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In this data donation, the conference organization TED conferences (Q189021) has released metadata of their hosted TED talks on Wikidata, and this is their first collaboration with Wikimedia projects. TED is committed to enabling more people to learn from these educational talks and they have a wider community of volunteers that transcribe and subtitle these talks in various languages. Part of the data release includes translated titles and translated short descriptions. More about the collaboration can found at outreach:TED conferences.

Wikipedians in Residence[edit]

As of February 2016, TED has appointed two Wikipedians in Residence, Jane Darnell (User:Jane023) and Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing).


For a list of Wikidata-related activities conducted as part of these residencies, please see /Diary.

TED speakers and articles about them in Wikipedia projects[edit]

The column "Trans" indicates whether for that language translated titles were added to Wikidata from the TED data donation (Y=Yes). Note that for those languages for which the Listeria bot is available, I have created lists in my userspace for both the TED speakers and the TED talks. Don't see your language? Add a request for your language on the Talk page and I will make lists and update the table.

TED speakers Trans %female total M total F list of speakers list of talks
TED metadata 30.75% 1225 544 d:Wikidata:TED/TED speakers d:Wikidata:TED/Ted Talks
enwiki Y 29.46% 807 337 en:User:Jane023/TED speakers en:User:Jane023/TED talks
frwiki Y 23.64% 365 113 fr:Utilisateur:Jane023/TED orateurs fr:Utilisateur:Jane023/TED Talks
dewiki Y 24.71% 384 126 de:Benutzerin:Jane023/TED Redner de:Benutzerin:Jane023/TED talks
jawiki Y 18.92% 210 49 ja:利用者:Jane023/TED speakers list in Japanese
kowiki Y 23.43% 134 41 ko:사용자:Jane023/TED speakers list in Korean
fawiki Y 26.00% 185 65 fa:کاربر:Jane023/TED speakers list in Farsi
ptwiki Y 20.07% 223 56 pt:Usuária:Jane023/TED speakers list in Portuguese
ruwiki Y 21.81% 233 65 ru:Участник:Jane023/TED оратори ru:Участник:Jane023/TED речи
trwiki Y 20.95% 117 31 tr:Kullanıcı:Jane023/TED speakers list in Turkish
viwiki Y 22.09% 67 19 vi:Thành viên:Jane023/TED speakers list in Vietnamese
zhwiki Y 22.50% 186 54 zh:User:Jane023/TED speakers list in Chinese
eswiki Y 21.88% 275 77 es:Usuario:Jane023/TED speakers es:Usuario:Jane023/TED talks
nlwiki 21.38% 228 62 nl:Gebruiker:Jane023/TED sprekers nl:Gebruiker:Jane023/TED talks
svwiki 26.01% 219 77 sv:Användare:Jane023/TED föreläser sv:Användare:Jane023/TED talks
itwiki 20.23% 276 70 it:Utente:Jane023/TED speakers it:Utente:Jane023/TED talks
cawiki 24.46% 139 45 ca:Usuària:Jane023/TED speakers ca:Usuària:Jane023/TED talks
cywiki 19.57% 37 9 cy:Defnyddiwr:Jane023/TED speakers cy:Defnyddiwr:Jane023/TED talks
huwiki 18.58% 92 21 hu:Szerkesztő:Jane023/TED speakers
dawiki 18.66% 109 25 da:Bruger:Jane023/TED speakers
commons commons:List of TED Speakers
astwiki 19.35% 25 6 ast:Usuariu:Jane023/TED speakers
euwiki 16.67% 65 13 eu:Lankide:Jane023/TED speakers
gawiki 13.51% 32 5 ga:Úsáideoir:Jane023/TED speakers
gdwiki 8.33% 11 1 gd:Cleachdaiche:Jane023/TED speakers
glwiki 16.18% 57 11 gl:Usuario:Jane023/TED speakers
ltwiki 11.11% 48 6 lt:Naudotojas:Jane023/TED speakers
lvwiki 18.64% 48 11 lv:Dalībnieks:Jane023/TED speakers
ndswiki 12.50% 14 2 nds:Bruker:Jane023/TED speakers
nowiki 20.90% 140 37 no:Bruker:Jane023/TED speakers
srwiki 23.08% 60 18 sr:Корисник:Jane023/TED speakers

The Data[edit]

For an incomplete list of metadata per Ted talk, see Wikidata:TED/TED metadata
For the currently uploaded data per TED talk (Q23011722), see Wikidata:TED/Ted Talks (listeria list)
For the currently uploaded data per TED Global talk (Q23058950), see Wikidata:TED/TED Global talks (listeria list)
For the currently uploaded data per hosted TEDx talk (Q23058953) (note TEDx talks are not generally organized by TED, but they can be promoted by TED or awarded a TED quality status and are then hosted), see Wikidata:TED/TEDx Talks (listeria list)
For the list of TED speakers, see Wikidata:TED/TED speakers

Conference events added to Wikidata[edit]

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Types of talk[edit]

TED Topics[edit]

All topics linked to the most relevant item, using TED topic ID (P2612), see list.