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This is a programmatically generated summary of gadget usage. Includes gadgets enabled in preferences or common.js. Any changes made to this page will be lost during the next update.
Updated: 2024-07-01 12:06 (UTC)

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gadget description enabled in number of users active users

Merge: This script adds a tool for merging items.

preferences 18,004 4,074

labelLister: Show and edit labels, descriptions and aliases from other languages.

preferences 5,535 1,266

Move: Adds a move tool to the sitelink edit toolbar to move a sitelink to another item.

preferences 5,129 1,040
RequestDeletion RequestDeletion: This script adds a link at the top of each item with a link for quickly requesting a deletion on Wikidata:Requests for deletions. preferences 4,491 1,148
DuplicateReferences DuplicateReferences: Adds a link to copy references and add them to other statements on the same item. preferences 4,276 980
autoEdit autoEdit: Automatically add labels thanks to existing interwiki links and descriptions thanks to a list that you can customize. preferences 4,203 964

slurpInterwiki: Import interwikis from a Wikimedia project.

preferences 3,792 744
Descriptions Descriptions: Show the description of items and properties when hovering them. preferences 3,731 865
currentDate currentDate: Automatically adds the date of today while using the property retrieved (P813). preferences 3,667 835

Recoin ("Relative Completeness Indicator") is a script that extends Wikidata entity pages with information about the relative completeness of the information.
Note: This gadget depends on website

preferences 3,454 650

Reasonator: Adds a link to Reasonator on every item.

preferences 2,977 602

Preview: Shows a "preview" button next to each linked article to get a preview of the article right next to the table.

preferences 2,942 542
HotCat HotCat: Easily add/remove/change categories on non-mainspace pages, with name suggestion (example). preferences 2,810 600
FindRedirectsForAliases FindRedirectsForAliases: Adds a "Find redirects" button in a submenu next to the "Watch" button that, when clicked, displays a list of Wikipedia redirects and allows the user to select some of them to add as aliases. preferences 2,555 547
MainLangFirst Main language first: This Tool highlights the language used at the moment, and shows it on the Top. For second language you can use (Assistant languages:) preferences 2,494 485

SitelinkCheck: Shows a form to check whether a specific site link is already in use and gives the id of the item if so.

preferences 2,435 493

Navigation popups: page previews and useful editing function menus when mousing over an internal link. Currently has no support for previews or diffs of Wikidata items or properties (pages in the main or Property: namespaces).

preferences 2,375 430
EasyQuery EasyQuery: A tool to add an icon for finding items with same statements easier. preferences 2,323 542
quickeditcounter QuickEditCounter: shows counter of edits on user pages. preferences 2,226 480
DragNDrop Drag'n'drop: Add statements and references from Wikidata or Wikipedia by dragging and dropping them. preferences 2,193 543
markAdmins markAdmins: Marks administrators on discussion pages and in the page history. preferences 2,192 447
moveClaim moveClaim: A tool to move or copy a statement from one entity to another. preferences 2,141 676

relateditems: Adds a button to the bottom of item pages to display inverse statements.

preferences 1,961 446
enumItems enumItems: Add navigation arrows to go to the previous or the next Wikidata item. preferences 1,933 351

wikEd: a full-featured integrated text editor for Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

preferences 1,847 266
mySandbox mySandbox: Add a “Sandbox” link to the personal toolbar area. preferences 1,814 319
UTCLiveClock UTC Live Clock: Clock after the logout link, which shows the time in UTC. Clicking on clock will result in purging the page. preferences 1,792 298
PrimarySources Primary Sources: Allows to curate data donated to Wikidata. preferences 1,766 309
KeyShortcuts KeyShortcuts: Provides a few keyboard shortcuts: press L and D to start editing an entity's label and description respectively, S, I and J to scroll to the statements, sitelinks and identifiers sections respectively, A to start adding a new statement. preferences 1,732 373
DraggableSitelinks DraggableSitelinks: Easily add a Wikipedia as an "imported from" (P143) reference to any statement. preferences 1,731 407
SimpleTransliterate Transliteration: Appends approximate transliteration of page titles near each site link, useful for resolving conflicts on not familiar scripts. preferences 1,717 340
dropdown-menus MoreMenu: Add page and user options to drop-down menus to the top toolbar. preferences 1,497 275
LocalLiveClock Local Live Clock: Clock which shows the local time of the user. Clicking on clock will purge the page. preferences 1,471 216
FamilyAncestors Ancestors: Adds a link to the ancestors tool on Toolforge on every item. preferences 1,448 272
purgeTab PurgeTab: Adds a "Purge" tab. Clicking on it will purge the page. preferences 1,360 366
diff diff: improved diff view between page versions (not needed if wikEd is used). preferences 1,347 238
ImageHeader ImageHeader: Shows an image at the top right corner representing the item. (It can only show an image if the item has a property with an image defined.) preferences 1,286 290
linkscount Links count: Counts total number of pages linked to a specific page on Special:WhatLinksHere (and transclusion, for templates). preferences 1,255 332
CoordinateDiffMap CoordinateDiffMap: Shows a map in the diff view when the given changes involve coordinates. preferences 1,206 284
revisionjumper revisionjumper: Creates an interface which allows you to jump between different revisions. preferences 1,174 163

SearchAll: Search in the other namespaces of Wikidata too.

preferences 1,163 271
historyNumbered historyNumbered: Show the history and all specials pages (like contributions) as a numbered list. preferences 1,162 180
rightsfilter Logs Filter: Allow for regex-based filtering of Special:Log, Special:Watchlist, etc. preferences 1,102 148
contribsrange Allow /16, /24 and /27 – /32 CIDR ranges on Special:Contributions forms (uses API), as well as wildcard suffix searches, e.g., "Splark*" (please report any issues here). preferences 1,088 159
RfDLink Adds WD:RfD on above personal links. preferences 1,020 136

InterProjectLinks - shows list of sister projects with icons.

preferences 936 223
Mark as patrolled Mark as patrolled: Adds a [Mark as patrolled] link to change list items, which have the red exclamation mark. preferences 850 337
Duplicate Item Adds a link to copy an item under the tools menu to the left. DarwIn made a fork that does not copy aliases: User:DarwIn/duplicate item.js and So9q improved it further with a working ok/cancel dialog to avoid accidental duplication: User:So9q/duplicate_item.js common.js 788 243

Rearrange Values
This gadget adds a button for reordering the values of a property, if the property has more than one value.

preferences 785 293
moreIdentifiers Allows you to add authority control IDs from VIAF (VIAF ID (P214)) with few edits. It is thought to be customizeable. Detailed instruction in User:Bargioni/moreIdentifiers common.js 763 230

This tool makes adding URLs as sources easier by using citoid to fetch additional information such as the title and language.

preferences 718 297
compact items

Compact items: This makes the interface for statements on item, property and lexeme pages more compact.

preferences 662 197
mixnmatch_gadget Allows to make Mix'n'match matches from Wikidata. common.js 647 154
UseAsRef Allows you to add references to statements using external IDs as sources. Detailed instruction in User:Bargioni/UseAsRef. common.js 636 187
AltLabels If you're viewing an item for which there's no label in your current language this will insert the 3 most common labels across other languages below the input box. A simple click on one of them will approve & submit it for the current user language. common.js 607 156
MismatchFinder Mismatch Finder

When on an item page, this gadget automatically checks whether the item has any mismatches in the Mismatch Finder. If any mismatches are found, a message will be displayed at the top of the page.
Note: This gadget depends on website

preferences 576 205

Lexeme Forms
When on a lexeme page, this gadget checks whether Wikidata Lexeme Forms has a matching template. If it does, links to edit the lexeme using the tool are added to the sidebar.
Note: This gadget depends on website

preferences 535 146
quickpresets quickpresets is a User script, that allows you to add common statements with only one click. It is meant to be customizable. You can configure it to present you the presets you use most often with as little clicks as possible. For example if you often edit items of persons it can present you gender, citizenship, occupation, etc. Look at the script-site to learn how to customize. common.js 523 118
Xiplus/TwinkleGlobal (metawiki) You can use this gadget on any sites to: Revert edits. (fluff), Report IP address or account to SRG. (arv), Request for speedy deletion and report pages to GS/R common.js 512 140
Bargioni/viaf Show useful cluster information from VIAF when hovering P214 common.js 456 79
Tohaomg/rearrange values Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 444 162
UnpatrolledEdits Show UnpatrolledEdits: Shows, when you visit an item, if the last edit/edits has/have not been patrolled. preferences 393 177
Magnus Manske/authority control common.js 376 131
Display Wikidata Info on sister projects This script adds a small box under a Wikipedia article's title displaying a label (which links to Wikidata's entry), description, and aliases, or a small "Wikidata item not found." linking to CreateItem if Wikidata does have a item for it yet. There is also a fork which de-links the QID part, for easier copypasting. common.js 350 136
Xiplus/TwinkleGlobal/load (metawiki) common.js 338 127
Matěj Suchánek/moveClaim common.js 325 82
Jitrixis/nameGuzzler This script allows you to insert the same label or aliases in many languages at once. common.js 315 136

Dark mode toggle: Enable a toggle for using a light text on dark background color scheme

preferences 301 103
Consistency check add A tool to check consistencies of statements and to add missing inverse properties. common.js 296 109
Label Collector A script to semi-automatically import labels, descriptions and aliases for multiple languages based on the articles in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Suggests descriptions by extracting definitions from article introductions, aliases based on what's bolded in the article introduction, and labels from the article title, and provides a mask to compare existing values with the suggestions made and the article introductions, and to review and edit them all at once. When finished, optionally the next item with no label or description can be loaded automatically, allowing fast processing of many items. See this page for a more detailed documentation.

common.js 256 91
AddNewItem Add a "create new item" link in the dropdown menu for when you want to add an item to a property, but the item does not exist. (phab:T107693). Improved version from So9q that supports lexemes and the main search box also (still in beta). common.js 254 102

This is a tool to add image statements to lexeme senses easily.

preferences 254 71

This gadget replaces the image thumbnails in spherical panorama image (P4640) statements with an embedded panorama viewer.
Note: This gadget depends on website

preferences 247 62
Hedonil/XTools/XTools (metawiki) quickly show you statistics about a page in real-time common.js 234 45
Hoo man/smart rollback (metawiki) Provides several useful functions for rollback (custom edit summary, mark as bot edits and mass revert) Requires rollback permissions (and 'markbotedits' for the bot option) common.js 220 67
Wikidata useful Adds a box of quick "add statement" links to the right side of the page. Entity and phylogeny types, countries (location and citizenship). Also, tries to load and display a blurb from en or de Wikipedia. common.js 218 61
Bargioni/MnM ext2 add remove and N/A to Magnus Manske/mixnmatch gadget common.js 214 42
identifierInput.js When adding an identifier property it tries to strip that identifier out of the full URL common.js 212 88
Ле Лой/Lacmus (metawiki) common.js 189 39
WikidataTrust Inspired by the original WikiTrust, it's a fairly simple algorithm which loops into all revisions of the current entity and attributes changes of claims, sitelinks, labels and descriptions to the users who made them.

It is still in beta, but should work fine.

common.js 188 92
Hoo man/active sysops (metawiki) Shows the number of active (one log entry in the last 7 days or as configured) administrators. Uses data from tool labs. common.js 177 51
Krinkle/Tools/Global SUL (metawiki) This script provides an extra Special-page action called "Globalize SUL" which allows easy auto-creation and unification of your SUL account on all local wikis. After enabling the script, the tool is accessible from Special:BlankPage/globalsul. common.js 172 44

Core styling for dark mode gadget (Use the dark mode toggle gadget above to control this feature)

preferences 171 45
Magnus Manske/missing props common.js 163 49
Jon Harald Søby/diffedit (metawiki) script that lets you edit pages directly from the diff view common.js 160 64
Ancestry viewer This tool adds a sidebar link to show an ancestry/pedigree chart of the person you are currently viewing and to be able to navigate around their relations. A pedigree chart is different from a family tree, it only shows the father and mother of each person up through the generations, but if you click on the person in the chart it will load spouses and other children to allow you to jump to that person and view their ancestry instead. common.js 158 46
namescript Fill in labels, descriptions and aliases of name items. See Wikidata:Namescript for more information. common.js 157 72
Hoo man/tagger (metawiki) This tool can tag pages with a few clicks (which is much faster than editing the whole page per Hand). Per default it is able to tag page for speedy deletion using {{delete}}, but it can be customized to use up to every template. common.js 153 25
Joeytje50/JWB (enwiki) common.js 138 45
EditSum Temporarily intercepts all edit requests (including statement deletions) for items, properties and lexemes and prompts for edit summary, which will be appended to auto-generated one. Useful for providing an explanation for non-trivial edits. common.js 137 73
userwarn Tool to add warn templates to users' talk pages common.js 136 54
Krinkle/Scripts/CVNSimpleOverlay wiki (metawiki) This script integrates information from CVNBot into the on-wiki experience. It tells you about users currently on the cross-wiki watchlist, users that were recently blocked on other wikis, or users that until recently were blocked on the current wiki. common.js 129 40
PleaseStand/userinfo (enwiki) common.js 127 26
Hoo man/useful links (metawiki) Gives some useful links on user, user talk and user contribution pages common.js 124 17
Script installer This script enables you to easily install and uninstall scripts by visiting the page of the script. common.js 124 71
SuperHamster/view-it-full (metawiki) View images related to this article common.js 121 53
Magnus Manske/import statements common.js 120 32
Krinkle/RTRC (metawiki) This tool enables you to monitor the recent changes of a wiki in real-time. In doing so it provides a lot of features; such as Timeframing, Filtering, Auto-Diff and much more. common.js 114 18
Frietjes/infoboxgap (enwiki) common.js 113 13
Matěj Suchánek/markasduplicate Simplifies marking items as duplicates and requesting articles to merge common.js 110 48
Tpt/slurpInterwiki Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 109 35
Yarl/DragNDrop common.js 109 45
Melderick/moveClaims2 common.js 107 28
Matěj Suchánek/checkSitelinks Adds an icon to sitelinks that link to a disambiguation or a redirect. common.js 106 41
EpochFail/ArticleQuality ORES predicted quality common.js 101 43
Tpt/viaf Add identifiers from VIAF common.js 101 34
Constraint Summary This script adds status indicators to Wikidata items summarizing the item's constraint violations and warnings. Mousing over the indicators shows a breakdown of violation and warning types. Clicking on the indicator brings you to the item's Special:ConstraintReport page. common.js 100 49
Petr Matas/AnimatedHistory (metawiki) allows viewing the history of an image as an animation. common.js 98 5
Aude/CiteTool common.js 93 39
He7d3r/Tools/ScoredRevisions (metawiki) Highlight revisions by their scores common.js 91 23
AzaToth/morebits (enwiki) common.js 89 9
ClaimMaps Adds maps to OpenStreetMap relation ID (P402) or geoshape (P3896) statements common.js 89 42
Magnus Manske/dragref common.js 85 27
overpass Embeds a map displaying features tagged with the current item in OpenStreetMap. Powered by overpass turbo. common.js 84 31
Abbe98/copy-qid Copy QID to clipboard common.js 82 47
Check site links When editing a Wikipedia article, the script adds an action link (near search box) to remove the sitelinks which are already available on Wikidata. common.js 81 34
Consistency check A tool to check consistencies of statements, that is, if B is "child" of A, then A should be "father" or "mother" of B. common.js 80 35
Writ Keeper/Scripts/massRollback (enwiki) Mass rollback function common.js 80 23
Bargioni/quickNames Gadget to help add given and family names to items with names in Latin chars. described in User:Bargioni/QuickNames common.js 79 47
Abbe98/osm adds link to OpenStreetMap Element common.js 75 36
NarrowUI Narrow UI

This makes the interface on item, property and lexeme pages more responsive, so that it works better on narrower screens, including mobile devices. (more info)

preferences 74 35
GeneralNotability/mark-locked (enwiki) Companion to markblocked - asynchronously marks locked users common.js 67 33
EntityShape Allows you to check whether an item conforms to a shex entitySchema (e.g. E10 for a human (Q5) and displays whether each property and statement in an entity conforms to that entityschema. Only works for relatively straightforward schemas at the moment. common.js 66 33
iwconflict.js Tool to report an interwiki conflict at Wikidata:Interwiki conflicts. common.js 66 19
WikiBridge WikiBridge is a user script, that allows you to visualize in a box under labels, descriptions and aliases the incipit of the Wikipedia articles in the same languages of the labels, descriptions and aliases you visualize; it can be useful in order to enhance the descriptions in these languages on Wikidata. The script is meant to be customizable, so you should add in your common.js also the default configuration, or create a configuration on your own:
importScript( 'User:Bargioni/WikiBridge_conf.js' );
importScript( 'User:Bargioni/WikiBridge.js' );
common.js 66 17
WikidataComplete Adds a UI element in Wikidata that proposes statements to be inserted into Wikidata. The statements are currently extracted from Wikipedia by a machine-learning algorithm. Approved statements are added to Wikidata. This YouTube video briefly describes the tool. common.js 65 25
Magnus Manske/wd edit Allows for editing of Wikidata statements in a Listeria table from within Wikipedia common.js 64 27
Classification.js Information about the classes to which the item belongs (instance of (P31)), and/or all the parent classes of a class (subclass of (P279)).
  • Allows to visualise the parent classes tree thanks to the query service, allows to find the path between a class and one of its parent — useful if it seems that it’s an incorrect parent class, for example if all knives happens to be abstract object according to Wikidata)
  • Provides the a link to report incorrect relationships to WikiProject Ontology for discussion with community on how to fix this.
  • Detects loops in the superclass tree
  • Detects if a class if a subclass is a subclass of disjoint classes, or if an instance is an instance of several classes.

Translations on ToolTranslate (more links)

common.js 62 21
Magnus Manske/referee common.js 61 26
Btwashburn/iiif-mirador Add Project Mirador's IIIF Manifest Viewer to Wikidata item pages common.js 60 23
Pasleim/derivedstatements Deprecated - use Preferences version relateditems common.js 59 27
BrandonXLF/QuickEdit (enwiki) Edit sections of a page without leaving the article common.js 56 16
BrandonXLF/Restorer (enwiki) Easily restore an older version of a page common.js 56 12
FelixReimann/taxobox Deprecated - use Taxobox common.js 56 19
GeneaWiki For people with kinship relations, adds a link to GeneaWiki for viewing a family tree. common.js 54 14
Zvpunry/EntitySchemaHighlighter highlights and links property and item identifiers in the displayed schema common.js 54 28
Create New Entity Add a "create new item" link in the dropdown menu for when you want to add an item to a property, but the item does not exist. (phab:T107693). Also works for lexemes and features a popup to select languages. common.js 52 29
DiffLists.js Replaces autogenerated summaries in watchlists, recent changes, related changes, history pages, and contributions pages with concise versions of the changes to the page. Also allows filtering to only show certain types of changes. common.js 52 25
Bene*/deletionRequest Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 51 12
Karima Rafes/DisplayResearchArtefact U. Paris-Saclay common.js 51 1
Magnus Manske/consistency check common.js 50 17
Magnus Manske/author strings common.js 49 31
PerfektesChaos/js/lintHint/r (enwiki) Show LintErrors analysis live common.js 49 16
UpDown User-script for faster navigation:
  • Press the key t or the ☰-icon on the bottom-right to toggle a sticky menu that allows you to jump to a statement
  • If there are a lot of values for one property it will add arrows that allow you to jump to the first/last value.
  • With the keys j and k you can jump to the next/previous statement.
common.js 48 19
CheckShex Allows you to check whether an item conforms to a shex entitySchema (e.g. E10 for a human (Q5))). An input field is also added to entitySchema pages (e.g. E10) to allow you to enter an item to check (e.g. Douglas Adams (Q42))). common.js 47 18
MismatchFinderWidget This script displays an alert at the top of the Item pages on and a link to the Mismatch Finder tool to learn more about the potential mismatches. common.js 47 23
MusikAnimal/nightpedia (enwiki) dark mode for WMF wikis common.js 47 7
Jitrixis/labelLister Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 45 16
Nikki/AnchorLinks This script adds a small link before property labels and statement values on entity pages to provide a clickable/copiable link to that section of the page. common.js 45 18
Recoin_ID This script is a derivative from Recoin and adds a expandable lists of important absent IDs to Wikidata. More details are on the tool's page. common.js 45 22
Wikispecies It provides a link to Wikispecies for elements with taxon name (P225), and an image for IUCN conservation status (P141). common.js 45 10
Enterprisey/diff-permalink (enwiki) common.js 44 11
Commons Depicts This script adds a link to in the sidebar to view depictions (depicts (P180)) of Wikidata items on Wikimedia Commons. common.js 43 21
Magnus Manske/sourcerer common.js 42 14
So9q/duplicate item This script is derived from User:DarwIn/duplicate_item.js It has been improved with a cancel dialog as requested by Morbeus. This script is derived from 'User:Magnus_Manske/duplicate_item.js' - it can duplicate the current item, minus sitelinks and descriptions (not allowed by Wikidata). common.js 42 27
Soulkeeper/statementSort common.js 42 12
Tulsi Bhagat/swviewer (metawiki) common.js 42 11
Ricordisamoa/SitenamesInUserLanguage language names in sitelinks using the user's language common.js 41 10
Erwin/stewardlinks (metawiki) Adds a toolbox in the left sidebar: Rights: lists your rights; Users per group: Uses Ajax to get the number of sysops etc.; Links to tools common.js 40 7
embeds.js This script shows embeds on external ID statements such as YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, Twitter tweets, Genius lyrics, and more! This helps you validate the accuracy of external identifiers, provides an interface to explore further document the data present in embeds, and makes editing fun! common.js 39 22
HoverDiff Hover over the diff link in watchlists or the cur or prev link on a page history to get a popup in the style of Wikipedia's preview popups showing the changes without having to visit the link. The popup tries to parse the wikitext in the diff, but the nature of diffs mean that in some cases (particularly when tables or multi-line templates are used), raw wikitext may be shown. This user script also works on Wikipedia sites. common.js 39 16
Magnus Manske/wdfist This script will run automatically on EVERY item you visit, if it has associated Wikipedia pages and lacks an image (P18). common.js 39 22
Vvekbv/recoin Lists the most important missing attributes, which are used for computing the relative completeness indicator and adds a relative completeness indicator symbol to the page status indicators common.js 39 9
Jitrixis/autoEdit Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 38 9
Nikki/KeyShortcuts This script is based on MediaWiki:Gadget-KeyShortcuts.js and adds key shortcuts for a variety of common actions common.js 38 17
AnchorLinks AnchorLinks

This gadget adds small clickable anchor links to properties and statements on entity pages, and also to senses and forms on lexeme pages. (more info)

preferences 37 14
Magnus Manske/gnd reveal common.js 37 10
The Brown Tool Adds a movable box to the right side of the page. There are some predefined property-items (man, woman, some occupations), which get activated by clicking on them.

But the main feature is that the user can input property-item pairs for repeated use. First, there is a flexible storage system, which uses cookies. After the start there is only one row for a property (p) and one for a value (q). By clicking p+ and q+ you can add as many rows as you need. If you write in a property, an item, or a short text (label) this will be saved in the cookies. That means, after checking a property-item pair, which transfers the inputs to the Wikidata datasource, you can go to the next item and what you typed into the storage system is still there and can be used again. The newest version of this tool has further an input for item descriptions. The second option is a file in the Wikidata userspace. Each user has a separate wikipage in its own userspace where they could write in some property-item pairs, which uses the tool to fill an additional selection. The address is User:your username/data. Take as example User:Goldzahn/data. In this way data is stored until it is deleted, while the data stored in cookies last only as long as the browser is not closed.

common.js 37 3
Zhaofeng Li/Reflinks (metawiki) tool that expands bare URL references semi-automatically common.js 37 12
Jitrixis/dataDrainer Deprecated - use MediaWiki:Gadget-dataDrainer.js common.js 36 12
Bargioni/descTranslator This tool will allow you to translate a description to your default language. Click the description, and a dialog box will appear. Edit the description, copy and paste it. Translations are generated by Google Translator. common.js 35 14
DannyS712/Global watchlist (metawiki) Client-side user script to create a functional "global" watchlist common.js 35 9
InterwikiList Generates a list of "old" interwiki links from an item, to be quickly copied. common.js 35 14
FR30799386/undo (metawiki) script allowing reversion of edits on mobile. common.js 34 7
NarrowUI-Vector Narrow UI (additional Vector-specific fixes)

This adds a sidebar toggle and stops the page from zooming out by default on mobile devices. (more info)

preferences 34 11
Magnus Manske/ac2wd This script adds an "AC2WD" link in the tools sidebar. When you click on it, it uses the AC2WD tool to check the item for certain Authority Control IDs (eg VIAF). It then checks these AC datasets for statements (and more AC IDs). It will then add any new information it found as new statements, or add more references to existing statements where possible. common.js 33 23
Perhelion/userstatus (metawiki) This script shows on user-pages some information about the user common.js 33 10
TenWhile6/XReport (metawiki) common.js 33 19
WhitePhosphorus/js/GS Rationale (metawiki) adds several global sysop delete, block and protect reasons to action=delete, action=(un)protect and Special:Block forms and append a "(global sysop action)" suffix to Special:Nuke rationale. If you are a steward, the suffix will change correspondingly common.js 33 13
Erwin/xwikirollback (metawiki) Allows for tools to make rollbacklinks by adding "&xwikirollback" to the query string of a link to a diff page. common.js 32 3
Cacycle/wikEdDiff (enwiki) improved diff with block move detection for comparing article versions common.js 31 11
Nikki/LexemeEntitySuggester This script adds various entity suggestions on lexeme pages. common.js 31 18
personal_sort_identifiers personal sort identifiers is a user script, that allows you to order identifiers as you prefer. It is meant to be customizable. The default order is by ascending P number, however you can set a personalized order (example). common.js 31 15
Bene*/maps add buttons for WikiMiniAtlas and OpenStreetMap common.js 30 16
Nikki/ExMusica This adds links to band members on item pages for musical groups and links to recordings/performances on item pages for musical works. common.js 30 15
Nikki/LexemeInterwikiLinks This adds Wiktionary interwiki links in the sidebar on lexeme pages. common.js 30 22
PerfektesChaos/js/pageLinkHelper/r (enwiki) common.js 30 10
Tks4Fish/CARedirect (metawiki) Script for redirecting Special:CentralAuth pages on all wikis to the metawiki one common.js 30 12
Magnus Manske/suggestor Statements suggested based on items in similar categories on other Wikis common.js 29 13
Taxobox Shows the taxobox for each item which has taxon name (P225). common.js 29 15
Tks4Fish/CAWhoisProxy (metawiki) adds a "CentralAuth" or "GlobalBlock/Proxy check/WHOIS" link on the top of Special:Contributions and in the Sidebar. common.js 29 11
TMg/currentDate This user script automatically adds the current date (in ISO form) as a default value whenever you add a snak with the property "retrieved" (P813, alias "access date"). common.js 29 9
Bovlb/notability Adds a small notability indicator to the top right of an item showing how well the item satisfies the three notability criteria. common.js 28 14
DannyS712/Subcategories (metawiki) common.js 28 11
Fadirra/coolwd The script enables creating, viewing, and updating completeness statements directly inside Wikidata. Complete properties are highlighted green, while potentially incomplete ones are yellow. common.js 28 9
Krinkle/Scripts/Countervandalism (metawiki) Various tools, scripts and UI modications for patrolling and fighting vandalism. common.js 28 8
Krinkle/Tools/WhatLeavesHere (metawiki) common.js 28 8
Matěj Suchánek/patrolRevisions Enhance some special pages with patrolling tools common.js 28 16
Nikki/ShowIDs This script adds entity IDs in brackets after links. common.js 28 14
Scholia link Adds a Scholia link on items in the Tools section on items. common.js 28 15
WhitePhosphorus/js/active sysops (metawiki) shows the number of active (one edit or log entry in the last 3/7/60 days) administrators and it can mark global sysop wikis. common.js 28 13
Bene*/search Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 27 7
DannyS712/EasyResolve (metawiki) A gadget to easily mark discussions as resolved. common.js 27 11
SMcCandlish/userinfo (metawiki) Shows a line of basic user information, including user groups, edit count, registration date, lasted-edited date, etc., below the user's name at the top of their main user page and main user talk page. common.js 27 7
Underlying lk/reasonator common.js 27 9
WhitePhosphorus/js/all-in-one (metawiki) Rollback, block, (revision) delete, and ignore. common.js 27 17
WhitePhosphorus/js/AutoUndoGlobal (metawiki) common.js 27 8
WikibaseEcho This script shows the labels of entities in your notifications so that you know what they are and are not just shown their IDs. common.js 27 18
Þjarkur/NeverUseMobileVersion (enwiki) Force Wikipedia to use the desktop version. common.js 27 10
ESanders (WMF)/commentlinks (metawiki) Converts comment timestamps in a link which copies a hash link to that specific comment to the clipboard. common.js 26 6
Husky/ifff-viewer-link common.js 26 9
MichaelSchoenitzer/CiteTool a verson of CiteTool to add sources to statements common.js 26 11
SenseForThisItem Adds a button on items to show what senses are linked to it. common.js 26 15
Snowolf/GS delete (metawiki) Script that adds several global sysop delete and block reasons to action=delete and Special:Block forms common.js 26 5
Ainali/common-properties This script adds an icon for a popup after an item that runs a query to show wich properties most often use the item as a value. common.js 25 20
Diegodlh/Web2Cit/script (enwiki) common.js 25 13
Gary/comments in local time (enwiki) Changes UTC-based times and dates, such as those used in signatures, to be relative to local time. common.js 25 4
Matěj Suchánek/markDisambigs Mark disambiguations on items common.js 25 10
Aude/mapview common.js 24 5
Dragoniez/Mark BLocked Global (metawiki) common.js 24 9
Enterprisey/copy-section-link (enwiki) common.js 23 8
Karima Rafes/DisplayCodeWikidata common.js 23 6
Mike.lifeguard/removeSpam (metawiki) common.js 23 5
Writ Keeper/Scripts/massRevdel (enwiki) common.js 23 9
Bene*/usage What links here count common.js 22 12
Bradv/Scripts/Superlinks (enwiki) Superlinks is a Wikipedia user script designed to allow powerusers to quickly view pages and information related to the page they are currently viewing or editing without the need to navigate away from the page or open large numbers of new tabs. common.js 22 8
BrandonXLF/MoreDiffInfo (enwiki) Adds more information to diff pages such as revision ID, size, and ORES score common.js 22 7
DisplayColourSwatches Adds a colour swatch to statements using sRGB color hex triplet (P465). Additionally, a colour swatch will be displayed on color (P462), flower color (P2827) or official color (P6364) and the statement's item has a sRGB color hex triplet (P465). common.js 22 12
Splarka/sysopdectector (enwiki) Sysop decrier/detector (rights group displayer) common.js 22 4
Tks4Fish/nukeAll (metawiki) Tool for nuking all edits of a certain user common.js 22 7
Tpt/ws2wd Wikisource to Wikidata import tool (frwikisource only) common.js 22 12
Amorymeltzer/userinfo (enwiki) common.js 21 6
Frietjes/findargdups (enwiki) common.js 21 11
Nikki/ExpandReferences This script adds a link to the "Statements" heading on item and property pages to expand and collapse all references. common.js 21 10
Nikki/LexemeTranslations This script shows translations for a lexeme. The translations are inferred from statements on senses, such as P5137 (item for this sense). common.js 21 18
Nikki/Ranker This script adds a link to the Ranker tool next to every property on an entity page. common.js 21 11
Ricordisamoa/QuantitativeMetricalPattern quantitative metrical pattern (P2552) shortcuts: u = Light syllable, - = Heavy syllable, x = ndependent anceps common.js 21 4
Ricordisamoa/Rollback provides the 'rollback' link to non-rollbackers common.js 21 4
WhitePhosphorus/js/AutoUndo (metawiki) common.js 21 7
Bargioni/CC Lit Box Helps to build a Colon Classification (P8248) value for authors, works, manifestations common.js 20 6
Bargioni/show properties add color to IDs of properties and elements added by User:Inductiveload/scripts/ShowQsAndPs.js and a button to remove them common.js 20 3
Bene*/statementfilter Gadget which creates a quick filter to find statements by their labels on item pages. common.js 20 9
DannyS712/Global watchlist/stable (metawiki) Client-side user script to create a functional "global" watchlist common.js 20 5
Inductiveload/scripts/ShowQsAndPs show Q-ids and P-ids directly on the page common.js 20 11
Nardog/SortCentralAuthByEditCount (enwiki) common.js 20 5
Writ Keeper/Scripts/commonHistory (enwiki) common.js 20 4
DannyS712/PropertyCreator After creating, when marking proposal as done, for easy of copying common.js 19 13
Fuzheado/wade-sidebar Simple gadget to add a link to Wiki Art Depiction Explorer in the Tools section on items. common.js 19 12
Lupin/popups (enwiki) Deprecated - use Preferences version Navigation popups common.js 19
Perhelion/WikiEditorEmoticons (metawiki) Insert WikiEditor (sMirC) emoticons buttons common.js 19 2
Units converter Converts from 20 currencies to a selected currency. Converts metric units (mass, dimensions, area, temperature, speed) to/from United States units. The currency amounts are inflation adjusted if data is available. common.js 19 10
Aude/citoid wrapper for instantiating CiteTool common.js 18 12
DMY dates Makes all dates in claims appear as "dd month-name-in-your-language yyyy". Requires the "date" option to be set to "dmy". common.js 18 4
Enterprisey/link-deleted-revs (enwiki) common.js 18 8
Indic-TechCom/Script/findAndreplace (metawiki) Mass Find and Replace common.js 18 2
Mahir256/syndepgraph Used to make interesting SVG-based syntactic dependency graphs generated with {{Syndepgraph}} appear. Examples of such graphs are at Wikidata:Lexicographical data/Universal Dependencies. common.js 18 15
MusikAnimal/confirmationRollback (enwiki) require a confirmation when you click rollback common.js 18 2
Mvolz/displayContributions (enwiki) common.js 18 2
Nikki/LinkLabelsToLexemes This adds links in the termbox to lexemes for each label where there is a lexeme with a matching lemma in the same language and the lexeme has a sense linking back to the item using P5137 (item for this sense). common.js 18 7
PleaseStand/highlight-comments (enwiki) common.js 18 3
Sort values This script sorts the values of the property software version identifier (P348) in the classical order for software versions. If you want other properties be sorted, ask me, I can generalise the scripts for other properties and other orders (alphabetical, etc.). You can see an example on Ubuntu (Q381). common.js 18 10
Tomayac/freebase2wikidata Wikidata user script for the migration of Freebase facts into Wikidata. common.js 18 2
Yethrosh/LinkTranslator (enwiki) Home wiki Urdu This tool is useful for translating wikipedia links according to interwikis also it has some statistics options common.js 18 7
Indic-TechCom/Script/qrCode (metawiki) This is userscirpt to genreate qr Code on wiki. common.js 17 7
Linkify descriptions Some entities (especially properties) mention other entities in the description. This script makes these render as if they had been linked with the {{Q|...}} or {{P|...}} templates. Works in descriptions and in Wikidata usage instructions (P2559) statements. common.js 17 10
Matěj Suchánek/referenceSuggestions Automatically suggest properties when adding references common.js 17 7
Tks4Fish/massBlock (metawiki) common.js 17 5
Bargioni/CC Lit Box conf Default configuration for Bargioni/CC Lit Box common.js 16 6
Daniel Mietchen/scholia Deprecated - use Fnielsen/scholia-link common.js 16 3
Dragoniez/Selective Rollback (metawiki) common.js 16 11
Indic-TechCom/Script/shortUrlLink (metawiki) this is userscirpt to genreate shortURL from metawiki and provide link in front of title on local wiki. common.js 16 3
Indic-TechCom/Script/wikidata-coord (metawiki) Wikidata Item Coordinate Adder common.js 16 5
Mike.lifeguard/rangeContribs (metawiki) common.js 16
MusikAnimal/scriptManager (enwiki) Have a lot of scripts, some of which you only use occasionally? Are they slowing down your browsing experience? Use scriptManager to selectively enable scripts on the fly. common.js 16 3
Nikki/LexemeAddIPA This script adds a link in the header for forms on lexeme pages which opens a dialog for adding IPA statements to forms which don't have any yet. More than one pronunciation can be added at the same time - use | (ASCII vertical bar/pipe character) to separate them. ASCII ' : and g are automatically converted into the proper IPA characters before saving. common.js 16 12
Samwilson/CiteTool A fork of User:MichaelSchoenitzer's fork of User:Aude's CiteTool. common.js 16 14
The Earwig/permalink (enwiki) Adds a link next to page headers which copies a permalink to that section using Special:Permalink. common.js 16 6
Tks4Fish/CleanDeleteReasons (metawiki) common.js 16 3
AddStatement This script provides a JavaScript function for other scripts to use that allows you to automatically add a statement manually through the interface. That way you don't need to refresh the page after making an API call instead to add a statement. common.js 15 10
DannyS712/SRG (metawiki) common.js 15 7
Danski454/wikidata Qnum (enwiki) common.js 15 9
DarwIn/duplicate item This script is derived from 'User:Magnus_Manske/duplicate_item.js' - it can duplicate the current item, minus sitelinks and descriptions (not allowed by Wikidata). common.js 15 12
Karima Rafes/DisplayScientist common.js 15
Ladsgroup/CheckUserHelper (metawiki) common.js 15 11
Ls1g/recoin-core Deprecated - use Preferences version Recoin common.js 15 2
Lucas Werkmeister/lexeme-forms Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 15 7
Magnus Manske/annas archive This script adds links to Anna's Archive to appropriate items (books, research articles etc) common.js 15 5
NordNordWest/markAdmins Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 15 3
Qualifier constraint usage Shows what properties this qualifier is a required and allowed qualifier on by the sitelinks common.js 15 7
Abbe98/AutoIdentifierInput common.js 14 10
BrandonXLF/HotDefaultSort (enwiki) Adds an default sort key editor at the bottom of the page near the categories common.js 14 11
Cacycle/wikEd (enwiki) common.js 14 3
Chlod/Scripts/GoToTitle (enwiki) Navigate to any page using an input box that opens when you click on the page title. common.js 14 4
Evad37/livenotifications (enwiki) Shows bubble notifications for new Echo notifications common.js 14 4
Fred Gandt/confirmLogout (enwiki) never accidentally log out again common.js 14 4
GeneralNotability/ip-ext-info (enwiki) Extended info on IPs - gives a popup with their range, ASN, and ISP common.js 14 6

<translate> InterProjectLinks - shows list of sister projects with icons. </translate>

preferences 14 9
Karima Rafes/DisplayDataOfWikidata common.js 14
Nikki/NarrowUI Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 14 6
Ordia link Adds a link to [] which is a tool to visualize and search for existing lexemes as well as aid in creating new lexemes. common.js 14 10
PrimeHunter/My subpages (enwiki) This script adds a link saying "Subpages" to subpages of your user page. common.js 14 1
Aude/nearby common.js 13 1
Bluedeck/source/edit-conflict (metawiki) common.js 13 2
Bradv/Scripts/ExpandDiffs (enwiki) allows for diffs to be loaded inline on history, contributions, and recent changes pages. common.js 13 6
DannyS712/FindIPActivity (metawiki) Quick script to find where an IP has been active recently common.js 13 3
Ebrahim/ArticleTranslator (enwiki) This tool is useful for translating wikipedia links according to interwikis also it has some statistics options common.js 13 6
ExLudo.js Enhances video-game related item pages: common.js 13 10
Husky/modelitem-lookup Add a 'Lookup model item' button to the instance of (P31) statement on every item. common.js 13 8
Perhelion/signing (metawiki) AUTOMATIC SIGNING: if not sure, warn. common.js 13 2
Script jsonLexeme.js Generates new and edits existing lexemes from the given JSON object. Modified version of newentity.js. common.js 13 6
Animum/massdelete (enwiki) common.js 12 6
Anomie/useridentifier (enwiki) Add an icon to user pages to display some basic information about the user. common.js 12 4
Bamyers99/CoordGlobe Displays the globe for a coordinate (P625). Allows to change the globe. common.js 12 4
Blablubbs/moremenu-proxy (enwiki) common.js 12 3
BrandonXLF/AJAXUndo (enwiki) Adds a button to undo changes using AJAX to history pages common.js 12 4
BrandonXLF/ReferenceExpander (enwiki) Expands references that are a link to a expanded reference using {{cite ..}} common.js 12 2
Caorongjin/wordcount (enwiki) common.js 12 2
DannyS712/AjaxRollback (enwiki) common.js 12 3
Dragoniez/MarkBLockedGlobal (metawiki) common.js 12 6
Elton/HideButtonsFromNonGsProjects (metawiki) common.js 12 7
Enterprisey/userinfo (enwiki) common.js 12 4
Evad37/EditWarChecker (enwiki) common.js 12 2
Firefly/more-block-info (enwiki) common.js 12 3
Guywan/Scripts/ConfirmLogout (enwiki) common.js 12 5
HaveWikibaseLabelLowercased (metawiki) Adds an arrow next to the main label (page title) which upon double click (a tap and a confirmation on touch devices) automatically makes the label's first letter lowercase for the current interface language. If there was already a matching alias it gets removed. common.js 12 9
Indic-TechCom/Script/massMover (metawiki) This is userscirpt is usefull for Mass pages Move. common.js 12 1
Karima Rafes/TabLaboratory common.js 12
Linedwell/centralauthlink (metawiki) Script that adds a "CentralAuth" or "GlobalBlock" link on the top of Special:Contributions and in the Sidebar. common.js 12 5
Mike.lifeguard/remote (metawiki) common.js 12 1
NhacNy2412/BlankedThePage (metawiki) common.js 12 3
Nikki/LowercaseLabels This script adds a button when editing labels to change the text to lowercase. common.js 12 8
Premeditated/CiteTool Adds a reference section button that appears when a reference URL (P854) is entered. Clicking it will use Citoid to query the entered URL and extract any extra reference fields that it can find. common.js 12 6
Writ Keeper/Scripts/deletionFinder (enwiki) common.js 12 1
Xiplus/js/importer (metawiki) common.js 12 4
Alexis Jazz/Factotum (enwiki) add comments to discussions and edit pages in general with more features and options than usual common.js 11
BrandonXLF/Autoref (enwiki) Insert auto-filled references in the 2010 Wikitext editor like you can in VE common.js 11 4
BrandonXLF/NullEdit (enwiki) Adds a link to perform a WP:NULLEDIT on the current page common.js 11 3
BrandonXLF/ShowRevisionID (enwiki) Shows the revison id on history pages common.js 11 5
BrandonXLF/ToBottom (enwiki) Adds a link in the right navigation menu to got to the bottom of the page common.js 11 5
Conflicting Superclass Warnings Inspired by User:Mateusz Konieczny/failing testcases, this warns editors when they select a value for instance of (P31) or subclass of (P279) that would change various "fundamental" superclasses (i.e. physical vs abstract, processes vs objects, fictional vs actual, etc.) for the item.

It is in alpha -- it works (for edits, not additions (but I'll add that eventually)) but needs more examples of conflicting items and other feature improvements and bug fixes. Suggestions very welcomed!

common.js 11 4
DannyS712/FindBlacklistEntry (metawiki) Quick script to find the cause of a spamblacklist on titleblacklist hit common.js 11 4
DannyS712/Watchlist (metawiki) common.js 11 5
Discographies Shows chronological music discography data on release group items and functions to automatically create new release groups and releases common.js 11 3
Enterprisey/fancy-diffs (enwiki) common.js 11 2
js/6tabs-vector (enwiki) common.js 11 1
L235/culoghelper-personaltesting (enwiki) script to help navigate the CU log common.js 11 2
Ladsgroup/wdqs Deprecated - use Preferences version EasyQuery common.js 11 3
Martin Urbanec/gswiki (metawiki) common.js 11 4
Mfchris84/lobidGND common.js 11 4
musica.js This script shows the cover art of music albums items that have a MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) or MusicBrainz release ID (P5813) statement next to the title of the item. common.js 11 4
PerfektesChaos/js/citoidWikitext/r (enwiki) common.js 11 1
SHEIKH/editcount (metawiki) common.js 11 1
SHEIKH/Restor (metawiki) common.js 11 1
SHEIKH/Scroll (metawiki) common.js 11 1
SHEIKH/X-Prevew (metawiki) common.js 11 1
Shubinator/DYKcheck (enwiki) common.js 11 3
Tambuccoriel/authority-control common.js 11
YMS/orc (metawiki) Open-ended Recent Changes tool [ORC] common.js 11 3
محمد شعیب/LinkTranslator (enwiki) common.js 11 1
Abbe98/inaturalist common.js 10 7
Arkanosis/enumItems Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 10 1
Bradv/Scripts/Notepad (enwiki) common.js 10 3
BrandonXLF/UpdateNotifications (enwiki) Updates the alert and notification counts every few seconds common.js 10 4
copySenses Copies senses from one lexeme to another and adds backlinks with synonym (P5973) and translation (P5972). common.js 10 8
DannyS712/Easy-link (enwiki) common.js 10 3
Discuss Adds a link to a diff page when clicked will open a new topic on the talk page that mentions the revision and the user. common.js 10 2
Divudi85/quickpresets common.js 10 1
Enterprisey/rename-reason-fixer (enwiki) common.js 10 5
Ggrefen/DisplayInriaTeam2 common.js 10
Js/ajaxPreview (enwiki) quick Ajax preview and changes buttons common.js 10 4
Ls1g/recoin-explanations Recoin: Relative Completeness Indicator - Explanations module: Lists the most important missing attributes, which are used for computing the relative completeness indicator common.js 10 1
Lucas Werkmeister/addStatementCountsToCategories (metawiki) User script that shows the number of statements of the linked item for all pages and subcategories in a category. common.js 10 4
Magnus Manske/author sort This script sorts P50 and P2093 statements by series ordial (P1545). common.js 10 5
Nikki/LexemeForms-SearchPage This adds links on the search results page to create new lexemes using the Lexeme Forms tool (Wikidata:Wikidata Lexeme Forms). It uses the languages in your Babel box to decide which templates to list. common.js 10 7
Nikki/StatementCounts (metawiki) This script runs on category pages and adds the number of statements that each page in the category has on Wikidata after the link to that page. Links for pages with fewer than 5 statements are highlighted to make it easier to see which pages' items are most likely to need improvement. common.js 10 9
PerfektesChaos/js/WikiSyntaxTextMod/r (enwiki) Polishing wikisyntax and user-defined replacements common.js 10
Quentinv57/HideButtonsFromNonGsProjects (metawiki) common.js 10 2
Reza1615/smalltools (metawiki) common.js 10 4
Ricordisamoa/LowercaseDescription common.js 10 6
Sakretsu/unpatrolled edits adds Warning: the last edit to the page has not yet been patrolled. common.js 10 5
SHEIKH/MobileMenu (metawiki) common.js 10
The Voidwalker/centralAuthLink (enwiki) Creates a link to the Central Auth of any user in the tools part of the sidebar from anywhere in their userspace or from their contributions page. common.js 10 4
Tulsi Bhagat/useful links (metawiki) Gives some useful links on user, user talk and user contribution pages common.js 10 2
WhitePhosphorus/js/FakeRollback (metawiki) provides the 'rollback' link to non-rollbackers common.js 10 5
Yahya/QID (enwiki) common.js 10 1
Ais523/highlightmyname2 (enwiki) highlights all instances of the logged-in user's username on pages by giving them a bright red background common.js 9 2
Anomie/linkclassifier (enwiki) Colorize links on the page to indicate redirects, broken redirects, disambiguation pages, and XfDs. common.js 9 1
Bovlb/osm common.js 9 9
BrandonXLF/NoRedirect (enwiki) Adds a link beside links to redirects that doesn't get redirected common.js 9 3
DannyS712/AccountsCreated (metawiki) Quick script to show the accounts created by a user on any wiki common.js 9 4
DannyS712/Undo (enwiki) script which adds a button which allows a user to perform a revert while using the MobileFrontend extension of MediaWiki common.js 9 2
Danski454/goToTop (enwiki) Adds a 'Go to top' link at the bottom of the page common.js 9 2
Eizzen/PageCreator (enwiki) Displays information related to a page's creator common.js 9
Endo999/GoogleTrans (enwiki) Does translation (like Google Toolbar does) of words and selected text. common.js 9 1
Enterprisey/script-installer (enwiki) common.js 9 2
Evad37/TextDiff (enwiki) Shows a simpler, text-only diff common.js 9 4
Filter watchlist languages Filters your watchlist to show changes to labels, descriptions, and aliases that are only in the languages you specify. common.js 9 3
GeneralNotability/spurlookup (enwiki) common.js 9 3
Melderick/moveClaims You can move a claim to another entity or to another property. common.js 9 3
Metaclass check This adds a warning next to instance of (P31) statements on classes if their values are not metaclasses. common.js 9 3
Mfchris84/quickpresets common.js 9 3
Mzajac/Gadget-SimpleTransliterate Simple gadget to provide transliteration available on pywikibot on Wikidata items sitelinks common.js 9 5
Nikki/ItemUsage This script runs on the delete page and on the page information page. It checks whether an item is in use in a variety of places to help you avoid deleting items which are actually being used somewhere. common.js 9 5
PerfektesChaos/js/fragmentAnchors/r (enwiki) check uniqueness, validity and show position of anchors in page common.js 9 2
Photograpers/sort common.js 9 4
Plantaest/Zinnia/ (metawiki) common.js 9 3
properties For every claim, this tool adds a link below the property to a query listing entities that use this property, and additional links below each value to queries listing entities that have this property-value combination. common.js 9 1
ProveIt GT/ProveIt (enwiki) common.js 9 2
Sanqui/referenceurl common.js 9 6
SHEIKH/FloatableEditingButton (metawiki) common.js 9 1
SHEIKH/highlight (metawiki) common.js 9 1
So9q/Gadget-CreateNewEntity Add a "create new item" link in the dropdown menu for when you want to add an item to a property, but the item does not exist. common.js 9 6
SuperHamster/CiteUnseen (enwiki) adds categorical icons to Wikipedia citations, providing readers and editors a quick initial evaluation of citations at a glance common.js 9 5
Tks4Fish/BiDiEditing (metawiki) Directional editing control script common.js 9 3
Vermont/sidebar (metawiki) This script adds Emergency, SRG, CentralAuth, and GUC links to the sidebar. common.js 9 3
Yair rand/FindRedirectsForAliases Find a list of redirects, allowing the user to select some of them to add as aliases. "Find redirects" button gets placed in submenu next to the "Watch" button. common.js 9 2
Þjarkur/CleanDiffURLs (enwiki) Gives clean diff URLs common.js 9 3
BrandonXLF/EasySummary (enwiki) Easily use the last summary you used or load and save a summary common.js 8 2
BrandonXLF/ListSorter (enwiki) Tool to sort bullet-point lists on a page common.js 8 3
BrandonXLF/MobileView (enwiki) Adds a link to see the mobile version of a page common.js 8 1
BrandonXLF/TodoList (enwiki) Adds a todo list that also has a convient popup common.js 8 4
Eflyjason/Gadget-CreateNewItem Deprecated - use AddNewItem common.js 8 4
Epìdosis/moreIdentifiers settings2 common.js 8 5
Evad37/ToDoLister (enwiki) manage a to-do list within your userspace common.js 8 1
Frettie/ico common.js 8 4
Indic-TechCom/Script/insertWDImage (metawiki) This script allows users to insert an image from Wikidata on their local wiki page if the page's Wikidata item has an image. common.js 8 1
Jackmcbarn/advancedtemplatesandbox (enwiki) Enables TemplateSandbox on all pages, and allows previewing with a template other than the current page being edited common.js 8 4
Jonas.keutel/ConstraintReport This tool will add a small link to entity's pages that will lead to the ConstrainReport special page for the current entity common.js 8 2
L00mi/wiki2prop Most relevant properties which are absent common.js 8 1
Lagewi/navigation adds links to SPARQL queries for List subclasses of an item and List 20 instances of an item common.js 8 6
Luca.favorido/lookup test common.js 8 7
MichaelSchoenitzer/quickpresetsconfigurator common.js 8 6
Nadzik/GRQ (metawiki) Global Rename Queue common.js 8 6
NhacNy2412/SubpageMover (metawiki) Easily move the subpages of a page with a single click common.js 8 3
Nikki/AddTermboxLanguage This script makes it easier to add/edit labels to an item in a language other than the ones shown by default. It adds an input field below the termbox. common.js 8 8
Numbermaniac/goToTop (enwiki) Adds a 'Go to top' link at the bottom of the page common.js 8 2
Perhelion/problemImages (metawiki) Mark images (which are either at Commons or on Wikipedia) staying for deletion or maintenance. common.js 8 3
Salix alba/Citoid (enwiki) Generates a citation template from a url using the citoid server common.js 8 3
Suffusion of Yellow/FilterDebugger (enwiki) common.js 8 6
Suffusion of Yellow/filterDiff (enwiki) Adds a "show changes" button to the filter editor. common.js 8 4
Syunsyunminmin/SReporter (metawiki) common.js 8 6
Terasail/ArticleInfo (enwiki) Adds page information in a similar way to the XTools gadget common.js 8 3
Tks4Fish/TwinkleGlobalSRG (metawiki) common.js 8 1
TomT0m/LexToWiktionary common.js 8 7
Tulsi Bhagat/massdelete (metawiki) common.js 8 2
Volker E. (WMF)/dark-mode (enwiki) enable dark-mode in modern browsers common.js 8 2
Σ/Testing facility/Archiver (enwiki) common.js 8 1
Ais523/votesymbols (enwiki) Code for adding icons to !votes in AfDs, RfAs, etc. common.js 7
Awesome Aasim/addmylinks (enwiki) a script that allows for the use of "My Links", similar to wikiHow's feature common.js 7 2
Bargioni/hl mixnmatch pusc highlight PUSC aux data in mix-n-match panel in case of a match on one of them common.js 7 1
Blablubbs/moremenu-64 (metawiki) Adds a link to MoreMenu's "user" tab to jump to the contributions of the corresponding /64 when looking at an individual IPv6 address common.js 7 2
BrandonXLF/GlobalPrefs (enwiki) common.js 7 5
CDKDepict Gadget This gadget displays SMILES, CXSMILES, and SMARTS renderings for chemical compounds, and chemical compound classes, where the item contains statements for canonical SMILES (P233) and isomeric SMILES (P2017), CXSMILES (P10718), and SMARTS notation (P8533).

Check it out with acetic acid (Q47512) (SMILES) or PG-D-Ala (R1,R2) (Q46328873) (CXSMILES).

common.js 7 4
CristianCantoro/missing props fork of Magnus_Manske/missing_props common.js 7 1
DannyS712/AutoRollbackGlobal 2 (metawiki) Quick script to automatically handle edits globally, including optionally rolling back edits and adding deletion tags common.js 7 4
DannyS712/SelectiveDeleter (metawiki) Quick script to carry out selective deletion common.js 7 3
Enterprisey/CustomSummaryPresets (enwiki) Displays a highly configurable menu of custom edit summaries common.js 7 2
Headbomb/unreliable (enwiki) common.js 7 4
hyphenation-point.js Replaces "|" with "‧" when entering hyphenation (P5279) on lexeme forms. common.js 7 3
Jayprakash12345/Scripts/MiniTwinkle (metawiki) A mini version of Twinkle Tool. This includes rollback and diff module common.js 7
Karima Rafes/DisplayDevice common.js 7
Magnus Manske/autodesc (enwiki) common.js 7 5
Maxlath/hub (metawiki) This scripts uses Wikidata to add links related to the present article in the side bar common.js 7 5
NhacNy2412/Restorer (metawiki) Easily restore an older version of a page common.js 7 1
Nikki/SignWriting common.js 7 5
Samwilson/TemplateWizard (enwiki) Deprecated - autoenabled in wikitext editor (puzzle piece icon) common.js 7 4
SHEIKH/bn-translate (metawiki) common.js 7 1
So9q/AddNewLexemeMenu Adds a section to the sidebar with links for creating new lexemes common.js 7 4
Suffusion of Yellow/batchtest-plus (enwiki) adds an option to the abuse filter testing interface to check a pattern against old hits from any filter. common.js 7 3
TheresNoTime/stewResponseHelper (metawiki) common.js 7 4
Timotheus Canens/massrestore (enwiki) common.js 7 3
Tks4Fish/contribsFooter (metawiki) Creates a footer on the contributions page for the wikis where it doesn't exist common.js 7 3
Topbanana/RLRL SR Utility (enwiki) Create some search-and-replace tools common.js 7
UserContributionsHeaderLink This adds a "Contributions" link next to "User page" and "Discussions" on user pages that is more convenient to click than using the tool sidebar. common.js 7 1
wikidata2ical A simple script that adds a 📆 icon to each Wikidata entity that has both start time (P580) and end time (P582) properties. Clicking the icon will download an iCal file, assuming it is an event. Also adds an iCal to each date property. common.js 7 3
Alex Smotrov/histcomb (enwiki) improves readability of history pages common.js 6 1
Alexis Jazz/Kill-It-With-Fire (enwiki) Undo multiple edits from Special:Contributions common.js 6 3
Awesome Aasim/quicknote (enwiki) common.js 6
Awesome Aasim/savedraft (enwiki) common.js 6 4
Bargioni/IDs target blank add target="_blank" to any external identifiers common.js 6 1
BrandonXLF/CollapseSections (enwiki) Adds an arrow to sections to make them collasible common.js 6 1
BrandonXLF/Invert (enwiki) common.js 6
BrandonXLF/RedirectNotification (enwiki) common.js 6 4
BrandonXLF/SubpageMover (enwiki) common.js 6 3
BrandonXLF/ToTopButton (enwiki) Adds a floating "go to top" button on the bottom-right of the screen common.js 6 2
Danmichaelo/Gadget-externalitemsuggester Gadget that provides autocompletion for supported external-id properties on Wikidata using external search services. common.js 6 5
Enterprisey/abusefilter-diff-check (enwiki) common.js 6 2
Evad37/duplinks-alt (enwiki) common.js 6 4
Evad37/OneClickArchiver (enwiki) common.js 6 4
Evad37/Thanky (enwiki) Adds thank links next to diff links on special pages common.js 6 3
GeneralNotability/InvestorGoat (enwiki) common.js 6 1
Indic-TechCom/Tools/FloatableEditingButton (metawiki) common.js 6 1
Inductiveload/scripts/draggableSitelinks Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 6
Jayprakash12345/qrcode-svg (metawiki) It provides you an option in your wiki's sidebar called "Genreate QR code" in toolbar section common.js 6 1
JSutherland (WMF)/confirmedit (enwiki) disables the submission of an edit until a box is ticked to confirm the edit should be made common.js 6
Krinkle/Scripts/Perf (metawiki) common.js 6
Lectrician1/CheckInverses Checks which statements have an inverse property and displays an indicator next to a statement whether an inverse statement is present for that property or not. Links to the inverse statement if an inverse is present. common.js 6
Lectrician1/discographies Shows useful discography data and functions on discography items common.js 6 5
Lectrician1/show-watchlist-summary common.js 6
Lenore/autolink (enwiki) Autolink wikilinks, [external links] and {templates} common.js 6 1
Magnus Manske/rfd common.js 6 4
Mfchris84/quickpresets settings common.js 6 2
Nattes à chat/wikidata useful fork of Magnus_Manske/wikidata useful common.js 6
NhacNy2412/Cat-a-lot (metawiki) common.js 6 1
NhacNy2412/CreatNewPage (metawiki) common.js 6 1
NhacNy2412/MyContributions (metawiki) common.js 6 1
NhacNy2412/QuickEdit (metawiki) Edit sections of a page without leaving the article common.js 6 1
NhacNy2412/Subpages (metawiki) Creates a subpages link in the right navigation area common.js 6 1
Nikki/DisplayColourSwatches This script adds colour swatches under colour statements. common.js 6 6
Ohconfucius/script/formatgeneral (enwiki) adds configurable templates and scripts to the sidebar, and adds an example regex editor. common.js 6
Ohconfucius/script/MOSNUM dates (enwiki) aligns dates into one of two formats common.js 6 2
Ricordisamoa/SetGender simplifies adding Male/Female to a Wikidata element common.js 6 1
So9q/wikidata-orcid-scraper-link common.js 6 5
Sotho Tal Ker/authority control fork of Magnus_Manske/authority_control common.js 6 5
Stevenliuyi/ChineseVariants common.js 6 3
Technical 13/Scripts/OneClickArchiver (enwiki) instantly archive a single discussion with a click common.js 6 2
Tulsi/swviewer (metawiki) Adds link to SWViewer common.js 6 4
Writ Keeper/rollbackSummary (enwiki) common.js 6 2
Abbe98/mapillary common.js 5 2
Ahecht/Scripts/massmove (enwiki) common.js 5 1
Alexis Jazz/Bawl (enwiki) common.js 5
Alexis Jazz/LuckyRename (enwiki) common.js 5 3
Amorymeltzer/logSwap (enwiki) common.js 5 2
André Costa (WMSE)/subpages (metawiki) Creates a subpages link common.js 5 1
Awesome Aasim/SRGL (metawiki) common.js 5 2
Base/highlightLocalImgs (metawiki) common.js 5 3
Base/highlightMixOfAlphabets (metawiki) common.js 5 1
Base/Scripts/MoveWikidataLinkToTheTop (metawiki) common.js 5 3
BDavis (WMF)/Scripts/zonestamp (metawiki) Display times wrapped in Template:Zonestamp as local times. common.js 5 2
Bility/copySectionLink (enwiki) adds a hidden pilcrow (¶) after editable section titles common.js 5 1
Blablubbs/moremenu-tc (metawiki) Adds a link to MoreMenu's "user" tab to jump to the timecard of a user common.js 5 1
BrandonXLF/CSSImageCrop (enwiki) common.js 5 3
BrandonXLF/PortletLinks (enwiki) common.js 5 1
BrandonXLF/SVGEditor (enwiki) common.js 5 3
Dalton2/FindRedirectsForAliases fork of Yair rand/FindRedirectsForAliases common.js 5
DannyS712/ContribsTools (metawiki) Misc tools for Special:Contributions (and Special:Userrights) common.js 5 2
DannyS712/copyvio-check (enwiki) displays the % of copyvio in a separate section of the info menu of the NPP toolset common.js 5 1
DannyS712/PermaLinkSection (enwiki) common.js 5 1
DannyS712/Pretty rights log (enwiki) user rights log entries will be reformatted into a clearer format of what was added and removed common.js 5 3
Danski454/WhoisSidebar (enwiki) adds a Whois link to the sidebar of IP address' talk and contributions pages common.js 5 1
Defender/HideButtonsFromNonGsProjects (metawiki) common.js 5
Enterprisey/links-in-logs (enwiki) Deprecated - automatic common.js 5 1
Enterprisey/section-redir-note (enwiki) When you get redirected to a section, the little "Redirected from" note now shows just below the section heading. common.js 5 1
FlightTime/confirm-logout (enwiki) common.js 5 1
GeneralNotability/moremenu-proxy (enwiki) common.js 5 2
Hasley/easyblock (enwiki) common.js 5 1
Jon Harald Søby/addSenseImage Tool to add picture statements to lexeme senses easily common.js 5 4
Jura1/js Add a link in the Tools section to display depictions of items on Commons common.js 5
LinkyPop When adding a new property to an item, if the property is an external identifier, add a magnifier lens button to quickly search the current item in that external website. - Useful when creating an item with many external identifiers like a movie or a person. common.js 5 5
Lovro Ilijasic/wikiassistant (enwiki) common.js 5
Lucas Werkmeister/changeslist-notify This user script sends you a desktop notification any time there is a new entry on your watchlist, the recent changes, or any other kind of MediaWiki changes list. common.js 5 3
Magnus Manske/ext-props This script "moves" the properties with external IDs to the side bar. common.js 5 3
Mormegil/fullSearchEntitySelector common.js 5 3
Nardog/CatChangesViewer (enwiki) common.js 5 3
Nardog/CopySectLink (enwiki) common.js 5 2
Nardog/PlayAudioNow (enwiki) click on any link made via the {audio} template (like this) and listen to the audio without having to move to another page common.js 5 2
NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh/CopyvioChecker (enwiki) adds CopyvioCheck tab to all pages, except for Special ones. common.js 5 1
NhacNy2412/FixURL (metawiki) common.js 5 1
NhacNy2412/Userspace (metawiki) Search own userspace common.js 5 1
Nikki/CiteTool Deprecated - use Preferences version common.js 5 4
NMaia/WikidataInfo Add a small box under a Wikipedia article's title displaying the label, description, aliases and the identifier of the related Wikidata item. common.js 5 4
NuclearWarfare/Mark-blocked script (enwiki) mark all linked blocked users with a strikethrough, and mark all linked indefinitely blocked users with italics and a strikethrough common.js 5
PerfektesChaos/js/autoBackup/r (enwiki) common.js 5 2
PerfektesChaos/js/filesMetaData/r (enwiki) show textual metadata on media files and description pages common.js 5 1
PerfektesChaos/js/pageTeaserHint/r (enwiki) common.js 5 2
pitchaimuthu2050/Scripts/calendar ta (metawiki) common.js 5
Powerek38/quickpresets settings common.js 5 4
references Adds a collapsed list of "Other resources" below the labels and above the claims, listing links collected from references of the item. common.js 5 3
Reza1615/properties common.js 5 2
Salgo60/scholia (metawiki) common.js 5 3
SD0001/deleted-metadata-link (enwiki) Link to deletedrevisions API output for deleted pages common.js 5 1
SHEIKH/Sidebar (metawiki) common.js 5
Shonagon/WikidataInfo common.js 5 2
Suffusion of Yellow/filterTest (enwiki) Adds a button at Special:AbuseFilter/nnn pages to open Special:AbuseFilter/test with what's currently in the _edit window common.js 5 1
Timotheus Canens/massblock (enwiki) common.js 5
Tks4Fish/sidebar (metawiki) common.js 5 1
WikiBhasha.MSR/WikiBhasha (enwiki) this script eases the procedure to launch WikiBhasha by instrumenting wikipedia pages with links and options to launch the application common.js 5 1
Yair rand/ShowTalkLabels common.js 5 4
ערן/autocomplete (enwiki) common.js 5
علاء/shortenURL (metawiki) common.js 5 4
bibliography Adds a bibliography at the bottom of the page, based on references attached to claims of the item. common.js 4 2
Has property Displays presence/absence of specific properties (configurable) after the Statements heading. Clicking a property name will jump to that properties section. For absent property, clicking property name will jump to the end of the page. common.js 4 4
Script newentity.js Generates new items (including lexemes) from the given JSON object common.js 4 4
CreateNewItem Add a "Create new Item" button above the input for when you want to add an Item to a property, but the Item does not exist. (phab:T107693). common.js 3 3
Display the link to Wikiversity in the title of Wikipedia Insert a link to Wikiversity in the title of Wikipedia. common.js 3
Merriam Webster Iframe Looks up the current lemma in Merriam Websters online dictionary and displays the result in an iframe. Based on User:Jon Harald Søby/ordbokIframe.css common.js 3 2
PrefRank Helps to set one value as preferred if two or more values with normal rank are present for one of the following properties: date of birth (P569), place of birth (P19), date of death (P570), place of death (P20) (see User:Bargioni/PrefRank). common.js 3 3
SplitWatchlist Splits your watchlist into a column for entity changes and a column for all other changes. common.js 3 2
Panoviewer Inserts an iframe from the Panoviewer tool for spherical panorama image (P4640) statements. common.js 2 1
ping all users involved in discussion This script uses Template:Ping to ping all participants of a discussion. It is intended to be used for closing property proposal discussions, but it could be used for pretty much anything. common.js 1 1

Note: Uses Special:GadgetUsage to get preference enabled gadget totals.

Note: Includes uncatalogued gadgets (not listed on Wikidata:Tools) used by 5+ users.