municipio of Rome (E104)

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language codelabeldescriptionaliasesedit
enmunicipio of Romeschema for validating current municipi of Rome [draft]edit
frmunicipio de Romeedit
itmunicipio di Romaschema per validare i municipi di Romaedit
plgmina Rzymuedit
PREFIX psv: <>
PREFIX p: <>
PREFIX wd: <>
PREFIX ps: <>
PREFIX wdt: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>
PREFIX psn: <>

start = @<RomeMunicipio>

<RomeMunicipio> {
  p:P31 [wd:Q525504] ; #has to be a municipio of Rome
  p:P17 [wd:Q38] ; #has to be in Italy
  p:P131 [wd:Q3940419] ; #has to be in Rome
  p:P571 [psv:P571 "+2013-03-11T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime ]; #date of official creation
  p:P1448 .+ ; #official name
  p:P2046 .+ ; #area
  p:P1082 .+ ; #population
  p:P421 [wd:Q6655 wd:Q6723] ; #has to be in Rome