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The WikiProject WLM is a central hub for the efforts to "wikidatify" Wiki Loves Monuments (Q1353202). Since the birth of Wiki Loves Monuments, we have Wikidata, which can be much more efficient at enabling multi-lingual support for tooling and outreach work. Currently most WLM tools run on Commons, and since the goal of the competition is to collect images on Commons, much work will remain there, but work on building lists, the jury tool, the design of the upload campaigns, and especially the work of erfgoedbot should be migrated to run off Wikidata.

See Wikidata:WikiProject WLM/Status for an overview of all the data sets in the WLM database and their migration status.


  • Re-enable the mobile WLM app feature that allows you to participate wherever you are using the "nearby" feature for monuments
  • Enable multi-lingual support for monuments lists
  • Reduce volunteer handwork on Wikipedia monuments lists
  • Reduce volunteer handwork on photo selection for juries
  • Reduce volunteer handwork for photo categorization on Commons
  • Reduce volunteer handwork for "Wiki takes your city" meetups and easy-to-print street maps of desired objects

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