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Vienna Central Library

Wikidata goes Library[edit]

The GLAMorous side of Wikidata

What we do[edit]

We are very happy to announce our very special program this time!

Expert talks[edit]

Nicolas Vigneron
Tracy Hoffmann
Christian Erlinger

At the beginning of our day together we will be able to thank a number of international guests, who make their way from far to introduce us to the world of Wikidata around libraries with 15 minute expert impulse presentations!

Our wonderful speakers:

Accordingly, we have also adapted our workshop program. This time you can choose from four different possible workshops:

Using SPARQL to ask questions to Wikidata[edit]

(Almost) no coding skills required!

Wikidata has a lot of data. Like really a lot, about anything and everything. This data can be used in endless ways, and to answer questions that would otherwise need long hours of research: What are the largest cities with a female mayor? Which ministers are themselves children of ministers? What is the gender balance of the world's parliaments? What are the words in English with all five vowels? In this workshop, you’ll discover the Wikidata query service, a tool which harnesses the true power of Wikidata! You’ll learn about SPARQL, the query language used to ask Wikidata questions.

Please bring a laptop with a web browser.
Attendees are welcome to bring their query ideas which can be worked on during the workshop.

OpenRefine as tool to enrich bibliographic metadata[edit]

No coding skills required!

OpenRefine is a powerful open source software which allows you to edit and clean up your messy tabular data. With the so-called Reconciliation service OpenRefine shows you concordance between your local data and different linked-open data sources. You will learn how to import data to OpenRefine, which ways of editing data exists and how to make them fit for uploading to Wikidata or your local database.

Please bring a laptop with a web browser, Java JRE and if possible with already installed OpenRefine. (Follow the installation instructions).
Attendees are welcome to bring a dataset to work with.

Linking vocabularies and aligning datasets with Wikidata using the Mix’n’match tool[edit]

No coding skills required!

Linking a controlled vocabulary to Wikidata is a step for bridging to the Linked Open Data world and allow for enriching it. Attendees will learn how to use the simple Mix’n’match tool to align datasets with Wikidata.

Please bring a laptop with a web browser and your favourite text/CSV editor.
The workshop may involve some text wrangling (search & replace, maybe lightweight regular expression (Q185612)).
Attendees are welcome to bring a controlled vocabulary or dataset to work with.

How to deploy your very own Wikibase on your local machine?[edit]

This is a more technical workshop! (involves running commands over terminal)

Wikibase is the software running Wikidata. GLAMs, open data projects, research projects and more are showing a lot of interest in Wikibase now, using it to run their own knowledge bases. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to deploy and run your own instance of Wikibase on your local machine

Please bring a laptop with Git (Q186055), Docker (Q15206305) and Docker Compose (Q66317867) installed.

The workshop will usually be held in English. Participation is for free :)

Our space/number of participants is limited, so please don't forget to register.

Beginners are warmly welcome!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Your Wikidata Austria Team: Claudia, Clara, Jean-Fred and Christian

How to register[edit]

Thank you for coming ...
... and taking part!

I am there[edit]

I`m thinking about attending[edit]

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Can't make it[edit]

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What should I bring/ prepare?[edit]

Please bring...

  • your laptop (not older than 10 years) + power supply

...which has installed a

  • JavaScript capable browser (= basically the newest Firefox or Chrome) – please find any special requirements at our Workshop descriptions!

If you don’t have one already, please

  • create your Wikimedia user account before the workshop. You need it to make edits in Wikidata.

Good to know[edit]

Language: English

The workshop will be held in English. But some of our mentors speak German. They will be able to explain things in German in the breaks and in one-on-one talks.

Friendly Space:

Wikimedia Österreich's event guidelines apply to this workshop. They’re designed to make everyone feel welcome and to actively encourage a safe, friendly space for learning. Please read them – by attending, you’ll be accepting those rules of being nice to each other.

We provide some cold drinks, coffee and small snacks.

Things presented[edit]

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Wikidata based semantic search queries (Christian Erlinger)[edit]



Install and run OpenRefine. We were testing based on an input dataset of the open access journal Informationspraxis (Q46478422) basic string editing functions and using the reconciliation service (both for Wikidata and GND)