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Copy of a grant proposal that resulted in a funded project.
An award winner presenting their award
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Online coverage[edit]





There will be themes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Data modelling for grants/grant-related data
  • Write bots to populate Wikidata and Wikibase


  • Another version - highlighting different points - is here

Sunday June 17th (Introductions & setting the scene)[edit]

  • 13:00-18:00


  • Modeling
    • Working towards a Grant linked landscape (Diego)
    • "Federate is RDF spelled backwards" or how different views on federation exist (Andra/ Lydia?)
    • Modelling linked data with Shape Expressions (Eric)
    • Modelling linked data FAIR (Mark)
    • Using a Wikibase as a FAIR data point (FDP) (Mark)
  • Infrastructure
    • Launching Wikibase from a Website (Raz)
    • Wikibase registry (Adam/ Daniel)
    • Scholia as an interface to grant information (Finn) [1]
    • An introduction to OpenAIRE and its API (Najko Jahn)
  • Loading of data

Monday June 18th (hands on & getting things done)[edit]

  • 9:00-18:00


Modeling Software and File Formats: ShEx for data models, Katherine Thornton

Reviewing and extending proposed models[edit]

As a preparation we have created a set of schemas for grant related data in Wikidata. During this session we will review these and where necessary adapt and extend them.

Working Groups[edit]


Infrastructure Working Group Etherpad

Feeding Wikidata and a Wikibase where necessary with public data on grants[edit]

During this session both the Wikidata integrator and Open Refine will be used to populate both Wikidata and Wikibase with data. There is a collection of grant data is available.

Tuesday June 19th (Documentation, wrapping up and future steps)[edit]

  • 9:00-16:00


Schema proposals[edit]


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