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Do you want to meet other Wikidata editors, attend to a workshop or organize one? Don't hesitate to add a section on this page or use the talk page to suggest ideas!

Next events[edit]



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  • Wikidata Workshop in Paris every third Friday of the month. See the detailed program on Wikidata:Events/Paris
  • Wikidata workshop in Paris on the 20 of January, 2017 (Inscription)
  • Wikidata workshop in Paris on the 20 of January, 2017 (Inscription)


IRC office hours[edit]

There will be regular Wikidata office hours on IRC where everyone can ask questions and discuss important issues. They will be announced on the Wikidata mailing list and meta:Special:MyLanguage/IRC office hours and will take place in the Wikidata IRC channel #wikimedia-officeconnect on freenode.

Past events[edit]

You can find a (probably incomplete) list of past events and office hours on the archive page.