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This page is a list of tools you can use to work at Wikidata more quickly and comfortably. If you have written a script just add it and help many other users.

External tools

External tools are tools that do not run in Wikidata but on another server. Most of them are useful to consume the data provided by Wikidata.

See also the list of Wikidata tagged tools on labs.


Gadgets are scripts created by users which can be enabled in the preferences under the section "Gadgets". They can only be edited by administrators and are assumed to be stable.

User scripts

User scripts are also scripts created by users but they do not appear in the preferences. Instead you have to add a line of code into your common.js file to use the script. User scripts can be created by anyone and might not always be stable.

Tool of the week

Ancestry viewer

by Ch1902

This tool adds a sidebar link to show an ancestry/pedigree chart of the person you are currently viewing and to be able to navigate around their relations. A pedigree chart is different from a family tree, it only shows the father and mother of each person up through the generations, but if you click on the person in the chart it will load spouses and other children to allow you to jump to that person and view their ancestry instead.

Limitations and other info
  • Viewing spouses and children requires links in both directions (that is, Person A has a child Person B then Person B should have father/mother Person A), some relations added by bot don't link in both ways. In that case you can see the relations better using GeneaWiki or add the connections yourself.
  • People without parents are shown as a grey box with "Unknown", not every person will have a wikidata item
  • There is no history, so you can't easily go back to previous people you have viewed
  • If you want to go to the person's wikidata entry hold the Shift or Ctrl or Alt key when clicking or use the middle click on your mouse to open the link
  • If an item doesn't have a label in your language it just shows the Q##### number
  • It uses templates from enwiki, so you need a browser that supports Cross-origin resource sharing (Q1141085) (View with Reasonator) , most modern browsers do

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