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Do you want to meet other Wikidata editors, attend a workshop or organize one? Don't hesitate to add a section on this page or use the talk page to suggest ideas! To help us advertise the event, please consider adding it to the next issue of the weekly newsletter and to Wikimedia Space (see below).

If you are planning a workshop for Wikidata editors, see Wikidata:Planning a Wikidata workshop.

Upcoming events[edit]

If you're adding an event here, please consider adding it to the next issue of the newsletter as well!

Some events (conferences) can be entered in Wikidata. You can find them on this page on Scholia, as well as related submission deadlines.

Active regular meetups[edit]

Other meetups[edit]

These groups may not be active, or maybe the pages are not up-to-date. Feel free to contact the editors to revive the meetups!

Office hours[edit]

There are regular Wikidata online office hours where everyone can ask questions to the Wikidata development team and discuss important issues.

They are announced on the Wikidata mailing list and in the Weekly Summary.

Past events[edit]

You can find a (probably incomplete) list of past events and office hours on the archive page.

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