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This page is a translated version of the page Wikidata:SPARQL query service/Wikidata Query Help and the translation is 5% complete.

Welcome to the Wikidata Query Service help portal

The place where your questions to the Wikidata Query Service are answered. Questions to Wikidata can be about pieces of knowledge in this world and their relationships. This can be used to use Wikidata as a knowledge base or generate lists for other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia.


Първи стъпки
A gentle introduction to the Wikidata Query Service

This introduction introduces you to the user interface of the Wikidata Query Service. You don't need to learn SPARQL to modify queries and display results. This gentle introduction is a good start if you want to start playing around.

Query Helper
How to use the Query Helper to build or edit a query.

Result Views

A showcase of various possibilities to display Wikidata Query results.


A help page to explain the features of the SPARQL editor.

Access the Query Service

The user interface of the Wikidata Query Service.

Request a query

This is a page where Wikidata SPARQL queries can be requested from community members who will write them for you as volunteers.

Building a query
Step-by-step examples.

More experienced
Example queries
Example queries in SPARQL, for inspiration and as building blocks for your own queries.
Queries of the week archive
Queries from Wikidata status update weekly summaries
User Manual

The user manual contains technical information on the Wikidata Query Service. This includes instructions on how to access it programmatically via GET or POST requests, or how to download and run the software behind the service yourself.


Advanced query concepts further explained, such as optionality and alternatives, working with dates, coordinates, qualifiers, references, etc.

RDF Dump Format

Technical documentation on the RDF serialization format for Wikidata. This includes information on how information in Wikidata is expressed in RDF and how it can be queried.

Query Optimization

Tips on optimizing Queries for faster execution and avoiding time-out.