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Wikidata-Bot This user account is a bot with a bot flag. It is operated by Egon Willighagen.
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Bot tasks and state[edit]

The purpose of this bot is to enrich Wikidata with knowledge about (human) metabolism. The ideas have been written up in Enabling Open Science: Wikidata for Research (Wiki4R) (Q26707522) (unawared) Horizon 2020 (Q13583472) research proposal, and the reader is invited to read the section on Task 3.1.

This bot is under development and is being based on the code base of the User:ProteinBoxBot.

task Bot task Discussion started Coding and testing Production ready Is approved Is running update frequency last full cycle
1 Human metabolites from WikiPathways (using the PubChem CID (P662)) X X X X manually
2 DSSTox IDs (using the InChIKey (P235)) manually

Task permission requests[edit]

  • (1) Adding chemical compounds from human pathways with a PubChem CID: (approved)