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Wikidata workshop, Vienna (2018-09-29)

Let's set up regular Wikidata meetups in Vienna! All Wikidata editors, beginners or experienced, are welcome. English and German spoken.

Upcoming Events[edit]

Train the Trainers in Vienna (2018-11-30)
Wikidata workshop at Wikimedia Austria (2018-11-17)
Wikidata at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 in Vienna
  • tba

What we do[edit]

In our relaxed afternoon workshop, you’ll get an introduction to what Wikidata is all about. You’ll learn about SPARQL, the query language which you’ll use to ask Wikidata questions. Tobias, your friendly neighborhood Wikidata expert, has prepared small tasks tailored to both beginners and more advanced users. Exemplary tasks include:

  • Complete the list of locations where the Vienna Philharmonics performed.
  • Add the oldest train station in Austria to the database.
  • Where in the world can you find statues of Marie Curie?
  • And many more!

After our workshop, you’ll be able to do your own edits and add to the database! Advanced Wikidata users are invited to able to bring their own projects and, optionally, share your work with others.

It is organized by Wikimedia Österreich on Wikidata Wikimedia Österreich. Wikimedia Österreich's event guidelines apply.

Also see Wikidata:WikiProject Austria

Past Events[edit]

Wikidata Wahldaten Workshop 2017