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On May 29 in Delft (Q690) the first national meeting "Open Science: the National Plan and you" will be organized around the Dutch National Plan Open Science, a direct follow up from the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science (Q23758766). The meeting is aimed at Dutch researchers who want to learn about and share information about their own Open Science work.

The meeting is for researchers at university (Q3918)s, Hochschule (Q21028957)s, and research institute (Q31855)s in Netherlands (Q55).

Monday, May 29[edit]

I'll be there[edit]

Please also sign up with the formal registration system


This page is to organize outreach around using Wikidata for Open Science during the meeting. But we're currently short on people outside the "beta" domain. Help from humanities, economics, social sciences, and also libraries is most welcome.


  • Make a clear A4 sign with Wikidata logo (for on table during the Knowledge Commons session

Dutch projects where Wikidata is used[edit]