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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-12-20.



Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

Did you know?[edit]


Happy Holidays (5318408861).jpg
  • Happy holidays from the dev team, everyone :)
  • ~=[,,_,,]:3
  • Enabled other projects sidebar feature as default on Italian Wikipedia
  • Deployed new code to Wikidata, including performance improvements, language fallback, and property data type
  • Fixed some small issues that popped up after deployment
  • Ongoing work on performance improvements (batched label lookup)
  • Ongoing work on the JavaScript widgets needed for the planned redesign
  • Ongoing work on the WikibaseJavaScriptApi extension that was split from the Wikibase code base
  • Finished tree of life
  • Some more work on support for units
  • Closed/checked even more ‘testme’ bugs on Phabricator
  • Wikidata Query has gotten a number of stability fixes. To increase availability and performance we now have multiple instances of it with a load balancer in front of it.
  • The data for the entity suggester has been updated. Suggestions when adding new statements should be even better now.

You can see all open bugs related to Wikidata here

Monthly Tasks[edit]

Anything to add? Please share! :)