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What we do[edit]

A monthly meeting for Wikidata newbies, enthusiats and everybody in between. We meet for about two hours in the evening to work on Wikidata projects together, develop new ideas or help each other with questions and problems. Everybody who wants to learn more about Wikidata is welcome!

A list of ideas and topics we came up with during out first meeting:

  • Developing an audio interface for Wikidata => learning with an audio interface
  • Integrating podcasting data base panoptikum, expanding the information on podcasts
  • Integrating OpenGridMap
  • Expanding Austria / Vienna related properties and catalogues

We also want to use the WikidataWednesdays to

  • connect with other Wikimedia communities (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource)
  • give newcomers ideas how to contribute
  • prepare upcoming workshops and events

Where and when?[edit]

The second Wednesday every month is WikidataWednesday from 18:00-20:30

Location: Wikimedia Österreich, Stolzenthalergasse 7/1, 1080 Wien

Good to know[edit]

Language: English

We are an international group and speak mainly English. But there are always German-speakers around who are able to explain or translate things into German.

Friendly Space:

Wikimedia Österreich's event guidelines apply to these meetings. They’re designed to make everyone feel welcome and to actively encourage a safe, friendly space for learning. Please read them – by attending, you’ll be accepting those rules of respecting each other.

We provide some drinks and small snacks so people stopping by straight after work don't have to starve. You can also bring some snacks for yourself and others of course :-)

What should I bring/ prepare?[edit]

Please bring...

  • your laptop (not older than 10 years) + power supply

...which has installed a

  • JavaScript capable browser (= basically the newest Firefox or Chrome)

If you don’t have one already, please

  • create your Wikimedia user account before the workshop. You need it to make edits in Wikidata.


Here are the dates until summer - we are not sure whether there will be a summer break or not yet - depends on how many of you are interested to spend summer evenings Wikidataing ;-)

Wednesday, May 15[edit]


Wednesday, June 12[edit]