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Aim and Scope[edit]

Wikidata has become a high-demand identifier hub, with considerable community buy-in and recognition as an identity reconciliation service, which makes Wikidata ideal in the implementation of identity management principles Wikidata facilitates a NACO-Lite approach that would lower the barrier to authority creation and maintenance by PCC members

Learning Objectives[edit]

Learning objectives, as identified by project participants, include:

  • Comparison to other registries
    • Production rate: Time to create an identifier & describe entity
    • Requirement for documenting sources for data elements
    • Proportion of needed entities found in the database
    • UI ease of use for data entry & workflow integration with other tools
    • What it’s like relating one entity to another
    • How duplicate entries are surfaced and dealt with
    • Ease of finding & using documented best practices
  • Assessing Productivity and QA Tools
    • Batch searching
    • Batch loading
    • Notifications of changes made to our prior contributions
    • Quality assurance tools that can bring to light problematic data
    • Detection of data conflicts when we attempt to use data
  • Advisable Training Resources
  • Participating in the Community
    • The developers
    • Funding of initiatives
    • The community decision-making process
    • What it is like to propose a new property and when it seems warranted
    • Can we enrich mappings between Wikidata properties and corresponding lists on What to do when properties do not match
    • What it is like to propose new/changed policies
    • With new/changed policies, what is done with editing of legacy data?
    • Persistence of the data, in light of the Notability policy & shared editing policy
    • Editing data when underlying policies do not match
    • How much library goals align with community and can be advanced


About the PCC[edit]

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) is an international cooperative effort aimed at expanding access to library collections by providing useful, timely, and cost-effective cataloging that meets mutually-accepted standards of libraries around the world.


The PCC promotes the discovery and use of the world’s knowledge by supporting metadata producers in library and other cultural heritage communities and by forging alliances with partners who share common goals. PCC members create trusted metadata and support its use and reuse by global communities

PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO[edit]

The Wikidata Pilot will have oversight from the Task Group on Identity Management in NACO. The Task Group has been exploring the use of Wikidata to realize the PCC’s 2018-2021 Strategic Direction SD4: “Accelerate the movement toward ubiquitous identifier creation and identity management at the network level … attain an environment where identity management work activity is characterized by much greater proportions and numbers of entities receiving identifiers … strategic partnerships and collaboration existing among cultural heritage organizations, rights management agencies, Wikidata, and others … collaborate with other identity management communities to facilitate and promote the use of unique identifiers”).


If you are interested in finding out more about the pilot, please contact:

John Riemer
Head, Resource Acquisitions & Metadata Services
UCLA Library

Michelle Durocher
Head, Metadata Management
Harvard Library