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The WikiProject every politician is a WikiProject to track and improve political information in Wikidata.

Scope and Goals[edit]

The initial goal is to have complete and comprehensive coverage of the current members of every national legislature, along with senior ministers, in a consistent format. (Historic data, and sub-national coverage is, for now, an added bonus.)

In most cases that means consistently added position held (P39) records, with suitable qualifiers for parliamentary term (P2937), start time (P580), end time (P582), parliamentary group (P4100), electoral district (P768), elected in (P2715), etc., as well as basic biographical information (sex or gender (P21), date of birth (P569), place of birth (P19), given name (P735), etc) and links to authoritative third-party sources.

Progress Indicators[edit]

As a (very) rough guide to how good the data is in a country, we are tracking what information already exists for the primary house of the national legislature:

Add your country[edit]

Browse the mini-projects that have already been created, or set one up for the country you're interested in. (To get started, you can cut and paste from another country and tweak the IDs — we'd recommend New Zealand if you want to start simple, or Germany if you want to dive right in with sub-national data too).

North America
South America

Data Model[edit]


A WMF grant has enabled us to build some tools to help improve political data. Some of these include:


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