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Wikidata Authority control slide deck in color (project version)
Wikidata Authority control slide deck in grayscale (print version)

Authority Control Help[edit]

The following is a draft, a rough estimate to create a graphic, step-by-step help page to explain the transfer of authority control data from Wikipedia pages to newer users of Wikidata. Ideally this might be help text or some other more elegant solution integrated into the User Interface of Wikidata.

In the meantime, there are two slide decks that can be used for

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Step 1[edit]

Find the relevant authority control data in a Wikipedia article which is to be transferred to Wikidata.

Step 2[edit]

Check to see if a Wikidata item exists already by:

  • Looking for "Wikidata item" in the side toolbar of the Wikipedia entry page
  • Searching Wikidata for item that might exist but may not be linked to a page

Step 3[edit]

Go to Wikidata and click on "Create a new item".

Step 4[edit]

Enter label, description and alias.

Step 5[edit]

You need to link the Wikidata item to the Wikipedia article.

Step 6[edit]

Click on "+ add" to enter a new statement "VIAF".
A pop-up should then suggest "VIAF ID (VIAF) - identifier in the Virtual International Authority File".
Click on this pop-up to select the suggestion, enter the data and click "save".

To add the next element

And so on...
  • It is possible to accidentally add a duplicate item; however, don't worry, as there is an automated process that will flag these duplicates, which get fixed: Constraint violations
Continue adding statements
  • e.g., P31 ("instance of") => Q5 ("human")

Step 7[edit]

Go back to the original article on Wikipedia and delete the authority control data which has now been entered in Wikidata.

You will then see only {{Authority control}}

Step 8: End result[edit]