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  • Alessandro Marzocchi
  • Auregann
  • bozzy
  • dominique labar
  • envlh
  • ghuron
  • HakanISTwm
  • iamsabas
  • infovarius
  • JeroenDeDauw
  • lucaswerkmeister
  • mahir256
  • Nicolas VIGNERON
  • Nightrose
  • Pascal
  • PaulaPKM
  • prtksxna
  • Sam Alipio
  • Scott_WUaS
  • skralin
  • Tpt93


2020-01-22T17:01:06 <Léa ~ Auregann> Hello everyone, and welcome to the Wikidata & Wikibase office hour \o/
2020-01-22T17:01:11 <Lucas Werkmeister> \o/
2020-01-22T17:01:14 <Lydia Pintscher> \o/
2020-01-22T17:01:23 <মাহির মোরশেদ> \o/
2020-01-22T17:01:26 <Envel Le Hir> \o/
2020-01-22T17:01:32 <Jeroen> ~=[,,_,,]:3
2020-01-22T17:02:15 <Léa ~ Auregann> I will be your host tonight for... yeah alright let's go straight to the program. We'll start with an overview of what happened over the past few months (~15min), then we will present you the development roadmap for 2020 (20min) and finally we'll have some time for questions and discussions
2020-01-22T17:02:41 <Léa ~ Auregann> But first of all, please give a warm welcome to Sam our new Wikibase product manager!
2020-01-22T17:02:54 <Sam Alipio> Hello everyone! SO happy to be here
2020-01-22T17:03:14 <Envel Le Hir> Welcome Sam \o/
2020-01-22T17:03:16 <Scott GK MacLeod> Hello Lea and Lydia and Wikidatans / Wikibasins! :)
2020-01-22T17:03:19 <Paula Marmor> Hi Sam!
2020-01-22T17:03:31 <মাহির মোরশেদ> Hello Sam!
2020-01-22T17:03:33 <Jeroen> Such Sam
2020-01-22T17:03:35 <dominique labar> welcome
2020-01-22T17:03:45 <Sam Alipio> 👋
2020-01-22T17:03:51 <Léa ~ Auregann> So, let's start with what happened since the last office hour in November on the development side :)
2020-01-22T17:03:52 <Lucas Werkmeister> welcome Sam! 🎉
2020-01-22T17:04:28 <Léa ~ Auregann> During our research on the feature originally called signed statements, we discover that a very important need for all users is to make sure that people don’t edit a value without updating the existing references. We developed the first version of a feature called tainted references/mismatched references, that shows a notification to the user in that case. The feature was deployed on, you can learn more and give feedback here:
2020-01-22T17:04:29 <Hakan> Welcome Sam
2020-01-22T17:04:35 <Léa ~ Auregann> We continued working on the Wikidata Bridge. We created some new prototypes, shared the test system, gave more details about what the first version of the feature will include or not: Most of our work at the moment is to cover the various cases where the user can’t edit, we’re also working on displaying references in a nice way.
2020-01-22T17:04:48 <Léa ~ Auregann> We’re almost done with migrating the wb_terms table! We encountered various problems that made it longer than expected, but we’re close to our goal now \o/
2020-01-22T17:05:03 <Léa ~ Auregann> We worked on various documentation tasks around Wikibase: we restructured a bit the website and worked on describing configuration options
2020-01-22T17:05:16 <Léa ~ Auregann> The Query Service lag now affects maxlag. You may need to retry/reset error multiple times when you run QuickStatement or OpenRefine in busy hours.
2020-01-22T17:05:26 <Léa ~ Auregann> We improved the format of edit summaries coming from wbeditentity API (eg coming from the mobile termbox)
2020-01-22T17:05:37 <Léa ~ Auregann> And of course, we’re maintaining all kinds of things, trying to fix annoying issues that you report as soon as possible :)
2020-01-22T17:06:30 <Léa ~ Auregann> Now, here are some things about the community and the team
2020-01-22T17:07:05 <Léa ~ Auregann> Wikidata’s birthday 🎂 is happening in October, you’re all encouraged to organize a celebration event in your area, and now is actually a good time to start thinking about it, especially if you want to get funded:
2020-01-22T17:07:22 <Léa ~ Auregann> A new gadget, "Show UnpatrolledEdits", was added to Preferences
2020-01-22T17:07:52 <Léa ~ Auregann> As usual, plenty of new tools were created (if you want to follow more precisely what's happening, you can read the Weekly Summary!)
2020-01-22T17:08:03 <Léa ~ Auregann> WDumper, generating customized Wikidata RDF dumps
2020-01-22T17:08:09 <Léa ~ Auregann> Dwynwen, adapted from Crotos, provides users with a search interface designed specifically for artworks and other visual digital content from Commons, using Wikidata
2020-01-22T17:08:49 <Léa ~ Auregann> Speaking about Weekly Summary: the next edition on Monday will be the 400th edition. You can help us collecting interesting facts here
2020-01-22T17:09:02 <Léa ~ Auregann> There are now over 2.5 million Wikidata Infoboxes in Commons categories \o/
2020-01-22T17:09:10 <Léa ~ Auregann> We created a subpage of “Contact the development team”, dedicated to the Query Service and Search, so the newly formed team at WMF (yay!) can browse your questions quickly
2020-01-22T17:09:29 <Léa ~ Auregann> We’re currently hiring several new people to work on Wikidata and Wikibase: a Community Communication person, a Partner Relationship Manager. More info here (deadline to apply is this Sunday)
2020-01-22T17:09:38 <Léa ~ Auregann> Panandâ, a mobile app powered by Wikidata (and Wikimedia Commons), won the top prize in the App for Social Good category in the Android Masters 2019 competition organized by Google Developer Group Philippines
2020-01-22T17:09:55 <Léa ~ Auregann> As usual, a lot of conferences and events happened, where Wikidata and Wikibase were represented: Wikimedia Tech Summit, WikiTechStorm, hackathon in Zurich…
2020-01-22T17:10:03 <Léa ~ Auregann> Speaking about events, a call for proposals is running to support WikiCite events (deadline February 1st)
2020-01-22T17:10:22 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright, I hope I didn't flood you too much with information 😱
2020-01-22T17:10:34 <Léa ~ Auregann> And now, a few interesting things to read if you didn't look at them yet:
2020-01-22T17:10:40 <Léa ~ Auregann> Research Report – Use of Wikidata in GLAM institutions
2020-01-22T17:10:46 <Léa ~ Auregann> How can Structured Data on Commons, Wikidata, and Wikisource walk hand in hand?
2020-01-22T17:10:53 <Léa ~ Auregann> Context-aware Entity Linking with Attentive Neural Networks on Wikidata Knowledge Graph
2020-01-22T17:12:07 <Léa ~ Auregann> And now, a question for you: did any of you already tried the Wikidata Bridge (the click-dummies or the test system)?
2020-01-22T17:13:07 <Lydia Pintscher> If not then I'd love for some of you to have a look and tell us if you think it's still going in the right direction :)
2020-01-22T17:13:21 <Envel Le Hir> No. Where can we test it?
2020-01-22T17:14:00 <Léa ~ Auregann> Description and link are here:
2020-01-22T17:14:33 <GNU/boz> I've a question about Structured Data.
Can we use wbeditentity with M-ids?
2020-01-22T17:14:43 <Léa ~ Auregann> Do you have any questions so far?
2020-01-22T17:14:58 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <GNU/boz> "I've a question abou…" as far as I know yes
2020-01-22T17:15:07 <Lucas Werkmeister> as long as you target the Commons API endpoint, not Wikidata
2020-01-22T17:15:41 <Lucas Werkmeister> (I guess we don’t have an equivalent of the Wikidata Sandbox item, so I’m a bit hesitant to try it out right now ^^)
2020-01-22T17:15:52 <Andrew Zaikin> may be it would make sense to defer specific questions till the end of presentation?
2020-01-22T17:15:56 <GNU/boz> reply to <Lucas Werkmeister> "as far as I know yes" I also think that but I have not found the related notes about it
2020-01-22T17:16:30 <infovarius> reply to <Robin van der Vliet> "On ruwiki? Are they …" not in such way, just simplifying text in preambulas
2020-01-22T17:16:57 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright, let's continue to the roadmap! And we'll still have plenty of time at the end for questions
2020-01-22T17:17:20 <Lydia Pintscher> Yay :)
2020-01-22T17:17:33 <Lydia Pintscher> Ok let's look at some of the things that are coming up this year.
2020-01-22T17:17:52 <Lydia Pintscher> I'll only go over some highlights and Léa will share a link at the end to the full picture.
2020-01-22T17:18:00 <Nicolas VIGNERON> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "And now, a question …" yes (if it's the same as I tried during WIkimania)
2020-01-22T17:18:19 <Lydia Pintscher> So let's start with Wikidata as a platform - so Wikidata's data for the rest of the world.
2020-01-22T17:19:15 <Lydia Pintscher> One of the things I'd like to do is talk more to organisations using our data about the mistakes they find. I'd like to find ways with them how they can contribute back in a better way so that we benefit from all the work they do internally.
2020-01-22T17:19:39 <Lydia Pintscher> If you know of an organisation I should definitely add to my list to talk to please let me know.
2020-01-22T17:20:21 <Lydia Pintscher> Next we'll want to again look into automatically finding references for statements we already have. I'm thinking about using markup in news articles for example.
2020-01-22T17:20:32 <GNU/boz> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "If you know of an or…" (We can tell you now here or in pvt?)
2020-01-22T17:20:32 <Nicolas VIGNERON> Data roundtripping \o/ indeed important matter
2020-01-22T17:20:40 <Lydia Pintscher> \o/
2020-01-22T17:21:11 <Lydia Pintscher> And one last thing I want to highlight here is continuing to work on the quality scores for items.
2020-01-22T17:21:31 <Lydia Pintscher> Right now we already have everything in place to give every item a quality score automatically via ORES.
2020-01-22T17:21:58 <Lydia Pintscher> But the current scores still need to be tweaked so we get a better picture of what the quality of our data really looks like.
2020-01-22T17:22:34 <Lydia Pintscher> I don't think we'll be able to ever get a complete and perfect picture but I hope we can get pretty far. Then we can use that to find areas that need improvement and areas that we can highlight as awesome.
2020-01-22T17:23:13 <Lydia Pintscher> Then we want two tackle two areas that will hopefully make it easier to use Wikidata:
2020-01-22T17:23:33 <Scott GK MacLeod> :)
2020-01-22T17:23:34 <Lydia Pintscher> First we will continue our work on building a query builder so you can easily create lists of items etc.
2020-01-22T17:23:53 <Lydia Pintscher> and then we will spend time on fixing a lot of small and medium-size annoying usability issues.
2020-01-22T17:24:23 <Lydia Pintscher> If you have some of those that are really close to your heart please send me links afterwards and I can take them into our list for consideration.
2020-01-22T17:24:52 <Lydia Pintscher> That brings us to the second big area: Wikibase ecosystem
2020-01-22T17:25:10 <Sam Alipio> 🎉
2020-01-22T17:25:24 <Lydia Pintscher> Here we will work on Federation. At the end of last year we defined the first version and can now start coding.
2020-01-22T17:25:52 <Nicolas VIGNERON> \o/
2020-01-22T17:25:53 <Lydia Pintscher> In the first iteration we'll make it possible to use Wikidata's properties in another Wikibase instance and then build it out from there based on your and other's feedback.
2020-01-22T17:26:31 <Lydia Pintscher> On top of that we'll have to spend time on documenting all the little things you can tweak and configure once you have set up your Wikibase to make it really useful and usable.
2020-01-22T17:26:54 <Lydia Pintscher> I'm thinking about stuff like the sort order of properties on an item page or constraints etc.
2020-01-22T17:27:43 <Lydia Pintscher> Then we will have to figure out what exactly to do about Wikibase hosting. OpenCura seems to be well loved and going well. We'll have to make some decisions about how to move on with it and then work on that.
2020-01-22T17:28:12 <Prateek Saxena> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "Research Report – Us…" Thank you for sharing this 👍🏽
2020-01-22T17:28:50 <Lydia Pintscher> And last but not least for the Wikibase ecosystem we will have to figure out support structures and define them. For example if you're running your own Wikibase and need some custom development where do you go, where do you go to find someone to set up an instance for you and so on.
2020-01-22T17:29:07 <Lydia Pintscher> All of these will be conversations Sam among others will have with you.
2020-01-22T17:29:14 <Envel Le Hir> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "In the first iterati…" Will it possible to use properties from Wikidata only or from any Wikibase instance? (as long as you have access to it)
2020-01-22T17:29:43 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Envel Le Hir> "Will it possible to …" I don't think we need to restrict it so in theory any I guess.
2020-01-22T17:29:59 <Lydia Pintscher> Might need some config or setup but we'll have to see.
2020-01-22T17:30:11 <Lydia Pintscher> Are you interested in using another instance as property provider?
2020-01-22T17:30:12 <Envel Le Hir> Great :)
2020-01-22T17:31:19 <Lydia Pintscher> That brings us to the last area: Wikidata for the Wikimedia projects.
2020-01-22T17:32:08 <Lydia Pintscher> Here we will continue to build out the Wikidata Bridge and bring it to the first Wikipedias. That will be a very limited first version but hopefully useful nontheless and give us feedback on what to concentrate on next.
2020-01-22T17:32:34 <Lydia Pintscher> And we will enable Lua access to the lexicographical data so that for example Wiktionary can finally use the data.
2020-01-22T17:33:02 <Scott GK MacLeod> :)
2020-01-22T17:33:02 <Envel Le Hir> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Are you interested i…" I don't have a specific use case in mind at the moment, but I think it's important that what WMDE develop in Wikibase shouldn't be tied to Wikidata (and I know you're working hard for that).
2020-01-22T17:33:03 <Nicolas VIGNERON> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "And we will enable L…" yessss !
2020-01-22T17:33:27 <Lydia Pintscher> Right now from all of the above our focus is on the Wikidata Bridge and Federation.
2020-01-22T17:33:39 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Envel Le Hir> "I don't have a speci…" 👍
2020-01-22T17:33:46 <Lydia Pintscher> Would love to hear more later if you want.
2020-01-22T17:33:59 <Lydia Pintscher> About possible uses you have in mind.
2020-01-22T17:34:19 <Lydia Pintscher> Alright - Léa: link please :)
2020-01-22T17:34:35 <Léa ~ Auregann> Here we go! You'll find the details of the roadmap here:
2020-01-22T17:34:59 <Léa ~ Auregann> Feel free to look at it later and ask us questions at any time :)
2020-01-22T17:35:13 <Andrew Zaikin> I'm not sure whenever it falls in the hands of your team or another, but I really want to know whenever people are doing anything about increasing bandwidth of edit stream. My understanding is that right now edit rate is (slightly) limited by sql replication lag and severely limited by wdqs replication lag. Is this something you are planning to address in 2020?
To give you context, I'm in the middle of uploading a lot of astronomical data. In a good month I'm doing ~1M edits and still have ~7M edits to go (+planning to utilize various other sources). In theory I can load things at least x10 faster...
2020-01-22T17:35:57 <Lydia Pintscher> It does and doesn't fall on our team.
2020-01-22T17:36:30 <Lydia Pintscher> The problem isn't so much bandwith but paralelization of the query service updates and queries.
2020-01-22T17:36:55 <Lydia Pintscher> The search team at the WMF is working on that at the moment and trying to make sure this keeps working as Wikidata grows.
2020-01-22T17:37:11 <Lydia Pintscher> It's not easy however and they are looking at a lot of options for how to improve the situation.
2020-01-22T17:38:08 <Andrew Zaikin> I'd say strategically we need to find a replacement for blazegraph. The project is no longer active, no chance to get sparql 1.2 support, etc
2020-01-22T17:38:18 <Lydia Pintscher> Léa, me and they are in close touch and will give you an update as soon as there are new developments.
2020-01-22T17:39:44 <Lydia Pintscher> Finding alternatives to blazegraph is on the table but so far nothing is even close to being decided.
2020-01-22T17:40:07 <Lydia Pintscher> And I'd like us to have a clearer picture of the options that we can then also discuss with all of you first.
2020-01-22T17:40:28 <Léa ~ Auregann> Alright, we have ~20min for questions! Time to ask us anything you want :)
2020-01-22T17:40:33 <Pascal> Do you have an idea when we can finally show query results in Wikipedia?
2020-01-22T17:40:46 <Scott GK MacLeod> :)
2020-01-22T17:41:16 <T PT> reply to <Lucas Werkmeister> "as far as I know yes" Yes, it does work indeed
2020-01-22T17:41:23 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <GNU/boz> "I also think that bu…" User:Multichill (not on Telegram?) would know more, I think
2020-01-22T17:41:26 <Lucas Werkmeister> ah, TPT was faster ^^
2020-01-22T17:41:39 <Lydia Pintscher> The first thing we need for that is the query builder. Because of Wikipedian's can't write the queries they'll not be happy about including query results. And raw SPARQL is simply too hard for that.
2020-01-22T17:42:15 <Lydia Pintscher> So right now we're focusing on getting the query builder into a good state. And then use that as one of the building blocks for automated lists.
2020-01-22T17:43:36 <Nicolas VIGNERON> I'm on the fence about the query builder, by definition, it's really complicated to build the perfect builder.
Either it's too simple and you don't get the full "power" of SPARQL or it's pretty much as complicated as SPARQL itself.
So... I'm guessing: good luck to you :P
2020-01-22T17:44:00 <Nicolas VIGNERON> and I can't wait to see what it will look like !
2020-01-22T17:44:02 <Lydia Pintscher> Haha
2020-01-22T17:44:05 <Lydia Pintscher> Thank you :P
2020-01-22T17:44:10 <Lydia Pintscher> We'll need it.
2020-01-22T17:44:12 <Scott GK MacLeod> :)
2020-01-22T17:44:13 <Stefano> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "So right now we're f…" so offering a feature similar to listeria?
2020-01-22T17:44:34 <Lydia Pintscher> But more seriously: it will be difficult and maybe will turn out to not work. Then we'll have to figure out something else.
2020-01-22T17:44:46 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Stefano> "so offering a featur…" Yes.
2020-01-22T17:44:56 <Stefano> COOL!
2020-01-22T17:44:57 <Andrew Zaikin> Almost 2 years ago I proposed to extend existing lua API to retrieve items, that are linking to current item (e.g. to automatically build lists, disambiguous, etc). We had an interesting discussion, it looks like we might want to utilize elasticsearch here, but still nothing is planned. Is this something only ru-wiki is interested in? :)
2020-01-22T17:45:07 <Stanislav Kralin> Will WDHQS be officially supported one day?
2020-01-22T17:45:10 <মাহির মোরশেদ> Are there any planned improvements to ArticlePlaceholder (maybe to make it more Reasonator-ish)?
2020-01-22T17:46:06 <Scott GK MacLeod> Where does Wikidata stand, for ex., with Wiki Tree - - integration per their planning for a single family tree, presumably for all 7.5 billion people on planet, brainstorming-wise ... and so Wikidata Q-item #s or PIN#s (Personal Identification Numbers #) for all in Wikidata (and related Wikidata & wiki projects planning for all 7.5 billion people - per wiki WUaS too)?
2020-01-22T17:46:27 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Andrew Zaikin> "Almost 2 years ago I…" It's definitely not just ruwiki. I am aware of the requests but it's technically not trivial to do in a scalable way. We will look more into it as part of automated list building but I can't promise we'll be able to make it work.
2020-01-22T17:46:58 <Stefano> one issue I have with listeria is that there are a lot of items without a preferred rank in some statements, and no way to automate the choosing of a preferred one
2020-01-22T17:47:03 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Stanislav Kralin> "Will WDHQS be offici…" Given that we have our hands full with the "real" one I fear not anytime soon. Sorry.
2020-01-22T17:47:35 <Andrew Zaikin> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "It's definitely not …" I would be happy to discuss technically feasible subsets of this functionality in terms of "client" needs :)
2020-01-22T17:47:42 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "Are there any planne…" It's something I'd love to do but currently don't have enough people for to concentrate on. It could make for a great student project though if you know someone.
2020-01-22T17:48:36 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Scott GK MacLeod> "Where does Wikidata …" Wikidata will not be able to handle that many items and I am sure we don't want to get into the privacy and personal data issues associated with this.
2020-01-22T17:49:05 <মাহির মোরশেদ> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Wikidata will not be…" Thanks Andrew Gray for the pinned message in this channel!
2020-01-22T17:50:07 <Lucas Werkmeister> 🙏
2020-01-22T17:50:17 <Scott GK MacLeod> Thanks - would love to communicate further about this re Wikidata thinking per PIN#s or similar, Lydia!
2020-01-22T17:50:46 <Andrew Zaikin> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Wikidata will not be…" BTW I've read some proposals about offloading 30M "scientific articles" to another wikibase instance (to reduce load on the main one). Is it something you currently consider?
2020-01-22T17:52:19 <Lydia Pintscher> Yes this is something the WikiCite needs to finish discussing and figure out. There are options listed on but unfortunately not much movement since we had the discussion leading to the content of that page.
2020-01-22T17:52:29 <T PT> reply to <Stanislav Kralin> "Will WDHQS be offici…" WDHQS does not use at all the same software as the WDQS and is quite hard to keep working (it's mostly a hack writen for a research project). Making it usable would require a significant amount of work. But it's very nice to see you like it
2020-01-22T17:52:38 <Lydia Pintscher> I hope that everyone understands that the current situation isn't sustainable.
2020-01-22T17:52:59 <Lydia Pintscher> And we can work on improving it but that can only get us so far.
2020-01-22T17:53:25 <GNU/boz> reply to <Andrew Zaikin> "I'm not sure wheneve…" (I'm somehow scared by these numbers. I hope this data will be useful in Wikimedia projects!)
2020-01-22T17:53:42 <Stanislav Kralin> reply to <Lydia Pintscher> "Right now we already…" @Nightrose , what is ORES?
2020-01-22T17:54:05 <Andrew Zaikin> reply to <GNU/boz> "(I'm somehow scared …" I hope it will be usefull NOT ONLY in wikimedia project :)
2020-01-22T17:54:05 <Lydia Pintscher> It is a machine learning system built for Wikimedia.
2020-01-22T17:54:09 <Lydia Pintscher> Let me get you a link
2020-01-22T17:54:10 <GNU/boz>
2020-01-22T17:54:17 <Lydia Pintscher> <3
2020-01-22T17:54:50 <Lydia Pintscher> For Wikidata ORES does two things:
2020-01-22T17:55:13 <Lydia Pintscher> 1) look at every edit and try to determine how likely it is to be vandalism or an otherwise undesireable edit
2020-01-22T17:55:30 <Lydia Pintscher> 2) look at every item and try to determine the quality level it has reached
2020-01-22T17:56:07 <Léa ~ Auregann> Any more questions in the remaining few minutes?
2020-01-22T17:56:28 <Scott GK MacLeod> ORES is in MediaWiki - how great! ... and works on smartphones presumably re the link you shared- -?
2020-01-22T17:56:28 <Nicolas VIGNERON> what do I eat tonight? #importantquestion :D
2020-01-22T17:56:31 <Stanislav Kralin> reply to <T PT> "WDHQS does not use a…" I know :) RocksDB +RDF4J. Great project, thank you!
2020-01-22T17:56:45 <Lydia Pintscher> reply to <Nicolas VIGNERON> "what do I eat tonigh…" French fries? :D
2020-01-22T17:56:48 <Lucas Werkmeister> reply to <Nicolas VIGNERON> "what do I eat tonigh…" I heard tea is popular?
2020-01-22T17:56:58 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <Nicolas VIGNERON> "what do I eat tonigh…" Pasta is always the right answer to this question 🍝
2020-01-22T17:57:27 <মাহির মোরশেদ> Is there a possibility of adding ISO 15924 script codes or IETF language tags as representation codes for lexeme forms (rather than just using -x-Q... for everything)?
2020-01-22T17:57:45 <Jeroen> reply to <Nicolas VIGNERON> "what do I eat tonigh…" Nothing. Fasting is healthy ;)
2020-01-22T17:59:36 <Léa ~ Auregann> reply to <মাহির মোরশেদ> "Is there a possibili…" I don't think so. It's complicated because we have language lists all over the places, used for different things. We need to start by collecting all of these lists and where they are used. That's on our todolist.
2020-01-22T18:00:05 <Léa ~ Auregann> Thanks for all of your questions, we're closing this office hour now, but of course our "contact the development team" stays open for questions
2020-01-22T18:00:10 <Andrew Zaikin> thanks for this session, it was very helpful
2020-01-22T18:00:13 <Léa ~ Auregann> thanks to all participants and see you soon!
2020-01-22T18:00:18 <Léa ~ Auregann> 🎉
2020-01-22T18:00:20 <Nicolas VIGNERON> reply to <Léa ~ Auregann> "I don't think so. It…" great to hear, this point should definitely be on you radar
2020-01-22T18:00:24 <Scott GK MacLeod> ~300 languages in Wikidata ... how extensible is this to all 7111 known living languages?
2020-01-22T18:00:24 <Sam Alipio> Thanks everyone!
2020-01-22T18:00:35 <Envel Le Hir> thank you!
2020-01-22T18:00:36 <Lydia Pintscher> See you :)
2020-01-22T18:00:38 <Lydia Pintscher> ❤
2020-01-22T18:00:39 <Nicolas VIGNERON> Thanks
2020-01-22T18:00:41 <Scott GK MacLeod> Thanks so much !