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This page hosts the basis for a presentation given at the VIVO Development Interest Group's webinar on 18 December 2018 at 11 am Eastern Time, as per this event page and the corresponding announcement on the associated mailing list. The presenter is Daniel Mietchen (Q20895785), a biophysicist at the Data Science Institute of the University of Virginia (Q213439) (see bio sketch).

Introductions to Wikidata and its role(s) in the Wikimedia ecosystem[edit]


Wikimedia ecosystem[edit]

The ecosystem of Wikimedia projects as of 2013 (no change since)


The database that anyone can edit


  • A software suite that allows to read and write structured data using MediaWiki
  • Server version is a core component of Wikidata
  • Client version is installed across Wikimedia sites
  • Can be installed on independent Wikimedia instances



  • a project to present bibliographic information and scholarly profiles of authors and institutions using Wikidata
    • includes various additional functionalities, e.g. to create BibTeX entries from Wikidata
  • Wikidata:Scholia

Relationships between the semantic parts of the Wikimedia ecosystem[edit]

Wikidata and Wikibase[edit]

Overview of Wikidata usage outside Wikidata[edit]

Overview of WikiCite in Wikidata[edit]

Wikibase and Wikimedia Commons[edit]

  • Structured data on Commons
    • converts information about the 50 million media files on Wikimedia Commons to a structured and machine-readable format, making them easier to view, search, edit, organize and re-use, in many languages
    • overview

Internationalization in Wikidata[edit]

e.g. Tim Berners-Lee (Q80)

Overview of semantic capabilities for these tools[edit]

Wikidata Query Service[edit]

Brief overview of Wikidata's data model[edit]

Overview of the data model used in Wikidata and Wikibase
Wikidata URIs for different formats for the item Universe (Q1)

Time check[edit]

  • We should be at around 30 min in about now

My interest in VIVO[edit]

  • interested in integrating research workflows with open workflows, particularly around collaborative curation
    • appreciate that VIVO code is open source and openly licensed
    • unclear about licensing of the VIVO ontology and some of the VIVO data
  • engaged in Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools
  • community overlap between VIVO and WikiCite, e.g. as per

Entity matching[edit]

Next steps?[edit]

Ontology mapping between VIVO and Wikidata[edit]

Publication metadata as a potential joint project[edit]

  • Identifying actual sources of data in Wikidata - Eg - attribution of the data source
  • Usage of triple-pattern-fragment endpoint in VIVO and perhaps Wikidata
    • endpoint down?
  • Rules for VIVO
    • Attribution
    • Data must be CC0

Country data as a potential joint project[edit]

  • Simplify VIVO data
  • Possibly replace VIVO's use of FAO data
  • Timely updates via Wikimedia process
  • Scholia on

Potential future projects[edit]

Open questions[edit]