sovereign state (E32)

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language codelabeldescriptionaliasesedit
ensovereign statebasic schema for sovereign statesedit
dasuveræn statedit
frétat souverainedit
itStatoschema per descrivere uno Statoedit
plsuwerenne państwoschemat dla suwerennego państwaedit
ptEstado soberanoedit
svsjälvständig statedit
vecstato sovranstato | paeze | nasion | entità pułìtega statałeedit
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX wd: <>
PREFIX wdt: <>

#all non-historical sovereign states
#SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q3624078 . OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P576 ?end_time. } FILTER (!BOUND(?end_time)) }

start = @<state>

<state> EXTRA wdt:P31 {
  wdt:P31 [wd:Q3624078]; #instance of "sovereign state" and possibly other classes;
  wdt:P1448 LITERAL+; #has one or more official names in various languages
  wdt:P1705 LITERAL+; #has one or more native labels
  wdt:P487 LITERAL; #has Unicode character
  wdt:P30 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q5107]}; #exists on a continent
  wdt:P3896 IRI; #has geoshape
  wdt:P935 LITERAL; #has Commons gallery
  wdt:P373 LITERAL; #has Commons category
  wdt:P3722 LITERAL; #has Commons maps category
  wdt:P910 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4167836]}; #has Wikipedia main category
  wdt:P5125 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q26884324]}; #has Wikipedia outline article
  wdt:P1151 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4663903]}; #has Wikipedia portal
  wdt:P1792 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4167836]}; #has category of associated people
  wdt:P1464 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4167836]}; #has category of people born there
  wdt:P1465 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4167836]}; #has category of people who died there
  wdt:P1791 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4167836]}; #has category of people who are buried there
  wdt:P1740 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q4167836]}; #has category of films shot there
  wdt:P2633 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q46865913]}; #has geography article
  wdt:P2184 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q17544377]}; #has history article
  wdt:P948 IRI; #has page banner
  wdt:P85 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q23691]}; #has national anthem
  wdt:P163 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q186516]}; #has national flag
  wdt:P237 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q645466]}; #has national coat of arms
  wdt:P36 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q5119]}; #has capital city
  wdt:P122 EXTRA wdt:P31 {wdt:P31 [wd:Q1307214]}; #has form of government