umeå, Sweden Edit
E272 video game interactive entertainment products Edit
E273 Gene Wiki primary sources Shapes of reference patters used in Wikidata in the Gene Wiki project Edit
E274 Gene Wiki external identifiers Shapes of wikidata statements for external identifiers used in Wikidata in the Gene Wiki project Edit
E275 Gene Wiki symptom terms no description Edit
E276 Runic inscription no description Edit
E277 group or class of enzymes general schema describing enzyme classes Edit
E278 transmembrane transport protein class general schema describing membrane transporter classes Edit
E279 SVT Play is the brand used for the video on demand service offered by Sveriges Television, Edit
E280 Outdoor gym Schema for an outdoor gym in Wikidata Edit
E281 Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon women in a Swedish female biograpgy Edit
E282 literary sign entity schema for literary sign Edit
E283 Swedish Church parish Parish in Sweden Edit
E284 seat in the Swedish Academy no description Edit
E290 Swedish Literature Bank Runestones schema for runestones referenced in literature at the Swedish Literature Bank Edit
E291 taxon treatment Schema of meta data about a taxon treatment according to plazi Edit
E292 scholarly article Schema of meta data about a scholarly article according to Plazi Edit
E293 taxon name Schema of meta data about a taxon name/instance according to plazi Edit
E295 townland schema to describe a townland (small geographic division of Ireland) Edit
E296 boat manufacturing company schema to describe a boat manufacturing company Edit
E297 sailboat class schema to describe a sailboat class Edit
E298 chemical compound with CAS registry number Shape expression extending the one for 'chemical compound' but with a CAS registry number defined. Edit
E299 chemical compound with validated CAS registry number Shape expression extending the one for 'chemical compound' with a CAS registry number defined validated with the CAS Common Chemistry database. Edit
E300 motor racing season no description Edit
E301 Brazilian laws and decrees schema for instances of Q820655 and Q6453643 with jurisdiction on any Brazilian territory Edit
E302 Bgee - a gene expression database Shape on Bgee sourced gene expression data Edit
E303 no label no description Edit
E304 Swedish dogbeach no description Edit
E305 Facebook with P9616 number i.e. more official beach Edit
E306 Basque verb A standard Basque verb with 5 forms Edit
E307 Basque postpositive adjective Standard Basque postpositive adjective with 67 forms, with comparative and superlative Edit
E308 Malayalam verb Entity schema of Malayalam verb Edit
E309 Malayalam noun Entity schema of Malayalam noun Edit
E310 English adjective Entity schema of English adjective Edit
E311 English adverb Entity schema of English adverb Edit
E312 English preposition Entity schema of English preposition Edit
E313 English interjection Entity schema of English interjection Edit
E314 French interjection Entity schema of French interjection Edit
E315 Wikimedia Category Entity schema of Wikimedia Category Edit
E316 French adjective Entity schema of French adjective Edit
E317 street schema for items about roads Edit
E318 Open Science & Scholarship Community schema for an instance of an Open Science & Scholarship Community Edit
E319 European Bathing waters Bathing waters in Europe identified with Eionet bathingWaterIdentifier Edit
E321 Moth species Schema of wikidata items describing moths Edit
E323 Gene Wiki bot for the Disease Ontology Disease Ontology on Wikidata as monitored and maintained by Gene Wiki bots Edit
E325 Research Expedition schema on data regarding research expeditions Edit
E326 Accepted NFDI consortium A proposed NFDI consortium, which is accepted Edit
E327 English Noun with Genitive English noun with modifiers Edit
E328 Gene Wiki bot for the Gene Ontology Gene Ontology on Wikidata as monitored and maintained by Gene Wiki bots Edit
E329 Standard English Verb with Simple Form Conjugation lexical mask for Standard English Verbs with Simple Form Conjugation Edit
E330 Government agency schema for government agencies Edit
E332 cloud schema for clouds Edit
E333 rocket EntitySchema for space vehicles Edit
E334 Instance of no description Edit
E335 German lexeme no description Edit
E336 Graduate degree program Schema of wikidata items describing graduate degree programs Edit
E337 Research institute Schema of items describing research institutions Edit
E339 mountain/hill General schema for mountains/hills, useful as a base for more specific schema Edit
E340 ChemicalCompoundsWithMass Chemical compound validating the mass Edit
E341 surfer surfer Edit
E342 Building University of Washington Schema to validate entities associated with buildings associated with the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Work done as part of the Wikidata:WikiProject PCC Wikidata Pilot/University of Washington. Edit
E343 Dissertation and Theses University of Washington Schema to validate entities associated with dissertation and theses associated with the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Work done as part of the Wikidata:WikiProject PCC Wikidata Pilot/University of Washington. Edit
E344 gene-disease associations shape patterns on how gene-disease associations are modelled in Wikidata Edit
E345 bird sounds EntitySchema to describe how bird sounds are annotated on structured data on commons Edit
E347 J-pop figures singers of J-pop genre Edit
E348 tornado schema about tornadoes Edit
E349 Faculty and Staff University of Washington Schema to validate entities associated with faculty and staff associated with the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Work done as part of the Wikidata:WikiProject PCC Wikidata Pilot/University of Washington. Edit