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Mairelys Lemus-Rojas
Head of Open Metadata Production and Initiatives, Brown University

About me

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My work

I'm currently the Head of Open Metadata Production and Initiatives at Brown University Library (Q22341583). Previously, I worked as the open knowledge (Q2251455) librarian (Q182436) at IUPUI University Library (Q5975426) where I was responsible for: supporting the development of open knowledge (Q2251455) by organizing and hosting Wikimedia related events for internal and external audiences, ensuring the open content (Q1293664) hosted by the Library is widely and conveniently discoverable by contributing to external open linked data platforms like Wikidata (Q2013), and identifying priority areas of Wikidata (Q2013) and sister projects that could be enriched with resources and knowledge from library resources. While at IUPUI, I led the Library's participation in the WikiProject PCC Wikidata Pilot and from January 2017 to April 2020, I coordinated and facilitated 20 Wiki-related events.

Contact me

@mlemusrojas on Twitter (Q918)

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