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Long term goals[edit]

  • Organize data about mathematics

Short term goals[edit]

  • Use the property has facet polytope (P1312) on all applicable items (7/??), and create missing items
  • Gather information from infoboxes
  • Create more properties that semantically describe items
  • Create featured items that show how properties should be used
  • Create "has part" property entries for formula components / identifiers -> discussion


Useful lists and queries[edit]

Error detection: please make sure the query below returns zero results, and fix any item that appears.


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
defining formulaP2534Mathematical expressionformula: mathematical formula representing a theorem or law. Maximum length: 400 charactersmass–energy equivalence <defining formula> E=mc^2-
has facet polytopeP1312Itemfacet: facet of a polytope, in the next-lower dimensiondodecahedron <has facet polytope> pentagon-
cardinality of the groupP1164Quantitygroup order: number of elements in a finite groupdihedral group of order 6 <cardinality of the group> 6-
numeric valueP1181Quantitynumber: numerical value of a number, a mathematical constant, or a physical constantgolden ratio <numeric value> 1,6180339887±0,0000000001-
approximation algorithmP1171Itemapproximation algorithm: method used to approximate a numberpi <approximation algorithm> Gauss–Legendre algorithm-
OEIS IDP829External identifierOn-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences: identifer on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer SequencesFermat number <OEIS ID> A000215-
dual toP1322Itemduality, dual polytope and dual graph: dual of a polytope, graph or curvecube <dual to> octahedron-
proved byP1318Itemperson who proved somethingPoincaré conjecture <proved by> Grigori Perelman-
discoverer or inventorP61Iteminventor, innovator, discoverer and discovery: subject who discovered, first described, invented, or developed this discovery or inventionPoincaré conjecture <discoverer or inventor> Henri Poincaré-
domainP1568Itemdomain of a function: set of "input" or argument values for which a mathematical function is definedsquare function <domain> real number-
codomainP1571Itemcodomain: codomain of a functionsquare function <codomain> real number-
has vertex figureP1678Itemvertex figure: the figure exposed when a corner of a polytope is sliced offcuboctahedron <has vertex figure> rectangle-
statement describesP2384Itemformalization of the statement contains a bound variable in this classPythagorean theorem <statement describes> right triangle-

External Identifiers[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
OEIS IDP829External identifierOn-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences: identifer on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer SequencesFermat number <OEIS ID> A000215-
Mathematics Genealogy Project IDP549External identifierMathematics Genealogy Project: identifier for mathematicians and computer scientists at the Mathematics Genealogy ProjectPatrick Ion <Mathematics Genealogy Project ID> 8691-
zbMATH author IDP1556External identifiermathematician: identifier of a person in the Zentralblatt MATH databasePatrick Ion <zbMATH author ID> ion.patrick-d-f-
zbMATH work IDP894External identifierzbMATH database: identifier in the zbMath databaseGame Theory: A Multi-Leveled Approach <zbMATH work ID> 1147.91001-
MathWorld identifierP2812External identifierMathWorld: Identifier for entries in MathWorld, online mathematics reference workaleph null <MathWorld identifier> Aleph-0-
ProofWiki IDP6781External identifierProofWiki: identifier for a ProofWiki articleEuclid's theorem <ProofWiki ID> Euclid's Theorem-


Root item Query Query description Count date Count quantity Count link
polytope (Q747980) tree[747980][][279] subclasses 2014-10-07 813 autolist2


vertex (Q26401) web[26401][1312] polytopes with property "has facet polytope" (direct, not inherited) 2014-10-07 534 autolist2



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