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  1. Danny Benjafield WMDE
  2. Ifeatu
  3. Jan Ainali
  4. Jon Amar
  5. Lucas Werkmeister
  6. Lydia Pintscher
  7. Mohammed Sadat Abdulai
  8. Tiago
  9. z. B.
  10. মাহির মোরশেদ


2024-01-17T17:02:38 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> We’ll try and fit this meeting within 1 hr
2024-01-17T17:02:55 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> In the first half we shall present the news around the development of Wikidata & Wikibase from the past quarter as well as other interesting non-dev things happening in the community then we will talk about what is coming up this quarter
2024-01-17T17:03:06 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> After those presentations, we will focus on your questions and have more discussions! Of course, you can already write during the presentation and we will try to respond simultaneuosly
2024-01-17T17:03:31 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> So, let's begin with what happened around development over the last 3 months. Starting with you @nightrose for #Wikidata :)
2024-01-17T17:03:38 <Lydia Pintscher> Hey everyone :)
2024-01-17T17:03:52 <Lydia Pintscher> Lots of things happened around Wikidata development. Here's a quick overview:
2024-01-17T17:04:43 <Lydia Pintscher> We had released the first pieces of the REST API early last year and have been expanding it since. By now it covers a lot of stuff you might want to do with Items and Properties, both getting data and editing it. If you have not yet, give it a try.
2024-01-17T17:04:56 <Lydia Pintscher> It's shaping up to be a good base for building applications now.
2024-01-17T17:05:14 <Lydia Pintscher> <link_preview_options> Here is the documentation of what you can do with the API right now:
2024-01-17T17:05:48 <Lydia Pintscher> We also continued working on EntitySchemas, specifically making it possible to link to them in statements. We are still stuck on some software architecture issues unfortunately.
2024-01-17T17:06:09 <Lydia Pintscher> Languages and language codes also got some love! \o/
2024-01-17T17:06:41 <Lydia Pintscher> We've started testing sessions with people for the new mul language code and I hope that is the last step before we can roll it out.
2024-01-17T17:07:22 <Lydia Pintscher> We also changed how we get languages for monolingual text statements and Lexemes. This means there are now a lot more languages supported. Check if yours is if it has been previously not supported.
2024-01-17T17:07:59 <Lydia Pintscher> And we adjusted the styling of how we show the language on monolingual text statements. This means it is now easier to see that it is not part of the value itself.
2024-01-17T17:09:01 <Lydia Pintscher> IP Masking was also a big topic. The WMF is working on no longer publicly showing IPs for non-logged in users. And that means we also have to make some changes in Wikibase to make sure we are not leaking IPs there in the future.
2024-01-17T17:09:57 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least we have worked on migrating a lot of our tools from the Wikit design system to the Codex design system.
2024-01-17T17:10:26 <Lydia Pintscher> And with that I am handing over to Danny to talk about what's going on in the area of Wikidata for the Wikimedia Projects.
2024-01-17T17:10:38 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Thank you Lydia :)
Hello Wikidata Community, we hope you’ve had a pleasant send-off to 2023 and a lovely start to 2024! Here are the updates from the last Quarter for Wikidata for Wikimedia Projects...
2024-01-17T17:11:27 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> HIRING:
We are pleased to announce 🎉 Cynthia Makonyango joining our team as Engineering Manager🥳 and will lead 2 teams of engineers in Fundraising Technology and Wikidata for Wikimedia Projects. Working in close collaboration with the PM 🧑‍💻, Ifeatu and UX R&D 🧑‍🎨, Elisha, our EM will assess the feasibility and complexity of developing solutions, fixes and features and setting up the development roadmap for the Engineers.
2024-01-17T17:12:10 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> We are currently advertising for 🤖 Software Engineer roles to build the products and features identified to improve Wikidata usage in Wikimedia projects.
2024-01-17T17:12:22 <Jonas Nordström> <new_chat_participant,new_chat_member,new_chat_members>
2024-01-17T17:13:52 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> If you or someone you know is interested, we would love for you to apply! 🤝 - that sums up the Development notes for the last Quarter. I'll be passing the mic over to Jon for all things Wikibase
2024-01-17T17:14:17 <Jon Amar> Hi all! thanks Danny :)
2024-01-17T17:15:05 <Jon Amar> So our engineering team has continued work improving and automating our testing suite. This to the end of increasing both our software’s reliability and speed to release.
2024-01-17T17:15:40 <Jon Amar> This work, among other optimizations to our releasing infrastructure, allowed us to successfully reach our goal of a one month release interval (triggered by Mediawiki’s releases) for the second time in 2023.
2024-01-17T17:15:56 <Jon Amar> I;m re
2024-01-17T17:16:02 <Jon Amar> typo!
2024-01-17T17:16:37 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> Im referring to the 1.40. release which you can find more info on here :
2024-01-17T17:16:59 <Jon Amar> We’re currently working on the parity release for Mediawiki 1.41 and are on track to get that out to you by the end of January. :D
2024-01-17T17:17:25 <Jon Amar> On the team building front we also onboarded our final engineer (up to a team of four now!!) and our UX researcher joined our team in November!
2024-01-17T17:18:15 <Jon Amar> That's it on the Suite front. I'm also going to share a few updates for Wikibase Cloud.
2024-01-17T17:18:54 <Jon Amar> The Cloud engineering team has been been doing a lot of work on making QueryService more reliable
2024-01-17T17:19:58 <Jon Amar> and in general keeping the platform up as well as building processes and tools to monitor and react to down time more reliably
2024-01-17T17:20:23 <Jon Amar> They also continued investment into ElasticSearch.
2024-01-17T17:20:43 <Jon Amar> So overall a big focus on reliability of infrastructure
2024-01-17T17:21:16 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options> If you havent seen it yet the Cloud team also released a beautiful new home page
2024-01-17T17:22:00 <Jon Amar> That's it for the Wikibase portfolio, back to Mohammed!
2024-01-17T17:22:10 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Thanks Jon
2024-01-17T17:22:25 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> so aside from development, other interesting things happened in the Wikidata & Wikibase communities last quarter
2024-01-17T17:22:42 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> There were 5 admin requests on Wikidata and 4 were successful. Welcome to our new admins Hjart, S8321414, EPIC, WikiBayer \o/
2024-01-17T17:22:53 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> we also saw 11 out of 15 newly approved bots running a variety of tasks to make Wikidata better. Thanks to everyone involved in this process
2024-01-17T17:23:07 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> WikidataCon happened and the program was awesome \o/ Thanks to the team at Wikimedia Taiwan for helping with the organizing and to all of you who joined in, gave talks or organized satellite events in your local communities. You can find a replay of the event here Wikidata:WikidataCon 2023
2024-01-17T17:23:26 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> We also organized Data Modelling Days to discuss how editors describe and organize data on Wikidata. We were pleased with the attendance and the broad range of modeling challenges topics that were covered in the sessions. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. You can find the event documentation (slides, videos and notes) links here Wikidata:Events/Data Modelling Days 2023
2024-01-17T17:23:42 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> In 2024 we’re planning a new type of event series. We shall call it “🚀 Wikidata Leveling Up Days 🏂. It's going to be an event focused on bringing people to the same level of knowledge on a selection of useful Wikidata topics and tools. we will experiment on new formats in order to provide high quality and didactic workshops! Stay tuned on our usual channels for updates on this special event
2024-01-17T17:23:58 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> we were at WikiIndaba last November and met a few of you. m:WikiIndaba conference 2023 . Many thanks to all those who organised sessions or meetups related to Wikidata
2024-01-17T17:23:58 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> and also to everyone who is organising or talking about Wikidata everywhere
2024-01-17T17:24:12 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> This quarter saw the development of many new tools and increased attention on some existing ones that you might have missed:
2024-01-17T17:24:22 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> Luthor ( --> a tool by @abartov for finding usage examples from Wikisource and adding them to Lexemes on Wikidata
2024-01-17T17:24:30 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> Wikidata Lexeme Forms ( --> by @lucaswerkmeister was upgraded to autogenerate the different forms of a regular word with functions from Wikifunctions
2024-01-17T17:24:37 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata:The Surrounding Ocean --> allows you to browse lexicographical data and explore words and their meanings, translations, and synonyms. @vrandecic would appreciate your feedback to fix any issues with the tool
2024-01-17T17:24:49 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Looking for a fun way to edit Wikidata on your commute? we've got you covered
2024-01-17T17:24:57 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Magnus and Mike Peel added new Wikidata-distributed games that you should check out:
2024-01-17T17:25:04 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> Duplicate authors ( --> to identify duplicate Items for researchers)
2024-01-17T17:25:11 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> New Wikiquote article and category matches ( --> to add links to Wikiquote to Wikidata)
2024-01-17T17:25:21 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> And then a userscript also by Magnus User:Magnus Manske/annas_archive.js --> that allows you to automatically links to Anna's Archive from Wikidata items for books and research articles, for title, DOI, ISBN, etc. so that people can easily get access to them
2024-01-17T17:25:37 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Among the newest WikiProjects started over the quarter were:
2024-01-17T17:25:40 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata:WikiProject Manuscripts --> to coordinate efforts on Wikidata to gather and curate structured data on manuscripts
2024-01-17T17:25:49 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata:Podcast Episodes 2024 --> to add episode pages for individual podcasts
2024-01-17T17:25:58 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Wikidata:Events and Role Frames --> to establish consistent event and participant properties
2024-01-17T17:26:09 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> WikiProjects are great places to collaborate with others on a specific topic to improve Wikidata
2024-01-17T17:26:15 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Check them out here Wikidata:WikiProjects and add new ones to the Wikidata Weekly summary so others can find them and join join you
2024-01-17T17:26:31 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> If you’ve got something noteworthy happening in your existing WikiProject, we have a new section in the weekly summary for you to highlight that
2024-01-17T17:26:49 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Lastly, here are a couple of interesting things to read and watch:
2024-01-17T17:26:59 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> 23 Linked Data Things ( --> a resource for those working with libraries to learn more about linked data principles and explore how linked data can transform the way we think about metadata
2024-01-17T17:27:07 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> Agreeing to agree: Roundtripping people identifiers with Wikidata ( --> The Te Papa Museum of New Zealand shows how Wikidata is being used to verify subjects when sharing Collections and data between sources
2024-01-17T17:27:32 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> African Librarians empowered to share knowledge and enhance information visibility through AfLIA Wikidata Online Course ( --> How African librarians got trained in using Wikidata to enhance the visibility of library collections
2024-01-17T17:27:46 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> Wikidata Basics with SPARQL access to analyse data from Wikidata ( --> a gentle Wikidata introduction Wikimania replay by @abartov
2024-01-17T17:27:52 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> How to use Wikidata to build web tools for the social good -->
2024-01-17T17:27:56 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <wikilinksbot> "<link_preview_option…" <message_thread_id> (⇒ Wikidata:WikiProject Podcast Episodes 2024)
2024-01-17T17:28:01 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> <link_preview_options> Scholia - a profiling tool to explore scholarly knowledge -->
2024-01-17T17:28:10 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> If you want to know more about the cool things that other community members are doing, or add more to the list then subscribe to the d:Wikidata:Status updates. To everyone everyone who contributes content in there, thank you so much <3
2024-01-17T17:28:52 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <wikilinksbot> "<link_preview_option…" <message_thread_id> (⇒ Wikidata:WikiProject Events and Role Frames)
2024-01-17T17:29:22 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Danny what do you have on your side?
2024-01-17T17:29:46 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Thanks Mohammed....I managed to get a quick nap in during that mammoth update of Wikidata!
2024-01-17T17:30:24 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> So many things happening, really cool to see! As for Wikidata for Wikimedia projects...we also attended 💻Data Modelling Days ‘23 ( and hosted a session to collect feedback on ‘How to help enforce consistent modelling with automated list generation’ - the video recording is available here:
2024-01-17T17:31:15 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> 🎤 Interview: Our fledgling project and team is crying out for input from the Wikimedia Community... we are still accepting sign-ups for our background research into Wikidata integrations to Wikimedia projects. If you’d like to share your experiences, problems, suggestions and thoughts, please sign up:
2024-01-17T17:32:26 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Your input doesn't only have to be from an interview however...⌨️ Get in touch! We welcome and encourage you to write to us if you have thoughts or feedback about Wikidata’s integration. Your comments are passed to our UX Researcher and help guide our focus areas to deepen Wikidata integrations to sibling projects:
A dedicated Feedback section on our Project page:
2024-01-17T17:33:12 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> I will also be posting for Valerie today who sadly couldn't join us. So there's are the updates for Non-Dev items for Wikibase.Cloud and Suite:
2024-01-17T17:33:39 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> There is an upcoming event for ‘Working with Cultural Data online’ on January 18th:
2024-01-17T17:34:12 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> Upcoming Live Session on 25th of January, sharing insights from survey results and upcoming plans
2024-01-17T17:34:19 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Check out survey results from end of the year survey here:
2024-01-17T17:34:47 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> And finally....we completed and published our report on ‘Learning with Wikibase Partners Outside the EU and North America’ (

This included a pilot program called “train the trainers” which resulted in 40 new librarians being tutored in the use of Wikibase by their peers.
2024-01-17T17:35:53 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> now lets talk about whats coming next for Q1, @Lydia?
2024-01-17T17:36:40 <Lydia Pintscher> For the next quarter we'll continue to work on adapting Wikibase for the upcoming IP Masking
2024-01-17T17:36:54 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll also poke more at the new datatype for EntitySchemas.
2024-01-17T17:36:54 <z. B.> reply to <wikilinksbot> "<link_preview_option…" <message_thread_id> first good joke by the bot here - no ?
2024-01-17T17:37:12 <Lydia Pintscher> And After we finished the testing we'll roll out the mul language code support.
2024-01-17T17:37:20 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <z. B.> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> surely not, @mahir256 makes it say funnier things all the time!
2024-01-17T17:38:01 <মাহির মোরশেদ> Q8057145
2024-01-17T17:38:02 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least we will start putting more effort into developer advocacy to get more developers to build cool and useful applications on top of Wikidata's data. We'll start with documetnation improvements.
2024-01-17T17:38:15 <Lydia Pintscher> How about the Wikibase side of things, Jon?
2024-01-17T17:39:02 <Tiago> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "And After we finishe…" <message_thread_id> woohoo, nice!
2024-01-17T17:39:08 <z. B.> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "And last but not lea…" <message_thread_id> Wikidata ...and Wikibase.Cloud also?
2024-01-17T17:39:50 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <z. B.> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> We're focusing on Wikidata at this point but I'll see what could be useful for cloud as well.
2024-01-17T17:40:24 <Jon Amar> We're excited for the next couple of months. While the engineering team gets the 1.41 release out, our new UX Researcher is going to start investigating what we can do in terms of improving bulk import into Wikibase
2024-01-17T17:41:17 <Jon Amar> We're also going to be working to improve our documentation, particularly around the docker install process which has improved a lot these last months but needs an update on wiki
2024-01-17T17:42:45 <Jon Amar> Those are the big focus areas for Suite. For Cloud the split this year is meant to be roughly 60% on infrastructure and 40% on new features
2024-01-17T17:43:37 <Jon Amar> so continued focus on QueryService, ElasticSearch and automating deployment pipeline
2024-01-17T17:44:30 <Jon Amar> The cloud team will also be working on MVPs around importing data models into your instance from other instances
2024-01-17T17:45:05 <Jon Amar> as well as a more informative pre-filled MediaWiki homepage to help new Cloud instances start with more useful defaults
2024-01-17T17:45:37 <Jon Amar> Back to Mohammed!
2024-01-17T17:45:56 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> cool cool. that was all the updates from us. Today we have plenty of time for comments and feedback.
2024-01-17T17:45:59 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Anything on your mind? You’re welcome to ask.
2024-01-17T17:47:34 <z. B.> Is there a reason why Wikidata and Wikibase team will not use multilingual support in Discourse Forum software to accumulate FAQs?
2024-01-17T17:48:08 <Jan Ainali> reply to <z. B.> "Is there a reason wh…" <message_thread_id> Which discourse?
2024-01-17T17:49:07 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> reply to <z. B.> "Is there a reason wh…" <message_thread_id> for wikidata it'd make sense to have the docs on wiki so they can easily be translated. no?
2024-01-17T17:49:54 <z. B.> reply to <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> Do they get translated?
2024-01-17T17:50:23 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> sometimes they do, but definitely more can be done
2024-01-17T17:50:31 <Jan Ainali> reply to <z. B.> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> A lot, yes. But it varies per language
2024-01-17T17:50:42 <Lucas Werkmeister> I see plenty of translations at Help:FAQ
2024-01-17T17:51:04 <Jan Ainali> reply to <z. B.> "<message_thread_id> …" <message_thread_id> To flip it, What are you missing translations for that would require an entire new platform?
2024-01-17T17:51:07 <z. B.> <link_preview_options>
2024-01-17T17:51:25 <Jon Amar> same thing for Wikibase at the moment. we're currently investing in improving the docs there and as Mohammed said they can be translated on wiki. most of the core docs have been translated into multiple languages
2024-01-17T17:51:34 <Jon Amar> <link_preview_options>
2024-01-17T17:52:06 <z. B.> <link_preview_options>
2024-01-17T17:52:22 <z. B.> both underused
2024-01-17T17:53:19 <Jon Amar> is there a particular language or missing feature youre thinking of? we're invested in these being useful for you.
2024-01-17T17:54:29 <z. B.> I have issue supporting content providers and archivists to start using (Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian-Montenegrin language spectrum), technical folks can formulate questions better even if not proficient in English, but not newbies (it is intimidating they say as there is no confidence in jargon)
2024-01-17T17:56:15 <Jon Amar> really happy to dig into this in more detail. i'll speak with the team about it and i'd love to speak in more detail at the next live session if you can attend
2024-01-17T17:58:56 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> anything cool you wanna brag about? this is your chance
2024-01-17T17:59:25 <Lydia Pintscher> Anything cool you're working on that you wanna share?
2024-01-17T18:00:15 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> or any special event in your community you want people to know about?
2024-01-17T18:00:34 <Lydia Pintscher> <link_preview_options> Not my but Magnus' thing: I think this is a really cool use of Wikidata, Commons, Internet Archive and more
2024-01-17T18:00:52 <Jan Ainali> reply to <Johannes Scherman> "As of today, Wikidat…" <message_thread_id> This ^
2024-01-17T18:00:56 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> reply to <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> "or any special event…" <message_thread_id> ^^ We are always hungry for content to share in the Wikidata Summary
2024-01-17T18:00:58 <মাহির মোরশেদ> I've begun adding more lexemes to Wikidata:Showcase_lexemes, so that @Benny_Danjerfield can add something to the status updates from there 😊
2024-01-17T18:02:21 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> cool stuff
2024-01-17T18:03:12 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> we're almost out of time, anything else?
2024-01-17T18:03:16 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Before we go I just want to send a shoutout to @Mahir for revamping the Wikidata:Lexicographical data/Documentation pages and to everyone helping with that <3
2024-01-17T18:03:31 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Also to @Epìdosis for starting your own live Wikiata editing sessions in Italian. Keep them coming \o/
2024-01-17T18:06:14 <Owen Blacker (he/him)> <new_chat_participant,new_chat_member,new_chat_members>
2024-01-17T18:06:18 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> Alright folks, today was fun. thanks everyone for attending. if you have any more questions or comments you can always reach out to us
2024-01-17T18:06:24 <Jon Amar> thanks all!!
2024-01-17T18:06:28 <Lydia Pintscher> Thank you everyone! :)
2024-01-17T18:06:34 <Ifeatu> Thanks everyone :D
2024-01-17T18:06:35 <Mohammed Sadat Abdulai> see you all next time
2024-01-17T18:06:48 <Lucas Werkmeister> see you!
2024-01-17T18:08:08 <z. B.> thank you
2024-01-17T18:08:13 <Danny Benjafield WMDE> <link_preview_options> Thank you all for attending, look forward to seeing you at the next one! Got a question about the Wikidata for Wikimedia Project / Team?
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