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match interval[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Sports

   Done: match interval (P6887) (Talk and documentation)
Descriptionthe part of a match when an event takes place
Representsmatch interval (Q62521854)
Data typeItem
Domainassociation football match (Q16466010) or other types of sporting event (Q16510064)
Allowed valuesextra time (Q186982), first half (Q62521848), second half (Q62521875) or another instance of match interval (Q62521854)
Example 1Norway v Sweden (Q62477322)points/goal scored by (P1363)Ola Kamara (Q3672746) → qualifier match time of event (P1390) 97 minute; qualifier match interval second half (Q40719707)
Example 2Italy v Liechtenstein (Q62477788)points/goal scored by (P1363)Fabio Quagliarella (Q45900) → qualifier match time of event (P1390) 48 minute; qualifier match interval first half (Q40719687)
Planned usedisambiguate points/goal scored by (P1363) for matches in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers; possibly extend to other sporting events covered during the past few years


As pointed out in Property_talk:P1390#Stoppage_Time, there is an ambiguity to the values of qualifier match time of event (P1390) as used for the property points/goal scored by (P1363) or significant event (P793) in items of type association football match (Q16466010). A goal or an event that occurs during stoppage time of the first half is usually recorded by the sports media as occurring at time index e.g. 45+2 minutes, rather than 47 minutes, to distinguish it from an event that may take place during the second half. The type of values allowed by match time of event (P1390) do not allow us to enter an expression, so our data remains ambiguous.

I therefore propose this property to clarify it. Thus, a value of points/goal scored by (P1363) qualified by match time of event (P1390) 47 minutes and match interval first half (Q40719687) would clearly have occurred during stoppage time, thus the user would know to display it as 45+2 and/or include it in the statistics for the first half.

In this form, this qualifier property is useful for any other sport where the ambiguity exists; it can also record events such as yellow/red cards granted in periods without time index, such as during a penalty shoot-out (Q2691960).  —Andreitalk 12:52, 27 March 2019 (UTC)