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Do you want to meet other Wikidata editors, attend to a workshop or organize one? Don't hesitate to add a section on this page or use the talk page to suggest ideas!

Next events[edit]



  • Wikidata Workshop in Paris every third Friday of the month. See the detailed program on Wikidata:Events/Paris.
  • Atelier Wikidata à Rennes, mercredi 5 octobre à 19h aux Champs Libres - découvrir Wikidata et SPARQL (plus d'infos)
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  • Workshops during Open Access Week in the Library of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, about adding references and uploading bibliographic data and archival content in Wikidata and other projects (info)

IRC office hours[edit]

There will be regular Wikidata office hours on IRC where everyone can ask questions and discuss important issues. They will be announced on the Wikidata mailing list and meta:Special:MyLangauge/IRC office hours and will take place in the Wikidata IRC channel #wikimedia-officeconnect on freenode.

  • September 27th, from 18:00 to 19:00 (Berlin time, UTC+2)

Past events[edit]

You can find a (probably incomplete) list of past events and office hours on the archive page.