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In FOSS development communities, a forge (Q3077240) is a web-based collaborative software platform for both developing and sharing computer applications. The term forge refers to a common prefix or suffix adopted by various platforms created after the example of SourceForge. read more...

The wikidata Forges project goal is to define conventions to unify the description of Forge items.


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and member; different from P279 (subclass of); for example: K2 is an instance of mountain; volcano is a subclass of mountain (and an instance of volcanic landform)Forgejo <instance of> issue tracking system-

Forges provide multiple services in a central place such as repository hosting services, issue tracking etc. It makes it an instance of such a service.

Software repository qualifiers[edit]

When a forge is an instance of an online software repository (PyPI, Docker Registry, etc.), the supported protocols are further specified by the following qualifiers.

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance of with qualifier ofP642Itemthe online package system supported by the forgeForgejo <instance of> software repository
<of> Python Package Index


List all Forges[edit]

SELECT ?forge ?forgeLabel
    ?forge wdt:P31 wd:Q3077240. # Must be of a forge
  FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?forge wdt:P31+ wd:Q35127 } # exclude online services running a forge, only keep forge software
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". } # Helps get the label in your language, if not, then en language
Run it!


ForgesBot is a command line tool dedicated to this project.