Australian national parks (E30)

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language codelabeldescriptionaliasesedit
enAustralian national parksbasic schema for national parks in Australiaedit
daautralsk nationalparkedit
frparc national australienedit
itparco nazionale australianoschema per descrivere un parco nazionale dell'Australiaedit
plaustralijskie parki narodoweschemat dla australijskich parków narodowychedit
ptparque nacional da Austráliaedit
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX wd: <>
PREFIX wdt: <>

# query map: SELECT * WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q18618819 .}

start = @<park>

<park> EXTRA wdt:P31 wdt:P131 {
 #instance of "national park of Australia"
  wdt:P31 [wd:Q18618819]; 
 #country is Australia
  wdt:P17 [wd:Q408]; 
  #has valid state or territory
  wdt:P131 EXTRA wdt:P31 { wdt:P31 [
                                                               wd:Q5852411 # state of Australia (Q5852411)
                                                               wd:Q14192234 # mainland territory of Australia (Q14192234)
                                                               wd:Q11687019 # external territory of Australia (Q11687019)
                                                             ] }; 
  wdt:P625 LITERAL; #has coordinate location
  wdt:P571 LITERAL; #has inception
  wdt:P2046 LITERAL; #has area
  wdt:P814 { wdt:P31 [wd:Q3679744] }; #has a valid IUCN management category
  wdt:P856 IRI?; #has official website
  wdt:P92 { wdt:P31 [wd:Q45736416 wd:Q61776889] }*; #has at least one management plan or statement of intent
  wdt:P137 IRI; #has operator