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I am Tony Bowden, originally from Belfast (Q10686), and currently living in Tallinn (Q1770). My current interest is in making Wikidata the leading source of information on politicians worldwide. I'm currently focussed on national-level legislators and cabinet-level executive, but trying to do so in a way that also enables others to do likewise at a subnational level. Most of that work is happening at Wikidata:WikiProject every politician — please join in!

Previously I was working on building that database as the standalone EveryPolitician project with mySociety (Q10851773), but in 2017 began switching to Wikidata being the primary repository of that data instead (with help from a Wikimedia Foundation (Q180) grant) .

Prior to starting that project I spent about five years travelling to 30-40 countries every year, working with civic technology (Q17386807) organisations on tools to increase government transparency and citizen participation.

I have been using and abusing wikis for over 15 years, including contorting early versions of Semantic MediaWiki (Q20728) into acting as accounting software (Q974828), and working with Socialtext (Q2296809) and Dan Bricklin (Q92624) on marrying wikis and spreadsheets with wikiCalc (Q4053139).