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Interested in women in science, New Zealand, history. I have a second demo account at "DemoThneed" which makes no substantial edits, but is used for demonstration purposes so I don't need to turn off all my tools etc.

Currently doing a project uploading metadata for 66,000 New Zealand theses (see Wikidata project page, Wikidata dashboard and Wikipedia project page).

Also set up and working on the NZ Women in Architecture Wikiproject.

Member of Wikidata:WikiProject_New_Zealand and Wikidata:WikiProject_Performing_arts and Wikidata:WikiProject_Early_Modern_England_and_Wales

Useful tools

  1. File of useful bits and pieces for OpenRefine, Listeriabot, Sparql and the like
  2. How to use Mix'n'match to match items in a catalogue
  3. How to use QuickStatements to upload OpenRefine edits to Wikidata
  4. Workflow for adding NZ women bio to Wikipedia, inc Wikidata work
  5. URL shortener
  6. Video intro to author disambiguator tool and the slides
  7. Academics in Wikidata for beginners outlines properties, identifiers commonly used for academics in New Zealand

Performing arts stuff

  1. instance of theatres in New Zealand (21 as of Jan 2021)
  2. instance of music venue in New Zealand (2 as of Jan 2021)
  3. instance of event venue in New Zealand (109 as of Jan 2021)
  4. Tabernacle for event venues in New Zealand - basic info (location, website etc)
  5. awards in New Zealand

Link to Property talk page for LBS property Items with property 1009 on 26 June 2020

Political stuff Query for candidates in 2020 NZ general election, showing electoral district qualifier of candidacy statement

Other Queries

  1. to show Big Things in New Zealand
  2. to show citizenship of creator of photo pub in partic book
  4. to show museums in NZ missing coordinate location
  5. doctoral theses from institution (in this case Uni Otago)
  6. Royal Society Fellows without Wikipedia pages
  7. Royal Society Fellows WITH Wikipedia pages, image file, date of appointment
  8. ditto but for honorary Fellows
  9. above with gender so can look for women fellows with no page
  10. New Zealand scholarly articles with no description
  11.$FN identifiers used by FRSNZs
  12.$FN Gender balance for science awards based on Martin Poulter's Booker Prize winner/nominee query$BR
  13. Family relationships of NZ MPs
  14. enter list of QIDs to get all the Wikipedia pages in different languages for them
  15. People with more than 6 "on focus of Wikiproject" statements$Z6
  16. Ordering by number of statements on a group of items (Spanish botanists) or

Google slides Wikidata tools

Tools to explore: Navel gazer

Quick presets: User:MichaelSchoenitzer/quickpresets

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