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allowed entity types constraint (Q52004125) specifies that a property may only be used on a certain entity type.

For example, Wikidata property example (P1855) should probably only be used on properties, not on items.

If no constraint scope (P4680) is specified, this constraint is checked everywhere.

Possible actions[edit]

There are several possible ways to address a violation of this constraint:

  • It’s possible that the property is not the correct one to use for the statement, and a similar but different property should be used instead.
  • It’s possible that the statement should not exist at all, and should be removed.
  • It’s possible that the statement is a rare, but legitimate exception to the constraint, and nothing should be done.


This constraint has one mandatory parameter:

item of property constraint (P2305)
Contains the allowed entity type(s), a subset of Wikibase item (Q29934200), Wikibase property (Q29934218), lexeme (Q51885771).