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Distingo gzip (Q283647) (software) - GZIP (Q10287816)[edit]

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Quelques propriétés[edit]


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
file extensionP1195Stringfilename extension: identifier for a file format (e.g. txt for a text file) used as suffix to the file name, don't use dot at startScalable Vector Graphics <file extension> svg-
media typeP1163Stringmedia type: IANA-registered identifier for a file type (MIME)JPEG <media type> image/jpeg-
developerP178Itemvideo game developer and software developer: organisation or person that developed the itemMicrosoft Windows <developer> Microsoft-
readable file formatP1072Itemreadable file format: file format a program can open and readInkscape <readable file format> Scalable Vector Graphics-
writable file formatP1073Itemwritable file format: file format a program can create and/or write toInkscape <writable file format> Scalable Vector Graphics-
software version identifierP348Stringsoftware version: numeric or nominal identifier of a version of a software program or file format, current or pastQGIS <software version identifier> 2.0-
software engineP408Itemsoftware engine: software engine employed by the subject itemWikipedia <software engine> MediaWiki-

Information on standards[edit]

How to specify a standard?

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISO standardP503External identifierISO standard: number of the ISO standard which normalizes the objectJPEG 2000 <ISO standard> 15444-
RfC IDP892External identifierRequest for Comments: identifier for an item in Request for Comments, a publication of IETF and the Internet Society (without "RFC" prefix)Opus <RfC ID> 6716-
RfC ID with qualifier publication dateP577Point in timedate of publication: date or point in time when a work was first published or releasedOpus <RfC ID> 6716
<publication date> septembre 2012
described at URL with qualifier genreP136Itemgenre: creative work's genre or an artist's field of work (P101). Use main subject (P921) to relate creative works to their topicXML Schema <described at URL>
<genre> W3C Recommendation
described at URL with qualifier standards bodyP1462Itemstandards organization: organisation that published or maintains the standard governing an itemJPEG File Interchange Format, version 1.02 <described at URL>
<standards body> International Telecommunication Union

How to specify if a file format is proprietary?

The idea is to use proprietary format (Q2720536) to tell this information either in instance of (P31) or in subclass of (P279)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and memberACE <instance of> proprietary format-
subclass ofP279Itemsubclass of: next higher class or type; all instances of these items are instances of those items; this item is a class (subset) of that item. Not to be confused with P31 (instance of)Photoshop File Format <subclass of> proprietary format-

The inverse is free format (Q8436198), but it could be usefull to specify copyright license (P275) with either a specific licence or public domain (Q19652), free license (Q196294), ...

Query for signature[edit]

The following query uses these:

  • Properties: file format identification pattern (P4152)  View with Reasonator View with SQID, encoding (P3294)  View with Reasonator View with SQID
     1 SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?pattern ?encodage ?encodageLabel
     2 WHERE 
     3 {
     4   ?item p:P4152 ?patternStatement.
     5   ?patternStatement ps:P4152 ?pattern.
     6   ?patternStatement  pq:P3294 ?encodage.
     7   SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
     8   # PRONOM internal signature
     9   FILTER (str(?encodage) != '')
    10   # HEXA pattern
    11   #FILTER (str(?encodage) != '')
    12   # ASCII pattern
    13   FILTER (str(?encodage) != '')
    14 }

Query all RIFF formats[edit]

The following query uses these:

  • Properties: instance of (P31)  View with Reasonator View with SQID, subclass of (P279)  View with Reasonator View with SQID, based on (P144)  View with Reasonator View with SQID
    1 SELECT DISTINCT ?item ?itemLabel 
    2 WHERE {
    3   ?item (wdt:P31|wdt:P279)* wd:Q235557.
    4   ?item wdt:P144+ wd:Q1196805.
    5   SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
    6 }


Famille Oric

Jeux pour Oric 1

Quelques auteurs[edit]

Quelques formats de fichiers[edit]

?format <nature de l'élément (P31)> <format de données (Q235557)>.

{{Infobox file format
| name 
 Joint Photographic Experts Group
| screenshot = [[File:Felis silvestris silvestris small gradual decrease of quality.png|border|240px]]
| caption = A photo of a cat with the compression rate decreasing, and hence quality increasing, from left to right.
| extension = <tt>.jpg</tt>, <tt>.jpeg</tt>, <tt>.jpe</tt><br /><tt>.jif</tt>, <tt>.jfif</tt>, <tt>.jfi</tt>
| mime = <tt>image/jpeg</tt>
| typecode = <tt>JPEG</tt>
| uniform type = public.jpeg
| owner = [[Joint Photographic Experts Group]]
| genre = [[lossy compression|lossy]] [[image format]]
| container for =
| contained by =
| extended from =
| extended to =
| magic = <tt>ff d8</tt>
| standard = ISO/IEC 10918, ITU-T T.81, ITU-T T.83, ITU-T T.84, ITU-T T.86