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Here's the page to gather discussions and submissions about Wikidata & Wikibase at Wikimania 2019!

  • Wikimania 2019 took place on August 16-18 in Stockholm, with the usual hackathon and pre-conference sessions on August 14-15
  • Motto of the conference: "Stronger Together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals" with a new program structure by spaces

Wikidata community table[edit]

Wikidata community table (see on floorplan)

A meeting table for the Wikidata and Wikibase community has been installed in the building Södra Huset, down the stairs after the entrance door. Feel free to join, chat with other people or get some Wikidata swag!

Wikidata-related sessions[edit]

Here are the sessions that were related to Wikidata and Wikibase. Feel free to improve if something is outdated or missing! Please note that the information below can be outdated, in doubt, please check the official program.


Session Day Time Space Room
Wikidata Menu Challenge July 16 - August 11
Swedish GLAMs Wikidata training day (invitation only) Thursday All day
Wikidata documentation translation sprint Wed-Thu All day HACKATHON Rotunda in Aula Magna
Wikidata infoboxes workshop Thursday 16:00 HACKATHON Bergsmannen/Curie, Floor 7 in Aula Magna

Friday, August 16th[edit]

Session Day Time Space Room Session notes
Everyone gets one - Wikibase and the Wikibase Ecosystem Friday 13:00 PARTNERSHIPS Ostrom Etherpad
Linking OpenStreetMap and Wikidata Friday 14:00 PARTNERSHIPS Ostrom Etherpad
Growing Wikidata in Emerging Communities (India as a case study) Friday 15:00 GROWTH Montalcini
Libraries in Wikidata tutorial Friday 15:00 LIBRARIES Strickland Etherpad
Open Data Partnerships Friday 15:00 PARTNERSHIPS Ostrom Etherpad
Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons for GLAM-Wiki Friday 15:45 GLAM Lessing Etherpad
Wikidata meetup Friday 21:00 MEETUPS Otis
Wikidata pink pony session Friday 22:00 MEETUPS Otis Etherpad

Saturday, August 17th[edit]

Session Day Time Space Room Session notes
Wikidata for Wikimedia Commons users, Wikidata for beginners Saturday 09:30 GLAM Alexievich Etherpad
The process of upload, disseminate and report a GLAM and how wikidatifying it improves it: a Brazilian experience Saturday 09:30 GLAM Alexievich
Wikidata and Health: Current situation and perspectives Saturday 10:30 HEALTH Tu
Wikidata Problems: Workshop on obstacles to faster Wikidata acceptance and how to overcome them Saturday 11:30 TECHNOLOGY Szymborska Etherpad
Wikidata in your language Saturday 14:00 LANGUAGES Menchú Etherpad
From a messy spreadsheet to Wikidata: start mass data uploads with OpenRefine Saturday 14:00 GLAM Alexievich
Wikidata Infoboxes Saturday 14:30 LANGUAGES Menchú Etherpad
Wikidata lexemes Saturday 15:00 LANGUAGES Menchú Etherpad
Integrating Wikidata into Education Saturday 16:00 EDUCATION Murad
Coolest Tool Award 2019 Saturday 16:00 TECHNOLOGY Arnold winners
Rethinking public sector data ecosystems - Open Government Data, Semantic MediaWiki and Wikidata Saturday 16:00 ADVOCACY Ebadi
The Met Museum and New Frontiers in Wikidata engagement Saturday 16:00 GLAM Alexievich Slides
Poster session Saturday 17:30 Rotunda
Wikibase meetup Saturday 22:00 MEETUPS Ray

Sunday, August 18th[edit]

Session Day Time Space Room Session notes
Northeastern University's "Women Writers in Review" and the case for developing a Wikidata model depicting Cultures of Reception Sunday 09:30 DIVERSITY Lessing Etherpad the P2P library built on top of a Wikidata-federated open bibliographic database Sunday 09:55 LIBRARIES Maxlath
Data Quality in Wikidata Sunday 10:00 QUALITY Montalcini Etherpad
Structured Data on Commons hands-on training Sunday 10:15 MULTIMEDIA Strickland Etherpad
Improving Knowledge Base Construction from Robust Infobox Extraction Sunday 10:15 RESEARCH Curie
Discovering Implicational Knowledge in Wikidata Sunday 10:40 RESEARCH Curie
Copyrights in Wikidata Sunday 11:30 MULTIMEDIA Strickland Etherpad
Open Refine: MARC & EAD Sunday 11:30 LIBRARIES Ostrom Etherpad
Adding Africa-related publications to Wikidata - a useful exercise? Sunday 11:30 LIBRARIES Alexievich

Describing files on Structured Commons: problems and opportunities

Sunday 12:15 MULTIMEDIA Strickland Etherpad
Exploring Wikidata new schema extension Sunday 12:30 QUALITY Montalcini
Wikidata & ETL Sunday 12:30 TECHNOLOGY Tu
Map making workshop – from Wikidata to interactive off-wiki maps in three steps Sunday 14:00 LIBRARIES Tu
Pouring coastal water on Wikidata - Can we add more? Sunday 14:30 ENVIRONMENT Maathai Etherpad
Hackathon showcase Sunday 14:30 HACKATHON Murad Etherpad

I'm attending Wikimania[edit]

If you plan to attend, let us know below:

The spaces[edit]

Accessibility (A11y): Components and Standards Global Advocacy for Free Knowledge: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Community Growth Diversity
Education Environmental sustainability
GLAM - cultural partnerships and Wikimedia Growing Wikimedia’s readership worldwide
Health Languages
Libraries belong in Wikimedia projects Multimedia knowledge
Partnerships Quality
Research Thriving in Safety
Strategy for Wikimedia 2030 – The path towards our future Transcription
Technology outreach & innovation


To see the former discussions and submissions, please check Wikidata:Wikimania 2019/submissions