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Editors of Wikidata must take care when adding information about living people to any page on Wikidata. Any such information, especially if challenged, must be attributable to a reliable source, be reasonably neutral, and, especially, not be libellious or defamatory. In general, unverifiable contentious information about living people should be removed immediately. Violations of this policy are taken seriously, and repeated or egregrious incidents by a user may lead to blocks. In other cases, page protection can be applied to pages, particularly items on living people, receiving many violations of this policy. If serious, page revisions in violation of this policy may be hidden as well.


The verifiability of information on living people is of high importance. Information added to Wikidata about living people must meet the following criteria:

  • In items:
    • For descriptions and aliases, the information must meet one of the following:
      • Exists in at least one corresponding Wikipedia article, and must be cited with a reliable[note 1] source in that article.
      • Directly supported by one or more claims in the same item that have reliable[note 1] sources cited
    • Claims must either or both:
      • Have a reliable source cited (see Help:Sources).
      • Be supported by information in at least one corresponding Wikipedia article, that (in the article) has a citation to a reliable[note 1] source.
  • On any other page (including talk and project pages):
    • The information must exist in an item or Wikipedia article that satisfies the above verifiability requirements.

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