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Aim and Scope[edit]

The aim of the project is to support the work of the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) Wikidata Working Group and create a public forum of discussion and project work.

The charge of the IFLA Wikidata Working Group is to aid the international library community in organizing around the Wikidata platform to leverage advocacy work and to encourage, support, and document best practices in the open sharing of bibliographic data.

The project more specifically serves to coordinate the following activities:

  • engage in advocacy and policy work with library decision makers to increase the use of Wikidata in libraries.
  • encourage best practices for the open sharing of bibliographic, authority and other metadata across platforms and systems through the creation of a discussion and documentation space
  • organize events in collaboration and coordination with IFLA, including the annual IFLA World Library Conference.
  • act as a bridge between IFLA Standing Committees and the Wikimedia community to develop and leverage relationships and relevant work
  • coordinate with relevant Wikidata communities
  • determine the needs of the professional library community to support work in Wikidata. Examples could include:
    • environmental scan of existing documents and projects
    • workflow documentation/best practices/training documentation
    • semantic mapping, that is, they should serve as a data element dictionary to which different communities may map their own sets of metadata
    • define a set of best practices to facilitate the reuse of identifiers, data conversion/crosswalks


This project has a limited 2-year timeline of January 2020 - December 2022.


The 2016 IFLA White Paper “Opportunities for Academic and Research Libraries and Wikipedia” states: “The potential of Wikidata to draw linked data and linked data authorities together across the world’s languages and many different ontologies and taxonomies has enormous potential to support researchers around the world.” Many libraries are increasingly taking advantage of the power of Wikidata, however, the lack of international coordination and communication is impeding this potential.

Ways to contribute[edit]

This space will provide mechanisms for community contribution as it develops.

IFLA Wikidata Working Group #1lib1ref Campaign[edit]

Campaign project planning and resources page.

During #1Lib1Ref Campaign, the group will organize five office hours in order to support users contributing to Wikidata during the campaign:

  • 5 May at 16:00 CEST/The Hague – 14:00 UTC-time (link - pwd 258070)
  • 12 May at 00:00 CEST /The Hague – 22:00 UTC-time (link - pwd 104435)
  • 19 May at 16:00 CEST/ The Hague - 14:00 UTC-time (link - pwd 235630)
  • 26 May at 08:00 CEST/The Hague – 06:00 UTC-time (link - pwd 281151)
  • 2 June at 00:00 CEST/The Hague - 22:00 UTC-time (link - pwd 113706)

To join our office hours, you can directly click on the link. If you wish to receive a calendar invitation for the office hours, register here or contact us: camille.francoise[@]

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