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image Name description occupation date of birth sex or gender country of citizenship TED speaker ID item
A. J. Jacobs American journalist and author writer
1968-03-20 male United States of America a_j_jacobs Q278801
Aakash Odedra choreographer choreographer male United Kingdom aakash_odedra Q23759591
Aaron OConnell.jpg
Aaron D. O'Connell American physicist physicist 1981-03-05 male United States of America aaron_o_connell Q2895013
Aaron Huey.jpg
Aaron Huey American photojournalist photojournalist
1975-12-09 male United States of America aaron_huey Q302103
Aaron Koblin.jpg
Aaron Koblin American artist graphic designer 1982-01-14 male United States of America aaron_koblin Q4662151
Abe Davis computer scientist; computer vision expert scientist male abe_davis Q23769266
Abha Dawesar Indian novelist writer
1974-01-01 female India abha_dawesar Q320497
Abigail Washburn.jpg
Abigail Washburn American banjo player and singer singer
1977-11-10 female United States of America abigail_washburn Q3603703
Abraham verghese 2010.jpg
Abraham Verghese Physician, teacher, novelist writer
university teacher
1955 male United States of America
abraham_verghese Q1446797
Achenyo Idachaba Nigerian activist 1969 female United States of America achenyo_idachaba Q22976267
Adam Davidson (NPR) May 2012.jpg
Adam Davidson American journalist journalist
male United States of America adam_davidson Q4678940
Adam Garone moustache activist; co-founder of Movember activist male Australia adam_garone Q23662644
Adam Grant.jpg
Adam Grant American writer 1981-08-13 male United States of America adam_grant Q14712273
Adam Grosser venture capitalist; general partner at Foundation Capital General partner
venture capitalist
male adam_grosser Q23759997
Adam Ockelford music teacher; composer works with children with special needs musician
male adam_ockelford Q23712711
Adam Ostrow at The Future of Social Media in Higher Education - Hosted by McGraw-Hill (4333514730) (2).jpg
Adam Ostrow businessperson; Chief Strategy Officer at Mashable businessperson male adam_ostrow Q4679571
Adam Sadowsky presenting at the Cusp Conference, Chicago IL September 2011.jpg
Adam Sadowsky American actor actor 1970-10-28 male United States of America adam_sadowsky Q4679718
AdamSavageJul2011 cropped.jpg
Adam Savage Special effects specialist, host of MythBusters actor
television presenter
film producer
film actor
1967-07-15 male United States of America adam_savage Q297618
Adam Spencer 255.JPG
Adam Spencer Australian mathematician, comedian and radio presenter mathematician
radio personality
disc jockey
association football manager
1969-01-29 male Australia adam_spencer Q4679827
Aditi Shankardass neuroscientist, singer, and television presenter neuroscientist female India
United Kingdom
aditi_shankardass Q4683041
Adora Svitak American writer writer
public speaker
1997-10-15 female United States of America adora_svitak Q4684605
Adrianne Haslet-Davis ballroom dancer; lost her left foot in the Boston Marathon bombing dancer
patron of the arts
female adrianne_haslet_davis Q23728757
Afra Raymond transparency activist; expert in property valuation male afra_raymond Q23671006
Ahn Trio (anyjazz65).jpg
Ahn Trio Classical piano trio, consisting of three sisters: Angella (violin), Lucia (piano) and Maria (cello) Ahn ahn_trio Q845628
Aicha el-Wafi and Phyllis Rodriguez 9/11 mothers aicha_el_wafi_phyllis_rodriguez Q23809255
Aimee Mullins portrait 2009.jpg
Aimee Mullins American athlete, actress, and fashion model actor
athletics competitor
film actor
1976-07-20 female United States of America aimee_mullins Q261056
Ajit Narayanan.jpg
Ajit Narayanan Indian inventor inventor 1981-08-21 male India ajit_narayanan Q16221463
Al Gore at SapphireNow 2010 cropped.jpg
Al Gore Jr. 45th Vice President of the United States politician
1948-03-31 male United States of America al_gore Q19673
Al Seckel in 2009.jpg
Al Seckel American skeptic writer 1958-09-03 male United States of America al_seckel Q2023240
Al Vernacchio sexuality educator teacher male al_vernacchio Q23657171
Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani Qatari museum director and art curator chairperson 1983 female Qatar sheikha_al_mayassa Q2891977
Murabit, Alaa Open Debate.jpg
Alaa Murabit Canadian physician; women's rights and youth activist physician
women's rights activism
1989-10-26 female Canada alaa_murabit Q20684900
Alain de Botton Swiss writer writer
1969-12-20 male Switzerland alain_de_botton Q123273
Alan Eustace in 2008.jpg
Alan Eustace Computer scientist computer scientist 1957 male United States of America alan_eustace Q18340990
Alan Kay (3097597186) (cropped).jpg
Alan Kay Computer scientist computer scientist
jazz musician
university teacher
jazz guitarist
1940-05-17 male United States of America alan_kay Q92742
Alan Russell American novelist novelist 1956-06-04 male United States of America alan_russell Q4707679
Alan Siegel American businessman businessperson 1938-08-26 male United States of America alan_siegel Q4707764
Alanna Shaikh global health and development specialist female alanna_shaikh Q23663053
Alastair Parvin designer designer
male United Kingdom alastair_parvin Q23712851
Alberto Cairo - veDrò 2012.jpg
Alberto Cairo Italian writer and physiotherapist writer
1952-05-17 male Italy alberto_cairo Q3608178
Alec Soth Headshot.jpeg
Alec Soth American photographer photographer 1969 male United States of America alec_soth Q979236
Alejandro Aravena and Michelle Bachelet 2015.jpg
Alejandro Aravena Chilean architect architect
1967-06-22 male Chile alejandro_aravena Q3609433
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado biologist male alejandro_sanchez_alvarado Q27916228
Aleph Molinari economist, techno-activist economist
film director
male Mexico aleph_molinari Q23661662
Alessandra Orofino political mobilization activist; founded Meu Rio researcher
female alessandra_orofino Q23759674
Alessandro Acquisti privacy economist economist male alessandro_acquisti Q23712668
Alex Laskey energy software maker male alex_laskey Q23671474
Alex Steffen in 2008.jpg
Alex Steffen American writer and futurist writer 1968 male United States of America alex_steffen Q4717834
Alex Tabarrok speaking at TED in 2009.jpg
Alex Tabarrok Canadian economist economist 1966 male Canada alex_tabarrok Q4717865
Alex Wissner-Gross scientist, entrepreneur, inventor scientist male alex_wissner_gross Q23727955
Double Take-Alexa Meade.jpg
Alexa Meade American artist artist
installation artist
1986-09-03 female United States of America alexa_meade Q621627
Alexander Tsiaras American photographer photographer
1953 male United States of America alexander_tsiaras Q16185639
Alexis Ohanian 1-17-2012.jpg
Alexis Ohanian American businessman; co-founder of Reddit entrepreneur 1983-04-24 male United States of America alexis_ohanian Q4721504
Ali Carr-Chellman instructional designer and author writer female ali_carr_chellman Q23784887
Alice Bows-Larkin climate scholar scientist female alice_bows_larkin Q23760514
Alice Dreger.jpg
Alice Dreger American bioethicist female United States of America alice_dreger Q15430564
Alice Goffman American sociologist university teacher
1982 female United States of America alice_goffman Q20017747
Alisa Miller CEO of Public Radio International female alisa_miller Q23759747
Alison Gopnik Photo.jpg
Alison Gopnik American psychologist psychologist
university teacher
1955-06-16 female United States of America alison_gopnik Q2647225
Alison Jackson at Haifa Museum of Art (2).jpg
Alison Jackson British photographer photographer 1960
female United Kingdom alison_jackson Q431375
Alison Killing architect and urban designer architect
urban designer
female United Kingdom alison_killing Q23769251
Alix Generous advocate; biology researcher with Asperger syndrome scientist female alix_generous Q23782666
Allan Adams theoretical physicist; working at the intersection of fluid dynamics, quantum field theory and string theory scientist male allan_adams Q23727980
Allan Jones brain scientist; CEO of the Allen Institute for Brain Science scientist male allan_jones Q23784267
Allan Savory Zimbabwean scientist biologist 1935-09-15 male Zimbabwe allan_savory Q4730957
Allison Hunt marketing expert; TED speaker marketing female allison_hunt Q23662577
Alwar Balasubramaniam Indian artist artist
1971 male India a_balasubramaniam Q4647578
Alyson McGregor women's health pioneer; studies women's health, especially as it relates to emergency care female alyson_mcgregor Q23782900
Amanda Bennett.png
Amanda Bennett American journalist journalist 1952-07-09 female United States of America amanda_bennett Q16151611
Charlie Rose Amanda Burden Shankbone 2010.jpg
Amanda Burden American urban planner 1944 female amanda_burden Q4739580
Amanda serious.jpg
Amanda Palmer American punk-cabaret musician in the Dresden Dolls singer
street artist
1976-04-30 female United States of America amanda_palmer Q240377
TEDxBend 2013.jpg
Amber Case cyborg anthropologist anthropologist 1987 female amber_case Q23797155
Ameenah Gurib-Fakim scientist and president of Mauritius politician
1959-10-17 female Mauritius ameenah_gurib_fakim Q20022984
Ami Klin Autism researcher psychologist male ami_klin Q4746085
Amit Sood head of Google's Art Project male amit_sood Q23784357
Amory Lovins.jpg
Amory Lovins American physicist physicist
1947-11-13 male United States of America amory_lovins Q474194
Amos Winter - MIT Mobility Lab.jpg
Amos Winter wheelchair designer designer
assistant professor
male United States of America amos_winter Q21550740
Amy B. Smith American inventor 1962-11-03 female United States of America amy_smith Q4749093
Amy Cuddy American psychologist 1972-07 female United States of America amy_cuddy Q4749151
Amy Lockwood global development worker; deputy director of Stanford's Center for Innovation in Global Health female amy_lockwood Q23656175
Amy O'Toole student; one of the youngest people ever to publish a peer-reviewed science paper scientist female amy_o_toole Q23798804
Amy Purdy - PopTech 2012 - Narrow.jpg
Amy Purdy American actress and snowboarder actor
film actor
1979-11-08 female United States of America amy_purdy Q4749355
Amy Tan Portrait 2 (2704552927).jpg
Amy Tan American novelist writer
children's writer
1952-02-19 female United States of America amy_tan Q234989
Amy Webb American writer writer 1977 female United States of America amy_webb Q4749439
Anand Agarawala interaction designer; software developer; creator of the BumpTop desktop interface male anand_agarawala Q23661617
Anand Giridharadas - PopTech 2011 - Camden Maine USA.jpg
Anand Giridharadas American writer columnist
1981-09-27 male United States of America anand_giridharadas Q4751249
Anand Varma American photographer and biologist photographer male United States of America anand_varma Q18398176
Ananda Shankar Jayant dancer, choreographer and dance scholar choreographer 1961-09-27 female India ananda_shankar_jayant Q19898324
Anant Agarwal Computer architecture researcher engineer
university teacher
computer scientist
1959 male United States of America anant_agarwal Q92736
Anas Aremeyaw Anas.jpg
Anas Aremeyaw Anas Ghanaian journalist journalist 1970s male Ghana anas_aremeyaw_anas Q4751775
Anastasia Taylor-Lind English photographer photographer female United Kingdom anastasia_taylor_lind Q16199723
Anders Fjellberg journalist; works for the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet journalist male anders_fjellberg Q23783020
Anders Ynnerman scientific visualization expert male anders_ynnerman Q23784626
Andras Forgacs bioprinting entrepreneur male andras_forgacs Q23712695
Andrea M. Ghez Astronomer astronomer
university teacher
1965-06-16 female United States of America andrea_ghez Q493956
Andreas Ekström.JPG
Andreas Ekström Swedish writer and journalist writer
1975-10-29 male Sweden andreas_ekstrom Q5707482
Andreas Raptopoulos airborne logistics activist male andreas_raptopoulos Q23670498
Andreas Schleicher 2013 (8721296410).jpg
Andreas Schleicher German statistician professor
1964-07-07 male Germany andreas_schleicker Q71557
Andres Lozano chair of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto scientist male Canada andres_lozano Q23713628
Andrés Ruzo geoscientist scientist male United States of America andres_ruzo Q23840135
Andrew Bastawrous eye surgeon; inventor male andrew_bastawrous Q23728849
Andrew Bird American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist singer
jazz musician
film editor
1973-07-11 male United States of America andrew_bird Q503783
Andrew Blum author journalist male United States of America andrew_blum Q23662266
Andrew Connolly Astronomer; Worked on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope astronomer male andrew_connolly Q23073107
Andrew Fitzgerald editor; works for Twitter male andrew_fitzgerald Q23713796
Andrew McAfee FT-McKinsey BBYA 2014(LowerContrast).jpg
Andrew McAfee American author; academic at MIT economist 1967 male United States of America andrew_mcafee Q15109666
Andrew Mwenda.jpg
Andrew Mwenda Ugandan journalist journalist 1972 male Uganda andrew_mwenda Q4591759
Andrew Solomon 2015.jpg
Andrew Solomon American journalist journalist
1963-10-30 male United States of America andrew_solomon Q645362
Andrew Stanton cropped 2009.jpg
Andrew Stanton American film director film director
film producer
film actor
1965-12-03 male United States of America andrew_stanton Q328723
Andy Hobsbawm British businessman 1950 male andy_hobsbawm Q4760818
Andy Puddicombe.jpg
Andy Puddicombe British writer and meditation advocate bhikkhu 1972-09-23 male United Kingdom andy_puddicombe Q16214139
Andy Yen secure email developer male andy_yen Q23759707
Angela Belcher American biochemist engineer
1968 female United States of America angela_belcher Q4762378
Angela Duckworth at NERD.jpg
Angela Duckworth American psychologist awarded MacArthur Fellowship psychologist female United States of America angela_lee_duckworth Q16198258
Angela Patton activist; creator of Camp Diva female angela_patton Q23797730
Angelo Vermeulen.jpg
Angelo Vermeulen Belgian visual artist visual artist
1971 male Belgium angelo_vermeulen Q13429632
Anil Ananthaswamy science writer; former software engineer; author of "The Edge of Physics" writer
male India anil_ananthaswamy Q23783480
Anil K gupta Erudite Conclave Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.JPG
Anil Kumar Gupta Indian academic 1949 male India anil_gupta Q4764657
Anil Seth researcher neuroscientist 1972-06-11 male United Kingdom anil_seth Q22087352
Anjan Chatterjee-neuroscientist.jpg
Anjan Chatterjee American neuriologist teacher 1958-10-22 male anjan_chatterjee Q4765748
Ann Cooper lunch lady; head of nutrition for Berkeley, California, schools nutritionist
food critic
female United States of America ann_cooper Q23782708
Ann Morgan writer, blogger, author writer female ann_morgan Q23783053
Anna Deavere Smith.jpg
Anna Deavere Smith American actress, playwright and professor stage actor
film actor
television actor
university teacher
1950-09-18 female United States of America anna_deavere_smith Q286777
Anna Mracek Dietrich inventor; one of the creators of the Transition, the "plane you can drive" female anna_mracek_dietrichs Q23656753
Anne Curzan - Anatol Rodgers Lecture.jpg
Anne Curzan American linguist female anne_curzan Q19364739
Anne Lamott Novelist, essayist, memoirist, activist writer
1954-04-10 female United States of America anne_lamott Q2838773
Anne Milgram American lawyer lawyer female United States of America anne_milgram Q4768651
Anne-Marie Slaughter at the Miller Center 2011.jpg
Anne-Marie Slaughter American academic, foreign policy analyst, and public commentator jurist
university teacher
business executive
academic administrator
1958-09-27 female United States of America anne_marie_slaughter Q465477
Annette Heuser rating agency reform advocate female United States of America annette_heuser Q23670515
Annie Lennox SING campaign, Vienna 2010 b.jpg
Annie Lennox British musician singer
1954-12-25 female United Kingdom annie_lennox Q151231
Annie Murphy Paul science author writer female annie_murphy_paul Q23657111
AnnMarie Thomas (17598060293) (cropped).jpg
AnnMarie Thomas mechanical engineer, author, blogger, and advocate for early engineering education mechanical engineer
female annmarie_thomas Q22073671
Anote Tong (1) (cropped).jpg
Anote Tong I-Kiribati politician with Chinese heritage politician
1952-06-11 male Kiribati anote_tong Q57456
Anthony Atala, Printing a Human Kidney on Stage (5507356887).jpg
Anthony Atala American scientist physician 1958 male United States of America anthony_atala Q4772039
Anthony Goldbloom headshot.jpg
Anthony Goldbloom Australian businessman 1983-06-21 male Australia anthony_goldbloom Q4772605
Antonio Damasio.jpg
António Damásio neuroscientist and professor at the University of Southern California neuroscientist
non-fiction writer
university teacher
1944-02-25 male Portugal antonio_damasio Q380207
Antonio Donato Nobre scientist; researches the Amazon scientist male antonio_donato_nobre Q23759553
António Guterres 2013.jpg
António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations politician 1949-04-30 male Portugal antonio_guterres Q311440
Antony Garrett Lisi American theoretical physicist physicist
theoretical physicist
1968-01-24 male United States of America garrett_lisi Q2600403
Antony Gormley British sculptor sculptor
1950-08-30 male United Kingdom antony_gormley Q360371
Anupam Mishra.png
Anupam Mishra Indian environmentalist author 1948 male India anupam_mishra Q4777823
Aomawa Shields astronomer scientist female United States of America aomawa_shields Q24051923
Aparna Rao artist; part of the duo Pors & Rao artist female aparna_rao Q23657177
Apollo Robbins American magician consultant
stage magician
1974-05-23 male United States of America apollo_robbins Q4780347
Picture of Ari Wallach.png
Ari Wallach Businessman 1974 male ari_wallach Q4790131
Arianna Huffington 2011 Shankbone 2.JPG
Arianna Huffington Greek-American author and syndicated columnist radio personality
1950-07-15 female United States of America
arianna_huffington Q233397
Ariel Garten Playing Quintephone at ICMC2007imgp7900cpq.jpg
Ariel Garten Canadian artist and scientist neuroscientist 1979 female Canada ariel_garten Q4790411
Aris Venetikidis mapmaker male aris_venetikidis Q23662627
Arthur Ganson-Machine with Concrete-AEC-002.jpg
Arthur Ganson American kinetic sculptor sculptor 1955 male United States of America arthur_ganson Q709449
Arthur Potts Dawson British chef male arthur_potts_dawson Q4800011
Arthur T. Benjamin in 2007.jpg
Arthur T. Benjamin American mathematician mathematician 1961-03-19 male United States of America arthur_benjamin Q2865351
India - Faces - Rural women driving their own change 1 (2229752965).jpg
Arunachalam Muruganantham inventor from rural Coimbatore in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India inventor 1962 male India arunachalam_muruganantham Q235553
Arvind Gupta Oct 2010 IUCAA.JPG
Arvind Gupta Populariser of science and toy-maker male India arvind_gupta Q3633965
Ash Beckham equality advocate male ash_beckham Q23727967
Asha de Vos.jpg
Asha de Vos marine biologist scientist female Sri Lanka asha_de_vos Q23768737
Asher Hasan social entrepreneur; leads the social enterprise 'Naya Jeevan' male asher_hasan Q23783386
Ashley Judd 2012.jpg
Ashley Judd American actress actor
film actor
television actor
1968-04-19 female United States of America ashley_judd Q228645
Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai July 2014 (cropped).jpg
Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Afghanistani politician politician
university teacher
1949-05-19 male Afghanistan ashraf_ghani Q172388
Ashton Applewhite American humorist writer 1952-06-27 female ashton_applewhite Q4806016
Aspen Baker founder of 'Exhale'; TED speaker female aspen_baker Q23782514
Astro Teller candid.jpg
Astro Teller British writer and scientist scientist
artificial intelligence researcher
1970-05-29 male astro_teller Q4811519
Atul-Gawande final-photo.jpg
Atul Gawande American surgeon medical writer
1965-11-05 male United States of America atul_gawande_1 Q2751383
Aubrey de Grey.jpg
Aubrey de Grey British writer and biomedical gerontologist biologist 1963-04-20 male United Kingdom aubrey_de_grey Q175969
Auke Ijspeert Swiss professor of robotics writer male Switzerland auke_ijspeert Q24040710
Auret van Heerden labor-rights activist; head of the Fair Labor Association male auret_van_heerden Q23795350
Avi Reichental American business executive male avi_reichental Q22279966
Avi rubin kimball brace cfp2006.jpg
Avi Rubin American scientist engineer 1967-11-08 male avi_rubin Q4828480
Ayah Bdeir.jpg
Ayah Bdeir artist artist 1982 female Canada ayah_bdeir Q4830820
Aziz Abu Sarah entrepreneur; educator male aziz_abu_sarah Q23728366
Aziza Chaouni architect; ecotourism specialist architect female Morocco aziza_chaouni Q23728292
B. Joseph Pine II American writer 1958 male United States of America joseph_pine Q4834072
Baba Shiv American academic male baba_shiv Q16245994
Bahia Shehab Egyptian-Lebanese visual artist and historian visual artist
art historian
university teacher
1977 female Egypt bahia_shehab Q23662610
Bandi Mbubi social justice activist male bandi_mbubi Q23662600
Barat Ali Batoor Afghan photographer photographer 1983 male barat_ali_batoor Q4858477
Barbara Block American marine biologist marine biologist female United States of America barbara_block Q4858754
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz cardiologist female United States of America barbara_natterson_horowitz Q23016646
Barry Schuler American businessman businessperson 1953-09-07 male United States of America barry_schuler Q4864717
Barry Schwartz.jpg
Barry Schwartz American psychologist psychologist
university teacher
1946-08-15 male United States of America barry_schwartz Q3500411
Bart Knols malariologist male bart_knols Q23662325
Bart Weetjens product developer; founder of Apopo; trains rats to detect landmines male bart_weetjens Q23795783
Barton Seaver American chef chef 1979-04-12 male barton_seaver Q4865683
Bassam Tariq blogger, filmmaker; businessman male bassam_tariq Q23769533
Bastian Schaefer aircraft engineer engineer male bastian_schaefer Q23671506
Beardyman at Camp Bestival 2008.jpg
Beardyman British musician and beatboxer beatboxing 1982-05-14 male United Kingdom beardyman Q2573649
Béatrice Coron French artist and ultra-runner working in NYC artist 1956-07-09 female France beatrice_coron Q23691925
Beau Lotto neuroscientist, artist; founder of Lottolab artist
male beau_lotto Q23795352
Becci Manson photo retoucher retoucher female becci_manson Q23662243
Becky Blanton writer, photographer and former journalist who found herself homeless photographer
female becky_blanton Q23795670
13th Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development Meeting, Dubai, 13 March 2016.jpg
Beeban Kidron English film director film director
film producer
television director
1961-05-02 female United Kingdom beeban_kidron Q335605
Bel Pesce - Gus Oenning.jpg
Bel Pesce entrepreneur writer 1988 female Brazil bel_pesce Q23769253
Ben Ambridge psychologist; author male ben_ambridge Q23760173
Ben Cameron arts administrator; runs the arts granting program at the Doris Duke Foundation male ben_cameron Q23796181
Ben Goldacre TAM London 2009.JPG
Ben Goldacre British science writer and doctor science journalist
1974-05 male United Kingdom ben_goldacre Q816499
Ben Kacyra digital preservationist male ben_kacyra Q23656758
Ben Katchor writer comics artist
1951-11-19 male United States of America ben_katchor Q464432
Ben Roche pastry chef at Moto, Chicago; TV presenter cook
television presenter
male ben_roche Q23657093
Ben Saunders British explorer explorer
motivational speaker
1977-08-05 male United Kingdom ben_saunders Q4886414
Ben Wellington data scientist scientist male ben_wellington Q23760188
Benedetta Berti international policy analyst female benedetta_berti Q23769525
Benjamin B. Dunlap American academic author
university teacher
1937-12-03 male United States of America ben_dunlap Q4888224
Benjamin R Barber in 2010.jpg
Benjamin Barber Academic political scientist
university teacher
1939-08-02 male United States of America benjamin_barber Q817665
Benjamin Wallace author of 'The Billionaire's Vinegar' writer male benjamin_wallace Q23782723
Benjamin Zander 2009.jpg
Benjamin Zander English conductor conductor 1939-03-09 male United Kingdom
United States of America
benjamin_zander Q817758
Mandelbrot p1130861.jpg
Benoit Mandelbrot Polish-born, French and American mathematician mathematician
computer scientist
1924-11-20 male Poland
United States of America
benoit_mandelbrot Q101740
Bernie Krause American musician, author, soundscape recordist and bio-acoustician (*1938) musician 1938-12-08 male United States of America bernie_kraus Q2899063
Bertrand Piccard01.jpg
Bertrand Piccard Swiss balloonist and psychiatrist explorer
1958-03-01 male Switzerland bertrand_piccard Q366255
Beth Simone Noveck American governement officer computer scientist 1971 female United States of America beth_noveck Q3661885
Bilal Bomani NASA scientist; runs NASA's Greenlab research facility scientist male bilal_bomani Q23661644
Bill Clinton portrait (2015).jpg
Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States jurist
1946-08-19 male United States of America bill_clinton Q1124
Bill Davenhall health and human services expert male bill_davenhall Q23784989
Bill Doyle medical engineer male bill_doyle Q23662933
Dts news bill gates wikipedia.JPG
Bill Gates American business magnate and philanthropist entrepreneur
computer scientist
bridge player
1955-10-28 male United States of America bill_gates Q5284
Bill Gross.jpg
Bill Gross American businessman 1958 male United States of America bill_gross Q16192727
Bill joy.jpg
Bill Joy American computer scientist computer scientist
1954-11-08 male United States of America bill_joy Q335047
Bill Strickland in 2008.jpg
Bill Strickland American community leader 1947 male United States of America bill_strickland Q4911032
Bill T. Jones.jpg
Bill T. Jones American artist and dancer choreographer 1952-02-15 male United States of America bill_t_jones Q2903368
BJK headshot 2011 5x7 300dpi.jpg
Billie Jean King American tennis player tennis player
tennis coach
1943-11-22 female United States of America billie_jean_king Q54527
Billy Collins.jpg
Billy Collins American poet poet
university teacher
1941-03-22 male United States of America billy_collins Q863057
Billy Graham bw photo, April 11, 1966.jpg
Billy Graham American Christian evangelist theologian
1918-11-07 male United States of America billy_graham Q213550
Birke Baehr aspiring organic farmer; TED speaker male birke_baehr Q23798780
BJ Miller palliative caregiver male United States of America bj_miller Q23769545
Bjarke Ingels.jpg
Bjarke Ingels Danish architect (b.1974) architect 1974-10-02 male Denmark bjarke_ingels Q429817
Bjørn Lomborg 1.jpg
Bjørn Lomborg Environmentalist author economist
university teacher
1965-01-06 male Denmark bjorn_lomborg Q318511
Black Yoyo 01.jpg
Black yo-yo champion male Japan black Q17214011
Black Label Movement Minneapolis dance company. black_label_movement Q23797800
PhotonQ-Demis Hassabis on Artificial Playful Intelligence (15366514658) (2).jpg
Blaise Agüera y Arcas Software architect, designer, imagery expert engineer 1975-08-28 male blaise_aguera_y_arcas Q4924259
Boaz Almog quantum physicist scientist male boaz_almog Q23662240
Bobby Ghosh.jpg
Bobby Ghosh Indian journalist and editor war correspondent male India bobby_ghosh Q4935035
Bobby McFerrin 2011.jpg
Bobby McFerrin American vocalist and conductor singer
jazz musician
1950-03-11 male United States of America bobby_mcferrin Q310894
Boghuma Kabisen Titanji clinical researcher scientist female Cameroon boghuma_kabisen_titanji Q23670967
Boniface Mwangi.jpg
Boniface Mwangi Kenyan photojournalist photographer 1983-07-10 male Kenya boniface_mwangi Q2411298
Bonnie Bassler American molecular biologist molecular biologist
university teacher
1962 female United States of America bonnie_bassler Q892815
Bono at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.jpg
Bono Irish rock musician, singer of U2 singer-songwriter
1960-05-10 male Ireland bono Q834621
Boyd Varty environmental and literacy activist writer male South Africa boyd_varty Q23713817
Etech05 Bran1.jpg
Bran Ferren Inventor/Artist/Futurist/Engineer/Designer 1953-01-16 male United States of America bran_ferren Q4956294
Brenda Laurel Video game developer 1950-11-20 female United States of America brenda_laurel Q4960717
Brenda at TEDx 2011.JPG
Brenda Romero American video game designer and developer video game developer 1966-10-12 female United States of America brenda_brathwaite Q521361
Dr. Brene Brown at Texas Conference for Women (cropped).jpg
Brené Brown US writer and professor writer
1965-11-18 female United States of America brene_brown Q4961808
Brewster Kahle 2009.jpg
Brewster Kahle American computer engineer, founder of the Internet Archive librarian
computer scientist
1960-10-22 male United States of America brewster_kahle Q92945
Brian Cox.jpg
Brian Cox English physicist and former musician physicist
university teacher
television presenter
1968-03-03 male United Kingdom brian_cox Q463581
Brian Dettmer American artist artist 1974 male brian_dettmer Q4963566
Brian Goldman Canadian physician physician male brian_goldman Q4963859
Brian Greene World Science Festival.jpg
Brian Greene American physicist physicist
theoretical physicist
1963-02-09 male United States of America brian_greene Q60815
Brian Skerry.JPG
Brian Skerry American photographer photographer
1962 male United States of America brian_skerry Q4965308
British Paraorchestra british orchestra british_paraorchestra Q4970590
Britta Riley artist, urban farmer; designs and builds urban farms and other participatory artworks artist female britta_riley Q23656783
Bruce Aylward epidemiologist; Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization's Polio and Emergencies Cluster scientist male bruce_aylward Q23783511
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita.jpg
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita political scientist political scientist 1946-11-24 male United States of America bruce_bueno_de_mesquita Q2926412
Bruce Feiler writer writer 1964-10-25 male United States of America bruce_feiler Q4977459
Bruce McCall writer journalist 1935 male United States of America bruce_mccall Q4977974
Bruce Schneier 1.jpg
Bruce Schneier American computer scientist cryptographer
computer scientist
1963-01-15 male United States of America bruce_schneier Q368328
Bruno Bowden engineer and origamist; helped build Google Earth male bruno_bowden Q23759795
Bruno Maisonnier roboticist male bruno_maisonnier Q5395568
Bruno Torturra livestreaming activist; journalist; photographer - part of the Media Ninja collective photographer
male bruno_torturra Q23759670
Bryan Stevenson at TED 2012.jpg
Bryan Stevenson American lawyer jurist
1959-11-14 male United States of America bryan_stevenson Q2698978
Sanjit Bunker Roy at Time 2010.jpg
Bunker Roy Indian activist manager 1945-08-02 male India bunker_roy Q2654764
Burt Rutan - Cropped.JPG
Burt Rutan American aerospace engineer aerospace engineer
1943-06-17 male United States of America burt_rutan Q453046
C. K. Williams American poet and critic poet
university teacher
1936-11-04 male United States of America c_k_williams Q2930440
C. Noel Bairey Merz physician; director of the Women's Heart Center at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute physician female c_noel_bairey_merz Q23662175
Caitlin Doughty in red evergreen background.jpg
Caitlin Doughty YouTube personality, author YouTuber
funeral director
1984-08-19 female United States of America caitlin_doughty Q18149464
Caitria O'Neill disaster relief expert female caitria_o_neill Q23662822
Caleb Chung toy designer; inventor of Furby male caleb_chung Q23782397
Cameron Herold Entrepreneur male cameron_herold Q18921892
Cameron Russell upstate New York 2008.jpg
Cameron Russell American model model 1987-06-14 female United States of America cameron_russell Q5026365
Architecture for Humanity - Design like you give a damn.jpg
Cameron Sinclair British humanitarian designer and post disaster reconstruction expert architect 1973-11-16 male United Kingdom cameron_sinclair Q1916995
Camille Seaman photographer; photographs big ice and big clouds photographer 1969 female camille_seaman Q23657188
Candy Chang artist, designer, urban planner female candy_chang Q23662781
Carin Bondar biologist; expert on the sexual life of animals scientist female carin_bondar Q23670521
Carl Honoré.jpg
Carl Honoré Canadian journalist journalist 1967 male Canada carl_honore Q4355090
Carl Safina.jpg
Carl Safina American biologist biologist
1955 male United States of America carl_safina Q5040752
Carl Schoonover neuroscientist; one of the founders of NeuWrite male carl_schoonover Q23662330
Carlo Ratti.jpg
Carlo Ratti Italian architect architect
1971 male Italy carlo_ratti Q552294
Carmen Agra Deedy American children's writer, storyteller writer
children's writer
female United States of America carmen_agra_deedy Q5043415
Carne Ross (Independent Diplomat).jpg
Carne Ross British diplomat diplomat 1966 male United Kingdom carne_ross Q2682141
Carol Dweck for Innovation documentary.jpg
Carol Dweck American psychologist psychologist 1946-10-17 female carol_dweck Q2939829
Caroline Casey advocate for disabled people female caroline_casey Q23797152
Caroline Lavelle British musician singer
1969 female United Kingdom caroline_lavelle Q450712
Caroline Paul.jpg
Caroline Paul American writer novelist
1963-07-29 female United States of America caroline_paul Q3660607
Caroline Phillips musician, singer musician female United States of America caroline_phillips Q23797623
Carolyn Jones American filmmaker 1957 female United States of America carolyn_jones Q21781554
Carolyn porco.jpg
Carolyn Porco Planetary scientist astronomer
planetary scientist
1953-03-06 female United States of America carolyn_porco Q257420
Carolyn Bertozzi IMG 9384.jpg
Carolyn R. Bertozzi American chemist chemist
university teacher
1966-10-10 female United States of America carolyn_bertozzi Q7442
Carolyn Steel - Hungry City.jpg
Carolyn Steel food urbanist architect
female United Kingdom carolyn_steel Q23783079
Carter Emmart scientist, artist artist
male carter_emmart Q23797359
Carvens Lissaint performance artist, slam poet, and member of the Hip Hopera Theater troupe male carvens_lissaint Q23662237
Cary Fowler - Pop!Tech 2007.jpg
Cary Fowler American agriculturalist (b.1949) farmer 1949 male United States of America cary_fowler Q2940713
Cat Laine social entrepreneur female cat_laine Q23783406
Catarina Mota maker; TEDGlobal Fellow; works with "smart materials" female catarina_mota Q23662763
Catherine Bracy.jpg
Catherine Bracy American activist public speaker
female catherine_bracy Q16727624
Catherine Crump American legal academic lawyer 1978 female catherine_crump Q20035599
Catherine Mohr roboticist; works on surgical robots and robotic surgical procedures roboticist female catherine_mohr Q23782401
Cathy O'Neil at Google Cambridge.jpg
Cathy O'Neil American mathematician author
1972 female cathy_o_neil Q16499729
Cedric Villani at his office 2015 n3.jpg
Cédric Villani French mathematician mathematician
professeur des universités
1973-10-05 male France cedric_villani Q334065
Cesar Harada inventor, environmentalist, educator male cesar_harada Q23663116
Cesar Kuriyama Picture.JPG
Cesar Kuriyama American director, entrepreneur and speaker; most known for developing the application '1 Second Everyday' male cesar_kuriyama Q22088262
Chade-Meng Tan American software engineer engineer 1971 male chade_meng_tan Q5066429
Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick American operatic soprano, composer and presenter singer
opera singer
1983 female United States of America charity_tilleman_dick Q5074528
Charles Anderson marine biologist; studies marine life in the Maldives scientist male charles_anderson Q23783383
Charles Elachi Lebanese electrical engineer, JPL director engineer
1947-04-18 male United States of America charles_elachi Q1950678
Charles Fleischer.jpg
Charles Fleischer American stand-up comedian stand-up comedian
film director
film producer
dub actor
film actor
television actor
1950-08-27 male United States of America charles_fleischer Q658690
Charles Hazlewood British conductor conductor 1966-11-14 male United Kingdom charles_hazlewood Q5078872
Charles J. Moore oceanographer oceanographer male United States of America charles_moore Q5079370
Charles Leadbeater author of WeThink 2008-09-17.JPG
Charles Leadbeater British writer and political adviser journalist
1959 male United Kingdom charles_leadbeater Q354448
Charles Limb3.jpg
Charles Limb doctor and a musician; researches the way musical creativity works in the brain scientist male charles_limb Q23783472
Charles Robertson emerging-markets economist; author of "The Fastest Billion" economist male charles_robertson Q23714138
Charlie Todd comedian; creator of Improv Everywhere male charlie_todd Q23657205
Charmian Gooch.jpg
Charmian Gooch anti-corruption campaigner political activist 1965 female charmian_gooch Q18057048
Chee Pearlman design curator female chee_pearlman Q23657121
Chelsea Shields American anthropologist, women’s rights activist, speaker, writer, TED Fellow and strategic consultant 1981-11 female United States of America chelsea_shields Q21285550
Cheryl Hayashi American biologist biologist female United States of America cheryl_hayashi Q5092736
Chieko Asakawa Japanese computer scientist computer scientist
1958 female Japan chieko_asakawa Q11557098
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigerian writer writer
1977-09-15 female Nigeria chimamanda_ngozi_adichie Q230141
ChipConley Google.jpg
Chip Conley American hotelier and writer hotel manager
1960-10-31 male United States of America chip_conley Q15452491
Chip Kidd American graphic designer designer
graphic designer
1964-09-12 male United States of America chip_kidd Q3675120
Chris Abani by David Shankbone.jpg
Chris Abani Nigerian author writer
1966-12-27 male Nigeria chris_abani Q1076935
Chris Adami Artificial life researcher physicist 1962-08-30 male United States of America christoph_adami Q5105677
TED Curator Chris Anderson.jpg
Chris Anderson curator of TED journalist 1957 male United Kingdom chris_anderson_ted Q2536856
Etech05 Chris.jpg
Chris Anderson American author and entrepreneur journalist 1961-07-09 male United States of America chris_anderson_wired Q706222
Chris Bangle in 2009.jpg
Chris Bangle American automobile designer designer
car designer
1956-10-14 male United States of America chris_bangle Q702921
Chris Bliss American juggler circus performer
male United States of America chris_bliss Q5105920
Chris Burkard.JPG
Chris Burkard American photographer photographer 1986-03-12 male United States of America chris_burkard Q16200974
Chris Domas cybersecurity researcher; embedded systems engineer male chris_domas Q23759541
Chris Downey architect who lost his sight architect male chris_downey Q23712280
Chris Gerdes mechanical engineer male chris_gerdes Q23662509
Chris Hadfield 2011.jpg
Chris Hadfield Canadian astronaut astronaut 1959-08-29 male Canada chris_hadfield Q1076962
Chris Jordan American artist journalist
1963 male United States of America chris_jordan Q2895170
Chris Kluwe postgame 2010-11-28.jpg
Chris Kluwe former American football punter and writer American football player
radio personality
1981-12-24 male United States of America chris_kluwe Q1077409
Chris McKnett sustainable investment champion male chris_mcknett Q23727966
Chris Milk - Headshot.jpg
Chris Milk American photographer and director film director
male United States of America chris_milk Q1077562
Chris Urmson roboticist; Director of Self-Driving Cars at Google[x]. male chris_urmson Q23760309
Christiana Figueres Bonn Climate Change Conference May 2012 crop.jpg
Christiana Figueres Costa Rican politician diplomat
1956-08-07 female Costa Rica christiana_figueres Q518828
Christien Meindertsma (cropped).jpg
Christien Meindertsma Dutch artist and designer artist 1980 female Kingdom of the Netherlands christien_meindertsma Q12270277
Christina Warinner archaeological geneticist female christina_warinner Q23662209
Christine Sun Kim.jpg
Christine Sun Kim sound artist female christine_sun_kim Q19664324
Christopher C. Deam designer male christopher_deam Q23797209
Leweb 2014 - conference - leweb trends - the future of the mind - christopher decharms.jpg
Christopher deCharms American neuroscientist neuroscientist male United States of America christopher_decharms Q5113488
Christopher Emdin American academic columnist
male United States of America chris_emdin Q16728823
Christopher McDougall American journalist and writer journalist
1962-01-24 male United States of America christopher_mcdougall Q5112847
Christopher Poole at XOXO Festival September 2012.jpg
Christopher Poole American Internet entrepreneur, founder of 4chan entrepreneur 1988 male United States of America christopher_moot_poole Q3135308
Dr. Christopher Ryan.jpg
Christopher Ryan American writer writer
1962-02-13 male United States of America christopher_ryan Q5113183
2013-12-29 30C3 - Christopher Soghoian 3145.JPG
Christopher Soghoian American computer scientist computer scientist 1981 male United States of America
United Kingdom
christopher_soghoian Q652791
Chrystia Freeland - India Economic Summit 2011.jpg
Chrystia Freeland Canadian politician and writer opinion journalist
1968-08-02 female Canada chrystia_freeland Q4492815
Cindy gallop speaking cropped.jpg
Cindy Gallop English advertising consultant sex educator 1960-02-01 female United Kingdom cindy_gallop Q5120529
Claron Mc Faddon 01 (cropped).JPG
Claron McFadden American opera singer musician
opera singer
1961 female United States of America claron_mcfadden Q454090
Clay Shirky (6723907001).jpg
Clay Shirky American technology writer journalist 1964 male United States of America clay_shirky Q930425
Clayton Cameron drummer; pioneer in brush technique musician male clayton_cameron Q23728708
Clifford Stoll American astronomer astronomer
computer scientist
1950-06-04 male United States of America clifford_stoll Q556998
Clint Smith poet, teacher poet male clint_smith Q23759721
Colin Camerer American economist economist
university teacher
1959-12-04 male United States of America colin_camerer Q1108379
Colin Grant Jamaican writer 1961 male United Kingdom colin_grant Q5145149
Colin powell (official portrait).png
Colin Powell Former U.S. Secretary of State and retired four-star general politician
1937-04-05 male United States of America colin_powell Q150851
Colin Robertson social energy entrepreneur male colin_robertson Q23662150
Colin Stokes director of communications for the non-profit Citizen Schools; TED speaker male colin_stokes Q23670969
Transmediale-2010-Conrad Wolfram.jpg
Conrad Wolfram Information technologist and businessman mathematician 1970-06-10 male United Kingdom conrad_wolfram Q5162640
Corneille Ewango Congolese environmentalist male Democratic Republic of the Congo corneille_ewango Q2997459
Cosmin Mihaiu physical therapy entrepreneur; CEO and co-founder of MIRA Rehab male cosmin_mihaiu Q23760253
Courtney E. Martin feminist, author, speaker, activist 1979-12-31 female United States of America courtney_e_martin Q21062672
Craig Venter American biochemist biochemist
1946-10-14 male United States of America craig_venter Q311003
Cristina Domenech poet and educator female cristina_domenech Q23769089
Curtis Wong researcher; manager of Next Media Research for Microsoft male curtis_wong Q23728751
2010 Cynthia Breazeal 4641804653.png
Cynthia Breazeal American computer scientist engineer 1967-11-15 female United States of America cynthia_breazeal Q21585
Cyntia Kenyon 01.JPG
Cynthia Kenyon Biologist biologist
molecular biologist
1954-02-21 female United States of America cynthia_kenyon Q437333
Cynthia P. Schneider.jpg
Cynthia P. Schneider American diplomat diplomat 1953-08-16 female United States of America cynthia_schneider Q5200139
Chairman Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Daan Roosegaarde en Aldith Hunkar at DeLaMar, Amsterdam NL.jpg
Daan Roosegaarde Dutch artist artist
1979-07-24 male Kingdom of the Netherlands daan_roosegaarde Q5207373
Dale Dougherty computer scientist 1955 male dale_dougherty Q4819967
Dalia Mogahed.jpg
Dalia Mogahed American scholar of Egyptian origin; Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding 1974 female Egypt dalia_mogahed Q3012376
Dambisa Moyo.jpg
Dambisa Moyo Zambian-born economist economist
1969-02-02 female Zambia dambisa_moyo Q466993
Damian Palin biological miner male damian_palin Q23662494
Damon Davis Artist, musician, filmmaker artist
film maker
1985 male damon_davis Q28086150
Damon Horowitz philosopher, entrepreneur male damon_horowitz Q23656822
Dan Ariely speaking at TED in 2009.jpg
Dan Ariely Israeli American professor of psychology and behavioral economics economist
university teacher
1967-04-29 male United States of America dan_ariely Q731905
Dan Barasch strategist male daniel_barasch Q23759547
Dan Barber American chef chef 1969 male United States of America dan_barber Q5213116
Dan Berkenstock satellite designer; works at Skybox Imaging male dan_berkenstock Q23727949
Dan Bricklin.jpg
Dan Bricklin VisiCalc inventor computer scientist
1951-07-16 male United States of America dan_bricklin Q92624
Dan Buettner American explorer, author and film producer explorer 1960 male United States of America dan_buettner Q5213207
Dan Cobley marketing director at Google male dan_cobley Q23796178
Dan Ellsey musician; uses a custom-tuned musical "hyperinstrument" musician male dan_ellsey Q23759538
Dan Gross gun violence activist male dan_gross Q16224737
Dan Meyer educator male dan_meyer Q23785279
Dan Pacholke prison administrator and reformer male United States of America dan_pacholke Q23759543
Curing the Charitable Curse.jpg
Dan Pallotta entrepreneur businessperson 1961 male United States of America dan_pallotta Q5214160
Dan Phillips Businessperson male dan_phillips Q5214203
Daniel Dennett.jpg
Daniel Dennett American philosopher philosopher
cognitive scientist
1942-03-28 male United States of America dan_dennett Q215263
Daniel Todd Gilbert.jpg
Daniel Gilbert American psychologist psychologist
university teacher
1957-11-05 male United States of America dan_gilbert Q449564
Daniel Goldstein American psychologist psychologist 1969-04-21 male United States of America dan_goldstein Q3701617
Daniel Goleman - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011.jpg
Daniel Goleman American psychologist & journalist journalist
1946-03-07 male United States of America daniel_goleman Q351701
Daniel H. Cohen philosopher male dan_cohen Q23712794
Daniel H. Pink American business writer journalist
1964 male United States of America daniel_pink Q978171
Daniel KAHNEMAN.jpg
Daniel Kahneman Israeli-American psychologist psychologist
university teacher
1934-03-05 male Israel
United States of America
daniel_kahneman Q233950
Daniel Kish - PopTech 2011 - Camden Maine USA 3.jpg
Daniel Kish American educator; expert in human echolocation 1966 male United States of America daniel_kish Q5217808
Daniel Kraft physician-scientist, inventor and innovator male daniel_kraft Q5217831
Daniel Levitin American psychologist psychologist
music journalist
record producer
1957-12-27 male United States of America daniel_levitin Q1981608
Daniel Libeskind.jpg
Daniel Libeskind Polish-American architect architect 1946-05-12 male Poland
United States of America
daniel_libeskind Q154538
Daniel Pauly Pauly Symposium.jpg
Daniel Pauly Canadian biologist biologist 1946-05-02 male France daniel_pauly Q581515
Daniel Reisel neuroscientist scientist male daniel_reisel Q23670526
Daniel Schnitzer founder and Executive Director, Earthspark International; TED speaker male daniel_schnitzer Q23662187
Daniel Suarez American writer writer
science fiction writer
1964-12-21 male United States of America daniel_suarez Q1162833
Daniel Tammet at Reykjavik University.jpg
Daniel Tammet British writer, essayist and autistic savant writer
1979-01-31 male United Kingdom daniel_tammet Q12857
Daniel Wolpert British neuroscientist neuroscientist
1963-09-08 male United Kingdom daniel_wolpert Q15990373
Daniele Quercia map researcher; works at Yahoo! Labs male daniele_quercia Q23768726
Danielle de Niese.jpg
Danielle de Niese Operatic soprano singer
opera singer
1979-04-11 female Australia danielle_de_niese Q271031
Danit Peleg Israeli fashion designer of printed clothing fashion designer 1989 female Israel danit_peleg Q24040721
Daphne Bavelier professor and cognitive neuroscientist female daphne_bavelier Q19956013
The Future of Higher Education Daphne Koller (8411917358).jpg
Daphne Koller American computer scientist computer scientist
artificial intelligence researcher
1968-08-27 female Israel
United States of America
daphne_koller Q11755
Daria van den Bercken Dutch pianist pianist 1979-08-31 female Kingdom of the Netherlands daria_van_den_bercken Q1165874
Dave deBronkart-20091229.jpg
Dave deBronkart American activist 1950-02-18 male United States of America dave_debronkart Q5230186
Dave Eggers by David Shankbone.jpg
Dave Eggers memoirist, novelist, short story writer, editor, publisher writer
science fiction writer
1970-03-12 male United States of America dave_eggers Q589497
Dave Logan American author and professor writer 1968 male United States of America david_logan Q16731592
Dave Meslin artist and organizer artist male dave_meslin Q23783490
Dave Troy technologist; entrepreneur male dave_troy Q23768720
David B. Agus World Economic Forum 2013.jpg
David Agus Physician physician 1965-01-29 male United States of America david_agus Q5230638
David Binder American theatre producer 1967-10-28 male United States of America david_binder Q5231412
David Birch digital money and identity consultant; TED speaker male david_birch Q23663105
David Bismark voting system designer entrepreneur
project manager
male Sweden david_bismark Q23795339
David Blaine by David Shankbone.jpg
David Blaine American illusionist and endurance artist street artist
stage magician
1973-04-04 male United States of America david_blaine Q353983
David Bolinsky American artist 1952-05-02 male United States of America david_bolinsky Q16151626
David Brooks American journalist, commentator and editor editor
1961-08-11 male United States of America david_brooks Q938475
David Byrne 2006.jpg
David Byrne Scottish alternative rock musician and promoter of world music film producer
sport cyclist
music journalist
record producer
film score composer
film actor
1952-05-14 male United States of America david_byrne Q336640
David Cameron official.jpg
David Cameron British politician and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom politician 1966-10-09 male United Kingdom david_cameron Q192
TYPO Berlin 2014 – Day Two (14178868916).jpg
David Carson American graphic designer designer
graphic designer
1955-09-08 male United States of America david_carson Q562699
David Chalmers TASC2008.JPG
David Chalmers Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist philosopher
university teacher
1966-04-20 male Australia david_chalmers Q366123
David Christian American historian historian 1946-06-30 male United States of America david_christian Q1909499
David Damberger engineer, social entrepreneur; works with Engineers Without Borders male david_damberger Q23657118
David Deutsch.jpg
David Deutsch British physicist physicist
computer scientist
university teacher
non-fiction writer
theoretical physicist
1953 male United Kingdom david_deutsch Q543682
David Eagleman speaking at UP2011.jpg
David Eagleman neuroscientist and author neuroscientist
university teacher
1971-04-25 male United States of America david_eagleman Q999577
David Epstein American sports journalist journalist male United States of America david_epstein Q5233407
David Gallo oceanographer scientist male david_gallo Q23759665
David Grady information security manager male david_grady Q23768708
David Griffin director of photography for National Geographic male david_griffin Q23769550
David Gruber marine biologist sculptor
marine biologist
male United States of America david_gruber Q24054769
David Hanson American robotics designer and researcher sculptor
1969-12-20 male United States of America david_hanson Q5234712
David Hoffman American filmmaker film director male United States of America david_hoffman Q5235077
David Holt.jpg
David Holt American musician 1946-10-15 male United States of America david_holt Q5235117
David Isay American radio producer 1966-12-05 male United States of America dave_isay Q15437070
David J. Anderson American neurobiologist neuroscientist 1956 male United States of America david_anderson Q5235389
David J. C. MacKay Regius Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge physicist
computer scientist
1967-04-22 male United Kingdom david_mackay Q446862
David Keith Environmental scientist, Geo-Engineer engineer 1963 male Canada david_keith Q5235901
David Kwong American magician stage magician male United States of America david_kwong Q16204183
David Lang maker; co-founder of OpenROV male david_lang Q23727546
David M. Kelley American businessman engineer
1951 male United States of America david_kelley Q1174951
David Macaulay.jpg
David Macaulay American illustrator writer
university teacher
children's writer
1946-12-02 male United States of America david_macaulay Q1134356
David McCandless writer; data journalist male david_mccandless Q5237283
David Merrill MIT grad student; works on Siftables male david_merrill Q23782406
David Miliband, Davos 2010.jpg
David Miliband British politician politician
1965-07-15 male United Kingdom david_miliband Q272670
David Perry.jpg
David Perry Northern Irish video game designer entrepreneur 1967-04-04 male United Kingdom david_perry Q1643588
David Pizarro psychologist, disgust researcher male david_pizarro Q23662636
David Pogue Technology writer, journalist and commentator television presenter
1963-03-09 male United States of America david_pogue Q3018632
David Puttnam British film producer film producer
1941-02-25 male United Kingdom david_puttnam Q335507
David R. Dow Death penalty defence lawyer lawyer male david_r_dow Q23663083
David R. Williams professor 1954-06-12 male david_r_williams Q25189761
David Rockwell American architect and designer architect
male United States of America david_rockwell Q3018716
David Rothkopf Bio Photo.jpg
David Rothkopf American writer; foreign policy strategist writer 1955-12-24 male United States of America david_rothkopf Q1176391
David S. Rose Technology entrepreneur and investor businessperson 1957-06-12 male david_s_rose Q5239392
David Sedlak professor male United States of America david_sedlak Q24054786
David Sengeh biomechatronics engineer male david_sengeh Q23728768
Br.David St.Gerold.jpg
David Steindl-Rast American theologian monk
non-fiction writer
1926-07-12 male United States of America br_david_steindl_rast Q324330
David Whyte 2009.jpg
David Whyte English poet poet 1955-11-02 male United Kingdom david_whyte Q4352814
Justin Townes Earle & Dawn Landes - 2010-01-27 Nashville, TN.jpg
Dawn Landes American singer-songwriter singer-songwriter
audio engineer
record producer
1980-12-05 female United States of America dawn_landes Q2803858
Dayananda Saraswati Hindu monk and teacher of Advaita Vedanta philosopher 1930-08-15 male India swami_dayananda_saraswati Q5243052
Dean Kamen visits Team Whiteman 160426-F-TQ704-039 (cropped).jpg
Dean Kamen American businessman entrepreneur
1951-04-05 male United States of America dean_kamen Q720457
Dean Ornish American physician physician 1953-07-16 male United States of America dr_dean_ornish Q1181109
Deb Roy (11881280833).jpg
Deb Roy American computer scientist computer scientist
male Canada deb_roy Q16875165
Deborah Lipstadt American historian historian of the modern age
university teacher
1947-03-18 female United States of America deborah_lipstadt Q254798
Deborah Gordon.jpg
Deborah M. Gordon American biologist biologist 1955-12-30 female United States of America deborah_gordon Q2310251
Deborah Rhodes physician, cancer researcher; expert at managing breast-cancer risk female deborah_rhodes Q23797192
Deborah Scranton 2010 Tribeca Shankbone.jpg
Deborah Scranton American film director film director 1962 female United States of America deborah_scranton Q5248376
Debra Jarvis hospital chaplain; author writer female debra_jarvis Q23759731
Deepika Kurup White House Science Fair.png
Deepika Kurup Inventor, scientist, and clean water advocate scientist 1998 female United States of America deepika_kurup Q17466359
Deeyah Norwegian English Urdu Pushto singer-songwriter film director
record producer
human rights activist
1977-08-07 female Norway deeyah_khan Q2741760
Del Harvey VP of Trust & Safety at Twitter female del_harvey Q23727975
Dutton HandAxe Steve Jurvetson.jpg
Denis Dutton Professor and philosopher philosopher
university teacher
1944-02-09 male United States of America denis_dutton Q1187362
Denise L. Herzing female denise_herzing Q20090899
Dennis Hong roboticist; founder and director of RoMeLa male dennis_hong Q23795342
Dennis vanEngelsdorp apiarist entomologist male dennis_vanengelsdorp Q23782382
Dereck and Beverly Joubert Botswanan sibling duos beverly_dereck_joubert Q3023696
Derek Paravicini 20apr08 2.JPG
Derek Paravicini British musician jazz musician
1979-07-26 male United Kingdom derek_paravicini Q3023778
Derek Sivers, November 2014.jpg
Derek Sivers Businessman businessperson 1969-09-22 male United States of America derek_sivers Q5262357
Devdutt Pattanaik 02.jpg
Devdutt Pattanaik Indian physician; leadership consultant, mythologist and author author
1970-12-11 male India devdutt_pattanaik Q5266636
Diana Laufenberg secondary social studies teacher in Wisconsin, Kansas, Arizona and Pennsylvania teacher female diana_laufenberg Q23796030
Diana Nyad by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Diana Nyad American journalist journalist
squash player
motivational speaker
1949-08-22 female United States of America diana_nyad Q5271254
Diana Reiss American scientist professor
1948 female United States of America diana_reiss Q5271279
Diane Benscoter deprogrammer; former Moonie female diane_benscoter Q23797204
Diane Kelly biologist; studies vertebrate anatomy female diane_kelly Q23662554
NLN Diane Savino.jpg
Diane Savino American politician politician 1963 female United States of America diane_j_savino Q5271567
Dianna Cohen artist and activist; co-founded the Plastic Pollution Coalition artist female dianna_cohen Q23796688
Didier Sornette.png
Didier Sornette French scientist physicist
1957-06-25 male France didier_sornette Q1210578
Francis Kéré.jpg
Diébédo Francis Kéré German architect architect 1965 male Germany diebedo_francis_kere Q99416
Dilip Ratha scholar of international migration and of remittances male dilip_ratha Q17155900
Dimitar Sasselov Bulgarian astronome physicist
1961 male Bulgaria dimitar_sasselov Q5277447
Don Levy Australian film director film director 1932 male Australia don_levy Q5293005
Don Tapscott BW.jpg
Don Tapscott Canadian businessman manager
1947-06-01 male Canada don_tapscott Q984369
Donald Hoffman cognitive scientist; studies visual perception scientist male donald_hoffman Q23769269
Donald Norman at AWF05.jpg
Donald Norman American academic engineer
computer scientist
1935-12-25 male United States of America don_norman Q92804
Donald Sadoway Lecture Cropped.JPG
Donald Sadoway Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineer 1950-03-07 male Canada donald_sadoway Q5295111
Dong Woo Jang archery bow designer; TED sewaker male South Korea dong_woo_jang Q23712628
Doris Kearns Goodwin speaking.jpg
Doris Kearns Goodwin American biographer journalist
1943-01-04 female United States of America doris_kearns_goodwin Q442008
Doris Kim Sung biology student turned architect; interested in thermo-bimetals, smart materials female doris_kim_sung Q23662639
Dorothy Roberts.JPG
Dorothy Roberts public intellectual and social justice advocate 1956-03-08 female United States of America dorothy_roberts Q5298611
Douglas adams portrait cropped.jpg
Douglas Adams English writer and humorist playwright
1952-03-11 male United Kingdom douglas_adams Q42
Dr. Hawa Abdi and Dr. Deqo Mohamed mother and daughter duo; Somali doctors who treat women refugees dr_hawa_abdi_dr_deqo_mohamed Q23809276
Dr. Srikumar Rao.jpg
Dr. Srikumar Rao Motivational speaker motivational speaker 1951-04-11 male India srikumar_rao Q5304404
Drew Berry American animator 1970 male United States of America drew_berry Q5307132
Drew Curtis Founder of 1973-02-07 male United States of America drew_curtis Q5307157
Drew Dudley leadership educator male drew_dudley Q23661672
DY portrait edit.jpg
Dustin Yellin American artist 1975-07-22 male United States of America dustin_yellin_1 Q5317151
Dyan deNapoli penguin expert scientist female dyan_denapoli Q23656142
Eames Demetrios Keynote - Industrial Designers Society of America Western Conference Keynote.jpg
Eames Demetrios artist; creator of Kcymaerxthaere artist male United States of America eames_demetrios Q23795632
Eben Bayer green designer; co-inventor of MycoBond male eben_bayer Q23795453
Ed Gavagan designer, storyteller male ed_gavagan Q23662606
Ed Ulbrich computer-generated visuals engineer male ed_ulbrich Q23797198
Ed Yong.JPG
Ed Yong British science journalist and blogger at Not Exactly Rocket Science journalist 1981-12 male United Kingdom ed_yong Q3047215
Eddi Reader2.jpg
Eddi Reader Scottish singer-songwriter musician
1959-08-28 female Scotland
United Kingdom
eddi_reader Q443837
Eddie Obeng on ball.jpg
Eddie Obeng British academic, organizational theorist, educator and author. 1959 male United Kingdom eddie_obeng Q5336369
Eddy Cartaya cave explorer; ranger at Deschutes National Forest in Oregon, USA male eddy_cartaya Q23727579
Edi Rama2.jpg
Edi Rama Albanian politician politician
basketball player
1964-07-04 male Albania edi_rama Q316901
Edie thumb 33 ft.jpg
Edith Widder American oceanographer oceanographer
marine biologist
1951-06-11 female United States of America edith_widder Q5338692
Eduardo Paes - 2008.JPG
Eduardo Paes Brazilian politician politician 1969-11-14 male Brazil mayor_eduardo_paes Q972007
Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón math educator mathematician male eduardo_saenz_de_cabezon Q23769256
Edward Boyden World Economic Forum 2013.jpg
Edward Boyden American neuroscientist molecular biologist
university teacher
1979-08-18 male United States of America ed_boyden Q5341974
Ed Burtynsky (38148537).jpg
Edward Burtynsky Canadian photographer photographer 1955-02-22 male Canada edward_burtynsky Q967163
Plos wilson.jpg
Edward O. Wilson American biologist entomologist
evolutionary biologist
science writer
university teacher
1929-06-10 male United States of America e_o_wilson Q211029
Edward Snowden-2.jpg
Edward Snowden American whistleblower and former National Security Agency contractor system administrator
intelligence officer
security guard
Intelligence analysis
computer scientist
government contractor
1982-06-21 male United States of America edward_snowden Q13424289
Edward Tenner historian of technology and culture; writer, speaker, and editor writer male edward_tenner Q23795681
Edwidge Danticat by David Shankbone.jpg
Edwidge Danticat Novelist, short story writer, memoirist writer
children's writer
1969-01-19 female United States of America
edwidge_danticat Q450346
Einstein parrot trained to imitate sounds on cue, owned by animal trainer Stephanie White einstein_the_parrot Q23691666
eL Seed French graffiti artist graffiti artist 1981-08-21 male Tunisia
el_seed Q12955922
Elaine Morgan 1987.jpg
Elaine Morgan Welsh writer screenwriter
1920-11-07 female United Kingdom elaine_morgan Q449734
Eleanor Longden research psychologist; overcame her diagnosis of schizophrenia scientist female eleanor_longden Q23712765
Dr Eleni Gabre-Madhin.png
Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin Ethiopian economist economist female Ethiopia eleni_gabre_madhin Q3050741
Eli Beer Israeli activist; founder of United Hatzalah activist 1973-09-13 male Israel eli_beer Q16214344
Eli Pariser - Flickr - Knight Foundation.jpg
Eli Pariser American activist; chief executive of Upworthy writer
peace activist
1980-12-17 male United States of America eli_pariser Q1328841
ElifShafak Ask EbruBilun Wiki cropped.jpg
Elif Şafak Turkish writer writer
1971-10-25 female Turkey elif_shafak Q270739
Elizabeth Coleman College president academic administration 1937 female United States of America liz_coleman Q5362609
Elizabeth Diller American architect architect 1954 female United States of America liz_diller Q1225543
Elizabeth Gilbert at TED.jpg
Elizabeth Gilbert American writer novelist
1969-07-18 female United States of America elizabeth_gilbert Q231424
Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey American actress actor
1956-04-17 female United States of America elizabeth_lindsey Q5363053
Elizabeth Lesser midwife female elizabeth_lesser Q18155703
Elizabeth Lev art historian writer 1967 female United States of America elizabeth_lev Q24040890
Elizabeth Loftus-TAM 9-July 2011.JPG
Elizabeth Loftus American cognative psychologist psychologist
university teacher
1944-10-16 female United States of America elizabeth_loftus Q262154
Elizabeth Murchison geneticist geneticist female elizabeth_murchison Q18913035
Elizabeth Nyamayaro (cropped).jpg
Elizabeth Nyamayaro political scientist; Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women female elizabeth_nyamayaro Q23782690
Elizabeth Pisani journalist, epidemiologist; public health consultant epidemiologist
1964 female United States of America elizabeth_pisani Q5363352
Ellen 't Hoen, at UNITAID Market Forum, April 7, 2014.jpg
Ellen 't Hoen Dutch lawyer lawyer 1960 female Kingdom of the Netherlands ellen_t_hoen Q5364710
Ellen Dunham-Jones architect architect female United States of America ellen_dunham_jones Q23796172
Ellen Gustafson American businesswoman businessperson female United States of America ellen_gustafson Q5364858
Ellen Jorgensen biologist and community science advocate scientist female ellen_jorgensen Q23662797
Ellen-McArthur (1).jpg
Ellen MacArthur Long-distance yachtswoman explorer
1976-07-08 female United Kingdom ellen_macarthur Q262259
Elliot Krane pediatric anesthesiologist; works t the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, USA male elliot_krane Q23784323
Elon Musk 2015.jpg
Elon Musk entrepreneur and inventor from South Africa entrepreneur
business magnate
aerospace engineer
chief executive officer
chief technology officer
1971-06-28 male United States of America
South Africa
elon_musk Q317521
Elora Hardy sustainable designer female elora_hardy Q23760249
Elyn Saks American legal scholar lawyer 1955-11-03 female United States of America elyn_saks Q5368497
Eman Mohammed photojournalist photographer
female Saudi Arabia eman_mohammed Q23759555
Emiliano Salinas Son of Mexican President Salinas, Political Activist financial analyst
1976 male Mexico emiliano_salinas Q8263870
Emilie Wapnick writer, coach, artist female emilie_wapnick Q23782719
Emily Balcetis social psychologist female emily_balcetis Q23768714
Emily Levine American comedian comedian female United States of America emily_levine Q4260929
Emily Oster American economist economist female United States of America emily_oster Q5372306
Emily Pilloton humanitarian design activist; author of 'Design Revolution' female emily_pilloton Q23795673
Emma C. Teeling Irish zoologist zoologist female Ireland emma_teeling Q21392291
Emma Marris American non-fiction writer 1979-01-15 female United States of America emma_marris Q19662329
Emmanuel Jal by David Shankbone.jpg
Emmanuel Jal South Sudanese musician rapper
1980 male Sudan emmanuel_jal Q1338331
Emi Mahmoud Islamic Poet.jpg
Emtithal Mahmoud Sudanese poet poet female emtithal_mahmoud Q26702742
Enric Sala Spanish marine biologist marine biologist 1968-11-26 male Spain enric_sala Q5379508
Enrique Peñalosa 1.JPG
Enrique Peñalosa Colombian politician politician
1954-09-30 male Colombia
enrique_penalosa Q989831
Erez Lieberman Aiden.jpg
Erez Lieberman Aiden American scientist computer scientist 1980 male United States of America erez_lieberman_aiden Q5385746
Eric Berlow ecologist male eric_berlow Q23795686
Eric Dishman social scientist; health care researcher for Intel male eric_dishman Q23797191
Eric Giler wireless electrician; CEO of WiTricity male eric_giler Q23783074
Eric Haseltine American technologist engineer
Intelligence analysis
aerospace engineer
1951-10-11 male eric_haseltine Q976346
Some Wicked Piano.jpg
Eric Lewis American jazz pianist jazz musician 1973-05-13 male United States of America eric_lewis Q5386963
Eric Liu.jpg
Eric Liu American writer and founder of Citizen University journalist 1968 male United States of America eric_liu Q5386981
Eric Mead magician, mentalist and comedian male eric_mead Q23785222
Eric Topol American cardiologist cardiologist
1954 male United States of America eric_topol Q5387640
Eric W. Sanderson American historian ecologist male United States of America eric_sanderson Q5387689
Eric Whitacre American composer conductor
choir director
1970-01-02 male United States of America eric_whitacre Q726206
Eric X. Li investor, venture capitalist and political scientist 1968-05 male eric_x_li Q23671465
Erica Frenkel medical technologist, at Gradian Health Systems female erica_frenkel Q23662179
Erik Brynjolfsson at MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2013.jpg
Erik Brynjolfsson American academic economist
university teacher
2000s male United States of America erik_brynjolfsson Q5388515
Erik Hersman PopTech 2013.jpg
Erik Hersman African technologist engineer male erik_hersman Q5388622
Erik Johansson Swedish artist photographer 1985 male Sweden erik_johannson Q18353878
Erik Schlangen experimental micromechanics pioneer; civil engineer scientist male erik_schlangen Q23671001
Erin McKean.jpg
Erin McKean Lexicographer, dictionary editor lexicographer
1971 female United States of America erin_mckean Q2559665
Ernest Madu cardiologist; founded the Heart Institute of the Caribbean cardiologist male ernest_madu Q23760623
Ernesto Sirolli sustainable development expert aid worker male ernesto_sirolli Q23662694
Esta Soler campaigner to end violence against women 1947 female United States of America esta_soler Q22703937
Esther Duflo - Pop!Tech 2009 - 001 (cropped).jpg
Esther Duflo French economist economist
1972-10-25 female France esther_duflo Q434509
Esther Perel Belgian Psychotherapist and Author psychologist 1958 female Belgium esther_perel Q17388335
Ethan A. Nadelmann - World Economic Forum on Latin America.jpg
Ethan Nadelmann American writer; campaigner for the legalization of marijuana 1957-03-13 male United States of America ethan_nadelmann Q5402967
Ethan Zuckerman American media scholar, blogger, and Internet activist blogger
human rights activist
computer scientist
1972 male United States of America ethan_zuckerman Q4451591
Ethel string quartet ethel Q5403061
Euvin Naidoo - World Economic Forum on Africa 2012 crop.jpg
Euvin Naidoo American businessman 1971 male United States of America euvin_naidoo Q5414626
Eva Vertes in 2006.jpg
Eva Vertes Cancer researcher 1985 female eva_vertes Q5415201
Eva Zeisel.jpg
Eva Zeisel Hungarian artist sculptor
1906-11-13 female Hungary eva_zeisel Q216141
Evan Grant creative technologist; works with cymatics, the art of visualizing sound male evan_grant Q23783431
TechCrunch50 Day Two Afternoon - Evan Williams.jpg
Evan Williams American technology entrepreneur entrepreneur
computer scientist
1972-03-31 male United States of America evan_williams Q561960
Eve Ensler at a Hudson Union Society event in March 2011.jpg
Eve Ensler American playwright, performer, feminist, activist and artist artist
1953-05-25 female United States of America eve_ensler Q2086841
Evelyn Glennie Scottish percussionist composer
1965-07-19 female United Kingdom evelyn_glennie Q239275
Evgeni morozov re-publica2010.jpg
Evgeny Morozov Belarusian writer and critic writer
computer scientist
1984 male Soviet Union
evgeny_morozov Q93054
Eythor Bender Berkeley Bionics' CEO male eythor_bender Q23784493
Fabian Hemmert designer; studies the theory and philosophy of embodiment, resistance and thinghood male fabian_hemmert Q23796639
Fabian Oefner Swiss artist 1984 male Switzerland fabian_oefner Q16223327
TEDxBrooklyn - Fabien Cousteau (5173719132).jpg
Fabien Cousteau French filmmaker and oceanographer film director 1967-10-02 male France fabien_cousteau Q5427748
Fahad Al-Attiya food security expert; Chairman of Qatar’s National Food Security Programme male Qatar fahad_al_attiya Q23670985
Faith Jegede writer who draws on her experiences growing up with two autistic brothers female faith_jegede Q23662658
Fei-Fei Li American computer scientist computer scientist 1975 female United States of America fei_fei_li Q18686107
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (1).jpg
Feisal Abdul Rauf American imam imam 1948 male United States of America imam_feisal_abdul_rauf Q5441577
Felix Dennis English publisher, poet, spoken word performer and philanthropist publisher
1947-05-27 male United Kingdom felix_dennis Q5442186
Fields Wicker-Miurin social entrepreneur 1958 female fields_wicker_miurin Q23783216
Fiorenzo Omenetto biomedical engineer; researches nonlinear optics, nanostructured materials, biomaterials and biopolymer-based photonics scientist male fiorenzo_omenetto Q23784380
Frances Larson anthropologist female frances_larson Q23782707
Francesco Sauro speleologist scientist male francesco_sauro Q23783036
Pope Francis Korea Haemi Castle 19.jpg
Francis 266th Pope of the Catholic Church theologian
Catholic priest
1936-12-17 male Argentina pope_francis Q450675
Francis Collins official portrait.jpg
Francis Collins Geneticist; Director of the National Institutes of Health geneticist
1950-04-14 male United States of America francis_collins Q336658
Francis de los Reyes environmental engineer, sanitation activist male francis_de_los_reyes Q23759562
Franco Sacchi filmmaker film director male franco_sacchi Q23769571
Françoise Mouly.JPG
Françoise Mouly artist and editor from France publisher 1955-10-24 female France francoise_mouly Q941550
Turner 07 FGLecture.JPG
Frank Gehry Canadian-American (b.1929) architect 1929-02-28 male Canada
United States of America
frank_gehry Q180374
Frank Warren creator of the PostSecret Project blog male frank_warren Q23657144
Frans de Waal.jpg
Frans de Waal Dutch primatologist and ethologist biologist
university teacher
non-fiction writer
1948-10-29 male Kingdom of the Netherlands frans_de_waal Q303350
Frans Lanting; September 13, 2006; Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland.jpg
Frans Lanting Dutch photographer photographer 1951-07-13 male United States of America frans_lanting Q722227
Franz Freudenthal physician male Bolivia franz_freudenthal Q19787217
Fred Jansen space explorer; manager of the Rosetta mission scientist male fred_jansen Q23769264
Fred Swaniker - PopTech 2015 - Camden, Maine.jpg
Fred Swaniker African educator male Ghana fred_swaniker Q16216114
Frederic Kaplan digital humanities researcher male frederic_kaplan Q23714153
Frederick Balagadde inventor; TED Senior Fellow; invented the micro-chemostat scientist male frederick_balagadde Q23785270
Fredy Peccerelli Guatemalan anthropologist anthropologist
human rights activist
1971 male fredy_peccerelli Q5499597
Freeman Hrabowski 2012 Shankbone.JPG
Freeman A. Hrabowski III American academic administrator mathematician 1950-08-13 male United States of America freeman_hrabowski Q5500990
Freeman Dyson.jpg
Freeman Dyson theoretical physicist and mathematician mathematician
theoretical physicist
nuclear scientist
1923-12-15 male United Kingdom
United States of America
freeman_dyson Q153717
Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly married couple; former U.S. Representative and NASA astronaut mark_kelly_and_gabby_giffords Q23797774
Gabe Barcia-Colombo American film director film director male United States of America gabriel_barcia_colombo Q16727388
TNW Con EU15- Gabe Zichermann -1.jpg
Gabe Zichermann Businessperson businessperson 1974-05-20 male gabe_zichermann Q16214845
Gail Reed health care expert; journalist journalist female gail_reed Q23759565
Garik Israelian.jpg
Garik Israelian Armenian physicist physicist
1963 male Spain garik_israelian Q5523322
Garry Kasparov former chess world champion chess player
1963-04-13 male Soviet Union
garry_kasparov Q28614
Garth Lenz photographer photographer male garth_lenz Q23661679
Gary Greenberg micro photographer, biomedical researcher and inventor photographer
male gary_greenberg Q23662677
The hidden root of global poverty, according to Gary Haugen? It's broken law enforcement.jpg
Gary Haugen American activist human rights activist 1963
male United States of America gary_haugen Q5525220
Gary Kovacs at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, China, 2012..jpg
Gary Kovacs Canadian businessman 1963
male Canada gary_kovacs Q3916015
Gary Lauder venture capitalist; managing partner of Lauder Partners male gary_lauder Q23785051
Gary Slutkin epidemiologist; director of the initiative Cure Violence scientist male gary_slutkin Q23712673
Gary Vaynerchuk public domain.jpg
Gary Vaynerchuk Entrepreneur entrepreneur 1975-11-14 male Soviet Union
United States of America
gary_vaynerchuk Q3098629
Gary William Flake FLoC 2006.jpg
Gary William Flake computer engineer and businessman businessperson
male United States of America gary_flake Q5526162
Gary Wolf (cropped).jpg
Gary Wolf journalist journalist male United States of America gary_wolf Q17090269
Gavin Pretor-Pinney British writer male United Kingdom gavin_pretor_pinney Q5528244
Gavin Schmidt - climate scientist.jpg
Gavin Schmidt climatologist 2000s male United States of America gavin_schmidt Q1496443
Gayle King 2010 Time 100 Shankbone.jpg
Gayle King American broadcaster radio personality
1954-12-28 female United States of America gayle_king Q5528805
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon Author 1973 female gayle_tzemach_lemmon Q5528818
Ge Wang Computer Programmer and businessman engineer
computer scientist
1977-11-02 male United States of America ge_wang Q5529428
Model Geena Rocero Coming out Transgender (13563189244).jpg
Geena Rocero Filipino model model 1984 female United States of America geena_rocero Q16205705
Geert Chatrou Whistler musician 1969-02-06 male Kingdom of the Netherlands geert_chatrou Q3759206
Genevieve von Petzinger paleoanthropologist and rock art researcher anthropologist female genevieve_von_petzinger Q23760544
Geoff Mulgan.jpg
Geoff Mulgan British political advisor economist 1961 male United Kingdom geoff_mulgan Q4993665
Geoffrey Canada American activist 1952-01-13 male United States of America geoffrey_canada Q5534498
Geoffrey West.jpg
Geoffrey West British physicist physicist 1940 male United Kingdom geoffrey_west Q964122
George Ayittey detail.jpg
George Ayittey Economist economist 1945 male Ghana george_ayittey Q3101406
George Dyson.jpg
George Dyson American historian historian
historian of technology
1953 male United States of America george_dyson Q447285
George smoot 06N7133a.jpg
George F. Smoot American astrophysicist and cosmologist astronomer
university teacher
1945-02-20 male United States of America george_smoot Q179572
George M. Whitesides American chemist and professor of chemistry at Harvard University chemist
university teacher
1939-08-03 male United States of America george_whitesides Q701501
George Monbiot (cropped).jpg
George Monbiot English writer and political activist journalist
university teacher
1963-01-27 male United Kingdom george_monbiot Q390147
George Papandreou (junior).jpg
George Papandreou Greek politician politician
1952-06-16 male Greece george_papandreou Q151917
George Takei 2013.jpg
George Takei American actor and author actor
voice actor
film actor
television actor
1937-04-20 male United States of America george_takei Q110154
Georgette Mulheir British social worker female United Kingdom georgette_mulheir Q21600083
Geraldine Hamilton bio researcher; builds organs and body parts on chips scientist female geraldine_hamilton Q23727544
Gerard Ryle Australian journalist journalist male gerard_ryle Q15442598
Gero Miesenböck FRS.jpg
Gero Andreas Miesenböck Austrian neuroscientist neuroscientist
university teacher
1965-07-15 male Austria gero_miesenboeck Q5552368
Gever Tulley.jpg
Gever Tulley American computer scientist computer scientist male United States of America gever_tulley Q5554907
Gian Francesco Giudice.JPG
Gian Francesco Giudice Italian Theoretical Physicist physicist
theoretical physicist
1961-01-25 male Italy gian_giudice Q3762636
Giles Duley.jpg
Giles Duley British photographer photographer
1971-09-15 male United Kingdom giles_duley Q5561638
Gill Hicks.jpg
Gill Hicks Speaker, author, curator, humanitarian, amputee/terrorist attack survivor female gill_hicks Q5561888
Glenn Greenwald 2014-01-20 001.jpg
Glenn Greenwald American journalist, lawyer and writer lawyer
1967-03-06 male United States of America glenn_greenwald Q5568842
Golan levin.jpg
Golan Levin American artist artist 1972 male United States of America golan_levin Q5578394
Gordon Brown official.jpg
Gordon Brown British Labour Party politician politician
1951-02-20 male United Kingdom gordon_brown Q10648
Grady Booch, CHM 2011 2 cropped.jpg
Grady Booch American software engineer computer scientist
1955-02-27 male United States of America grady_booch Q92803
Graham Hawkes Marine engineer and submarine designer engineer 1947-12-23 male United Kingdom graham_hawkes Q5592891
Graham Hill journalist; founder of and LifeEdited journalist male graham_hill Q23795659
Greg Asner ecologist; uses airbourne mapping technology scientist male greg_asner Q23670497
Greg Gage neuroscientist scientist male greg_gage Q23663036
Greg Lynn.jpg
Greg Lynn American architect architect
1964 male United States of America greg_lynn Q513374
Greg Stone oceanographer; key driver in the establishment of the Phoenix Island Protected Area male greg_stone Q23796887
Grégoire Courtine Spinal cord researcher scientist male gregoire_courtine Q23670337
Gregory Petsko American academic biochemist 1948-08-07 male United States of America gregory_petsko Q5607114
Gregory Stock biophysicist, best-selling author, biotech entrepreneur physicist
1949 male United States of America gregory_stock Q372400
Gretchen carlson cropped retouched.jpg
Gretchen Carlson American journalist television presenter
1966-06-21 female United States of America gretchen_carlson Q465597
Guillaume Nery.jpg
Guillaume Néry French freediver free-diver 1982-07-11 male France guillaume_nery Q3120107
Gustavo Dudamel and the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra conductor + orchestra partnership the_teresa_carreno_youth_orchestra Q23809293
Guy Hoffman roboticist; co-director of the IDC Media Invention Lab male guy_hoffman Q23728362
Guy Winch psychologist, author psychologist male guy_winch Q23769541
Guy-Philippe Goldstein author writer male guy_philippe_goldstein Q23657222
Haas&Hahn Dutch Artists.jpg
Haas&Hahn Dutch art duo haas_hahn Q19280315
Hadyn Parry biotechnology entrepreneur; develops GM insects male hadyn_parry Q23662747
Halla Tómasdóttir Icelandic politician; change agent, financial services; co-founder of Audur Capital financial services politician 1968-10-11 female Iceland halla_tomasdottir Q24494577
Hamish Jolly inventor, ocean swimmer male hamish_jolly Q23748667
Handspring Puppet Company handspring_puppet_company Q5647664
Hanna Rosin American journalist writer
1970 female United States of America
hanna_rosin Q3126824
Hannah Brencher etter enthusiast; TED speaker female hannah_brencher Q23662784
Hannah Fry complexity theorist scientist
public speaker
female hannah_fry Q23657278
Hans Rosling 2012 Shankbone.JPG
Hans Rosling Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and public speaker physician
university teacher
1948-07-27 male Sweden hans_rosling Q588259
Harald Haas German IT lecturer university teacher
computer scientist
1968 male Germany harald_haas Q5653782
Flickr - World Economic Forum - Harish Manwani - Annual Meeting of the New Champions Tianjin 2008.jpg
Harish Manwani Indian businessman 1954 male India harish_manwani Q5657894
Harry Baker poet poet male harry_baker Q23769245
Harry Cliff particle physicist at CERN male United Kingdom harry_cliff Q23840678
Harsha Bhogle walks for Manish Malhotra & Shaina NC's show for CPAA 21.jpg
Harsha Bhogle Indian cricket commentator journalist 1961-07-19 male India harsha_bhogle Q12053146
Harvey V. Fineberg American physician epidemiologist 1945-09-15 male United States of America harvey_fineberg Q5677639
Hasan Elahi 20110204.jpg
Hasan M. Elahi American artist sculptor 1972 male United States of America hasan_elahi Q5678224
Heather Barnett English artist and university professor female United Kingdom heather_barnett_1 Q20740945
Heather Brooke May 12.jpg
Heather Brooke American journalist journalist 1970 female United States of America heather_brooke Q2367689
Heather Knight roboticist; runs Marilyn Monrobot female heather_knight Q23797061
Hector Ruiz Mexican businessman engineer
1945-12-25 male United States of America
hector_ruiz Q563211
Hélder Guimarães 1982-11-16 male Portugal helder_guimaraes Q17280334
Helen Fisher at LaWeb 2008 in Paris.jpg
Helen Fisher Canadian anthropologist anthropologist 1947 female United States of America helen_fisher Q457262
Hendrik Poinar American biologist biologist
university teacher
1969-05-31 male United States of America hendrik Q1605088
Henry Evans robotics activist; quadriplegic and mute male henry_evans Q23712262
Henry Lin American astrophysicist astronomer 1995 male United States of America henry_lin Q18044616
Henry Markram Brain research & ICT futures.jpg
Henry Markram Swiss neurologist neuroscientist
university teacher
1962-03-28 male Israel henry_markram Q2000022
Herbie Hancock American pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer singer-songwriter
jazz musician
film score composer
1940-04-12 male United States of America herbie_hancock Q105875
Heribert Watzke food scientist; studies the gut scientist male heribert_watzke Q23795333
Hetain Patel artist artist male hetain_patel Q23712659
Hilary Cottam British not-for-profit executive 1965 female United Kingdom hilary_cottam Q5760932
Hillel Cooperman entrepreneur, Lego enthusiast male hillel_cooperman Q23796161
Waiter- The New World of 3D Printing and Computation (9972110315).jpg
Hod Lipson American roboticist engineer 1967 male United States of America hod_lipson Q12406466
Holly Morris American writer, television producer, television presenter television presenter 1965 female United States of America holly_morris Q5882187
Homaro Cantu Cusp Conference 2008.jpg
Homaro Cantu American chef chef 1976-09-23 male United States of America homaro_cantu Q5887763
Honor Harger New Zealand artist artist
1975 female New Zealand honor_harger Q5896804
Howard Rheingold American journalist literary critic
1947-07-07 male United States of America howard_rheingold Q962698
Hubertus Knabe auf dem Blauen Sofa (6318869369) (cropped).jpg
Hubertus Knabe German historian historian of the modern age
human rights activist
1959 male Germany hubertus_knabe Q74348
Hugh Herr, 2013-crop.jpg
Hugh Herr American bioengineer engineer
rock climber
1964-10-25 male United States of America hugh_herr Q3738041
Iain Hutchison pioneering oral and facial surgeon; founded Saving Faces Surg male iain_hutchison Q23797233
Iain McGilchrist British psychiatrist and writer psychiatrist 2000s male United Kingdom iain_mcgilchrist Q16732304
Ian Dunbar Veterinarian, author and dog trainer veterinarian 1947-04-15 male ian_dunbar Q39202
Professor Ian Goldin, Oxford Martin School.jpg
Ian Goldin director of the Oxford Martin School banker 1955 male South Africa ian_goldin Q5981666
Ian Ritchie British businessman computer scientist male United Kingdom ian_ritchie Q5982726
Ilona Szabó.jpg
Ilona Szabó de Carvalho policy reformer; leads the Igarapé Institute political scientist 1978-05-31 female Brazil ilona_szabo_de_carvalho Q23759716
Imogen Heap Coachella.jpg
Imogen Heap singer singer-songwriter
record producer
1977-12-09 female United Kingdom imogen_heap Q230484
Improv Everywhere group of humans improv_everywhere Q1139870
Inara George American musician actor
1974-07-04 female United States of America inara_george Q274117
Inge Missmahl analytical psychologist psychologist female inge_missmahl Q23795297
Ingrid Betancourt Colombian-French politician politician 1961-12-25 female France
ingrid_betancourt Q152472
IO Tillett Wright.jpg
iO Tillett Wright American photographer, writer, and gender activist photographer 1985-09-02 female United States of America io_tillett_wright Q5972933
Iqbal Quadir.jpg
Iqbal Quadir American businessman; founder and director emeritus of the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1958-08-13 male United States of America iqbal_quadir Q3347269
Iredlener-photo small.JPG
Irwin Redlener American activist physician 1944-08-12 male United States of America irwin_redlener Q6075109
Isaac Lidsky American actor and lawyer actor
1979-07-30 male United States of America isaac_lidsky Q4578334
Isaac Mizrahi Fashion designer, television personality creative director 1961-10-14 male United States of America isaac_mizrahi Q1673431
Isabel Allende - 001.jpg
Isabel Allende Chilean writer journalist
children's writer
1942-08-02 female Chile
United States of America
isabel_allende Q83566
Isabel Behncke Chilean primatologist primatologist
female Chile isabel_behncke_izquierdo Q18684694
Ismael Nazario prison reform advocate male ismael_nazario Q23760196
Itay Talgam02.jpg
Itay Talgam Israeli conductor conductor
1958 male Israel itay_talgam Q6094174
Ivan Krastev (cropped).jpg
Ivan Krastev Political scientist 1965-01-01 male Bulgaria ivan_krastev Q2340462
Ivan Oransky health reporter; executive editor of Reuters Health male ivan_oransky Q23662491
Iwan at Rock Garden.JPG
Iwan Baan Dutch photographer photographer 1975-02-08 male Kingdom of the Netherlands iwan_baan Q3156399
Iyad Rahwan (24346536449).jpg
Iyad Rahwan Computational social scientist professor 1978 male Syria
iyad_rahwan Q29453267
J. J. Abrams (23175170706) (cropped).jpg
J. J. Abrams American film and television producer and director film director
film producer
television producer
television actor
film actor
television director
1966-06-27 male United States of America j_j_abrams Q188137
J. K. Rowling 2010.jpg
J. K. Rowling British novelist, author of the Harry Potter series film producer
children's writer
1965-07-31 female United Kingdom jk_rowling Q34660
J.P. Rangaswami Indian businessman computer scientist 1957-11-12 male India jp_rangaswami Q12318774
Jaap de Roode biologist; studies the ecology and evolution of parasites scientist male jaap_de_roode Q23769228
Jacek Utko newspaper designer male jacek_utko Q23782383
Jack Andraka 2013.jpg
Jack Andraka inventor, scientist and cancer researcher scientist 1997-01-08 male United States of America jack_andraka Q2626989
Jack Choi technologist; CEO of Anatomage male jack_choi Q23657134
Jack Conte.jpg
Jack Conte American musician singer-songwriter
1984-07-12 male United States of America jack_conte Q14648645
Jack Horner.jpg
Jack Horner American paleontologist geologist
1946-06-15 male United States of America jack_horner Q247264
Jackie Savitz ocean advocate; marine biologist scientist female jackie_savitz Q23729170
Jackie Tabick British rabbi rabbi 1948 female United Kingdom jackie_tabick Q6116680
Jackson Browne American singer-songwriter singer-songwriter
1948-10-09 male United States of America jackson_brown Q355009
Jackson Katz American film producer; campaigner against domestic violence 1960-05-07 male United States of America jackson_katz Q6117187
Jacqueline Novogratz-CEO-Acumen.JPG
Jacqueline Novogratz American businesswoman, founder and CEO of Acumen banker female United States of America jacqueline_novogratz Q924979
Jae Rhim Lee American artist 1975 female United States of America jae_rhim_lee Q19663314
Jaime Lerner May 2004.jpg
Jaime Lerner Brazilian politician and architect politician
urban planner
1937-12-17 male Brazil jaime_lerner Q923927
Jake Barton in Local Projects, Aug 2014.jpg
Jake Barton American artist designer 1972-11-07 male jake_barton Q17386582
Jake Wood CEO of Team Rubicon; TED speaker male jake_wood Q23662959
Jakob Trollbäck founder, Trollbäck + Company 1959-10-06 male Sweden jakob_trollback Q6215569
Jamais Cascio 2015.jpg
Jamais Cascio author and futurist male jamais_cascio Q22277279
Rev James A Forbes speaking 2006.png
James A. Forbes American minister theologian 1935 male james_forbes Q6128099
James A. White Sr. consultant; TED speaker male james_a_white_sr Q23760213
James B. Glattfelder complex systems theorist male james_b_glattfelder Q23671470
James Balog American photographer photographer 1952-07-15 male United States of America james_balog Q6129316
James Burchfield human beatbox musician male james_burchfield Q23769563
James Cameron by Gage Skidmore.jpg
James Cameron Canadian film director film producer
film director
film editor
1954-08-16 male Canada james_cameron Q42574
James D Watson.jpg
James D. Watson American molecular biologist, geneticist, and zoologist. biologist
molecular biologist
university teacher
1928-04-06 male United States of America james_watson Q83333
Jim Flynn Political Studies University of Otago.jpg
James Flynn New Zealand scholar philosopher
university teacher
1934 male United States of America
New Zealand
jim_flynn Q1383120
James Geary American , former Europe editor of Time journalist 1962 male United States of America james_geary Q6134546
James H. Fallon American neuroscientist neuroscientist 1947-10-18 male United States of America jim_fallon Q9010694
James E Hansen.jpg
James Hansen American physicist physicist
university teacher
1941-03-29 male United States of America james_hansen Q724095
James Simons 2007.jpg
James Harris Simons American hedge fund manager mathematician
university teacher
1938 male United States of America jim_simons Q560847
James Heywood American MIT mechanical engineer 1966-10-04 male jamie_heywood Q6136003
Jim w mustache.jpg
James Howard Kunstler American writer journalist
science fiction writer
1948-10-19 male United States of America james_howard_kunstler Q962004
James Lyne cybersecurity specialist male james_lyne Q23712699
Nachtwey MSK2011.jpg
James Nachtwey American photographer war photographer
1948-03-14 male United States of America james_nachtwey Q437013
James Patten interaction designer; TED Fellow male james_patten Q23748686
James Randi Canadian-American stage magician and scientific skeptic philosopher
stage magician
1928-08-07 male United States of America james_randi Q294918
Admiral Stavridis in the remote studio at The Fletcher School.jpg
James Stavridis United States admiral navy officer 1955-02-15 male United States of America james_stavridis Q116464
James Surowiecki American journalist journalist 1967-04-30 male United States of America james_surowiecki Q1496028
Smaller Square Veitch.jpg
James Veitch British theatrical director, writer and producer comedian male United Kingdom james_veitch Q6144629
Jamie Bartlett in conversation with Inotai Edit at CASM 14.jpg
Jamie Bartlett journalist and tech blogger; Director of The Centre for the Analysis of Social Media for Demos journalist male jamie_bartlett Q20675953
Jamie Drummond anti-poverty activist; co-founded the advocacy organization ONE male jamie_drummond Q23662542
Jamie Oliver retouched.jpg
Jamie Oliver British chef and media personality chef
cookery writer
television presenter
1975-05-27 male United Kingdom jamie_oliver Q190051
Jamil Abu-Wardeh producer male jamil_abu_wardeh Q23795294
Jamila Lyiscott poet and educator female jamila_lyiscott Q23759680
Jan Chipchase Researcher male jan_chipchase Q6148692
Jane Marie Chen.jpg
Jane Chen Businessperson 1978-12-05 female United States of America jane_chen Q6151247
Jane Fonda Cannes 2014.jpg
Jane Fonda American actress and activist film actor
stage actor
film producer
1937-12-21 female United States of America jane_fonda_1 Q41142
Jane Goodall British primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist zoologist
1934-04-03 female United Kingdom jane_goodall Q184746
Jane McGonigal Meet the Media Guru 1.jpg
Jane McGonigal American artist author
1977-10-21 female United States of America jane_mcgonigal Q2699296
Champions for Change photo.jpg
Jane Poynter American environmentalist businessperson female United States of America jane_poynter Q6152636
Janet Echelman Portrait.jpg
Janet Echelman American sculptor and artist sculptor 1966-02-19 female United States of America janet_echelman Q2346435
Janet Iwasa molecular animator; scientist female janet_iwasa Q23729136
NYC Wins 2009 Sustainable Transport Award Peñalosa.jpg
Janette Sadik-Khan New York City public official politician 1960-04-28 female United States of America janette_sadik_khan Q6153709
Janine Benyus American writer scientist
1958 female United States of America janine_benyus Q3161983
Janine di Giovanni American journalist war correspondent
1961 female United States of America janine_di_giovanni Q1304314
Janine Shepherd Australian cross country skier 1962-01-07 female Australia janine_shepherd Q6154579
Janna Levin American theoretical cosmologist physicist
theoretical physicist
1967 female United States of America janna_levin Q6155075
Jared diamond.jpg
Jared Diamond American scientist and author biologist
university teacher
1937-09-10 male United States of America jared_diamond Q205772
Jared Ficklin user interfaces designer; data visualiser male jared_ficklin Q23657161
Jarreth Merz 01.jpg
Jarreth Merz Swiss Ghanaian actor and film director film director
film producer
stage actor
film actor
1970-05-01 male Switzerland
jarreth_merz Q1683706
Jarrett J. Krosoczka American writer writer
children's writer
1977-12-22 male United States of America jarrett_j_krosoczka Q6161021
Jason Clay WWF vice-president male jason_clay Q23795288
Jason deCaires Taylor Sculptor sculptor 1974-08-12 male United Kingdom jason_decaires_taylor Q1684006
Jason Fried software entrepreneur male jason_fried Q23795888
Jason McCue lawyer who litigates against terrorists and dictators lawyer male jason_mccue Q23662557
Jason Pontin.jpg
Jason Pontin American journalist journalist 1967-05-11 male United States of America jason_pontin Q6163277
Jay Bradner research scientist at Harvard and Dana Farber scientist male jay_bradner Q23656752
Jay Walker.jpg
Jay S. Walker American businessman entrepreneur 1955-11-05 male United States of America jay_walker Q6167147
Jay Silver Inventor 1979-09-06 male jay_silver Q19667282
JD Schramm communicator male jd_schramm Q23657167
Jean-Baptiste Michel data researcher male jean_baptiste_michel Q23657155
Jean-Paul Mari-5 (22e Maghreb des Livres, Paris, 13 et 14 février 2016).jpg
Jean-Paul Mari French writer war correspondent
1950 male France jean_paul_mari Q3168596
Jeanne Gang.jpg
Jeanne Gang Architect architect 1964-03-19 female United States of America jeanne_gang Q444257
Jedidah Isler astrophysicist; studies supermassive hyperactive black holes astrophysicist female jedidah_isler Q23760219
Jeff Bezos 2016.jpg
Jeff Bezos American entrepreneur, founder and CEO of, Inc. computer scientist
1964-01-12 male United States of America jeff_bezos Q312556
Jeff Hancock psychologist; studies how people interact by email, text message and social media male jeff_hancock Q23662685
Jeff Hawkins by Jeff Kubina.jpeg
Jeff Hawkins American entrepreneur and neuroscientist; founder of Palm Computing businessperson
computer scientist
artificial intelligence researcher
1957-06-01 male United States of America jeff_hawkins Q92993
Jeff Iliff neuroscientist scientist
male jeff_iliff Q23768700
Jeff Skoll 2013 (5576999744).jpg
Jeff Skoll Canadian engineer, internet entrepreneur and film producer film producer
computer scientist
1965-01-16 male Canada jeff_skoll Q710924
Jeff Smith American politician, born 1973 politician 1973-12-09 male United States of America jeff_smith Q15498191
Jeff Speck urban planner; author of "Walkable City" writer
urban planner
male jeff_speck Q23713807
Table-cum-touch display.jpg
Jefferson Han research scientist engineer
computer scientist
1975 male jeff_han Q6175484
Jeffrey Brown pastor; key player in the "Boston miracle" that lowered the rate of youth crime and gang violence male rev_jeffrey_brown Q23760258
Jeffrey Kluger.jpg
Jeffrey Kluger American writer author
1954-05-21 male United States of America jeffrey_kluger Q1686458
Jehane Noujaim American filmmaker film director
1974-05-17 female United States of America jehane_noujaim Q2264148
Jen Golbeck American woman computer scientist computer scientist 1976-12-16 female United States of America jennifer_golbeck Q15429153
Jenna McCarthy.jpg
Jenna McCarthy American writer writer female United States of America jenna_mccarthy Q6177767
Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols couple; documentary filmmaking duo; LGBTQ activists jenni_chang_and_lisa_dazols Q23809207
Jennifer 8. Lee Chinese-American journalist journalist 1976-03-15 female United States of America jennifer_8_lee Q702510
Jennifer Brea director and filmmaker film director female jen_brea Q24578998
Professor Jennifer Doudna ForMemRS.jpg
Jennifer Doudna American biochemist biochemist
molecular biologist
university teacher
1964-02-19 female United States of America jennifer_doudna Q56068
Jennifer Granholm 5.jpg
Jennifer Granholm Governor of Michigan lawyer
beauty pageant contestant
1959-02-05 female United States of America jennifer_granholm Q234994
Jennifer Granick.jpg
Jennifer Granick American attorney and educator lawyer 1969 female United States of America jennifer_granick Q6178367
Jennifer Healey Research scientist at Intel scientist female jennifer_healey Q23713350
Jennifer Lin American musician pianist 1990 female United States of America jennifer_lin Q6178542
Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America, speaking at the opening of Open Up!.jpg
Jennifer Pahlka American businesswoman; founder and Executive Director of Code for America 1969 female United States of America jen_pahlka Q6178697
Jennifer Senior writer; author of "All Joy and No Fun" writer female jennifer_senior Q23728486
Jer Thorp data artist male jer_thorp Q23662183
Jeremy Gilley (cropped).jpg
Jeremy Gilley British actor film producer
film actor
film director
stage actor
peace activist
1969 male United Kingdom jeremy_gilley Q1653797
Jeremy Heimans Purpose Co-founder CEO.jpg
Jeremy Heimans Australian activist male Australia jeremy_heimans Q16729741
Jeremy Howard.jpg
Jeremy Howard Australian businessman 1973 male Australia jeremy_howard Q6181501
Jeremy Jackson American marine biologist marine biologist 1942-11-13 male United States of America jeremy_jackson Q15485171
Jeremy Rifkin 2009 by Stephan Röhl.jpg
Jeremy Rifkin American economist economist
university teacher
1945-01-26 male United States of America jeremy_rifkin Q505154
Jessa Gamble Author journalist 1979-04-25 female United Kingdom jessa_gamble Q6186043
Jesse Schell (4670646737).jpg
Jesse Schell American video game designer software developer
university teacher
computer scientist
1970-06-13 male United States of America jesse_schell Q6186836
Jessi Arrington designer; based in Brooklyn, NY, USA female jessi_arrington Q23656726
Jessica Green scientist female jessica_green Q21062122
Jessica Jackley.jpg
Jessica Jackley American entrepreneur; co-founder of Kiva 1977 female United States of America jessica_jackley Q6187288
Jessica Shortall strategy consultant and social entrepreneur; author of 'Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom's Survival Guide' writer female jessica_shortall Q23783057
Ji-hae Park South Korean violinist violinist 1985 female South Korea ji_hae_park Q16887739
Jill Bolte Taylor - observing a stroke from within.jpg
Jill Bolte Taylor American neuroscientist anatomist
1959-05-15 female United States of America jill_bolte_taylor Q2550602
Jill Farrant South African botanist cell biologist 1961 female South Africa jill_farrant Q15839341
Jill Heinerth Canadian cave diver, photographer and film maker photographer
1965 female jill_heinerth Q17484182
Jill Shargaa comedian; designer female jill_shargaa Q23759545
Jill Sobule in 2013.jpg
Jill Sobule American singer-songwriter singer-songwriter
1965-01-16 female United States of America jill_sobule Q520324
Jill Tarter at TED in 2009.jpg
Jill Tarter American astronomer astronomer 1944-01-16 female United States of America jill_cornell_tarter Q445596
Jim Al-Khalili (cropped and shadow enhanced).jpg
Jim Al-Khalili British theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster physicist
non-fiction writer
theoretical physicist
1962-09-20 male United Kingdom jim_al_khalili Q259054
Jim Holt American philosopher, author and essayist journalist
non-fiction writer
1954-10-30 male United States of America jim_holt Q13566451
Jim Toomey American comic strip cartoonist cartoonist 1960-12-26 male United States of America jim_toomey Q6198539
Jim Yong Kim (cropped).jpg
Jim Yong Kim Korean-American physician and anthropologist, 12th President of the World Bank physician
university teacher
1959-12-08 male United States of America jim_yong_kim Q313297
Jimmy Carter American politician, 39th president of the United States (in office from 1977 to 1981) officer
1924-10-01 male United States of America jimmy_carter Q23685
Jimmy Nelson (photographer) - TEDxAMS 2014-1.jpg
Jimmy Nelson British photojournalist photographer
1976 male United Kingdom jimmy_nelson Q17198658
Jimmy Wales Fundraiser Appeal.JPG
Jimmy Wales Wikipedia co-founder and American Internet entrepreneur trader
computer scientist
1966-08-07 male United States of America jimmy_wales Q181
Jinsop Lee industrial designer male jinsop_lee Q23670510
Joachim de Posada American motivational speaker motivational speaker male United States of America joachim_de_posada Q6204680
Joan Halifax American Zen Buddhist roshi, anthropologist, ecologist, and civil rights activist anthropologist 1942 female United States of America joan_halifax Q3179589
JoAnn Kuchera-Morin composer and university professor composer
university teacher
1951 female United States of America joann_kuchera_morin Q18208314
Jody Williams American teacher and aid worker teacher
human rights activist
peace activist
1950-10-09 female United States of America jody_williams Q211239
Joe Kowan musician and graphic designer; folk singer-songwriter musician male joe_kowan Q23727954
Joe Landolina.png
Joe Landolina biomedical engineer biomedical engineer 1993-01-27 male joe_landolina Q18714137
Joe Madiath Social entrepreneur and executive director of Gram Vikas 1950-12-03 male India joe_madiath Q6211071
Joe Sabia.jpg
Joe Sabia digital remix artist, international pun champion male joe_sabia Q6212143
Joe Smith lawyer lawyer male joe_smith Q23662319
Joel Burns American politician 1969-02-04 male United States of America joel_burns Q6213282
Joel Levine planetary and atmospheric scientist; studies the atmospheres of Earth and Mars scientist male joel_levine Q23785260
Joel Selanikio health and technology activist scientist male joel_selanikio Q23671459
Joey Alexander Indonesian jazz musician and pianist jazz musician
2003-06-25 male Indonesia joey_alexander Q19922013
Johan Rockström 1c389 8409.jpg
Johan Rockström swedish hydrologist hydrologist
1965 male Sweden johan_rockstrom Q6075610
Johann Hari British journalist journalist 1979-01-21 male United Kingdom johann_hari Q437536
Johanna Blakley studies the impact of mass media and entertainment female johanna_blakley Q23795344
2012-04-21 USA Trip 1574 - NECSS (New York) (7980184439).jpg
John Bohannon American biologist and dancer biologist
male john_bohannon Q6222357
John Delaney oceanographer scientist male john_delaney Q23796177
John Doerr.jpg
John Doerr American businessman computer scientist 1951-06-29 male United States of America john_doerr Q1380459
John Francis American environmentalist 1946 male john_francis Q6233855
John Gerzema American businessman business consultant
non-fiction writer
1961 male United States of America john_gerzema Q6235206
Image of John Graham-Cumming.jpg
John Graham-Cumming British computer programmer engineer male United Kingdom john_graham_cumming Q3181625
John Green by Gage Skidmore.jpg
John Green American author and vlogger writer
film producer
literary critic
children's writer
1977-08-24 male United States of America john_green Q630446
John Hardy Canadian jeweler and creator of the Green School artist male Canada john_hardy Q23688353
John Hockenberry.jpg
John Hockenberry Journalist journalist
radio personality
1956-06-04 male United States of America john_hockenberry Q6239461
John hodgman.jpg
John Hodgman American humorist writer
television actor
film actor
1971-06-03 male United States of America john_hodgman Q329372
John Hunter teacher and musician; inventor of the World Peace Game male john_hunter Q23784955
John Kasaona conservationist; pioneer of community-based conservation male john_kasaona Q23783403
John La Grou electronics inventor, audio designer and entrepreneur male john_la_grou Q23783066
John Legend performing in Pennsylvania.jpg
John Legend singer–songwriter, pianist singer-songwriter
television actor
film actor
1978-12-28 male United States of America john_legend Q44857
John lloyd secret comedy podcast.jpg
John Lloyd British television producer, and writer writer
television producer
1951-09-30 male United Kingdom john_lloyd Q366162
John Maeda.jpg
John Maeda American artist and computer scientist graphic designer
computer scientist
1966 male United States of America john_maeda Q93024
John McWhorter American linguist and political commentator linguist 1965 male United States of America john_mcwhorter Q2468338
John Q. Walker musician and inventor; software entrepreneur musician male john_walker Q23782393
John searle2.jpg
John Searle American philosopher philosopher
university teacher
artificial intelligence researcher
1932-07-31 male United States of America john_searle Q295012
John Underkoffler interface designer male john_underkoffler Q23783401
John Wilbanks Portrait by Nick Vedros.jpg
John Wilbanks American entrepreneur; runs the Consent to Research Project. male United States of America john_wilbanks Q2000014
John Wooden American basketball coach officer
basketball coach
basketball player
1910-10-14 male United States of America john_wooden Q551032
Johnny Lee American computer scientist computer scientist
male United States of America johnny_lee Q6267100
Joichi Ito Headshot 2007.jpg
Joi Ito Japanese-American activist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist activist
venture capitalist
1966-06-19 male United States of America
joi_ito Q934616
Jok Church.jpg
Jok Church Cartoonist writer
children's writer
1949-11-28 male United States of America jok_church Q6269643
Jon Gosier African blogger engineer 2009 male jon_gosier Q16729389
Jon Mooallem American journalist journalist male United States of America jon_mooallem Q19880666
Jon Nguyen aeronautics and graphics engineer at NASA. male jon_nguyen Q23662502
Jon Ronson TAM London 2009.JPG
Jon Ronson British journalist, documentary filmmaker, radio presenter and nonfiction author journalist
documentary filmmaker
radio personality
1967-05-10 male United Kingdom jon_ronson Q3400803
Jonas Eliasson professor of transportation in Sweden 1969-02-03 male Sweden jonas_eliasson Q5708819
Jonas Gahr Støre (174630).jpg
Jonas Gahr Støre Norwegian politician politician
1960-08-25 male Norway jonas_gahr_store Q467948
Jonathan A. Eisen US evolutionary biologist biologist
evolutionary biologist
university teacher
1967 male jonathan_eisen Q2000017
Jonathan Bergmann chemistry teacher teacher male United States of America jon_bergmann Q15710897
Jonathan Drori educator; commissioned the BBC's very first websites male jonathan_drori Q23782385
Jonathan Foley professor; studies complex environmental systems and their affects on society male jonathan_foley Q23662200
Jonathan Haidt 2012 03.jpg
Jonathan Haidt Ameican psycholgoist psychologist
university teacher
1963-10-19 male United States of America jonathan_haidt Q845573
Jonathan Harris.jpg
Jonathan Harris American artist artist 1979 male jonathan_harris Q6273354
Jonathan Klein South African businessman 1960 male South Africa jonathan_klein Q6273583
Jonathan Sacks British rabbi rabbi
1948-03-08 male United Kingdom rabbi_lord_jonathan_sacks Q336766
Jonathan Trent scientist and biofuel guru scientist male jonathan_trent Q23662788
Jonathan Zittrain American law professor professor 1969-12-24 male United States of America jonathan_zittrain Q6274894
Jor-El fictional character by DC Comics male jor_el Q2068759
Jorge Drexler 2011 3.jpg
Jorge Drexler Uruguayan musician and actor singer-songwriter
film score composer
1964-09-21 male Uruguay jorge_drexler Q543506
Assistant Secretary Fernandez Chats With Univision's Jorge Ramos derivative work.jpg
Jorge Ramos Journalist, author journalist 1958-03-16 male Mexico
United States of America
jorge_ramos Q1981462
Jorge Soto cancer technologist scientist male jorge_soto Q23759657
José Antonio Abreu at TED in 2009.jpg
José Antonio Abreu Venezuelan musician pianist
1939-05-07 male Venezuela jose_antonio_abreu Q671147
José Bowen professor of music male jose_bowen Q23662467
Jose Miguel Sokoloff advertising executive; TED speaker male jose_miguel_sokoloff Q23670640
Joseph DeRisi American molecular biologist molecular biologist
male joe_derisi Q6282538
Joseph DeSimone 2010 11 22 History Live.JPG
Joseph DeSimone American chemist, inventor and entrepreneur born in May 16, 1964 engineer 1964-05-16 male United States of America joseph_desimone Q6282541
Joseph Kim North Korean refugee; TED speaker male North Korea joseph_kim Q23671269
Joseph Lekuton Kenyan politician politician male Kenya joseph_lekuton Q16499778
Professor Joseph Nye and Dr Robin Niblett - Chatham House 2013 (cropped).jpg
Joseph Nye American political scientist geopolitician
political scientist
university teacher
1937-01-19 male United States of America joseph_nye Q210362
Josette Sheeran Shiner May 2007.jpg
Josette Sheeran American diplomat diplomat 1954 female United States of America josette_sheeran Q433934
Josh Luber sneaker data expert; founder of Campless male josh_luber Q23783050
Joshua Foer American freelance journalist; memory champion journalist 1982-09-23 male United States of America joshua_foer Q16729033
Joshua Klein American technologist 1974 male joshua_klein Q6289972
Joshua Prager American journalist journalist
1971 male United States of America joshua_prager Q6290132
Joshua Prince-Ramus American architect architect 1969-08-11 male United States of America joshua_prince_ramus Q6290134
Joshua Roman (TED 2011).jpg
Joshua Roman American musician cellist 1983-12-16 male United States of America joshua_roman Q6290164
Joshua Silver British ophthalmologist physicist
male United Kingdom joshua_silver Q6290197
Joshua Walters bipolar comedian comedian male joshua_walters Q23656020
Joy Sun aid worker female joy_sun Q23729164
JR (artist).jpg
JR French artist photographer
contemporary artist
film director
1983-02-22 male France jr Q1312565
Juan Enríquez - PopTech 2012.jpg
Juan Enríquez Mexican politician 1959 male Mexico juan_enriquez Q15454884
Jude Kelly @ Edge Hill Station, Liverpool - 2460482450.jpg
Jude Kelly English theatre director theatre director 1954-03-24 female United Kingdom jude_kelly Q6302366
Judson Brewer psychiatrist psychiatrist male United States of America judson_brewer Q24053213
Judy MacDonald Johnston entrepreneur; TED speaker female judy_macdonald_johnston Q23671268
Julia Bacha Headshot.jpg
Julia Bacha Brazilian film director film director 1980 female Brazil julia_bacha Q519340
20150126 Julia Galef 2.JPG
Julia Galef American writer podcaster 1983-07-04 female julia_galef Q19873435
Julia Sweeney.jpg
Julia Sweeney American actress, author, comedian television actor
stage actor
film actor
1959-10-10 female United States of America julia_sweeney Q270774
Julian Assange cropped (Norway, March 2010).jpg
Julian Assange Australian editor, activist, publisher and journalist journalist
Internet activist
computer scientist
television producer
television director
film producer
business executive
1971-07-03 male Australia julian_assange Q360
Julian Baggini-1.jpg
Julian Baggini English philosopher philosopher
1968 male United Kingdom julian_baggini Q737519
Julian Treasure sound consultant male julian_treasure Q23795650
Juliana Machado Ferreira Brazilian-born biologist scientist female juliana_machado_ferreira Q23785249
Juliana Rotich - World Economic Forum on Africa 2012.jpg
Juliana Rotich American internet technologist and entrepreneur technologist
female Kenya juliana_rotich Q51700
Julie Burstein writer and radio producer writer
radio producer
female julie_burstein Q23657214
Julie Taymor Shankbone 2009 Metropolitan Opera.jpg
Julie Taymor American film and theatre director film director
costume designer
film producer
theatre director
opera house
1952-12-15 female United States of America julie_taymor Q240490
Jun Wang at the HGM 2015 meeting.jpg
Jun Wang researcher scientist
artificial intelligence researcher
1976-06-04 male People's Republic of China jun_wang Q16027697
Justin Davidson American critic composer
music critic
1966 male United States of America justin_davidson Q6317508
Justin Hall-Tipping science entrepreneur; works on nano-energy startups scientist male justin_hall_tipping Q23657166
Kailash Satyarthi March 2015.jpg
Kailash Satyarthi Indian children's rights activist activist 1954-01-11 male India kailash_satyarthi Q3442375
Kakenya Ntaiya Kenyan feminist educator and academic feminist 1978 female Kenya kakenya_ntaiya Q18386676
Kaki King American guitarist guitarist
1979-08-24 female United States of America kaki_king Q445648
Kamal Meattle Indian environmental activist male India kamal_meattle Q6355487
Kare Anderson writer; columnist for Forbes writer female kare_anderson Q23759742
Karen Armstrong.jpg
Karen Armstrong author and comparative religion scholar from Great Britain theologian
university teacher
1944-11-14 female United Kingdom karen_armstrong Q256548
Karen Bass natural history filmmaker female karen_bass Q23662231
Karen I. Tse Swiss activist female Switzerland karen_tse Q6369726
Karen Thompson Walker American writer writer 1980 female United States of America karen_t_walker Q6370083
I Am Because You Are (17715083350) (cropped).jpg
Karim Abouelnaga Education entrepreneur 1991-12-15 male karim_abouelnaga Q19609479
Karima Bennoune professor of international law; author writer female karima_bennoune Q23759696
GDC Europe 2015 Session- Cities- Skylines, a Case Study (Tuesday (20660971258).jpg
Karoliina Korppoo Game designer video game designer female Finland karoliina_korppoo Q28828004
Kartick Satyanarayan wildlife conservationist; co-founder of 'Wildlife SOS' male kartick_satyanarayan Q23783421
Kary Mullis.jpg
Kary Mullis American biochemist biochemist
molecular biologist
1944-12-28 male United States of America kary_mullis Q157224
Kate Hartman artist and technologist; creates devices and interfaces for humans, houseplants, and glaciers artist female kate_hartman Q23784307
Kate Orff American architect architect 1971 female United States of America kate_orff Q6375703
Kate Stone electronic engineer scientist transgender female kate_stone Q23670574
Katherine Fulton philanthropist; President of Monitor Institute, strategist, author, and teacher writer female katherine_fulton Q23795674
Katherine Kuchenbecker mechanical engineer; works on incorporating the sense of touch directly into virtual objects mechanical engineer female katherine_kuchenbecker Q23301824
Kathryn Schulz - official author photo.JPG
Kathryn Schulz American journalist journalist female United States of America kathryn_schulz Q3194102
Kavita N. Ramdas World Economic Forum 2013.jpg
Kavita Ramdas American activist 1962
female India kavita_ramdas Q6379296
Kees Moeliker Dutch biologist biologist
1960-10-09 male Kingdom of the Netherlands kees_moeliker Q4493781
TED Magic Show.jpg
Keith Barry Irish mentalist, hypnotist, magician and activist stage magician 1976-10-02 male Ireland keith_barry Q5566371
Keith Bellows traveler; TED speaker male keith_bellows Q23782683
Keith Chen Chinese American behavioral economist male keith_chen Q22095432
Keith Nolan teacher; deafness rights campaigner male keith_nolan Q23661670
Keith Schacht Businessperson businessperson male United States of America keith_schacht Q6384989
Keller Rinaudo robotics entrepreneur; co-founder and CEO of Romotive male keller_rinaudo Q23713542
Kelli Anderson artist, designer female kelli_anderson Q23662160
Kelli Swazey anthropologist; examines religious and spiritual practices scientist female kelli_swazey Q23712681
Kelly McGonigal American psychologist psychologist 1977-10-21 female United States of America kelly_mcgonigal Q16216668
Ken Goldberg American artist, writer, inventor, and researcher in the field of robotics and automation computer scientist 1961-10-06 male United States of America ken_goldberg Q6387683
Ken Jennings American game show contestant and writer software engineer
non-fiction writer
computer scientist
1974-05-23 male United States of America ken_jennings Q186
Sir Ken Robinson @ The Creative Company Conference.jpg
Ken Robinson UK writer Q13423598
1950-03-04 male United Kingdom sir_ken_robinson Q718012
Kenichi Ebina Japanese dancer dancer
1974-01-01 male Japan kenichi_ebina Q6389224
Kenneth Cukier.jpg
Kenneth Cukier Data Editor of The Economist journalist male United Kingdom kenneth_cukier Q23729173
Kenneth Kamler American surgeon and mountain climber mountaineer
male United States of America ken_kamler Q6390295
Kenneth J. Lacovara with Dreadnoughtus femur.jpg
Kenneth Lacovara Paleontologist paleontologist male kenneth_lacovara Q17517145
Kenneth Shinozuka smart product inventor/designer female kenneth_shinozuka Q23769238
Kent Larson American architect architect male United States of America kent_larson Q6391818
Keren Elazari at the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit 2016 (29027689414) (cropped).jpg
Keren Elazari cybersecurity expert female keren_elezari Q23728252
Kevin Allocca Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube male kevin_allocca Q23662144
Kevin Bales at Chatham House 2013.jpg
Kevin Bales American academic; co-founder and past president of Free the Slaves sociologist
university teacher
1952-02-09 male United States of America kevin_bales Q1740079
Kevin Breel writer, comic and mental health activist writer male kevin_breel Q23712692
Kevin Briggs American police officer police officer male United States of America kevin_briggs Q16159323
Kevin Kelly, Wired (25163989050).jpg
Kevin Kelly American author and editor photographer
1952-08-14 male United States of America kevin_kelly Q2707355
Kevin R. Stone American surgeon surgeon 1955-06-04 male United States of America kevin_stone Q6397296
Kevin Rudd official portrait.jpg
Kevin Rudd 26th Prime Minister of Australia politician
1957-09-21 male Australia kevin_rudd Q43135
Kevin Slavin algoworld expert male kevin_slavin Q23656201
At the WEF in Davos- Kevin Surace (5851680253).jpg
Kevin Surace American businessman businessperson 1962-07-12 male United States of America kevin_surace Q6397572
Khadija Gbla cross-cultural consultant female khadija_gbla Q23769225
Khalida Brohi.jpg
Khalida Brohi activist for women's rights and social entrepreneur from Pakistan female Pakistan khalida_brohi Q20987867
Kim Gorgens neuropsychologist; studies the brain's response to injury scientist female kim_gorgens Q23795688
Kim Young-ha South Korean writer writer 1968-11-11 male South Korea young_ha_kim Q140135
Kimberley Motley lawyer female United States of America kimberley_motley Q20684882
Kiran Bedi at the SWIM Conference.JPG
Kiran Bedi Indian police officer, social activist and politician police officer 1949-06-09 female India kiran_bedhi Q2722085
Kiran Bir Sethi.jpg
Kiran Bir Sethi Indian designer and educationist 1966-04-08 female India kiran_sethi Q17089348
Kirby Ferguson filmmaker and remixer male kirby_ferguson Q23662751
Kirk Citron media expert male kirk_citron Q23785264
Kirk Sorensen engineer, nuclear technologist scientist male kirk_sorensen Q23661631
Kitra Cahana photojournalist; conceptual artist artist
female Canada kitra_cahana Q23748704
Klaus Stadlmann engineer scientist male klaus_stadlmann Q23657081
Krista Donaldson engineer; CEO of D-Rev female krista_donaldson Q23713567
Krista tippett 1050.JPG
Krista Tippett American broadcaster journalist
radio personality
1960-11-09 female United States of America krista_tippett Q6437693
Kristen Ashburn American photojournalist journalist
1973 female United States of America kristen_ashburn Q6437748
Kristen Marhaver coral reef biologist scientist female kristen_marhaver Q23760564
Kristina Gjerde high seas policy advisor; expert on the law of the high seas female kristina_gjerde Q23795680
Kwabena Boahen American biologist engineer male United States of America kwabena_boahen Q6449926
Kwame Anthony Appiah by David Shankbone.jpg
Kwame Anthony Appiah Novelist philosopher
1954-05-08 male United States of America anthony_appiah Q572741
Lakshmi Pratury.jpg
Lakshmi Pratury Co-host of TEDIndia female lakshmi_pratury Q6479908
Lalitesh Katragadda engineer engineer male lalitesh_katragadda Q23301825
Laolu Senbanjo artist artist 1980-10-19 male Nigeria laolu_senbanjo Q30323325
Lara Setrakian.jpg
Lara Setrakian Bloomberg TV reporters journalist female United States of America lara_setrakian Q6488591
Larry Brilliant.jpg
Larry Brilliant American physician and businessman epidemiologist
1944-05-05 male United States of America larry_brilliant Q2301314
Larry Burns Businessman engineer male United States of America larry_burns Q6490024
Larry Page in the European Parliament, 17.06.2009.jpg
Larry Page American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur entrepreneur
computer scientist
1973-03-26 male United States of America sergey_brin_and_larry_page Q4934
Larry Smith professor of economics at the University of Waterloo in Canada; TED speaker economist male Canada larry_smith Q23662777
Latif Nasser radio researcher; director of research at Radiolab male latif_nasser Q23760296
LaToye Ruby Frazier Look 3 2011 Ramspott.jpg
LaToya Ruby Frazier American artist and professor of photography photographer 1982 female latoya_ruby_frazier Q19667999
Laura Boushnak.jpeg
Laura Boushnak photographer photographer female laura_boushnak Q23767452
Laura J. Snyder American historian, philosopher, and writer historian 1964 female United States of America laura_snyder Q18207085
Laura L. Carstensen Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor in Public Policy and professor of psychology at Stanford University; founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity; principal investigator for the Stanford Life-span Development Laboratory psychologist female United States of America laura_carstensen Q23498217
Laura Schulz American psychologist psychologist female United States of America laura_schulz Q20675690
Laura Trice counselor, life coach and baker female laura_trice Q23769557
Laurel Braitman.jpg
Laurel Braitman American writer 1978-02-11 female United States of America laurel_braitman Q16738992
Lauren Hodge winner of the 2011 Google Science Fair in the age 13-14 category. scientist female lauren_hodge Q23798375
Lauren Zalaznick media executive female lauren_zalaznick Q23797175
Laurie Garrett at Poptech shot by Kris Krug.jpg
Laurie Garrett American science journalist, author journalist
1951 female United States of America laurie_garrett Q11351111
Laurie R. Santos American psychologist psychologist 1975 female United States of America laurie_santos Q16215537
Lessig portrait.jpg
Lawrence Lessig American academic, political activist. jurist
non-fiction writer
computer scientist
1961-06-03 male United States of America larry_lessig Q217790
Leah Buechley American professor, developer of the LilyPad Arduino toolkit engineer female United States of America leah_buechley Q6509162
Leana Wen 2017 04 14.jpg
Leana Wen physician, public health advocate, writer, and health commissioner of Baltimore City, Maryland, USA physician
1983-01-27 female leana_wen Q6509479
Escape from North Korea.jpg
Lee Hyeon-seo North Korean defector singer 1980 female North Korea hyeonseo_lee Q17306046
삼성전자 연구원 이진하 트위터 프로필 사진.jpg
Lee Jin-ha Korean TV interface designer designer male South Korea jinha_lee Q21059962
Lee Mokobe slam poet male
transgender male
lerato_mokobe Q23760283
Lee Smolin American cosmologist astronomer
theoretical physicist
non-fiction writer
university teacher
1955-06-06 male United States of America
lee_smolin Q437263
Lemn Sissay hopemas xmas partyeventful-org-uk low 18 (5273390039).jpg
Lemn Sissay writer 1967 male Eritrea lemn_sissay Q6521230
Lemon Andersen.jpg
Lemon Andersen American poet, spoken word artist and actor actor 1975 male United States of America lemon_andersen Q6521290
Lennart Green 2006.jpg
Lennart Green Swedish magician stage magician 1941-12-25 male Sweden lennart_green Q5769932
Leonard Susskind American physicist physicist
non-fiction writer
university teacher
1940-06 male United States of America leonard_susskind Q203243
Leroy Cronin Chemist chemist 1973-06-01 male lee_cronin Q6528921
Lesley Hazleton British-American writer writer 1945 female United Kingdom lesley_hazelton Q4116838
Leslie Dodson reporter; covering international finance journalist female leslie_dodson Q23656887
Leslie Morgan Steiner American author, blogger and businesswoman journalist 1965-07-20 female United States of America leslie_morgan_steiner Q6531033
Leslie T. Chang Chinese-American journalist journalist female leslie_chang Q6531172
Headshot Lewis Pugh.jpg
Lewis Gordon Pugh Environmental campaigner, maritime lawyer and endurance swimmer explorer
1969-12-05 male United Kingdom lewis_pugh Q715979
Leyla Acaroglu sustainability strategist female leyla_acaroglu Q23670651
Leymah Gbowee no Fronteiras do Pensamento Porto Alegre 2013 (9730602149).jpg
Leymah Gbowee Liberian peace activist politician
peace activist
1972-02-01 female Liberia leymah_gbowee Q107037
Lian Pin Koh, Founding Director,; and Professor of Applied Ecology and Conservation, University of Adelaide (34299001125) (cropped).jpg
Lian Pin Koh ecologist; academic; champions the use of low-cost autonomous aerial vehicles for ecological research scientist
male lian_pin_koh Q23670480
Lidia Yuknavitch at Powell's, Best Sex Writing 2012.jpg
Lidia Yuknavitch American writer, teacher and editor based in Oregon writer 1963 female United States of America lidia_yuknavitch Q21067165
Lil Buck American dancer choreographer
circus performer
1988-05-25 male United States of America lil_buck Q6547401
Lily Tomlin American actress, comedian, writer, and producer stage actor
film actor
television actor
1939-09-01 female United States of America lily_tomlin Q229271
Linda A. Hill Educator; Harvard Business School educator female linda_hill Q21552205
Linda Cliatt-Wayman Philadelphia high school principal female linda_cliatt_wayman Q23760269
Linda Liukas programmer 1986 female Finland linda_liukas Q20252140
Lisa Bu passionate reader; TED speaker female lisa_bu Q23712829
Dan Rosenweig and Lisa Gansky.jpg
Lisa Gansky American entrepreneur; author of 'The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing' 1958-05-01 female United States of America lisa_gansky Q6558012
Lisa Genova Literary fiction writer neuroscientist
1970-11-22 female United States of America lisa_genova Q13563157
Lisa Harouni 3D printing entrepreneur; co-founder of Digital Forming female lisa_harouni Q23661649
Lisa Kristine American photographer photographer 1965-09-02 female United States of America lisa_kristine Q6558163
Lisa Margonelli writer; Director of the New America Foundation Energy Policy Initiative writer female lisa_margonelli Q23797751
Liu Bolin Chinese artist photographer
1973-01-07 male People's Republic of China liu_bolin Q710377
Liza Donnelly at the Friar's Club.jpg
Liza Donnelly American cartoonist cartoonist 1955 female United States of America liza_donnelly Q6660387
Napoleoni Loretta by Peter Hodsoll 380dpi.jpg
Loretta Napoleoni Italian journalist and political analyst economist
1955 female Italy loretta_napoleoni Q2617501
Lorrie Cranor American academic female United States of America lorrie_faith_cranor Q6681722
Louie Schwartzberg (cropped).jpg
Louis Schwartzberg American film director film director 1950-02-21 male United States of America louie_schwartzberg Q3260256
Louise Fresco.jpg
Louise Fresco Dutch agronomist writer
literary critic
university teacher
1952-02-11 female Kingdom of the Netherlands louise_fresco Q3490296
Louise Leakey Kenyan paleontologist anthropologist
1971-03-21 female United Kingdom louise_leakey Q454074
Luca Turin American molecular biologist chief technology officer
molecular biologist
1953-11-20 male Lebanon luca_turin Q11763228
Lucianne Walkowicz American stellar astronomer scientist female lucianne_walkowicz Q23656158
TEDxAmsterdam Live 0511 (5933038975).jpg
Lucien Engelen American businessman 1962-07-02 male lucien_engelen Q16194527
Lucy McRae body architect ; trained as a classical ballerina and architect female lucy_mcrae Q23662194
Ludwick Marishane entrepreneur; invented a water-less bathing lotion; 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year male ludwick_marishane Q23662726
Luis von Ahn.jpg
Luis von Ahn Entrepreneur, associate professor computer scientist
university teacher
male Guatemala luis_von_ahn Q92984
Luke Syson curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art curator male luke_syson Q23727939
Luma Mufleh American scientist 1975-03-01 female luma_mufleh Q6702999
LZ Granderson American sportswriter columnist
1972-03-11 male United States of America lz_granderson Q6460513
Maajid Nawaz speaking at LibDem campaign event.jpg
Maajid Nawaz British activist politician
1978-11-02 male United Kingdom maajid_nawaz Q6721039
Mac Barnett.JPG
Mac Barnett American children's writer writer
children's writer
1982-08-23 male United States of America mac_barnett Q6722199
Mac Stone Florida-based photographer; specializes in documenting the Everglades photographer male mac_stone Q23782713
Madeleine Albright Former U.S. Secretary of State diplomat
1937-05-15 female Czechoslovakia
United States of America
madeleine_albright Q174438
Mae C. Jemison American doctor and NASA astronaut astronaut
1956-10-17 female United States of America mae_jemison Q34091
Magnus Larsson Swedish tennis player tennis player 1970-03-25 male Sweden magnus_larsson Q600738
Maira kalman 2010.jpg
Maira Kalman Israeli American artist and creator of children's books writer
graphic designer
children's writer
1949 female United States of America maira_kalman Q6736888
Majora.Xena rdx.JPG
Majora Carter American businesswoman; urban revitalization strategist and public radio host businessperson 1966-10-27 female United States of America majora_carter Q6738379
Malcolm Gladwell journalist and science writer writer
1963-09-03 male United Kingdom malcolm_gladwell Q318429
Malcolm London poet, performer, activist poet male malcolm_london Q23713725
Malcolm McLaren English artist, performer and fashion designer singer
talent agent
record producer
talent manager
1946-01-22 male United Kingdom malcolm_mclaren Q325377
Mallika Sarabhai activist and Indian classical dancer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India actor
human rights activist
1954-05-09 female India mallika_sarabhai Q3518417
20110808 MalteSpitz.png
Malte Spitz German politician politician 1984-04-14 male Germany malte_spitz Q1525015
Manal al-Shraif.jpg
Manal al-Sharif Saudi Arabian activist writer
1979-04-25 female Saudi Arabia manal_al_sharif Q445754
Mandy Len Catron writer writer female mandy_len_catron Q23782698
Manu Prakash.jpg
Manu Prakash biophysicist biophysicist male manu_prakash Q22063727
Manuel Lima Portuguese non-fiction writer non-fiction writer 1978-05-03 male Portugal manuel_lima Q6752682
Marc Abraham in Chile with AECH 01.jpg
Marc Abrahams Annals of Improbable Research co-founder male United States of America marc_abrahams Q6755336
Marc Goodman global security futurist male marc_goodman Q23662529
Marc koska.jpg
Marc Koska British businessman 1961-03-14 male marc_koska Q6755670
Marc Kushner American architect, entrepreneur and author; co-founding CEO of Architizer architect 1977-09-27 male United States of America marc_kushner Q19881192
Marc Pachter Museum director 2008-01 male marc_pachter Q15917299
TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 - Day 3 (29650463846).jpg
Marc Raibert American roboticist engineer 1949-10-22 male United States of America marc_raibert Q6755817
Marcel Dicke Dutch university teacher university teacher 1957-11-28 male Kingdom of the Netherlands marcel_dicke Q18521479
Marcin Jakubowski male marcin_jakubowski Q23303134
Marco Annunziata economist; Chief Economist at General Electric economist male marco_annunziata Q23728391
Marco Tempest.jpg
Marco Tempest American magician theatre director
stage magician
1964-12-03 male Switzerland marco_tempest Q124966
Marcus Byrne South African researcher male South Africa marcus_byrne Q18352586
Sautoy2 cropped.JPG
Marcus du Sautoy British professor of mathematics mathematician
university teacher
1965-08-26 male United Kingdom marcus_du_sautoy Q536457
Margaret Gould Stewart user experience advisor for large websites designer female United States of America margaret_stewart Q23765418
Margaret Heffernan American businesswoman writer
1955-06-16 female United States of America margaret_heffernan Q6759505
Margaret Wertheim speaking at TED in 2009.jpg
Margaret Wertheim Australian writer physicist
1958 female Australia margaret_wertheim Q4990332
Maria Bezaitis computer engineer; principal engineer at Intel female maria_bezaitis Q23671015
Marian Bantjes Pop!Tech.jpg
Marian Bantjes Canadian graphic designer graphic designer
1963-03-23 female Canada marian_bantjes Q3847649
Mariana Mazzucato.jpg
Mariana Mazzucato Economist economist
university teacher
1968-06-16 female United States of America
mariana_mazzucato Q15127513
Marina Abramović (2014).jpg
Marina Abramović Yugoslav-American artist artist
university teacher
performance artist
1946-11-30 female Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Serbia and Montenegro
marina_abramovic Q47496
Marisa Fick-Jordan craft artist, product designer female marisa_fick_jordan Q23760166
Mark Applebaum at TEDx Stanford (7231657568).jpg
Mark Applebaum American composer composer 1967 male United States of America mark_applebaum Q6766581
Mark Bezos volunteer firefighter; works at Robin Hood, a poverty-fighting charity in New York City male mark_bezos Q23784752
Mark Bittman American journalist, food writer journalist male United States of America mark_bittman Q3294002
Mark Forsyth portrait.jpg
Mark Forsyth British writer blogger 1977-04-02 male United Kingdom mark_forsyth Q16216552
Mark Kendall biomedical engineer biomedical engineer 1972 male mark_kendall Q23670507
Mark Pagel Biologist 1954-06-05 male United States of America mark_pagel Q15994669
D07cd11-Guarup-Xingu-2007-Sue photos (22).jpg
Mark Plotkin American ethnobotanist anthropologist
1955-05-21 male United States of America mark_plotkin Q6769279
Mark Raymond architect; works in Trinidad and Tobago architect male mark_raymond Q23662165
Mark Ronson English record producer and musician singer
disc jockey
record producer
1975-09-04 male United Kingdom mark_ronson Q425821
Mark Roth American biochemist biochemist 1958 male United States of America mark_roth Q6769512
Mark Shaw develops technologies to contain hazardous waste, storm water and radioactives male mark_shaw Q23713549
Mark Z. Jacobson.jpg
Mark Z. Jacobson American climate- and energy scientist and professor at Stanford University university teacher 1965 male United States of America mark_z_jacobson Q6770480
Markham Nolan journalist; managing editor of male markham_nolan Q23662733
Markus Fischer designer; led the team at Festo that developed the first ultralight artificial bird capable of flying like a real bird. designer male markus_fischer Q23656649
Marla Spivak American entomologist zoologist
1955 female United States of America marla_spivak Q16751209
Marlene Zuk, Palmerston North City Library.JPG
Marlene Zuk American evolutionary biologist biologist
1956-05-20 female United States of America marlene_zuk Q7472231
Martin Hanczyc chemist; explores the path between living and nonliving systems scientist male martin_hanczyc Q23656755
Martin Jacques British journalist journalist 1945 male United Kingdom martin_jacques Q6775790
Martin Pistorius South African author and web developer author
web developer
1975 male South Africa martin_pistorius Q20011313
Martin Rees at Jodrell Bank in 2007.jpg
Martin Rees cosmologist, astrophysicist, Astronomer Royal, Master of Trinity College, President of the Royal Society physicist
university teacher
1942-06-23 male United Kingdom sir_martin_rees Q335213
Flickr - The U.S. Army - Comprehensive Soldiers Fitness (1)cropped.jpg
Martin Seligman American psychologist and writer psychologist
bridge player
university teacher
1942-08-12 male United States of America martin_seligman Q320927
Photo of filmmaker Martin Villeneuve, April 2015.jpg
Martin Villeneuve Canadian film director, producer and screenwriter writer
1978-03-13 male Canada martin_villeneuve Q3295670
Martine Rothblatt.jpg
Martine Rothblatt American lawyer, writer and businessperson lawyer
1954 female United States of America martine_rothblatt Q6777103
Marvin Minsky.jpg
Marvin Minsky American cognitive scientist mathematician
computer scientist
university teacher
artificial intelligence researcher
1927-08-09 male United States of America marvin_minsky Q204815
Mary Lou Jepsen American scientist and entrepreneur entrepreneur 1965 female United States of America mary_lou_jepsen Q41638
Mary Norris American copy editor journalist 1952-02-07 female mary_norris Q20979342
Mary Roach at TED in 2009.jpg
Mary Roach American science writer medical writer
1959-03-20 female United States of America mary_roach Q444136
Mary Robinson World Economic Forum 2013 crop.jpg
Mary Robinson Irish politician; President of Ireland, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights politician
university teacher
1944-05-21 female Ireland mary_robinson Q188214
Temple Grandin at TED.jpg
Mary Temple Grandin USA-american doctor of animal science, author, and autism activist biologist
Autism rights movement
non-fiction writer
university teacher
1947-08-29 female United States of America temple_grandin Q232810
Maryn McKenna journalist and author; expert in public health, global health, and food policy journalist female maryn_mckenna Q23498467
Massimo banzi.jpg
Massimo Banzi 1968-02-20 male Italy massimo_banzi Q16174456
Mathias Jud artist artist male mathias_jud Q23783045
Portrait ML.jpeg
Mathieu Lehanneur French designer designer 1974-08-29 male France mathieu_lehanneur Q3298792
Matt Cutts Headshot.jpg
Matt Cutts American computer scientist computer scientist 1967-12-21 male United States of America matt_cutts Q890702
Matt Kenyon new media artist artist 1977 male matt_kenyon Q23769530
Matt Killingsworth happiness researcher; designs studies that gather data on happiness scientist male matt_killingsworth Q23662668
Matt Mills technologist male matthew_mills_and_tamara_roukaerts Q23662543
Matt Ridley at Thinking Digital 2009 (cropped).jpg
Matt Ridley economist banker
1958-02-07 male United Kingdom matt_ridley Q961972
Matt Weinstein Male; Motivational speaker; A sought-after pro speaker and the founder of Playfair, Matt Weinstein wants to bring teamwork into entrepreneur male matt_weinstein Q23301826
Matthew Carter, 2014.jpg
Matthew Carter English typographer type designer
1937-10-01 male United Kingdom matthew_carter Q383244
Matthew Childs marketer, rock climber; advertising lead at Razorfish male matthew_childs Q23783062
Matthew O'Reilly emergency medical technician emergency medical technician male United States of America matthew_o_reilly Q23759559
Matthew White young master of the euphonium musician male matthew_white Q23783080
Matthew Williams Canada ambassador for Special Olympics sportsperson male Canada matthew_williams Q24041573
Matthieu Ricard 2008.jpg
Matthieu Ricard French writer and Buddhist monk molecular biologist
1946-02-15 male France matthieu_ricard Q732418
Maurizio Seracini Italian diagnostician of art art historian
1946-12-16 male Italy maurizio_seracini Q283470
Max Little applied mathematician mathematician male max_little Q23662756
20101227 May El-Khalil cropped.jpg
May El-Khalil Libanes sports official 1955-12-20 female may_el_khalil Q1489143
Maya Beiser American musician cellist 1963-12-31 female United States of America maya_beiser Q4081184
Maya Penn headshot.jpeg
Maya Penn American entrepreneur, philanthropist, animator, artist, and CEO of her eco-friendly fashion company animator
2000-02-10 female United States of America maya_penn_1 Q19664921
Maysoon Zayid Comedian actor
television actor
1974 female United States of America maysoon_zayid Q6797978
Maz Jobrani American comedian screenwriter
film producer
television actor
film actor
1972-02-26 male Iran maz_jobrani Q1142510
McKenna Pope teen activist; petitioned Hasbro to market its Easy-Bake Oven to boys as well as girls female mckenna_pope Q23798616
Meaghan Ramsey self-esteem advocate; Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem Project female meaghan_ramsey Q23759676
Mechai Viravaidya 2008.jpg
Mechai Viravaidya Thai activist politician 1941-01-17 male Thailand mechai_viravaidya Q6584188
Meera Vijayann citizen journalist journalist female meera_vijayann Q23759544
Meg Jay clinical psychologist Clinical psychologist female meg_jay Q23670504
Megan Kamerick reporter; journalist writer female megan_kamerick Q23662848
Megan Phelps-Roper writer
1986-01-31 female megan_phelps_roper Q22279168
Megan Washington.jpg
Megan Washington Musician, songwriter singer
1986-01-07 female Australia megan_washington Q6808754
Meklit Hadero Ethiopia-born, U.S. based singer singer
female United States of America meklit_hadero Q6810590
Melati and Isabel Wijsen sister duo on Bali committed to reducing plastic waste on Bali melati_and_isabel_wijsen Q23688634
Melinda Gates - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011.jpg
Melinda Gates American businesswoman, philanthropist and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation businessperson
patron of the arts
1964-08-15 female United States of America melinda_french_gates Q463877
Melissa Fleming head of communications for the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees female melissa_fleming Q23759770
Melissa Garren molecular and marine biologist female melissa_garren Q23662348
Melissa Marshall communications teacher; TED speaker female melissa_marshall Q23662916
Mellody Hobson.jpg
Mellody Hobson American businesswoman entrepreneur 1969-04-03 female United States of America mellody_hobson Q6813152
Melvin Russell US police officer police officer male United States of America melvin_russell Q24054818
Memory Banda.jpg
Memory Banda activist for girls' rights, in Malawi and around the world female memory_banda Q23760334
Mena Trott from The Sew Weekly.jpeg
Mena Grabowski Trott American blogger 1977-09-16 female mena_trott Q52826
Meta - Meron Gribetz - Founder-CEO - A.jpg
Meron Gribetz Israeli technology entrepreneur male Israel meron_gribetz Q25095565
Mia Birdsong family activist female mia_birdsong Q23782693
Michael Anti.JPG
Michael Anti Chinese journalist/political blogger journalist
1975 male People's Republic of China michael_anti Q536668
Michael Bierut.jpg
Michael Bierut American artist designer
graphic designer
1957 male United States of America michael_bierut Q3856114
Michael Botticelli.jpg
Michael Botticelli American public official 1958-01-02 male United States of America michael_botticelli Q6828740
Michael Dickinson American biologist engineer 1963 male United States of America michael_dickinson Q6829848
Michael Green social progress expert; created the Social Progress Index male michael_green_spi Q23759758
Michael Green architect architect male michael_green Q23670632
Michael Hansmeyer architect architect male michael_hansmeyer Q6830936
Michael Kimmel American sociologist sociologist
university teacher
1951-02-26 male United States of America michael_kimmel Q1498283
Michael McDaniel graphic designer male michael_mcdaniel Q23662341
Michael Merzenich professor emeritus, neuroscientist neuroscientist 1942 male United States of America michael_merzenich Q6832811
Michael Metcalfe financial expert; managing director and head of global macro strategy at State Street Global Markets male michael_metcalfe Q23727972
Michael Moschen juggler circus performer male michael_moschen Q3308398
Michael Nielsen.jpg
Michael Nielsen Australian and Canadian physicist and writer (b.1974) scientist
theoretical physicist
1974-01-04 male Australia michael_nielsen Q6833069
Michael Norton social science researcher scientist male michael_norton Q23662981
Michael Pawlyn architect architect 1967-09-30 male United Kingdom michael_pawlyn Q23784724
Michael Pollan at Yale 1 cropped.jpg
Michael Pollan American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism writer
non-fiction writer
1955-02-06 male United States of America michael_pollan Q1138996
Michael Porter.jpg
Michael Porter American engineer and economist economist
electrical engineer
aerospace engineer
1947-05-23 male United States of America michael_porter Q272146
Michael Pritchard inventor of the Lifesaver water-purification bottle male michael_pritchard Q23783071
Michael Rubinstein research scientist, computer scientist ; works at Google scientist male michael_rubinstein Q23768729
Michael Sandel Me Judice.png
Michael Sandel American political philosopher professor
political philosopher
1953-03-05 male United States of America michael_sandel Q381044
Book reading.jpg
Michael Shellenberger American writer author
1971-06-16 male michael_shellenberger Q6834344
Michael Shermer wiki portrait4.jpg
Michael Shermer American science writer writer
sport cyclist
1954-09-08 male United States of America michael_shermer Q126225
Michael Specter Headshot new.jpg
Michael Specter journalist journalist 1955 male United States of America michael_specter Q2356503
Michael Stevens VidCon 2016.jpg
Michael Stevens Internet personality YouTuber
science communicator
1986-02-23 male United States of America michael_stevens Q14436762
Michael Tilson Thomas American conductor, pianist and composer conductor
music educator
1944-12-21 male United States of America michael_tilson_thomas Q520493
Michel Laberge plasma physicist; works at General Fusion scientist male michel_laberge Q23727986
Michelle Borkin physicist; works with the Astronomical Medicine Project scientist female michelle_borkin Q23661627
Michelle Obama 2013 official portrait.jpg
Michelle Obama lawyer, writer, wife of Barack Obama and former First Lady of the United States lawyer
1964-01-17 female United States of America michelle_obama Q13133
Mick Cornett (cropped).jpg
Mick Cornett Mayor of Oklahoma City politician
1958-07-16 male United States of America mick_cornett Q12003032
Mick Ebeling (2015).jpg
Mick Ebeling American film, television and commercial executive producer, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist 1970 male United States of America mick_ebeling Q6838160
Mick Mountz American businessman; founder and CEO of Kiva Systems male United States of America mick_mountz Q16732921
Miguel Nicolelis Brazilian neuroscientist scientist
1961-03-07 male Brazil miguel_nicolelis Q976399
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.jpg
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Hungarian American psychologist psychologist
university teacher
1934-09-29 male Kingdom of Italy
Italian Regency of Carnaro
Free State of Fiume
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Independent State of Croatia
Democratic Federal Yugoslavia
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
United States of America
mihaly_csikszentmihalyi Q316147
Mike Archer Paleontologist paleontologist 1945 male Australia michael_archer Q957612
Mike Biddle plastics recycler male michael_biddle Q23657163
Mike deGruy.jpg
Mike deGruy American documentary filmmaker 1951-12-29 male United States of America mike_degruy Q6849378
Mike Matas American user interface designer and icon artist for Apple Inc graphic designer
1986-03-23 male United States of America mike_matas Q21463338
Mike Rowe.jpg
Mike Rowe American television personality. television presenter 1962-03-18 male United States of America mike_rowe Q455808
Mike Velings fish farming expert and entrepreneur conservationist male mike_velings Q24053199
Mikko Hypponen (12340560924).jpg
Mikko Hyppönen Finnish computer security expert columnist
computer scientist
1969 male Finland mikko_hypponen Q2489610
Milton glaser.jpg
Milton Glaser American artist designer
graphic designer
1929-06-26 male United States of America milton_glaser Q1351481
Mina Bissell Biologist biologist 1940 female mina_bissell Q4794835
Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao duo; science fair winners; identified a bacteria that breaks down phthalates miranda_wang_and_jenny_yao Q23809265
Miru Kim in paris catacombs.jpg
Miru Kim American artist photographer 1981 female United States of America miru_kim Q6874759
Misha Glenny British journalist specialised in southeastern Europe global organised crime and cyber security journalist
1958 male United Kingdom misha_glenny Q3859025
Mitchel Resnick.jpg
Mitchel Resnick American academic academician
university teacher
computer scientist
1956-06-12 male United States of America mitch_resnick Q650983
Mitchell Besser gynaecologist; HIV/AIDS fighter male mitchell_besser Q23795567
Mitchell joachim 2008.jpg
Mitchell Joachim American architect architect 1972-02-03 male United States of America mitchell_joachim Q984089
Miwa Matreyek multimedia artist artist female miwa_matreyek Q23795336
Mohamed Ali human rights advocate; TED speaker male mohamed_ali Q23712268
Mohamed Hijri biologist; studies arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi scientist male mohamed_hijri Q23712650
Molly J. Crockett American neuroscientist neuroscientist female United States of America molly_crockett Q15989936
Molly Stevens British academic engineer female molly_stevens Q15896847
Mona Chalabi 2013.jpg
Mona Chalabi British data journalist journalist female mona_chalabi Q21793960
Monica Byrne American writer writer
science fiction writer
1981-07-13 female United States of America monica_byrne Q21642356
Monica Lewinsky 2014 IDA Awards (cropped).jpg
Monica Lewinsky American woman involved in President Bill Clinton's sex scandals fashion designer
social psychologist
1973-07-23 female United States of America monica_lewinsky Q212659
MONIKA BULAJ 2015.1.jpg
Monika Bulaj Polish journalist journalist 1966-05-21 female Poland monika_bulaj Q3860861
Morgan O'Neill disaster relief expert female morgan_o_neill Q23662833
Morgan Spurlock 2012 Shankbone.JPG
Morgan Spurlock American filmmaker, screenwriter and producer screenwriter
film director
1970-11-07 male United States of America morgan_spurlock Q364421
Morgana Bailey human resources professional female morgana_bailey Q23769521
Morley singer singer
record producer
female United States of America morley Q6912508
Moshe Safdie.jpg
Moshe Safdie Israeli-Canadian architect architect
urban planner
1938-07-14 male Canada
moshe_safdie Q220944
Moshe Szyf geneticist geneticist male moshe_szyf Q15429344
Mundano graffiti artist & activist artist male mundano Q23768724
Munir Virani raptor biologist, wildlife photographer; Director of the Peregrine Fund Africa Program photographer male munir_virani Q23662706
Murray Gell-Mann - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012.jpg
Murray Gell-Mann American physicist physicist
non-fiction writer
university teacher
theoretical physicist
1929-09-15 male United States of America murray_gell_mann Q172840
Mustafa Akyol (tv 27jul07 21).jpg
Mustafa Akyol Turkish writer and journalist author 1972 male mustafa_akyol Q6943223
Myriam Sidibe public-health expert female myriam_sidibe Q23759569
N. Jeremy Kasdin male jeremy_kasdin Q22095670
Nadia alsakkaf.png
Nadia Al-Sakkaf journalist; editor-in-chief of the Yemen Times politician
female Yemen nadia_al_sakkaf Q20423647
Nadine Burke Harris physician 1975 female nadine_burke_harris_1 Q19878640
Nagin Cox NASA scientist engineer 1965 female nagin_cox Q28678622
Naif Al-Mutawa Creator of 'The 99', a group of comic superheroes based on Islamic culture and religion Clinical psychologist male naif_al_mutawa Q23795283
Nalini Nadkarni speaking at TED in 2009.jpg
Nalini Nadkarni American ecologist biologist
university teacher
1954-10-13 female United States of America nalini_nadkarni Q1275902
Naná Vasconcelos.jpg
Naná Vasconcelos Brazilian percussionist singer
jazz musician
film score composer
1944-08-02 male Brazil nana_vasconcelos Q707607
Nancy Duarte American writer and graphic designer female nancy_duarte Q6962654
Nancy Etcoff American psychologist psychologist 1955 female United States of America nancy_etcoff Q11789453
Nancy Frates ALS Advocate female nancy_frates Q23768711
Nancy Kanwisher American neuroscientist neuroscientist
female United States of America nancy_kanwisher Q6962770
Nancy Lublin.jpg
Nancy Lublin American businesswoman businessperson 1971 female United States of America nancy_lublin Q6962820
Nandan M. Nilekani.jpg
Nandan Nilekani Indian businessman entrepreneur
1955-06-02 male India nandan_nilekani Q1391255
Naomi Klein at Berkeley, California, in 2014 (cropped).jpg
Naomi Klein Canadian author and activist journalist
documentary filmmaker
1970-05-08 female Canada naomi_klein Q236606
Naomi Oreskes, HSS 2008.jpg
Naomi Oreskes American historian historian
university teacher
1958-11-25 female United States of America naomi_oreskes Q205618
Naomi Shah Winner of the 2011 Google Science Fair in the age 15-16 category scientist female naomi_shah Q23798128
Natalie Jeremijenko.jpg
Natalie Jeremijenko artist; computer researcher engineer
visual artist
1966 female Australia natalie_jeremijenko Q6968182
Natalie MacMaster - Seattle - 2010.jpg
Natalie MacMaster Canadian musician fiddler
1972-06-13 female Canada natalie_macmaster Q6968206
Natalie Merchant American singer-songwriter singer-songwriter
1963-10-26 female United States of America natalie_merchant Q238215
Natalie Warne activist female natalie_warne Q23656760
Natasha tsakos.jpg
Natasha Tsakos American performance artist actor female United States of America natasha_tsakos Q16982366
Nate Garvis civic thought leader; Founder of Naked Civics male nate_garvis Q23661623
Nate Silver 2009.png
Nate Silver American statistician and writer journalist
1978-01-13 male United States of America nate_silver Q562521
NASA Nathalie Cabrol2.jpg
Nathalie Cabrol French American astrobiologist astrobiology
1963-08-30 female France
United States of America
nathalie_cabrol Q21005247
Nathalie Miebach Boston-based artist who translates weather data into complex sculptures and musical scores artist
female nathalie_miebach Q23656749
Nathan Myhrvold.jpg
Nathan Myhrvold former CTO at Microsoft mathematician
computer scientist
1959-08-03 male United States of America nathan_myhrvold Q365578
Nathan Wolfe 2011 Shankbone.JPG
Nathan Wolfe American virologist epidemiologist
1970-08-24 male United States of America nathan_wolfe Q15438588
Nathaniel Kahn.jpg
Nathaniel Kahn American filmmaker film director 1962-11-09 male United States of America nathaniel_kahn Q3329419
Naturally 7 American music group naturally_7 Q1970037
Navi Radjou.jpg
Navi Radjou Indian business theorist economist 1970-08-14 male India navi_radjou Q6982299
Negin Farsad.png
Negin Farsad Comedian comedian 1978 female United States of America negin_farsad Q6987345
Neil Burgess Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at University College London scientist male neil_burgess Q23657268
Neil Gershenfeld 2007.jpg
Neil Gershenfeld American physicist physicist
university teacher
computer scientist
1959-12-01 male United States of America neil_gershenfeld Q1030183
Neil Harbisson cyborgist.jpg
Neil Harbisson Catalan-Irish musician, artist and activist composer
1982-07-27 male United Kingdom
neil_harbisson Q1355729
Neil MacGregor Frankfurter Buchmesse 2015.JPG
Neil MacGregor British art historian art historian
non-fiction writer
1946-06-16 male United Kingdom neil_macgregor Q1226759
Neil Pasricha San Diego.jpg
Neil Pasricha author; advocate of positivity and simple pleasures 1979-09-17 male Canada neil_pasricha Q16733247
Neil Turok Cosmologist physicist
non-fiction writer
1958-11-16 male South Africa neil_turok Q1386754
Nellie McKay.png
Nellie McKay American musician actor
jazz musician
stage actor
stand-up comedian
film actor
1982-04-13 female United States of America nellie_mckay Q454975
Neri Oxman - Pop!Tech 2009 - Camden, ME.jpg
Neri Oxman Israeli architect architect 1976 female Israel neri_oxman Q4981374
Newton Aduaka.jpg
Newton Aduaka Nigerian filmmaker film director 1966 male Nigeria newton_aduaka Q2422311
Okonjo-Iweala, Ngozi (2008 portrait).jpg
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nigerian economist diplomat
1954-06-13 female Nigeria ngozi_okonjo_iweala Q289350
World Debate - Niall Ferguson crop.jpg
Niall Ferguson British historian writer
economic historian
university teacher
1964-04-18 male United Kingdom niall_ferguson Q377638
Nic Marks independent policy adviser, speaker, statistician and author; best known for work on the Happy Planet Index male nic_marks Q22279054
Nicholas Christakis.jpg
Nicholas A. Christakis American physician and sociologist sociologist
1962-05-07 male nicholas_christakis Q1094336
Nicholas Negroponte USNA 20090415 cropped.jpg
Nicholas Negroponte American computer scientist computer scientist
university teacher
1943-12-01 male United States of America nicholas_negroponte Q92601
Nicholas Stern.jpg
Nicholas Stern, Baron Stern of Brentford British economist and academic economist
university teacher
1946-04-22 male United Kingdom lord_nicholas_stern Q335441
Nick Bostrom, Stanford 2006 (square crop).jpg
Nick Bostrom Swedish philosopher philosopher
university teacher
computer scientist
1973-03-10 male Sweden nick_bostrom Q460475
Nick Hanauer American businessman entrepreneur 1959 male United States of America nick_hanauer Q14633126
Nick Sears inventor male nick_sears_1 Q23769567
Nick Veasey British photographer photographer 1962 male United Kingdom nick_veasey Q7028078
Nicolas Perony animal scientist; models the movement of animal groups scientist male nicholas_perony Q23727944
Nicole Paris and Ed Cage beatboxing duo, daughter and father beatboxing United States of America nicole_paris Q24054775
Niels Diffrient American designer architect 1928-09-06 male United States of America niels_diffrient Q3277342
Nigel Marsh author and marketer writer male nigel_marsh Q23783481
Nikolai Begg mechanical engineer; rethinking medical devices male nikolai_begg Q23729145
Nilofer Merchant corporate director, author writer female nilofer_merchant Q23670940
Nina Fedoroff American biologist university teacher
1942 female United States of America nina_fedoroff Q4494049
Nina Jablonski.JPG
Nina Jablonski anthropologist and palaeobiologist, known for her research into the evolution of skin color in humans anthropologist
university teacher
1953-08-20 female United States of America nina_jablonski Q16730096
Nina Tandon.jpg
Nina Tandon tissue engineering researcher scientist female nina_tandon Q23657225
Nirmalya Kumar.JPG
Nirmalya Kumar Indian academic and businessman 1960-03-08 male India nirmalya_kumar Q7040060
Nizar Ibrahim paleontologist scientist male nizar_ibrahim Q23769268
Noah Feldman.jpg
Noah Feldman American academic, educator, political writer 1970 male United States of America noah_feldman Q1959850
Noah Wilson-Rich beekeeper; studies bees and bee diseases; founded Best Bees Company male noah_wilson_rich Q23663073
Nonny de la Peña female nonny_de_la_pena Q18354191
Nora York performance artist; singer-songwriter musician female nora_york Q23797707
Noreena Hertz - Trento - 1.JPG
Noreena Hertz British economist economist
1967-09-24 female United Kingdom noreena_hertz Q94555
Norman Foster 1.jpg
Norman Foster British architect architect
1935-06-01 male United Kingdom norman_foster Q104898
Norman Lear.jpg
Norman Lear American television writer and producer television producer
film producer
1922-07-27 male United States of America norman_lear Q1270283
Norman Spack American endocrinologist endocrinologist male norman_spack Q7052808
Noy Thrupkaew journalist journalist female noy_thrupkaew Q23769298
Ogyen Trinley Dorje in Washington.jpg
Ogyen Trinley Dorje Tibetan Lama poet 1985-06-26 male People's Republic of China his_holiness_the_17th_karmapa Q465033
OK Go American alternative rock band ok_go Q736107
Ola Rosling Swedish statistician; director and co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation. 1975-11-01 male ola_rosling Q22280133
Ólafur Elíasson Berlinale 2017.jpg
Olafur Eliasson Danish-Icelandic artist artist
1967-02-05 male Denmark olafur_eliasson Q365691
Ole Scheeren in Frankfurt.20130525.jpg
Ole Scheeren German architect architect 1971 male Germany ole_scheeren Q67031
Oliver Sacks British neurologist and writer writer
science communicator
university teacher
1933-07-09 male United Kingdom oliver_sacks Q258662
OluTimehin Adegbeye writer writer 1991-10-03 female Nigeria olutimehin_adegbeye Q32537994
Omar Ahmad Mayor of San Carlos, California chief technology officer
chief executive officer
1964-06-25 male United States of America omar_ahmad Q7089622
Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve British philosopher philosopher
university teacher
1941-08-23 female United Kingdom onora_o_neill Q336089
Onyx Ashanti musician; inventor of "beatjazz" musician male onyx_ashanti Q23656126
Oren Yakobovich human-rights activist; co-founder of Videre male oren_yakobovich Q23759585
Ory Okolloh Kenyan activist, lawyer, and blogger lawyer
Internet activist
1977 female Kenya ory_okolloh Q49275
P. Dee Boersma conservation biologist biologist female dee_boersma Q16971310
P W Singer Political Scientist and International Relations Expert (26294536015).jpg
P. W. Singer American political scientist political scientist 1974 male United States of America p_w_singer Q320696
Paddy Ashdown 3.jpg
Paddy Ashdown British politician and diplomat politician
1941-02-27 male United Kingdom paddy_ashdown Q333066
Pamela Meyer American author, certified fraud examiner, and entrepreneur female pamela_meyer Q21063835
March for Science San Francisco 20170422-4376.jpg
Pamela Ronald American geneticist geneticist 1961 female United States of America pamela_ronald Q7129246
Pam Warhurst at TDC12.jpg
Pamela Warhurst cofounder of Incredible Edible; TED speaker 1950 female United Kingdom pam_warhurst Q7129276