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random notes[edit]

Useful tools[edit]

Referencing and nature of statements[edit]

Annual holidays[edit]


Political activity and ideology[edit]

  • member of (P463) clubs and organisation to which a person belongs
  • affiliation (P1416) organization that a person or organization is affiliated with
  • political ideology (P1142) political ideology of this organization or person
  • participant (P710) person, group of people or organization (object) that actively takes/took part in the event (subject). Preferably qualify with "object has role" (P3831). Use P1923 for team participants.
  • participant of (P1344) event a person or an organization was a participant in, inverse of P710 or P1923

Ending enslavement[edit]

Slave societies[edit]



Ethnicity and ethnic identity[edit]

  • ethnic group (P172) subject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it him/herself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such).
  • diaspora (P3833) diaspora that a cultural group belongs to
  • Indigenous names

Artistic and political movements[edit]

  • movement (P135) literary, artistic, scientific or philosophical movement associated with this person or work
  • art style (Q1792644) visual appearance of a creative work, shared with other works of the same movement or school



Wikidata tools[edit]

African diaspora annual commemorations[edit]

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Queries of interest[edit]

Enslaved People[edit]

Slave Ownership and slave societies[edit]

  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership IDs query
  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership ID and ODNB ID query
  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership ID and image query
  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership ID and TNA record creator ID query
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