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Cita: a Wikidata addon for Zotero[edit]

Cita is a Wikidata addon for Zotero that adds citations (i.e., what other items an item cites) metadata support to this open source reference management software, using cites work (P2860) information available from Wikidata, and enabling users to easily contribute missing data.

Initial development has been supported with a WikiCite grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.

Latest release includes:

  • a Citations Pane, showing a list of citations for each Zotero item;
  • a Citations Editor, to edit citations or add missing ones;
  • Wikidata synchronization, to get citations from Wikidata and upload user contributions; and
  • citation graph visualization.

Cita has been released under the GPLv3 license and its source code is available on GitHub.

Quickstart guide[edit]

  1. Download Cita (specifically, the file "zotero-cita-v0.5.5.xpi").
  2. Open Zotero's Add-ons Manager and install Cita from the file you downloaded.
  3. Fetch your items' QIDs.
  4. Get citations from Wikidata.
  5. Show local citation graph and see how items in your Zotero library connect to one another.
  6. Discover works frequently cited by your items which you don't have in your library yet.
  7. Did you find a missing citation? Add it! (if possible, try and get its QID as well)
  8. Finally, sync citations with Wikidata again to upload your changes.


The quickstart guide above and the recordings of the presentation workshops are the only documentation available right now.

English Cita presentation workshop recording
Spanish Cita presentation workshop recording

Further information may be scattered around in the proposal page and its discussion, in this page's discussion, in the source code repository's issue and discussion trackers, and (more cryptically) in the source code itself.

Help with collaboratively writing the documentation here:


Would you like to help translating Cita to other languages? Join the Cita translation project at!

Presentation workshop[edit]

English event's flyers
Spanish event's flyers

English and Spanish presentation workshops were held online, via Zoom:

  • English workshop: Monday May 31st, 2021, at 5PM UTC. Preparation instructions, resources and event recording available here.
  • Spanish workshop: Thursday May 27th, 2021, at 5PM UTC. Preparation instructions, resources and event recording available here.

The workshop was aimed at Zotero users, WikiCite/Wikidata communities, and scientists, librarians, scientometricians, and any others who may have been interested in scholarly citations, whether they already used Zotero or not.

In the workshop participants learned how to:

  • visualize how the items in their Zotero library connected with one another, using information from Wikidata;
  • add missing citation data and contribute them back to Wikidata, so others could use it as well.

The event was held under Wikimedia's Friendly space policies.