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Long term goals[edit]

  • Organize data about computer-related topics

Short term goals[edit]

  • Gather information from infoboxes
  • Create more properties that semantically describe items
  • Create featured items that show how properties should be used
  • Recruit a lot of people
  • Gather informations from software categories

Related WikiProjects[edit]

On Wikidata[edit]


Most infoboxes should be found in:


See: Wikidata:WikiProject_Informatics/Software#Infoboxes



See: Wikidata:WikiProject Informatics/Infobox mapping




Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
CPU P880 Item central processing unit: central processing unit found within the subject item PlayStation 3 <CPU> Cell -
socket supported P1041 Item socket for which the electronic part was made Xeon 3040 <socket supported> LGA 775 -
instruction set P1068 Item instruction set on which the processor architecture is based Athlon 64 <instruction set> x86-64 -
manufacturer P176 Item industrialist: manufacturer or producer of this product Samsung Galaxy <manufacturer> Samsung Electronics -
number of processor cores P1141 Quantity processor core: number of independent actual processing units Core i5-760 <number of processor cores> 4 -
lithography P2157 Item structure size (as advertised or listed) of a microchip Xeon 3040 <lithography> 65 nanometer -


See: Wikidata:WikiProject_Informatics/Software#Properties



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