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A WikiProject for work done at Stanford Libraries to connect library data with Wikidata.

Stanford Wikidata Working Group[edit]

The Stanford Wikidata Working Group meets weekly for one hour in person and online. For more information, see the group overview (requires Stanford login), or contact Arcadialib.

Description guidelines[edit]

Data models and vocabularies[edit]

Quick reference guides[edit]

Current projects[edit]

  • Adding LCNAF identifiers to people currently or formerly employed at Stanford (worksheet)
  • Adding "archives at" property to people and organizations for which Stanford holds an archival collection (worksheet)
  • Resolving violations of unique value constraint for LCNAF identifiers, i.e. same LCNAF associated with multiple items (workflow, worksheet)
  • Linking Mozart works to different editions of the Köchel catalogue (items with edition link)
  • Describing Stanford schools, research centers, research laboratories, named professorships, and faculty
  • Replacing author name strings with author QIDs for Stanford faculty


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Project statistics are tracked using Event Metrics and monthly reports made available here.


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