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A collection of database reports relevant to the upkeep of Wikidata. Inspired by en:WP:DBR. Requests for new reports can be made on the talk page.

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Reports can be based on several sources:

Full database dumps
age depends on the availability of a new full dump. This can be less than a week ago, but sometimes grows to weeks or months.
For the last available ones, see . See also:
Incremental database dumps
these are made available daily and include most information since the last full dump.
For the last available ones, see . See also: status of today's incremental dump
Wikidata Query Service
Live query service lag is usually no more than a few minutes; on-wiki tables using {{Wikidata list}} are updated daily, with the option to look at the latest data or refresh the list manually
Wikidata API
This provides live data. See
Access to replicated production databases. See

Depending on the source used to generate the reports, these can be more or less up to date.