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egg incubation period[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Natural science

Descriptionamount of time needed for incubation of eggs for this animal taxon (birds, fish, reptiles, monotremes)
Representsincubation (Q30087829)
Data typeQuantity
DomainAny taxon (Q16521) able of oviparity (Q212306)
Allowed unitsday (Q573), week (Q23387), month (Q5151)
Example 1Turdus migratorius (Q460967) → 13 day
Example 2Varanus komodoensis (Q4504) → 49 day
Example 3platypus (Q15343) → 17 day
SourceAnAge (Q78161166), etc.
See alsogestation period (P3063)


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