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  1. Where can I find the FAQ in my language?
    See "other languages" above and select your language.
  2. I don't see a main "edit" button - where is it?
    You can edit the respective parts of an item through the various edit links on that item's page.
  3. I want to see the wiki-markup source of the page; it helps me edit pages.
    This is not possible in Wikidata.
  4. How do I create a new page/element?
    Use the Special:NewItem page. You can access it by clicking "Create a new item" in the left menu.
  5. Can I make more than one change to a page in the main namespace in one edit?
    With the exception of adding multiple aliases at once, each edit to a page must be saved separately. However, as the API allows performing several changes at once, some tools do so accordingly.
  6. I don't know Wikidata terminology. Could you explain interface names?
    Look at the Glossary.
  7. How do I create a new page/element, if it is a disambiguation page (the village name/album etc.)?
    Only talk pages, MediaWiki pages, special pages, user pages, files, and subtemplates are disallowed. Disambiguation page items are created in the same way as any other, but they work differently. For more information have a look at the Disambiguation page guidelines.
  8. I don't understand URL names. QXXX. XXX is the number of...? (I see more pages at Special:Statistics than Special:NewPages)
    The numbers are assigned in numerical order. This gives the system some flexibility and avoids the need to move pages if they were given names.
  9. Is it possible to change these numbers through redirects?
    No, redirects aren't supported for items yet, but they will be soon.
  10. An edit summary is sometimes better than talk pages if I want to explain minor changes. Could you activate it, please?
    Edit summaries are given by the software, not manually written. However, you can enter an edit summary when reverting an edit.
  11. How can I link to Wikidata from Wikipedias?
    Use [[d:Q39715]] or [[d:Special:ItemByTitle/enwiki/Lighthouse]]
  12. I've got two items that refer to the same encyclopedia articles, that is, an "interwiki conflict". Where can I report this?
    Try Wikidata:Interwiki conflicts.
  13. I've accidentally created a bogus item, and now I need it deleted. Where can I turn for help?
    Try Wikidata:Requests for deletions. (There's also a gadget in your preferences called "RequestDeletion" which can help.)
  14. When will Wikidata be integrated with Old Wikisource / Wiktionary / Wikispecies / Wikiversity?
    They are being worked on and will be coming one after the other over the next months.
  15. Will featured articles, good articles and other quality pages be able to be denoted on Wikidata?
    This is currently bugzilla:40810 and is still in development.
  16. How do I request deletion?
    Wikidata:Requests for deletions.
  17. How do I merge two entries?
    Remove the interwiki links from one of the two, add them to the other, move any statements that might exist, and then request deletion of the first. At present, the first two steps need to be done manually. See Help:Merge for more detailed instructions. (There's also a gadget in your preferences called "Merge" which can help.)
  18. How do I delete wrong links from an item?
    When you want to delete wrong interwiki links from an item, delete them and then add them to the correct item (if any) or make a new item for them. (There's also a gadget in your preferences called "Move" which can help.) In cases where your changes are not obvious or different things are mixed up frequently, you can leave a note on the discussion pages of the items.
  19. How do I use sources?
    See Help:Sources.
  20. How do I add data types that are not items, Commons files, coordinates, dates, strings, or URLs?
    Those are also in development and will be coming soon.
  21. When I have added an item from my home wiki, how long will it take to see the interwiki links appear there?
    Usually not exceeding some minutes. You can see interwiki links immediately by purging cache on corresponding Wikipedia article (for example, by adding ?action=purge at the end of its URL).
  22. There is an item that already has a link in language X, I want to add another article in language X that fits as well but it won't let me. What should I do?
    Wikidata allows only one link per item per language. You should link an article that fits perfectly, not one that is only similar.
  23. I tried to link an article to an item, but when I tried to save it I got an error message telling me that this article was already linked to another item. What should I do?
    Wikidata allows only one item per article. You should take a look at the item named in the error message, if your item is definitely the better fit, delete the link and link it to your item. See other questions on how to move mismatching sitelinks to different items or how to report interwiki conflicts.
  24. According to the history of an item I changed, the number of bytes went up or down significantly, even though I only made a minor change. Why did this happen?
    The history shows the number of bytes changed in the internal data structure for the item in the database. bugzilla:37753 has been filed for this.
  25. How do I link to a section within a larger page, e.g. w:Han Dynasty#Eastern Han?
    Section linking is not currently possible. Please leave interwiki links as they were, if section linking is required.
  26. How do I make 2 pages in language A link to 1 page in language B, e.g. en:Cirth and en:Tengwar to de:Tengwar und Certar?
    Wikidata can only link one-to-one. If language A allows Interwikimedia links (or "inline links"), you can add a direct inline link in the article to the translation. However, some languages have disabled interlinks; in such case, it will not be possible for one article to be linked to its translation.
  27. How do searches work?
    The two main search options are Special:Search (which is the widest possible search across languages) and Special:ItemByTitle, which looks for an item with a Wikipedia article in the selected language whose title is exactly equal to the search value you enter. Please try both options to ensure you find an existing item.

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