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WikiProject Scholia is a community project to


Scholarly profiling[edit]

"Scholarly profiling" is the practice of generating summaries of research information. Typical scholarly profiling activities include presenting all the research publications on a topic, by a researcher, from a university, or in a journal. Easier access to new technology in the late 2010s enabled new options for collecting large research metadata sets, sorting them with automation, and presenting them with data visualization. By using the Wikipedia platform to bring together contributors, it became possible to divide the huge task of sorting academic articles by person, university, topic, time range, journal, or in many other ways as individual researchers or teams desired. Through this process, Wikidata contributors have been able to curate research data in ways that compare favorably to the content offerings of complementary or competing scholarly profiling projects such as ORCID iD (Q51044), Semantic Scholar (Q22908627), Google Scholar (Q494817), Scopus (Q371467), Web of Science (Q1201886).

The earliest forms of scholarly profiling simply listed research publications. Beyond just listing publications, scholarly profiling in Wikidata also gives credit to researchers for their research projects, awards, software, datasets, and algorithms. Wikidata further presents networks of research collaborators, charts of related topics, geographical maps of places featured in research, and presentations of other information which becomes easier to manage when citation metadata is available.


Scholia is a project to present bibliographic information and scholarly profiles of authors and institutions using Wikidata, the community-curated database supporting Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia projects. Scholia is being developed in the framework of the larger WikiCite initiative, which seeks to index bibliographic metadata in Wikidata about resources that can be used to substantiate claims made on Wikidata, Wikipedia or elsewhere.


WikiProject Scholia[edit]

Wikidata:Scholia described above is a product page. The target audience for that page is end users wanting profiles or the instructions to create profiles. This WikiProject is for those who go beyond only being readers, and who contribute user generated content or engage with Scholia in the wiki way.

Key resources[edit]

  • Scholia, official website of the tool
  • Wikidata:Scholia, main documentation page
  • source code on GitHub
  • Wikidata:WikiProject Scholia, this page, the community space for discussion and development


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Scholia profiles academic research source metadata alone or with related data.

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