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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2016-10-15.


Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

Did you know?[edit]


  • Worked further on automatic linking of pages between Wiktionary language editions
  • Worked further on making it possible to use Wikidata's items and properties to describe files on Commons
  • Reviewed error messages and made them easier to understand
  • Added tooltips in some places in the UI to make them more understandable (e.g. ranks, special values)
  • Made the loading animation clearer in embedded query results (phabricator:T148042)
  • Making it possible to paste the full URL of an image on Commons into image properties (phabricator:T147917)
  • Worked on a small birthday present
  • Fixed run button not being reenabled after some queries (phabricator:T147114)
  • More work on better parser function and Lua functions that return formatted values (phabricator:T142940)
  • Undoing the last edit to an item will now show a undo summary, not a restore one (phabricator:T147631) Thanks Matěj!
  • Lule Sami and Pite Sami are now supported languages in Wikidata (phabricator:T146707)
  • Brainstormed about how to make it easier to write queries without knowing SPARQL
  • Fixed a bug with spaces in language codes in queries (phabricator:T147729)

You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here.

Monthly Tasks[edit]

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