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Data Reuse Days, 14-24 March 2022

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The Data Reuse Days are a series of gatherings taking place from March 14th to 24th, 2022, focusing on Wikidata data reuse and reusers. With presentations, discussions, editing sprints and more, the main goal of this event is to provide a space to bring together anyone interested in the topic of re-using Wikidata’s data. This means for example:
  • to gather people who reuse Wikidata’s data (on products, apps, websites, research, etc.) in order to understand better what they are building and what their needs and wishes regarding Wikidata’s data and technical infrastructure are
  • to bring together data reusers and data editors to talk about issues, wishes and common efforts, so each group can hear the other’s point of view on things to improve (data quality, ontologies, etc.)
  • to onboard developers who want to build applications on top of Wikidata’s data, as well as editors from other Wikimedia projects
How to participate?
This initiative is open to everyone who's interested in reusing Wikidata's data. As a first step, you can add yourself to the list of participants.
On this page, you will find an overview of the schedule and resources to get started.
Documentation of the sessions
Did you miss a session or do you want to check some details of a session you attended? You have several ways to find the content of the events:
Discussions and help
Discussions and questions about the event will take place on this talk page. Some announcements regarding the sessions will be done on the Wikidata Telegram group. Please note that if important discussions or decisions are happening during the event, they should probably be summarized somewhere on-wiki so it is transparent for community members who can't join the event or are not on Telegram. If you have any question or need support (for example, to schedule and organize a session), feel free to contact Lea Lacroix (WMDE) directly ( or @Auregann on Telegram).

Please note that the entire initiative, including the presentations and discussions on various channels, is covered by the Code of Conduct for technical spaces. Please contribute in making the discussion spaces safe and welcoming for everyone.



In order to benefit from nice calendar features, the schedule is hosted on Diff, where you can find the main event page as well as the calendar view of all Data Reuse Days sessions.

A short list of sessions will be recorded, the status is indicated on the session page. For all sessions, we encourage you to help take notes on this Etherpad.

The proposal phase for sessions is now closed, it is not possible to add new sessions anymore.



Feel free to add more useful documents, pages or videos here.



If you plan to join one or several events, or to work on projects related to data reuse during this period, you can sign up here!
Feel free to indicate your username, the languages that you speak, and the topics you're interested in.

  1. Lea Lacroix (WMDE) - fr, en, it, de - I'd like to learn new tools and methods to integrate Wikidata's data in an external website
  2. AndrewTavis - en, de, es - I'd like to learn how others are using Wikidata lexicographical data and get feedback from the community
  3. Andrew Su - en - Learn and share work about biomedical applications using Wikidata
  4. Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) - de, en - Discuss cool uses of Wikidata's data as well as best practices for reusers
  5. Tommy Kronkvist - sv, en, (understanding de) - I'd like to learn more about tools and methods to integrate Wikidata's data with external databases handling taxonomical- and other data regarding biological nomenclature and systematics
  6. Daniel Mietchen - de, ru, fr, en - general interest in reuse by and from scholarly resources and systemic measures of quality control, technical interests in anything relevant to WD:Scholia, subject-matter interests in life sciences across their scales in time and space, and linguistic interests in indexing research-related terms as lexicographical data
  7. Adoscam - fr- How to Query Wikidata using SPAQL, tools and methods to integrate Wikidata's data in an external website
  8. Rdrg109 - es,en - Learn what other people use Wikidata for and how Wikidata's data is used in external applications
  9. DaSupremo - en,ha - Learn more about query and other tools used in editing Wikidata
  10. Saliousoft - fr- Discover and learn more about wikidata's tools and data reuse
  11. Amin Anjomshoaa (National University of Ireland) - en, de, fa - I would like to present the project and show how it reuses and befits the Wikidata platform.
  12. VIGNERON - fr, br, en, de - Wikidata, SPARQL, Wikisource, Lexemes and so much more
  13. salgo60 - sv,en,de - Parliamentary corpora parlamint, Parla-CLARIN
  14. 99of9 - en - identifiers, properties, SPARQL, URL conversion, WD:Entity Explosion
  15. Csisc - ar, fr, en, it - I will present several intelligent systems reusing Wikidata for social good.
  16. Texaner - en,de - How to Query Wikidata using SPAQL, tools and methods to integrate Wikidata's data in an external website
  17. SAPA bdc - fr,de,en - involve in Wikidata:WikiProject_Performing_arts with plan to do massiv import of data related.
  18. So9q - da,sv,en,eo - right now into scientometrics and (graph) machine learning using Wikidata.--So9q (talk) 16:41, 11 February 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  19. Antasa - en, sv, fr - Intrested in data roundtripping concerning fine arts. Currently working on a project Collection data from Wikidata to Finna [1]
  20. Beireke1 - nl, en, fr - cultural heritage and arts data
  21. LiaVeja - en, ro - scholarly resources, education, tools and methods to combine Wikidata's data with other resources
  22. Pigsonthewing - en; various
  23. Alice Santiago Faria - pt, en, fr, - General interest in knowing more about Wikidata and tool's for data reuse
  24. Manuel Merz (WMDE) - de, en - Understand the needs of Wikidata reusers and our community
  25. Canley - en - Interested in pretty much everything Wikidata, but particularly geospatial data and parliaments/politics/elections
  26. Aisha Khatun - en, bn - As a data analyst for Wikidata and WDQS, I would like to explore and learn about the ways Wikidata is being used.
  27. Removena - en, de - Data Scientist building knowledge graphs
  28. Hicburp - en, cultural heritage and humanities analytics, interested in linking related works
  29. MariaCurista - pt, en - I am a new Wikimedian in Residence; looking forward to grasp as much knowledge as possible on Wikidata and its ecosystem as well as use cases.
  30. Inablu - de, en - Discuss use of Wikidata's data in GLAM and research data infrastructure context
  31. ShiehJ - en -- use of Wikidata, SPARQL, Lexeme
  32. Rolery02 - en, de -- Wikidata for cultural heritage/DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), Wikidata for digital humanities
  33. Echolalic
  34. Uncommon_fritillary - en - GLAM uses of Wikidata; improving my SPARQL skills
  35. Zstumgoren - en - Learning more about Wikidata in general; focusing on Wikidata use in civic data and journalism projects; Wikidata for use in educational contexts
  36. Nicereddy - en - Data reuse around video games specifically. I'm a data reuser and built using video game data from Wikidata.
  37. Eihel - fr, en - see as much as possible and learn a lot.
  38. versant.2612 - pt, en - Interested in Wikidata data model, qualifiers and context query and reasoning.
  39. Anupamdutta73 - en -- Want to update myself about Wikidata.
  40. DeepeshSaini99 - I am a begginner and try to learn and explore new things in digital world.
  41. Hogü-456 - interested in automatic question answering based on Wikidata items
  42. T Cells - en -- Want to update myself about Wikidata. T Cells (talk) 20:23, 7 March 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  43. bluerasberry I just want to listen to people talk about current projects. Bluerasberry (talk) 20:37, 7 March 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  44. Eugene233 - Interested in the different ways in which data can be queried, assembled and used in different external projects. Eugene233 (talk) 05:29, 8 March 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  45. Clements.UWLib - en - Interested in learning about possibilities of reusing Wikidata in GLAM context, will listen in on a few sessions.
  46. Bodhisattwa - bn, en, hi - interested to learn more about data usage and comprehensive display of knowledge
  47. Artika4biz (Yuri Simione) - it, en - Interested on everything related to semantic knowledge graphs.
  48. Quelet (Miquel Duran) - ca, en - OSM-WD connections, science & Wikimedia projects
  49. Titanboo - en - I would like to learn about Wikidata.
  50. Maxlath - fr, en, js, de - (Q32193244), Wikidata:Tools/WikibaseJS-cli, Wikidata:Tools/WikibaseJS-edit, toolforge:Hub
  51. Fexpr - en, id, tr - Catching up with new ways of utilizing Wikidata.
  52. Walkuraxx - de, nl, en - Wikidata + GLAM
  53. Wygs - de, fr, en, es - Learn more about SPARQL and infoboxes
  54. Mlemusrojas - en, es, it, fr, pt - All things Wikidata!
  55. Akbarali - ml, en - SPARQL, nfoboxes,Wikidata + GLAM.
  56. Robertgarrigos - ca, en, es - Learn on querying WD and how other people reuse it.
  57. Ruky Wunpini (talk) 16:19, 14 March 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  58. Shahadusadik - en, dag - Learn more about the different Wikidata tools and how they can support the Dagbani Wikipedia.
  59. Jeannette Ho - en - Learn more about how data from Wikidata is being re-used in different kinds of projects
  60. Fernsebner - en - Wikidata reuse in the context of GLAMs, scholarly communication, digital scholarship, and performing arts
  61. Mike Peel - en - Reuse of Wikidata on the Wikimedia projects (infoboxes, references, etc.)
  62. Rachel Helps (BYU) - en - I'm the WiR at an academic library and am trying to keep up on the latest!
  63. ToniSant - en, mt, it - data visualization
  64. VolkerKrause - en, de - public transport/train station/airport/etc data, OSM <-> WD integration
  65. Oronsay - en - new ideas and tools
  66. Aionna - it - en - resuse data in GLAM context
  67. AndreaAll (talk) 12:08, 15 March 2022 (UTC) - de - en - fr - Wikidata in GLAM and Performing Arts context[reply]
  68. AdrianoRutz (talk) 09:40, 16 March 2022 (UTC) - fr, it, de, en - general interest in data reuse best practices, technical interests in anything relevant to WD:Natural_products.[reply]
  69. Premeditated - Anything related to Wikidata.
  70. KAMEDA,_Akihiro - ja, en - data maintenance, reuse data in GLAM (especially history museum (Q16735822)) context, NLP, OpenRefine, online database (Q7094076).
  71. Elwinlhq - qu, en, es - Adoption of Wikidata to different use cases and context.
  72. Carl Morris - cy, en - Wikidata + OpenStreetMap
  73. Jelabra - en, es - RDF, Shape Expressions, Entity Schemas, SPARQL, Wikidata subsetting
  74. Jarekt - en, pl - Wikidata + Commons
  75. Harmonia Amanda - fr, en, es, zh - Reuse of Wikidata on the Wikimedia projects (infoboxes, references, etc.), particularly in small communities