HTML element (E217)

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language codelabeldescriptionaliasesedit
enHTML elemententity schema of a HTML elementedit
bgHTML елементedit
caelement HTMLedit
csHTML prvekedit
daHTML elementedit
elστοιχείο HTMLedit
eoHTML-a elementoskemo por HTML-a elementojHTML-a markoedit
eselemento HTMLesquema de un elemento HTMLetiqueta HTMLedit
frélément HTMLedit
huHTML elemedit
itelemento HTMLedit
ltHTML elementasedit
lvHTML elementsedit
plelement HTMLschemat dla elementu HTMLedit
ptelemento HTMLedit
skHTML prvokedit
ukHTML елементedit
zhHTML 元素edit
PREFIX wdt: <>
PREFIX wd: <>

#SPARQL: SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q179551 }

#Reference URL:

start = @<htmlelement>

<htmlelement> {
  wdt:P31 [ wd:Q179551  ] ;# instance of an HTML element 
  wdt:P973 .+ ;# described at URL
  wdt:P8205 .{1} ;# Mozilla Developer Network article 
  wdt:P1813 .{1} ;# short name
  wdt:P2670 .* ;# has parts of the class
  wdt:P527 .* ;# has part
  wdt:P3113 .* ;# does not have part