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Previous discussion was archived at User talk:Wittylama/Archive 1 on 2015-12-20.

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99of9 (talkcontribs)

Thanks for setting these up, they look well constructed and useful.

Wittylama (talkcontribs)

you've got @Spinster to thank for the work of actually extracting the content and hooking it up to mix'n'match! I just had the idea :-)

99of9 (talkcontribs)

Ha, well I just did a whole bunch of work approving her 8 new properties for the Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage, so I guess we're even. :)

Spinster (talkcontribs)
:-) Happy matching! And thanks for approving the immovable heritage properties, @99of9!
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Spinster (talkcontribs)

I uploaded the MIMO terms to Mix'n'Match (only the terms; Mix'n'Match doesn't support hierarchies; but I added broader terms to the descriptions where they were available). Haven't checked yet whether the automatic matches are decent. Let's get to work!

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Europeana Challenge - re-using your statistics tools

Spinster (talkcontribs)

Hello Liam! For the Flemish Museums on Wikidata project we'd like to re-use your awesome statistics tools that were used for the Europeana Challenge. From your experience, would that be easily doable? If so, whom should I contact for this and what would the process be, generally? Thanks :-)

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Marv1N (talkcontribs)

Hello once again. Within Europeana 280 there is a small problem with czech artwork St Jude Thaddaeus (Q22976727). In this matter I questioned uploader User:Dominikmatus ( >> We have (=Wikimedia Commons) image of saint in red-brown clothing (in Karlštejn it has acc. nro. KA 3735) traditionaly described as Jude Thaddaeus, but Europeana has saint in blue clothing (KA 3736) desribed as Simeon the Zealot (as in FAJT, Jiří et al. Magister Theodoricus: dvorní malíř císaře Karla IV - umělecká výzdoba posvátných prostor hradu Karlštejna. Praha 1997. ISBN 80-7035-142-X). Question remains: Is this product of mistake or new discovery (D. Matus assume mistake)? I am acctualy not sure how to proceed: Maybe You (or Europeana?) could contact czech National Heritage Institue (NPÚ) with question, whether they are absolutely sure with this description. Regards

Wittylama (talkcontribs)

Just to confirm - I have seen this message, and I have asked my colleagues at Europeana for advice. It's a very detailed/specific problem, well identified! I hope to be able to provide a clear answer...

Marv1N (talkcontribs)

FYI: Yesterday published User:František Šťastný article on Czech Wikipedia about St. Jude Thaddaeus. He knew about the problem and after his preparation he wrote, that description of painting has been chaged. It seems, that about exhibition Zámky opěvované a objevované (2014), there appeared some kind of proposal to change Simeon > Juda and later (in 2014) it was fully (?) accepted by NPÚ. So, at the end of the day it seems, that description within Europeana is acctualy right (there could be academic discussion, whether saint in blue with sword/club is Simeon or Juda, but he is in #Europeana280). Just to be sure: pink User:Vojtěch Dostál; User:Dominikmatus.

Wittylama (talkcontribs)

I must admit - I'm very confused! This is a complex art-history question, added to a complex wikimedia question :-)

It seems that you are saying that the problem has been resolved now, or is that not the case?

Marv1N (talkcontribs)

It definitely seems that way... but! F. Šťastný claims, that the change of description is based on weapon of saint in blue (it is sword [=Simeon], but it resembles club = weapon of Jude Thaddaeus). He references the guide of exhibition (Hrady objevované a opěvované, ISBN 978-80-87890-05-9, page 59), unfortunately there is no such information ( We can believe, that NPÚ claims with all awareness, that saint in blue (KA 3736, painting in Europeana 280) is Jude Thaddaeus, but we lack (published) source for reason, why description was changed (this "sword vs. club" thing). Maybe it isn't problem (we can just believe, but it is displeasing...

Marv1N (talkcontribs)

Hello, I must confess to my error in this case (I was - somehow - able to misinterpret quoted part of article - I think, that one used phrase was somehow strange, but still it is my fault). Diligent author of article F. Šťasný also asked NPÚ and Dr. Aleš Mudra ( replied: (Long story in short) User:Dominikmatusawas right all the timend saint in blue with sword is St. Simeon (hand vice versa ttps:// Again, I am sorry for misleding You, and I am afraid, that some comunication between Europeana and NPÚ will be needed.

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Coastal landscape (Fishermen going home)

Sudowoodoo (talkcontribs)

hi, thanks for the wrangling

on this item, i noticed that europeana has a NC/ND indicated

i uploaded it as fair use here

but it is also on commons here

does the NC really apply? please advise so we know which upload to delete.~~~~

Wittylama (talkcontribs)

Hi @Sudowoodoo, Europeana shows the license statement that the providing GLAM gives it. In some cases this is not consistent with the rules that Wikimedians would use (e.g. claiming copyright in scans is common in some country's GLAMs, but that claim is rejected by Wikimedians).

The artist of this particular painting died 100 years ago and therefore Commons policy states that this is a PD file. However, as the uploader of the image to Commons you have to take personal responsibility for that decision, and as an employee of Europeana I'm not really able to give you more direct advice than that :-)

I would also suggest that you try to find some references for the notability of this artwork quickly because you don't want it to get listed for deletion like this one from the 280 challenge did.

Sudowoodoo (talkcontribs)

yes this will be an interesting learning experience for institutions seeing traffic from our articles. i was trying to defer to the NC claims (even if we know they are marginal) i see we have other wikimedians not so kind. i will then use the commons image and delete the fair use one. i will go back and do a reference sweep, but not much hope of online references for contemporary art. .

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Re Q813323 and "Not sure why this was removed"

Marv1N (talkcontribs)

It was removed[], because it is quite obvious mismatch (I created the right item for right exemplar of Beatus In Appocalipsis there Q23935016). I acctualy fought, that this was right procedure leading to fix things (previously I was not so sure and wrote to Millars - Maybe I was wrong and You can solve it much more properly. Regards --~~~~

Wittylama (talkcontribs)

Ah I see! I do believe you are correct. All I saw was that you had removed an item from the project, but I didn't notice that you'd added the links to another item. I've now updated the various other parts of the project documentation to make it match up again, which I've written about on User talk:Millars. Thanks.

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Multichill (talkcontribs)

(copied here from the user page)

Hi, I was wondering if someone could point me to the instructions for how to add a Wikipedia article to a Wikidata item. For example, there are two articles associated with this article here and here but I am unable to edit the Wikidata page. Regards, Neotarf (talk) 16:10, 25 April 2016 (UTC)

BTW, I tried to leave this message on the user talk page and it seems to be broken. —N

Wittylama (talkcontribs)

Hi @Neotarf - that was a little tricky because there actually was a pre-existing wikidata item for that subject, which is what those two language version were pointing to. So what I did was to merge the two wikidata items together. Sorry for the confusion!

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