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ASC Leiden Thesaurus

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Christian denomination[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 African Orthodox Church Q384223 Christian denomination in United States of America, part of Episcopal Church, from 1921 294896953 Christian denomination United States of America
2 Christian Church Q34651 term used to refer to the whole worldwide group of people belonging to the Christian religious tradition 294904425 Christian denomination
3 Lutheranism Q75809 branch of Protestantism based on the teachings of Martin Luther 29492311X Christian denomination
4 Pentecostalism Q483978 renewal movement within Protestant Christianity 294931554 Christian denomination

Commonwealth realm[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Australia Q408 country in Oceania 294899545 Commonwealth realm
dominion of the British Empire
sovereign state
Jamaica flag 300.png
2 Jamaica Q766 country in the Caribbean 294918256 Commonwealth realm
island nation
sovereign state
3 New Zealand Q664 constitutional monarchy in Oceania 294928081 Commonwealth realm
dominion of the British Empire
sovereign state
island nation
New Zealand


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Рок-фестиваль Остров (город Архангельск). Звёзды Малой сцены.jpg
1 body art Q678649 art with the human body 29490199X Pu
2 cartoon Q627603 form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art 29790602X
Chinese bowel, Northern Sung dynesty, 11th or 12th century, porcelaneous pottery with celadon glaze, Honolulu Academy of Arts.jpg
3 decorative arts Q631931 arts or crafts concerned with the design and manufacture of functional, beautiful objects 294907262 Pu
Dama z gronostajem.jpg
4 portrait Q134307 artistic representation of one or more persons 294932844 Pu
Sainte chapelle - Upper level.jpg
5 religious art Q2864737 art that is religious in theme 29493457X Pu
6 rock art Q1211146 human-made markings on natural stone 29493524X Pu

South African bantustan[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Bophuthatswana Q158236 former bantustan in South Africa 294902244 South African bantustan
2 Ciskei Q379042 former bantustan in South Africa 294904530 South African bantustan
3 Gazankulu Q1348750 former bantustan in South Africa 294913238 South African bantustan
4 KaNgwane Q1433125 former bantustan in South Africa 29493975X South African bantustan
5 KwaNdebele Q1433142 former bantustan in South Africa 294920684 South African bantustan
6 Lebowa Q1433131 former bantustan in South Africa 294921729 South African bantustan South Africa
7 QwaQwa Q179548 former bantustan in South Africa 294934049 South African bantustan
8 Transkei Q466551 former bantustan in South Africa 294941606 South African bantustan
state with limited recognition
South Africa
9 Venda Q848668 former bantustan in South Africa 294943269 South African bantustan
ethnic group

UN agency[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Flag of ILO.svg
1 International Labour Organization Q54129 United Nations agency dealing with labour issues 294916474 UN agency
specialized agency of the United Nations
2 United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) Q487883 UN agency for sustainable development 294942394 UN agency Kenya

Wikimedia disambiguation page[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 agrarian reform Q681541 changes to agricultural land management 294897259 Wikimedia disambiguation page
2 Citizenship education Q5122784 Wikipedia disambiguation page 294904565 Wikimedia disambiguation page
3 Schoolgirl Q7432668 Wikipedia disambiguation page 294936424 Wikimedia disambiguation page
4 Serial Q415445 Wikimedia disambiguation page serials (form) Wikimedia disambiguation page
5 Smoking pipe Q11284464 Wikimedia disambiguation page 294937722 Wikimedia disambiguation page
6 Toll Q1247950 Wikipedia disambiguation page 294941150 Wikimedia disambiguation page

academic discipline[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 anthropology Q23404 science of humanity 294898670 academic discipline
academic major
Clavo de fundación.JPG
2 archaeology Q23498 the study of the past through material culture 294899014 academic discipline
academic major
Wfm stata center.jpg
3 architecture Q12271 both the process and product of planning, designing and construction 294899049 academic discipline
4 art history Q50637 the academic study of objects of art in their historical development 294899227 academic discipline
aspect of history
academic major
Blätter mit Eis (11400428245).jpg
5 botany Q441 science of plant life 294902317 academic discipline
branch of biology
academic major
6 computer science Q21198 study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation 29490560X academic discipline
economic branch
academic major
7 demography Q37732 science that deals with populations and their structures statistically and theoretically with the development 294907475
academic discipline
academic major
8 econometrics Q160039 academic discipline 294908919 academic discipline
academic major
9 economics Q8134 social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services 294909133 academic discipline
academic major
10 finance Q43015 academic discipline studying businesses and investments 294911626 academic discipline
academic major
11 geography Q1071 science that studies the terrestrial surface, the societies that inhabit it and the territories, landscapes, places or regions that form it when interacting with each other 294913483 academic discipline
academic major
academic degree
12 horticulture Q48803 branch of agriculture involving plants 294915664 academic discipline
economic branch
academic major
Head Platon Glyptothek Munich 548.jpg
13 humanities Q80083 academic disciplines that study human culture 294915915 academic discipline
academic major
14 hydrography Q182468 applied science of measurement and description of bodies of water 294916040 academic discipline
academic major
15 industrial organization Q1411783 theory of the firm 294916938 academic discipline
academic major
16 law Q7748 system of rules and guidelines, generally backed by governmental authority 294921583 academic discipline
academic major
17 lexicology Q178433 linguistic discipline 294922113 academic discipline
academic major
18 linguistics Q8162 study of human language 294922393 academic discipline
academic major
19 material culture Q2143054 physical aspect of culture in the objects and architecture that surround people 294924493 academic discipline
academic major
CMAP - Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées de l'Ecole polytechnique (25911635211).jpg
20 mathematics Q395 field of study (numbers, quantity, structure, relationships, space, change) 294924523 academic discipline
academic major
universal language
Newseum front pages box.jpg
21 media history Q50636 study of the mass media and technomedia in their historical development 294925023 academic discipline
academic major
22 Middle Eastern studies Q12211529 academic discipline 294925538 academic discipline
academic major
23 musicology Q164204 scientific discipline whose content is the practical and theoretical study of music 35422350X academic discipline
academic major
Museo di Storia Naturale di Firenze - paleontology.JPG
24 paleontology Q7205 scientific study of prehistoric life 294930795 academic discipline
25 pedagogy Q7922 the study of education 294931481 academic discipline
branch of science
academic major
26 rural sociology Q396246 sociology, academic discipline, and academic major 294935584 academic discipline
academic major
27 social psychology Q161272 scientific study of social effects on people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors 294937994 academic discipline
academic major
28 sociology Q21201 scientific study of human society and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions 294938214 academic discipline
academic major
29 sociology of law Q847034 sub-discipline of sociology or an interdisciplinary approach within legal studies 294938249 academic discipline
academic major
30 sociology of religion Q461659 sociology, academic discipline, and academic major 294938257 academic discipline
academic major
The Normal Distribution.svg
31 statistics Q12483 study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data 294939180 academic discipline
academic major
32 urban history Q1569011 branch of history studying urban life and cities 294942939 academic discipline
academic major
33 zoology Q431 study of the animal kingdom 294910638 academic discipline
academic major

academic major[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
G20 Turkey Leaders Summit - Working Dinner (22634210727).jpg
1 international relations Q166542 studies about relationships between two or more states 294917659 academic major
academic discipline
2 jurisprudence Q4932206 theoretical study of law, by philosophers and social scientists 294918620 academic major
academic discipline
3 religious studies Q34187 multi-disciplinary academic field devoted to research into religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions; describes, compares, interprets, and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives 303979488 academic major
academic discipline


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 arms trade Q2538907 trade and activity, part of arms industry 294899146 activity
39.SFF41.Day2.NM.WDC.28jun07 (656209309) (2).jpg
2 basketry Q373017 the weaving of pliable materials 294900829 activity
3 begging Q17572748 practice of imploring others to grant a favor with little or no expectation of reciprocation 321632931 activity
4 border control Q218719 control of people and objects at borders 294902279 activity
5 civil service Q11771944 branch of governmental service or employees of a government agency 294904654 activity
6 colonization Q815962 establishment and development of settlements by people or animals 294905138
Rhumsiki crab sorceror.jpg
7 divination Q1043197 attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual 294908161 activity
8 military service Q209572 Performing the service in the armed forces of a state 294925759 activity
9 sanitation Q949149 public health conditions related to clean drinking water and adequate disposal of human excreta and sewage 294936149 activity
10 saving Q319622 income not spent, or deferred consumption 294936300 activity
Washington DC printable tourist attractions map.jpg
11 travel Q61509 movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations 294941681 activity
12 urban development Q17305180 the spatial, historical and overall structural development of a city 294942904 activity
13 valuation Q4008379 process of estimating what something is worth, used in the finance industry 294943161 activity
14 witch hunt Q188494 search for witches or evidence of witchcraft, often involving moral panic, or mass hysteria 294944184 activity


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
DG Ariel Plantation.jpg
1 Chagos Archipelago Q192188 archipelago in the Indian Ocean 294903933 archipelago United Kingdom
Topographic map of Mascarene Islands.png
2 Mascarene Islands Q205695 archipelago east of Madagascar 294924396 archipelago France

area of law[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Montesquieu 1.png
1 administrative law Q171251 branch of law on the relationship between a state and its citizens as well as between different state institutions 294896627 area of law
2 civil procedure Q206937 body of law that sets out the rules and standards that courts follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits 29490462X area of law
3 commercial law Q219186 body of law that applies to persons and businesses engaged in commerce 29490526X area of law
academic discipline
4 constitutional law Q11206 body of law 294905898 area of law
5 consumer protection Q664183 efforts and measures intended to protect consumers of goods or services 294905987 area of law
6 corporate law Q2609670 body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses 294905529 area of law
7 criminal law Q146491 body of law that relates to crime 294906495 area of law
8 election law Q1810004 laws governing elections 294909605 area of law
9 environmental law Q328798 rules of law, promoting the protection of the natural environment 294910107 area of law
10 family law Q384014 area of the law that deals with family-related matters 29491112X area of law
11 marriage law Q17542970 legal requirements which determine the validity of a marriage 294924299 area of law
12 media law Q1066867 deals with the rules of private and public (universal) Information and communication 294933212 area of law
13 mining law Q427257 branch of law relating to the legal requirements affecting minerals and mining 294925899 area of law
Schönfelder - Deutsche Gesetze. Textsammlung (C H Beck).jpg
14 public law Q207892 regulates the relationship between the state and citizens, regulates the organization and function of the State 294933832 area of law
academic discipline
academic major

art form[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Old book bindings.jpg
1 literature Q8242 written work of art 294922474
art form
Op27 1 seg mov.png
2 music Q638 form of art using sound 294926844 art form
Jiuzhaigou Sichuan China Jiuzhaigou-Tibetan-Mystery-Theater-11.jpg
3 performing arts Q184485 art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression 294931619 art form
L'église d'Auvers-sur-Oise.jpg
4 visual arts Q36649 art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature 294943412 art form

aspect of history[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 church history Q4387417 academic discipline studying the history of Christianity 294904441 aspect of history
2 history of agriculture Q952080 aspect of history 294897356 aspect of history
3 history of architecture Q8180985 field of history focused on architecture 294899030 aspect of history
4 history of film Q107478 aspect of history 354072048 aspect of history
5 history of Islam Q642379 aspect of history 294918027 aspect of history
6 history of music Q846047 Aspect of history and music, part of musicology and music history 354333607 aspect of history
7 history of religions Q846742 aspect of history 294934626 aspect of history
8 natural history Q484591 study of organisms including plants or animals in their environment 294927689 aspect of history
academic discipline
9 political history Q1147507 type of history which analyzes political events 294932437 aspect of history

biological process[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Pompeo Girolamo Batoni - Time orders Old Age to destroy Beauty.jpg
1 aging Q332154 developmental process that is a deterioration and loss of function over time 294897216 biological process
2 cognition Q2200417 The operation of the mind by which an organism becomes aware of objects of thought or perception; it includes the mental activities associated with thinking, learning, and memory. 29490493X biological process
10th students Crescent camp of University of Nishapur 09.jpg
3 learning Q133500 any process in an organism in which a relatively long-lasting adaptive behavioral change occurs as the result of experience 294921680 biological process
Human brain NIH.png
4 memory Q492 information stored in the mind, or the mental processes involved in receiving, storing, and retrieving this information 29492518X biological process
5 sensory perception Q11086205 neurological process 29493684X biological process

branch of philosophy[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 epistemology Q9471 branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge 294910212 branch of philosophy
2 ethics Q9465 branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct 294910387 branch of philosophy
3 philosophy of culture Q1791813 branch of philosophy that examines the essence and meaning of culture 294906630 branch of philosophy
4 philosophy of law Q126842 branch of philosophy and fundamental discipline of law 294921893 branch of philosophy
5 political philosophy Q179805 sub-discipline of philosophy and political science 294932488 branch of philosophy

branch of science[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 applied science Q28797 discipline that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications 294898867 branch of science
academic major
academic discipline
Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest.jpg
2 biology Q420 study of life 294901663 branch of science
academic discipline
3 cartography Q42515 study of making maps 294903526 branch of science
4 cosmology Q338 academic study of the Universe 294906215 branch of science
academic discipline
5 education Q8434 learning in which knowledge and skills is transferred through teaching 294909230 branch of science
6 genetics Q7162 science of genes, heredity, and variation in living organisms 294913432 branch of science
Glacial landscape LMB.png
7 geomorphology Q52109 the scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them 294913513 branch of science
8 industrial history Q1662034 economic history and branch of science 294916903 branch of science
9 Information Technology Q11661 development, management, and use of computer-based information systems 294917217 branch of science
10 management Q2920921 coordinating the efforts of people 294923780 branch of science
11 medical sciences Q11790210 branch of science 294925082 branch of science

cause of death[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 maternal death Q1339474 the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy 294924515 cause of death
2 poisoning Q114953 toxic effect of a biological or chemical agent 294932240 cause of death


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 11th century Q7063 century 294895809 century
2 12th century Q7061 century 294895817 century
3 13th century Q7049 century 294895825 century
4 14th century Q7034 century 294895833 century
5 15th century Q7018 century 294895841 century
6 16th century Q7017 century 29489585X century
7 17th century Q7016 century 294895868 century
8 18th century Q7015 century 294895876 century
9 19th century Q6955 time period between January 1, 1801, and ended on December 31, 1900. 294895892 century
10 20th century Q6927 century 294896007 century
11 21st century Q6939 century 294896112 century

chemical element[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 aluminium Q663 metallic element of silvery appearance and low density 29489814X chemical element
Chromium crystals and 1cm3 cube.jpg
2 chromium Q725 chemical element with the atomic number of 24 294904409 chemical element
3 gold Q897 chemical element with the atomic number of 79 294913858 chemical element
metallic material
Titan-crystal bar.JPG
4 titanium Q716 element with the atomic number of 22 294941053 chemical element
5 uranium Q1098 radioactive, metallic element with the atomic number 92 294942866 chemical element

civil liberties[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 freedom of association Q688503 fundamental rights 294912525 civil liberties
2 freedom of religion Q171899 freedom practicing of religion 29491255X civil liberties
3 freedom of speech Q22692 political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas 294912568 civil liberties
civil and political rights


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Colony of Natal Q1301901 British colony in south Africa (1843–1910) 294927271 colony
2 French Equatorial Africa Q271894 federation of French colonial possessions in Central Africa 294912649 colony
3 German East Africa Q153963 former German colony in the African Great Lakes region 302571892 colony
dependent territory
historical country
4 Italian Somalia Q319984 colony of the Kingdom of Italy in Somalia 294918140 colony
5 Togoland Q161062 German protectorate in West Africa from 1884 to 1914 294913548 colony

combat arm[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Картинки к статье «Кавалерия». Таблица № 1. Военная энциклопедия Сытина (Санкт-Петербург, 1911-1915).jpg
1 cavalry Q47315 ejercito de Freezer 294903666 combat arm
2 infantry Q29171 military service branch concerned with combat by individuals on foot 29491708X combat arm


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Lobos Island desertification.jpg
1 climate change Q125928 significant time variation in long-term weather patterns 294904794 concept
2 evidence Q176763 body of facts in a legal proceding 294910786 concept
3 flora Q131449 inventory of plant species in a given region 294911901 concept
4 gender Q48277 range of physical, mental, and behavioral characteristics distinguishing between masculinity and femininity 345388569 concept
personality trait
5 governance Q1553864 all of the processes of governing, whether undertaken by a government, market or network, whether over a family, tribe, formal or informal organization or territory and whether through the laws, norms, power or language of an organized society 29491398X concept
6 inflation Q35865 increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time 294917128 concept
7 market economy Q179522 economy based on supply and demand 294924205 concept
economic system
8 public policy Q546113 principled guide to action taken by the administrative executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues 29491403X concept
9 purchasing Q1369832 acquisition of goods or services by fiduciary exchange 294933999 concept
10 sales Q194189 act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation 294935959 concept
11 social control Q623971 concept within the disciplines of the social sciences and within political science 294937811 concept
12 social stratification Q841628 population with similar characteristics in a society 294938079 concept
13 women's rights Q223569 rights claimed for women and girls worldwide 294944516 concept
social movement
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
14 world Q16502 planet Earth and all life upon it, including human civilization 294944699 concept
15 world view Q49447 fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point of view 294944710 concept


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Bambatha Rebellion Q3274751 Uprising in the colony of Natal, South Africa, in 1906, led by Bambatha, deposed chief of the Zondi tribe; often referred to as the poll tax rebellion. 294900187 conflict South Africa
2 Kongo-Wara rebellion Q16640433 Outbreak of violence among the Gbaya and other peoples of upper Sangha and neighbouring areas in the former Ubangi-Shari (Central African Republic), 1928-1931. 294919910 conflict
Central African Republic

constitutional monarchy[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Eswatini Q1050 country in Africa 294939768 constitutional monarchy
sovereign state
landlocked country
Morocco WS-included (orthographic projection).svg
2 Morocco Q1028 country in North Africa 294926283 constitutional monarchy
sovereign state


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Africa satellite orthographic.jpg
1 Africa Q15 continent on the Earth's northern and southern hemispheres 294896791 continent
Antarctica 6400px from Blue Marble.jpg
2 Antarctica Q51 polar continent on the Earth's southern hemisphere 398639280 continent
geographic region
<no value>
3 Asia Q48 continent, mainly on the Earth's northeastern quadrant 294899359 continent
continental area and surrounding islands
North America satellite orthographic.jpg
4 North America Q49 continent on the Earth's northwestern quadrant 294928995 continent


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 All African Convention Q1477846 1935 conference and political movement 294898026 convention
2 Asian–African Conference Q208191 convention 294900365 convention
3 Brazzaville Conference of 1944 Q1781371 convention in point in time and point in time 294902503 convention
4 Earth Summit Q751149 convention 294942408 convention Brazil
5 human rights Q8458 inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled 294915885 convention


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Algeria Q262 country in North Africa 294897976 country
sovereign state
Flag-map of Angola.svg
2 Angola Q916 country in Africa 294898395 country
sovereign state
3 Bahrain Q398 constitutional monarchy in Southwest Asia 294899987 country
sovereign state
island nation
4 Bangladesh Q902 country in South Asia 401586812 country
sovereign state
Benin sat.png
5 Benin Q962 country in Africa 294901264 country
sovereign state
6 Botswana Q963 republic in southern Africa 294902325 country
sovereign state
landlocked country
Ouagadougou place nations unies.JPG
7 Burkina Faso Q965 country in Africa 294902910 country
sovereign state
landlocked country
Burkina Faso
8 Burundi Q967 country in Africa 294902953 country
sovereign state
landlocked country
Yaoundé Sunset.jpg
9 Cameroon Q1009 republic in West Africa 294903216 country
sovereign state
10 Central African Republic Q929 country in Africa 29490378X country
sovereign state
landlocked country
Central African Republic
11 Chile Q298 republic in South America 294904255 country
sovereign state
12 Comoros Q970 sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean 294905510 country
sovereign state
island nation
Relief Map of Czech Republic.png
13 Czech Republic Q213 republic in Central Europe 297785761 country
sovereign state
landlocked country
Czech Republic
14 Djibouti Q977 country in Africa 294908234 country
sovereign state
Ecuador Blue Marble.png
15 Ecuador Q736 country in South America 294909184 country
sovereign state
Gabon sat.png
16 Gabon Q1000 country in Africa 294912991 country
sovereign state
17 Ghana Q117 republic in West Africa 294913580 country
sovereign state
18 Guinea-Bissau Q1007 country in Western Africa 294914498 country
sovereign state
19 Haiti Q790 country in the Caribbean 294914986 country
sovereign state
island nation
20 India Q668 federal republic in South Asia 294916733 country
sovereign state
21 Iran Q794 Islamic Republic in Western Asia 294917802 country
sovereign state
Islamic republic
Shar Park (6556994591).jpg
22 Iraq Q796 republic in Western Asia 294917829 country
sovereign state
23 Ireland Q27 republic covering major parts of the island of Ireland 294917853 country
sovereign state
island nation
Satellite image of Israel in January 2003.jpg
24 Israel Q801 country in Western Asia 294918108 country
sovereign state
25 Lebanon Q822 republic in Western Asia 294921710 country
sovereign state
26 Lesotho Q1013 kingdom in southern Africa 294922075 country
sovereign state
landlocked country
27 Republic of the Congo Q971 republic in Central Africa 29490574X country
sovereign state
administrative territorial entity
Republic of the Congo
28 The Gambia Q1005 country in West Africa 294913076 country
sovereign state
The Gambia


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 pottery Q11642 craft of making objects from clay 294932976 craft
2 weaving Q192296 technology for the production of textiles 294943889 craft


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 1800s Q39577 decade 294895884 decade
2 1810s Q40196 decade 294895906 decade
3 1820s Q44659 decade 294895914 decade
4 1830s Q39484 decade 294895922 decade
5 1840s Q38324 decade 294895930 decade
Crystal Palace - Queen Victoria opens the Great Exhibition.jpg
6 1850s Q40927 decade 294895949 decade
7 1860s Q39844 decade 294895957 decade
Edison and phonograph edit1.jpg
8 1870s Q39847 decade 294895965 decade
Muybridge horse gallop animated 2.gif
9 1880s Q38674 decade 294895973 decade
10 1890s Q38971 decade 294895981 decade
1910s montage.png
11 1910s Q36585 decade 294896015 decade
1920s decade montage.png
12 1920s Q35736 decade 294896023 decade
1930s decade montage.png
13 1930s Q35702 decade 294896031 decade
1940s decade montage.png
14 1940s Q36561 decade 29489604X decade
15 1950s Q36297 decade 294896058 decade
60s tech.jpg
16 1960s Q35724 decade 294896066 decade
1970s decade montage.png
17 1970s Q35014 decade 294896074 decade
1990s decade montage.png
18 1990s Q34653 decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1990 294896090 decade
2000s decade montage3.png
19 2000s Q35024 decade in the 21st century 294896104 decade
Freedom Tower Russell cropped.jpg
20 2010s Q19022 decade from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2019 318132176 decade

demographic profile[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 child Q7569 human between the stages of birth and puberty 294904204 demographic profile
Teens sharing a song.jpg
2 teenager Q1492760 young person (beetween 13 and 19 years old) 294896651 demographic profile

descriptive item used as unit[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Nagoya City Hall 2011-10-28.jpg
1 government Q7188 system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state 294913998 descriptive item used as unit
2 state Q7275 organised community living under a system of government; either a sovereign state, constituent state, or federated state 294939075 descriptive item used as unit

designation for an administrative territorial entity[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
World administrative levels.png
1 administrative territorial entity Q56061 territorial entity for administration purposes, with or without its own local government 294896619 designation for an administrative territorial entity
2 township Q19610511 designation for an administrative territorial entity 294941339 designation for an administrative territorial entity

dialect continuum[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Chaga languages Q33016 Bantu dialect continuum spoken by the Chaga people of Tanzania, South of Mount Kilimanjaro 294903925 dialect continuum
2 Dogon languages Q1234776 dialect continuum 29490834X dialect continuum
3 Jola languages Q35176 dialect cluster of Senegal, the Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau 294907971 dialect continuum


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Human Immunodeficency Virus - stylized rendering.jpg
1 AIDS Q12199 human disease resulting from HIV infection 294897674 disease
Anthrax PHIL 2033.png
2 bacillus anthracis Q129104 acute disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. 294898646 disease
infectious disease
Brucella spp.JPG
3 brucellosis Q156050 Human disease 294902643 disease
infectious disease
Tumor Mesothelioma2 legend.jpg
4 cancer Q12078 disease of uncontrolled, unregulated and abnormal cell growth 294903291 disease
Blue circle for diabetes.svg
5 diabetes mellitus Q12206 glucose metabolism disease characterized by chronic hyperglycaemia with disturbances of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism resulting from defects in insulin secretin, insulin action, or both. 294907750 disease
Multiple rotavirus particles.jpg
6 diarrhea Q40878 loose or liquid bowel movements 294907807 disease
A diphtheria skin lesion on the leg. PHIL 1941 lores.jpg
7 diphtheria Q134649 Infectious disease 294907998 disease
infectious disease
8 disease of metabolism Q2351083 disease that involving errors in metabolic processes of building or degradation of molecules 294925406 disease
Dracunculus medinensis.jpg
9 dracunculiasis Q388646 Human helminthiasis 294908463 disease
infectious disease
7042 lores-Ebola-Zaire-CDC Photo.jpg
10 Ebola virus disease Q51993 viral infectious disease found in humans and other mammals 395446252 disease
11 elephantiasis Q16775468 Human disease 294909672 disease
12 epilepsy Q41571 human neurological disease causing seizures 294910204 disease
13 gastrointestinal system disease Q2300099 disease involving the gastrointestinal tract 294907890 disease
14 heart disease Q190805 cardiovascular system disease that involves the heart 294915281 disease
Alcoholic hepatitis.jpg
15 hepatitis Q131742 inflammation of the liver tissue 294915338 disease
16 infectious disease Q18123741 disease caused by infection of pathogenic biological agents in a host organism 294917101 disease
17 infertility Q179399 inability of a person, animal or plant to reproduce by natural means that is no intervention of contraceptive techniques 29491711X disease
3D Influenza virus.png
18 influenza Q2840 infectious disease caused by an influenza virus 294917136 disease
19 intestinal disease Q3055380 gastrointestinal system disease that is located in the intestine 294917721 disease
Kwashiorkor 6180.jpg
20 kwashiorkor Q213151 Human disease 294920765 disease
21 leprosy Q36956 chronic infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis 294922032 disease
22 liver disease Q929737 Human disease 294922520 disease
23 lymphatic system disease Q6708237 immune system disease that is located in the lymphatic system 294923225 disease
24 meningitis Q48143 inflammation of membranes around the brain and spinal cord 294925244 disease
25 mental disorder Q12135 distressing thought or behavior pattern 294925260 disease
26 musculoskeletal disorder Q4116663 disease of anatomical entity that occurs in the muscular and/or skeletal system 29492681X disease
Onchocerca volvulus emerging from a black fly.jpg
27 onchocerciasis Q1137321 Human helminthiasis 294930345 disease
28 parasitic infectious diseases Q1601794 infectious disease caused or transmitted by a parasite 294930981 disease
infectious disease
29 pertussis Q134859 human disease caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis 29493166X disease
Polio sequelle.jpg
30 poliomyelitis Q12195 Human disease 294932313 disease
infectious disease
31 rabies Q39222 disease from lyssaviruses (e.g. the rabies virus, Australian bat lyssavirus); symptoms include brain inflammation, fever, tingling, agitation, hydrophobia, paralysis, confusion, coma and death; spreads through scratch or bite from an infected animal 294934057 disease
infectious disease
32 respiratory system disease Q3286546 disease of the respiratory system 294934871 disease
Salmonella typhimurium.png
33 salmonellosis Q326648 infection caused by Salmonella bacteria 294935975 disease
infectious disease
Schistosomiasis itch.jpeg
34 schistosomiasis Q221159 human disease 294936351 disease
35 sexually transmitted infection Q12198 infection transmitted through human sexual behavior 294937048 disease
36 skin disease Q949302 class of disorder that affects skin, hair or nails 294937595 disease
Child with Smallpox Bangladesh.jpg
37 smallpox Q12214 human disease 294937706 disease
38 thyroid gland disease Q6673122 type of endocrine disease 294940901 disease
TB Culture.jpg
39 tuberculosis Q12204 infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis 294941940 disease
Yaws 01.jpg
40 yaws Q76973 Human disease: tropical infection of the skin, bones and joints caused by the spirochete bacterium Treponema pallidum pertenue 294912436 disease
infectious disease
41 yellow fever Q154874 viral disease 294945083 disease
infectious disease

economic activity[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Picadilly Circus London by night 2006.jpg
1 advertising Q37038 form of communication for marketing, typically paid for 294896708 economic activity
Cattle and sheep.jpg
2 animal husbandry Q80962 management and care of farm animals by humans 294898441 economic activity
3 Aquaculture Q29584407 economic activity 294898883 economic activity
Bartolomeo Passarotti - The fish stall.jpg
4 fish processing Q3290431 economic activity 294911820 economic activity
5 hydraulic engineering Q1130265 sub-discipline of civil engineering concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids, principally water and sewage 294916024 economic activity
6 water supply Q1061108 provision of water by public utilities, commercial organisations, community endeavors or by individuals 294943811 economic activity

economic branch[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
04-09-12-Schaupflügen-Fahrenwalde-RalfR-IMG 1232.jpg
1 agriculture Q11451 cultivation of life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain life 294897569 economic branch
economic sector
2 aluminium industry Q4063722 heavy industry and economic branch 294898158 economic branch
Final assembly 2.jpg
3 automotive industry Q190117 range of organizations associated with motor vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks and motorcycles 294899642 economic branch
4 cement industry Q1933500 industry and economic branch 294903720 economic branch
5 chemical industry Q207652 industry (branch), which is engaged in the manufacturing of chemical products 294904034 economic branch
Commercial. Clothing Factory. St. Hubert street, Montreal. Maurice Laniel BAnQ P48S1P06570.jpg
6 clothing industry Q11828862 industry encompassing the design, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of clothes 294904824 economic branch
7 coal mining Q12880211 process of getting coal out of the ground 294904859 economic branch
8 dairy industry Q13554450 manufacturing of dairy products 294906959 economic branch
9 educational system Q446760 the structure of all facilities and opportunities to acquire education within a state 294909370 economic branch
10 extraction of petroleum Q1349660 removal of petroleum from the earth 294931724 economic branch
11 ferrous metallurgy Q2285982 heavy industry that deals with the production of steel 29491790X economic branch
12 fishery Q180538 entity engaged in raising or harvesting fish which is determined by some authority to be a fishery 294911839 economic branch
Fredmeyer edit 1.jpg
13 food industry Q540912 collective of diverse businesses that supplies much of the world's food 294912088 economic branch
14 forestry Q38112 economic sector 294912355 economic branch
15 furniture industry Q12122106 secondary sector of the economy, secondary sector of the economy, and economic branch 294912886 economic branch
16 gold mining Q1071389 process of extracting gold from the ground 294913866 economic branch
17 health care Q31207 prevention of disease educating People In third world countries 294915214 economic branch
18 house-building Q1799415 construction of houses 294915788 economic branch
19 industry Q8148 production of goods or service of a given field within an economy 294917055 economic branch
CBC journalists in Montreal.jpg
20 journalism Q11030 investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience 294918485 economic branch
21 petroleum industry Q862571 activities linked to handling oil and gas products 294931732 economic branch
22 pharmaceutical industry Q507443 develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals licensed for use as medications 294931805 economic branch
23 plastics industry Q7202108 industrial sector 294932143 economic branch
The Caxton Celebration - William Caxton showing specimens of his printing to King Edward IV and his Queen.jpg
24 publishing Q3972943 process of production and dissemination of literature, music, or information 29493393X economic branch
25 telecommunications industry Q25245117 Telecommunications industry in general or providers of telecommunications networks and services. 294940448 economic branch
economic activity
Braun HF 1.jpg
26 television Q289 telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images 294940464 economic branch
mass media
27 textile industry Q607081 economic sector 294940790 economic branch
28 tourism Q49389 travel for recreational or leisure purposes 294941312 economic branch
field of work
entertainment industry
Material recovery facility 2004-03-24.jpg
29 waste management Q180388 generation, prevention, characterization, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and residual disposition of solid wastes 294943730 economic branch
30 whaling Q42767 hunting of whales 294944036 economic branch

economic sector[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 mining Q44497 extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth 294925872 economic sector
2 private sector Q591763 economic sector, part of national economy 294933409 economic sector
3 public sector Q294217 tax-paid part of economy 294933883 economic sector

economic theory[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 business cycle Q192311 fluctuation in the degree of utilization of the production potential of an economy 294903046 economic theory
Marx and Engels.jpg
2 Marxism Q7264 economic and sociopolitical worldview based on the works of Karl Marx 294924337 economic theory
political ideology

economical concept[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 capital Q8137 already-produced durable goods that are used in production of goods or services 294903399 economical concept
2 leather industry Q56604674 Economical concept 294921699 economical concept
3 profit Q26911 (in the accounting sense of the excess of revenue over cost) sum of two components: normal profit and economic profit 294933506 economical concept

ethnic group[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Abam Q54370841 Ethnic group in Nigeria 294896147 ethnic group Nigeria
2 Abe Q55096070 ethnic group 294896163 ethnic group
3 Aboure Q2821774 Ivoirian people 294896309 ethnic group Ghana
Ivory Coast
4 Abron Q927326 ethnic group 294896252 ethnic group
5 Acholi people Q340581 ethnic group 294896473 ethnic group
6 Ada Q55342471 Ethnic group in Ghana and Togo 294896538 ethnic group Togo
7 Adangbe Q352275 ethnic group 294896570 ethnic group
8 Adangme Q1159639 ethnic group in Togo and Ghana 294896570 ethnic group Ghana
9 Adyukru Q55317652 Ivoirian people 294896716 ethnic group Ivory Coast
10 Afar people Q211720 ethnic group 294896759 ethnic group
11 African American Q49085 racial or ethnic group in the United States with African ancestry 294896813 ethnic group
ethnic community
United States of America
12 Afrikaner people Q841351 Germanic ethnic group in Southern Africa 294897089 ethnic group
13 Afro-Brazilian Q388315 ethnic group 294897119 ethnic group
14 Afro-Caribbean Q2050339 racial or ethnic group in Caribbean with African ancestry 294897127 ethnic group
15 Afusari Q4690858 Nigerian people 294897143 ethnic group Nigeria
16 Agaw people Q56394 ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia and Eritrea 294897151 ethnic group
17 Ahori Q58036723 Nigerian people 294897631 ethnic group Nigeria
18 Ait Mizane Q54255067 ethnic group 294897747 ethnic group
19 Ait Ouriaghel Q410266 ethnic group 294897755 ethnic group
20 Ait Yafelman Q2876530 ethnic group 294897763 ethnic group
21 Aizi Q4699430 ethnic group 29489778X ethnic group
22 Aja Q357684 people of Benin 294897798 ethnic group Benin
23 Akan people Q415693 ethnic group 29489781X ethnic group Ghana
Ivory Coast
United States of America
United Kingdom
24 Akebu Q417101 ethnic group 402505697 ethnic group
25 Akurumi Q58036826 Nigerian people 294897860 ethnic group Nigeria
26 Alur people Q202353 ethnic group in Uganda 294898166 ethnic group
27 Amarar tribe Q4740190 Northeast African people 294898190 ethnic group Eritrea
28 Amhara people Q464237 Ethiopian ethnic group 294898255 ethnic group
29 Anaang people Q2845328 ethnic group 29489831X ethnic group
30 Anaguta Q54166061 ethnic group 294898298 ethnic group Nigeria
31 Anakara Q55768476 Malagasy people 294898301 ethnic group Madagascar
32 Anlo Ewe Q56371 ethnic group 294898514 ethnic group Benin
33 Antaisaka people Q2579734 ethnic group 294898573 ethnic group
34 Antandroy Q1772245 ethnic group 294898581 ethnic group
35 Antankarana Q2717794 ethnic group 29489859X ethnic group
36 Anuak people Q612213 ethnic group 294898735 ethnic group
37 Anyi people Q613920 ethnic group 294898751 ethnic group Ghana
Ivory Coast
38 Arab Q35323 Semitic people 294898972 ethnic group
39 Arbore people Q630321 ethnic group 294898999 ethnic group
40 Argobba people Q648031 an ethnic group of Ethiopia 294899073 ethnic group
41 Ariaal people Q4790157 Kenyan people 29489909X ethnic group Kenya
Armenian collage.png
42 Armenians Q79797 ethnic group native to the Armenian Highland 407682368 ethnic group
43 Arusha people Q3271270 East African people 294899294 ethnic group Kenya
44 Attie Q417996 ethnic group 294899480 ethnic group
45 Atuot people Q4818813 Sout Sudanese people 294899502 ethnic group South Sudan
46 Australians Q1318423 nationality 294899553 ethnic group
47 Avadi Q55768549 Nigerian people 294899677 ethnic group Nigeria
48 Avatime people Q4827841 ethnic group 294899693 ethnic group
49 Babali Q56701810 Congolese people 339755865 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
50 Babalia Q57244528 Chadian people 294899812 ethnic group Chad
51 Bafia people Q2878895 ethnic group in Kamerun 294899863 ethnic group Kamerun
52 Bafour Q799802 ethnic group 294899898 ethnic group
Chef Baga de Koba-1914.jpg
53 Baga people Q799815 West African ethnic group 29489991X ethnic group Guinea
Baggara in kordofan.jpg
54 Baggara Q799892 ethnic group 294899936 ethnic group
55 Bagirmi Q2884627 ethnic group 294899944 ethnic group
56 Bainuk people Q803905 ethnic group 294900012 ethnic group
57 Bajuni people Q804212 ethnic group 294900039 ethnic group
58 Bakoena Q804468 Ethic group in Southern Africa 294920811 ethnic group South Africa
59 Bakwé Q2880363 Ethnic group 326975578 ethnic group Ivory Coast
60 Bambara people Q504685 ethnic group 294900160 ethnic group Mali
Ivory Coast
The Gambia
61 Bamenda Q55768605 A collective term for the peoples of the smaller and larger chiefdoms/kingdoms of the western grassfields in the North West Province of Cameroon. 294900209 ethnic group Cameroon
Bamileke dancers.jpg
62 Bamileke people Q806017 ethnic group 294900217 ethnic group Cameroon
63 Bamum people Q322083 ethnic group in Cameroon 294900233 ethnic group Cameroon
64 Bana people Q54504789 ethnic group from Cameroon 294900268 ethnic group Cameroon
65 Banda people Q806236 ethnic group found in and near Central African Republic 294900292 ethnic group
66 Bangala Q2882454 ethnic group in Democratic Republic of the Congo / Republic of the Congo 29490039X ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of the Congo
67 Bangba Q55768579 Congolese people (Democratic Republic of Congo) 294900403 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
68 Bangladeshi Q4855428 Bangladeshi people 377122831 ethnic group
69 Banu Hilal Q790108 ethnic group 29490123X ethnic group
70 Banyamulenge Q134469 ethnic group 29490056X ethnic group
71 Banyarwanda Q438374 ethnic group 294900578 ethnic group Rwanda
Democratic Republic of the Congo
72 Banziri Q31838012 ethnic group in the Central African Republic and in the Democratic Republic of Congo 305223720 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
Central African Republic
73 Barabaig people Q623122 ethnic group 294900659 ethnic group
74 Bareshe Q58036882 Nigerian people 294900691 ethnic group Nigeria
Bariba Ganni performers, Nikki, Bemin.jpg
75 Bariba people Q808185 ethnic group 294900713 ethnic group Nigeria
76 Bassa Q58037263 Nigerian people 294900837 ethnic group Nigeria
77 Bassari Q55767951 Ethnic group in Ghana and Togo 294900845 ethnic group Ghana
78 Bedick people Q2929727 ethnic group 294901027 ethnic group
79 Belgians Q1377716 people originating from the Kingdom of Belgium 294901086 ethnic group
80 Bena people Q1115893 Tanzanian people 294901183 ethnic group Tanzania
81 Bench Q816715 people 40788744X ethnic group
82 Benga people Q2895807 Equatorial Guinean people 294901213 ethnic group Equatorial Guinea
83 Beni-Amer people Q4144552 A northeast African ethnic group 294901221 ethnic group
Girls of a small berom village in Jos City.JPG
84 Berom people Q4894645 ethnic group of Plateau state, Nigeria 294901728 ethnic group Nigeria
85 Berta people Q827528 ethnic group 294901353 ethnic group Ethiopia
86 Berti Q828169 ethnic group 294901361 ethnic group Sudan
87 Bété people Q1019506 ethnic group 29490137X ethnic group Ivory Coast
88 Bete-Bendi Q58037365 Nigerian people 371311160 ethnic group Nigeria
89 Beti people Q28208771 Cameroonian people 294901396 ethnic group Cameroon
90 Betsileo people Q832229 ethnic group 29490140X ethnic group Madagascar
91 Betsimisaraka people Q2309630 ethnic group 294901418 ethnic group
92 Bhaca people Q4900495 ethnic group 294901442 ethnic group
93 Biase Q58037411 Nigerian people 294901485 ethnic group Nigeria
ACTD004820 - Bijagoz.jpg
94 Bijagós people Q28113188 ethnic group of Guinea-Bissau 294901566 ethnic group
95 Bimoba people Q863463 ethnic group 314288171 ethnic group
96 Birifor Q645641 ethnic group 29490171X ethnic group
97 Bissa people Q866644 ethnic group 294901779 ethnic group
98 Boki people Q28404718 Nigerian people 294902023 ethnic group Nigeria
99 Bororo people Q894069 ethnic group 294902309 ethnic group Bolivia
100 Bubi people Q41477 ethnic group in Equatorial Guinea 29490266X ethnic group Equatorial Guinea
101 Budu people Q2927589 ethnic group 294902708 ethnic group
102 Buduma people Q2921499 West African people 294902724 ethnic group Chad
103 Builsa Q1003051 ethnic group 294902759 ethnic group
104 Bukusu tribe Q3892648 Kenyan people 294902767 ethnic group Kenya
105 Bura Q58207084 Nigerian people 294902872 ethnic group Nigeria
106 Burkinabe Q1016577 Designates citizens of Burkina Faso 294902937 ethnic group
107 Burunge people Q4969065 Tanzanian people 294902988 ethnic group Tanzania
108 Busa Q58207445 West African people 294902996 ethnic group Benin
109 Bwatiye Q58207473 Nigerian people 294903119 ethnic group Nigeria
110 Bwende Q2929115 ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo 294903127 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
111 Camus people Q1061544 ethnic group 294928782 ethnic group
112 Cape Malay Q1276753 ethnic group in South Africa 294903356 ethnic group
113 Cape Verdeans Q19903733 ethnic group 294903380 ethnic group
Chaga hut noadj.jpg
114 Chaga people Q920233 ethnic group 294903917 ethnic group
115 Chakali Q1059280 ethnic group in Ghana 294903941 ethnic group Ghana
116 Chakosi people Q612391 ethnic group 294898743 ethnic group
117 Chamba people Q1060527 West African ethnic group 29490395X ethnic group Cameroon
118 Cherepon Q1070219 ethnic group 294904050 ethnic group
119 Chewa people Q1071390 ethnic group 294904069 ethnic group
120 Chibok Q58207510 Nigerian people 343091437 ethnic group Nigeria
121 Chokwe people Q1075883 ethnic group of Central Africa 294904301 ethnic group Angola
Democratic Republic of the Congo
122 Chopi people Q2964471 ethnic group 294904336 ethnic group
123 Daasanach people Q1171957 ethnic group 294906835 ethnic group
124 Dagari Q3011861 Ethnic group 294906886 ethnic group Burkina Faso
125 Dagomba people Q592821 ethnic group 294906916 ethnic group
126 Daju people Q167122 ethnic group 294906975 ethnic group
127 Danes Q164714 people of Denmark 29490705X ethnic group Denmark
128 Datooga people Q2395650 ethnic group, population 87978, part of Nilotic peoples 294907149 ethnic group
129 Dendi people Q17073583 ethnic group 294907483 ethnic group
130 Didinga people Q133886 ethnic group 294907866 ethnic group
131 Digo people Q692836 ethnic group 294907904 ethnic group
132 Dinka Q212106 ethnic group in South Sudan 294907947 ethnic group South Sudan
133 Diriku Q56051638 Ethnic goup in Southern Africa 294908056 ethnic group Angola
ASC Leiden - W.E.A. van Beek Collection - Dogon portraits 01 - Young man just returned from Abidjan, with his radio, Tireli, Mali 1985.jpg
134 Dogon people Q215583 ethnic group 294908331 ethnic group Mali
Burkina Faso
135 Dorobo peoples Q2846185 Ethnic group 294908447 ethnic group Kenya
136 Dorze people Q1250880 ethnic group in Ethiopia 294908455 ethnic group Ethiopia
137 Duala people Q1262591 ethnic group 29490865X ethnic group Kamerun
138 Dukawa Q56682878 Nigerian people 294908676 ethnic group Nigeria
139 Duyah Q58207565 Nigerian people 294908730 ethnic group Nigeria
140 Dyula people Q1711628 Ethnic group in West Africa 294908781 ethnic group Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
141 Ebira people Q403092 ethnic group 294916253 ethnic group Nigeria
142 Edo Q58207594 Nigerian people 294909214 ethnic group Nigeria
143 Efik people Q288809 ethnic group in Nigeria 294909400 ethnic group Nigeria
144 Eggon Q58238318 Nigerian people 294909443 ethnic group Nigeria
145 Ekoi people Q74333 ethnic group 294909532 ethnic group Nigeria
146 Ekonda Q3049637 ethinc group of the Democratic Republic of Congo 294909559 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
147 Ekpeye people Q5350558 Nigerian people 294909567 ethnic group Nigeria
148 Eloyi people Q401964 ethnic group 294909753 ethnic group Nigeria
149 Emai people Q5368795 Nigerian people 294909761 ethnic group Nigeria
150 Embu people Q2749449 ethnic group in Kenya 294909788 ethnic group Kenya
151 Esan people Q3732778 ethnic group 294910328 ethnic group
152 Etsako people Q5404919 Nigerian people 294910662 ethnic group Nigeria
153 Etulo Q58361967 Nigerian people 294910689 ethnic group Nigeria
154 Evuzok Q28500059 Cameroonian people 294910794 ethnic group
155 Ewe people Q732317 West African ethnic group, largest in Togo 294910808 ethnic group
156 Ewondo Q1383236 ethnic group 294910824 ethnic group Kamerun
157 Ezon Q58363038 Nigerian people 294911049 ethnic group Nigeria
158 Fa d'Ambu Q55379913 Equatorial Guinean people 407959718 ethnic group Equatorial Guinea
Guinea equatoriale, fang, figura femminile, 1890-1910 ca.jpg
159 Fang Q1295544 ethnic group 294911189 ethnic group Cameroon
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
160 Fante people Q301533 An Akan ethnic group in Ghana 294911219 ethnic group
DC - Guinée Portugaise - Felupes de Jufunco.jpg
161 Felups Q3074423 ethnic group 29491143X ethnic group Senegal
162 Fengu people Q3072604 ethnic group 294911707 ethnic group
163 Fipa people Q2995992 ethnic group 294911723 ethnic group
164 Fon people Q968200 a West African ethnic group, largest in Benin 294911987 ethnic group
165 Gaanda Q58380263 Nigerian people 294912975 ethnic group Nigeria
166 Gabra people Q1488058 ethnic group 294912983 ethnic group
167 Gade Q58380736 West African people 294913009 ethnic group Ivory Coast
168 Gafat people Q54287144 ethnic group of Ethiopia 294913025 ethnic group Ethiopia
169 Ganawuri Q58432000 Nigerian people 294913157 ethnic group Nigeria
170 Garamantes Q839034 ethnic group 294913181 ethnic group
171 Gbagyi people Q2568762 Nigerian people 294914811 ethnic group Nigeria
172 Gbandi Q2882312 ethnic group from Liberia 294900314 ethnic group Liberia
173 Gbaya people Q1496762 ethnic group 294913289 ethnic group
174 Gedeo people Q5529672 ethnic group in Ethiopia 294913319 ethnic group Ethiopia
175 Gemjek Q15407289 Cameroonian people 294913335 ethnic group Cameroon
176 Germans Q42884 citizens or native-born people of Germany; or people of descent to the ethnic and ethnolinguistic group associated with the German language 294913564 ethnic group
United States of America
Czech Republic
177 Gidar Q55768722 West African people 294913645 ethnic group Chad
178 Gio people Q1804699 ethnic group in Ivory Coast / Liberia 294907017 ethnic group Ivory Coast
179 Glaoua Q3108519 Moroccan people 294913742 ethnic group Morocco
180 Goemai Q3109826 Nigerian people 294913815 ethnic group Nigeria
181 Guanches Q219995 aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands that are no longer exist as a distinct ethnicity 294914390 ethnic group
182 Gude Q58432361 Nigerian and Tanzanian people 294914412 ethnic group Nigeria
183 Gure Q54370513 ethnic group in Nigeria 29491465X ethnic group Nigeria
184 Guruntum Q58433752 Nigerian people 294914722 ethnic group Nigeria
185 Gwandara Q54406816 ethnic group in Nigeria 294914781 ethnic group Nigeria
186 Hadza people Q1258889 ethnic group 294914919 ethnic group
187 Harari people Q2903061 ethnic group 294915036 ethnic group
Hausa harpist.jpg
188 Hausa Q33938 ethnic group 294915079 ethnic group Kamerun
Burkina Faso
189 Hdi Q58436501 Cameroonian and Nigerian people 294915141 ethnic group Nigeria
190 Hehe people Q1261861 ethnic group 294915303 ethnic group
191 Hema people Q1604701 ethnic group 294915435 ethnic group
192 Herero people Q170088 ethnic group 294915354 ethnic group German South-West Africa
Namibie Himba 0720a.jpg
193 Himba people Q612697 ethnic group of people in Namibia, South-West Africa 294915443 ethnic group
194 Hindo Q57033638 Congolese people 294915451 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
195 Hlubi people Q5873575 Southern African people 294915575 ethnic group
Pierre Nkurunziza - World Economic Forum on Africa 2008.jpg
196 Hutu Q192647 ethnic group inhabiting the African Great Lakes region 294916008 ethnic group
Akwa Ibom.jpg
197 Ibibio people Q239577 ethnic group 294916083 ethnic group Nigeria
Idoma girl.jpg
198 Idoma people Q403034 ethnic group 294916172 ethnic group Nigeria
199 Igala people Q887672 ethnic group 294916229 ethnic group Nigeria
12 Igbo people.jpg
200 Igbo people Q244157 ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria 294916261 ethnic group Nigeria
201 Igede Q48769247 Nigerian people 294916288 ethnic group Nigeria
202 Ijaw people Q528981 ethnic group 294916326 ethnic group
203 Ikwerre people Q17109068 Nigerian people 294916393 ethnic group Nigeria
204 Imraguen people Q1660486 ethnic group 294916636 ethnic group
205 Indian people Q862086 ethnic group 294916768 ethnic group
206 Ipulo Q58463504 Cameroonian and Nigerian people 294917780 ethnic group Cameroon
207 Iranian peoples Q1672477 diverse Indo-European ethno-linguistic group 294917810 ethnic group
208 Iraqw people Q1554146 ethnic group 294917837 ethnic group
209 Irigwe Q55674907 Nigerian people 294917861 ethnic group Nigeria
210 Irish people Q170826 ethnic group 29491787X ethnic group Ireland
United States of America
United Kingdom
211 Iru Q55675016 Ugandan people 294917934 ethnic group Uganda
212 Isanzu people Q3892234 Tanzanian people 294916296 ethnic group Tanzania
Uniben-Jeune fille isoko.jpg
213 Isoko people Q3155516 Nigerian people 294918086 ethnic group Nigeria
214 Isu Q55084113 ethnic group of Cameroon 9839262869802711 ethnic group Cameroon
215 Itsekiri people Q2477983 Nigerian people 294917969 ethnic group Nigeria
216 Jakhanke people Q3025924 ethnic group 29491823X ethnic group
217 Jebala Q610512 ethnic group 294918302 ethnic group
A man prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.jpg
218 Jewish people Q7325 ancient nation, race, and ethnoreligious group from the Levant 294918361 ethnic group
ethnoreligious group
219 Jola people Q1226906 ethnic group 294907963 ethnic group
220 Jukun people Q2664002 ethnic group in Nigeria 294918582 ethnic group Nigeria
221 Kabye people Q8102636 Togolese people 29491868X ethnic group Togo
222 Kabyle people Q648255 ethnic group 294918701 ethnic group
223 Kafficho people Q1721029 Etiopian people 294918752 ethnic group Ethiopia
224 Kagoro Q55678442 Nigerian people 294918787 ethnic group Nigeria
225 Kaguru people Q2979621 Tanzanian people 294918795 ethnic group Tanzania
226 Kaje Q55678840 Nigerian people 294918809 ethnic group Nigeria
227 Kakwa people Q153557 ethnic group found in Uganda, South Sudan and Democratic Rep of the Congo 29491885X ethnic group Uganda
South Sudan
Democratic Republic of the Congo
228 Kalabari tribe Q1721908 ethnic group 294918868 ethnic group
229 Kalenjin people Q56932 ethnic group 294918906 ethnic group Kenya
Ali Modu Sherrff crop 2007.jpg
230 Kanuri people Q572665 ethnic group 294919058 ethnic group Chad
231 Kanyok Q3192768 Congolese people 294919074 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
232 Karamojong people Q185549 ethnic group in Uganda 294919139 ethnic group Uganda
233 Karembola Q54254682 ethnic group from Madagascar 29491918X ethnic group Madagascar
234 Kassena Q640425 ethnic group 294919252 ethnic group
235 Kavango people Q648707 Bantu ethnic group of Namibia 294919279 ethnic group Namibia
236 Kawahla people Q6379518 ethnic group in Sudan 294919287 ethnic group Sudan
237 Kerebe Q25618638 Tanzanian people 294919406 ethnic group Tanzania
238 Kereyu Oromo people Q39046029 East African people 29491921X ethnic group Ethiopia
239 Kgalagadi Q3195906 Botswanan people 294919465 ethnic group Botswana
240 Kgatla Q3195909 ethic group of Southern Africa 294919473 ethnic group Botswana
South Africa
241 Kiga people Q804430 ethnic group 294904107 ethnic group
242 Kikuyu Q203178 ethnic group in Kenya 294919546 ethnic group Kenya
243 Kilba people Q17109110 Nigerian people 294915842 ethnic group Nigeria
244 Kimbu people Q3081990 Tanzanian people 294919627 ethnic group Tanzania
245 Kirdi Q1430603 ethnic group 294919708 ethnic group
246 Kirike Q55694455 Nigerian people 294919716 ethnic group Nigeria
247 Kisama Q55697918 Angolan people 294919724 ethnic group Angola
248 Kofyar people Q6425743 Nigerian people 294919775 ethnic group Nigeria
249 Kom people Q3198499 Cameroonian people 323851061 ethnic group Cameroon
250 Kombe people Q1154419 ethnic group in Equatorial Guinea 407959696 ethnic group Equatorial Guinea
251 Konso people Q965262 ethnic group in Ethiopia 294919961 ethnic group Ethiopia
252 Kotoko people Q3199185 ethnic group 294920153 ethnic group
253 Krobo Q3199886 Ethnic group 294920269 ethnic group Ghana
Ivory Coast
254 Kuba Q358860 ethnic group 294920323 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
255 Kunama people Q1225113 ethnic group 294920420 ethnic group
256 Kurtey people Q6447182 Nigerien people 29492051X ethnic group Niger
257 Kutu people Q6448637 Tanzanian people 294920595 ethnic group Tanzania
258 Lahawin people Q6473173 Sudanese people 363920951 ethnic group Sudan
259 Lebanese people Q2606511 citizens or natives of Lebanon 294921702 ethnic group
260 Lebou people Q3270067 ethnic group 294921737 ethnic group
261 Lengue people Q6152328 Equatorial Guinean people 40795709X ethnic group Equatorial Guinea
262 Lulua people Q3267264 Congolese people 294922962 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
263 Mafa people Q3276439 ethnic group 294923306 ethnic group Cameroon
264 Maghrebis Q2859372 ethnic group 294923349 ethnic group
265 Maguzawa Hausa people Q626226 ethnic group 294923365 ethnic group
266 Makololo tribe Q1779570 people of Southern Africa 294919791 ethnic group
Family Madagascar.jpg
267 Malagasy people Q310983 ethnic group from Madagascar 294923519 ethnic group Madagascar
268 Mamprusi people Q641337 ethnic group 29492373X ethnic group
269 Mandara Q15407288 A Central African ethnic group 294923829 ethnic group
270 Maragoli tribe Q6754637 Kenyan people 294899685 ethnic group Kenya
271 Masalit people Q1640583 ethnic group 294924388 ethnic group
272 Mauritians Q12061517 ethnic group 294924604 ethnic group
273 Mekan people Q12352449 Ethiopian people 294925139 ethnic group Ethiopia
274 Mongo people Q927706 A Central African ethnic group of equatorial forest 294926143 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
275 Moroccans Q1891793 ethnic group and nationality 294926275 ethnic group
276 Moru people Q10589456 East African people 294926313 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
South Sudan
277 Myene people Q3331917 ethnic group in Gabon 294927034 ethnic group Gabon
278 Nafana people Q641394 ethnic group 294927085 ethnic group
279 Nalu people Q28405527 West African people 294927093 ethnic group Guinea
280 Nama people Q694525 ethnic group 294927107 ethnic group German South-West Africa
281 Nambya people Q6961435 ethnic group in northwestern Zimbabwe and northeastern Botswana 294927123 ethnic group Zimbabwe
282 Nande people Q3335624 ethnic group 294927174 ethnic group
283 Nanumba people Q1669494 Mole-Dagbon ethnic group in north east of Ghana 294927220 ethnic group
284 Ndau people Q760787 ethnic group 294927808 ethnic group
285 Ndembu people Q3337463 ethnic group 294927832 ethnic group
286 Ngoni people Q17109664 ethnic group living in the present-day Southern African countries of Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, tracing their origins to the Nguni and Zulu people of kwaZulu-Natal 294928413 ethnic group
287 Ngulu people Q7022680 Tanzanian people 294928472 ethnic group Tanzania
288 Nguni people Q1268405 group of Bantu peoples who currently reside predominantly in Southern Africa, including Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele and Swazi people 294928480 ethnic group
289 Nigerians Q16155102 ethnic group 294928634 ethnic group
290 Njem people Q1994271 ethnic group 294928774 ethnic group
291 Nkomi Q3342354 ethnic group in Gabon 294928820 ethnic group Gabon
292 Nubian people Q15140604 ethnic group originally from northern Sudan, and southern Egypt 294929312 ethnic group
293 Nzakara Q980647 ethnic group 294929762 ethnic group
294 Ovambo people Q1137067 A Southern African ethnic group 294930612
ethnic group
295 Palestinians Q201190 ethnic group 294930825 ethnic group State of Palestine
296 Pape Q56736356 Cameroonian people 294930949 ethnic group Cameroon
297 People of Ethiopia Q2918061 ethnic group 294910468 ethnic group
298 Phuo Q2089170 ethnic group 294931880 ethnic group
299 Poles Q1026 people from Poland 294932321 ethnic group
300 Punu people Q2576790 ethnic group 323935087 ethnic group
Baka dancers June 2006.jpg
301 Pygmy people Q171927 ethnic group whose average height is unusually short 294934014 ethnic group Gabon
Central African Republic
Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
302 Qemant people Q1738459 ethnic group 294934022 ethnic group
303 Rahaweyn Q2005663 Somali people and ethnic group 294934138 ethnic group
304 Reguibat tribe Q3398927 nomadic Sahrawi tribe of Sanhaja-Berber origins 294934979 ethnic group
305 Rolong tribe Q1136094 ethnic group 294935258 ethnic group
306 Sahrawi people Q577055 people living in the western Sahara desert 294935843 ethnic group
307 Sakalava people Q1355221 ethnic group of Madagascar 294935894 ethnic group
308 Sandawe people Q1292246 ethnic group 294936106 ethnic group Tanzania
309 Sapo Q55143876 ethnic group from Liberia 29493622X ethnic group Liberia
310 Sara people Q969552 ethnic group found in Chad, Sudan and Central African Republic 294936238 ethnic group
311 Shaigiya tribe Q7462404 Sudanese people 294937102 ethnic group Sudan
312 Sherbro people Q1004543 ethnic group 294937226 ethnic group
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Berbervrouw in feestkledij uit Tafraoute Zuid-Marokko TMnr 60033850.jpg
313 Shilha people Q1267932 ethnic subgroup of Berbers in Morocco and Mauritania 294904298 ethnic group
314 Somali people Q241696 An ethnic group from the Horn of Africa 294938443 ethnic group
315 Songhai people Q487902 West African ethnic group 294938486 ethnic group
316 Spaniards Q160894 people native to any part of Spain or that hold Spanish citizenship 294938869 ethnic group
317 Swahili people Q721854 ethnic group 294939695 ethnic group Kenya
318 Swedes Q165192 nation and ethnic group native to Sweden 400929961 ethnic group
319 Tagwana people Q44834813 ethnic group 377121908 ethnic group
320 Tallensi Q2038622 ethnic group 294939962 ethnic group
321 Teda people Q3046609 ethnic group 294940383 ethnic group
322 Thembu tribe Q1779499 ethnic group 294940553 ethnic group
Tikar family.jpg
323 Tikar people Q241843 ethnic group in Cameroon 294940960 ethnic group Cameroon
Tiv bride and groom.jpg
324 Tiv people Q1235705 ethnic group 29494107X ethnic group Nigeria
325 Tlokwa tribe Q353971 ethnic group 29494110X ethnic group
326 Tongwe people Q3847568 Tanzanian people 294941207 ethnic group Tanzania
327 Toucouleur people Q864920 West African ethnic group 294941304 ethnic group
328 Tsimahafotsy people Q54217381 ethnic group from Madagascar 294941835 ethnic group
329 Tuareg people Q58843 Berber people of the Sahara desert with a nomadic pastoralist lifestyle 294941924 ethnic group
330 Tumbuka people Q534134 southern African ethnic group of northern Malawi and nearby regions 294942025 ethnic group
331 Turu people Q3851414 ethnic group 294929673 ethnic group
332 Urhobo people Q2993629 ethnic group 294943080 ethnic group
333 Vazimba Q3123073 ethnic group 294943218 ethnic group
334 Venda people Q1785209 ethnic group 294943242 ethnic group
335 Vidunda people Q3892183 Tanzanian people 29494334X ethnic group Tanzania
336 Wodaabe Q578475 ethnic group 294902309 ethnic group
337 Wolof people Q217397 a West African ethnic group, largest in Senegal 294944273 ethnic group Senegal
The Gambia
338 Woyo Q13140893 ethnic group 294944753 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wum culture 3.jpg
339 Wum Q3570164 Cameroonian people 294897224 ethnic group Kamerun
340 Xhosa people Q207996 ethnic group 294944842 ethnic group
341 Yaaku people Q2667274 ethnic group 294944877 ethnic group
342 Yaka people Q2749225 ethnic group in Democratic Republic of the Congo / Angola 294944893 ethnic group Democratic Republic of the Congo
343 Yakurr Q8047240 ethnic group in Nigeria 294944923 ethnic group Nigeria
344 Yalunka people Q3160743 ethnic group 29494494X ethnic group
345 Yarse Q17041644 ethnic group in Burkina Faso 294945024 ethnic group Burkina Faso
346 Yasa Q55380041 Ethnic group 294945032 ethnic group Cameroon
Equatorial Guinea
347 Yombe people Q1717132 ethnic group 294945148 ethnic group
348 Yoruba people Q190168 ethnic group of West Africa 294945164 ethnic group
349 Zanaki people Q3813834 Tanzanian people 294945342 ethnic group Tanzania
350 Zande people Q793575 ethnic group 294945350 ethnic group
351 Zaramo people Q147725 East African ethnic group of coastal Tanzania 294945407 ethnic group Tanzania
Habillement traditionnelle.jpg
352 Zarma people Q148004 ethnic group of westernmost Niger, Nigeria, Benin and nearby countries 294945423 ethnic group
353 Zigula people Q202778 ethnic group 294945482 ethnic group
354 Zinza people Q3110223 Tanzanian people 294945539 ethnic group Tanzania
355 Zulgo Q15407296 Cameroonian people 29494561X ethnic group Cameroon
356 Zulu people Q129962 ethnic group 294945636 ethnic group South Africa

ethnoreligious group[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Copts Q146744 member of the Coptic Church 294906142 ethnoreligious group
2 Huguenot Q101935 ethnoreligious group, French Calvinists 294915850 ethnoreligious group
religious denomination

film genre[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 animated cartoon Q17175676 film genre 37632242X
film genre
Charlie Chaplin Henk Alsem Batavia 1931.jpg
2 documentary film Q93204 nonfictional motion picture 294908285 film genre
3 educational film Q596138 film genre 29490929X film genre

food ingredient[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 cane sugar Q165267 sugar and food ingredient 294903305 food ingredient
Anacardium occidentale - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-010.jpg
2 cashew nut Q7885904 nut and food ingredient 294903577 food ingredient
Cocos nucifera8.jpg
3 coconut Q3342808 fruit of Cocos nucifera 294904883 food ingredient
4 egg Q93189 animal product 294909451 food ingredient
Runny hunny.jpg
5 honey Q10987 sweet food made by bees using nectar from blossoms 29491563X food ingredient
organic matter
Milk glass.jpg
6 milk Q8495 white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals 294925775 food ingredient
Allium cepa.jpg
7 onion Q3406628 culinary ingredient (for the species use Q23485) 294930361 food ingredient
Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt Gemüsestand.jpg
8 vegetable Q11004 edible plant or part of a plant, involved in cooking (opposed to Q3314483) 294943234 food ingredient
9 vegetable oil Q4739805 triglyceride extracted from a plant 294943226 food ingredient
Wheat close-up.JPG
10 wheat Q15645384 cereal grain 294944044 food ingredient

form of government[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 democracy Q7174 system of government in which citizens vote directly in or elect representatives to form a governing body, sometimes called "rule of the majority" 294907386 form of government
form of state
2 dictatorship Q317 form of autocratic government led by a single individual 294907831 form of government
3 feudalism Q37739 combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe 294911596 form of government
4 monarchy Q7269 system of government where the head of state position is inherited within family 294926062 form of government
Berlin reichstag CP.jpg
5 parliamentary system Q166747 form of government 294931066 form of government


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 anthology Q105420 collection of creative works chosen by the compiler 294898638
2 chronology Q130788 science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time 294904417 genre
3 historiography Q30277550 body of historical work on a particular subject 294915532 genre
Celia-hovering-airship mango concept-art 02.png
4 science fiction Q24925 genre of fiction 412355728

geographic region[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Playa Puerto Cruz.JPG
1 Caribbean Q664609 region to the center-east of America composed of many islands and of coastal regions of continental countries surrounding the Caribbean Sea 294903496 geographic region
2 Central Africa Q27433 core region of the African continent 294903771 geographic region
3 Cyrenaica Q165198 eastern coastal region of Libya 294906800 geographic region
administrative territorial entity
4 East Africa Q27407 easterly region of the African continent 294908811 geographic region
5 Eastern Europe Q27468 eastern part of the European continent 297780921 geographic region
6 Francophone Africa Q2470685 regions in Africa where French is spoken 294912681 geographic region
Latin America terrain.jpg
7 Latin America Q12585 region of the Americas where Romance languages are primarily spoken 294921575 geographic region
Kairouan Mosque Courtyard.jpg
8 Maghreb Q28227 region of Northwest Africa 294923322 geographic region
9 Middle East Q7204 region that encompasses majority of Western Asia and Egypt 29492552X geographic region
10 North Africa Q27381 northernmost region of the African continent 294929061 geographic region
cultural region
11 Sahel Q66065 transition zone in Africa 294935851 geographic region
12 Southern Africa Q27394 southernmost region of the African continent 294938753 geographic region
13 Sub-Saharan Africa Q132959 area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara Desert 294939369 geographic region
14 Tripolitania Q192435 historic region and former province of Libya 294941754 geographic region
province of Libya
15 West Africa Q4412 westernmost region of the African continent 294943951 geographic region

group of organisms known by one particular common name[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 cattle Q4767951 domesticated bovines in a general way (for the taxon use Q830) 29490364X group of organisms known by one particular common name
African Bush Elephant.jpg
2 elephant Q7378 trunk-bearing large mammal 294909680 group of organisms known by one particular common name
Goat family.jpg
3 goat Q2934 domesticated mammal raised primarily for its milk 294913777 group of organisms known by one particular common name
4 human Q5 common name of Homo sapiens, unique extant species of the genus Homo 294923772 group of organisms known by one particular common name
descriptive item used as unit
5 medicinal plant Q188840 plants or derivatives used to treat medical conditions in humans or animals 294925104 group of organisms known by one particular common name
6 poultry Q178559 category of domesticated birds 294932984 group of organisms known by one particular common name

historical country[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Adamawa Emirate Q775550 Traditional state (1806-1901, located in: Nigeria and partially in Cameroon) 294896554 historical country
traditional state in Nigeria
2 Akwamu Q1791839 state set up by Akan people that flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries 294897879 historical country
3 Angoche Sultanate Q1949848 Historical country 294898387 historical country
Benin kingdom Louvre A97-4-1.jpg
4 Benin Empire Q171203 1170-1897; in 1897 part of British Niger Coast Protectorate. 294901272 historical country
traditional state in Nigeria
5 British Cameroons Q1028835 British Mandate territory in British West Africa 294902570 historical country
6 British Togoland Q797527 former territory under British administration 294902597 historical country
7 Buganda Q473748 subnational kingdom within Uganda 294902732 historical country Uganda
8 Bunyoro Q889897 kingdom in Western Uganda 294902864 historical country Uganda
9 Congo Free State Q76048 area in Central Africa controlled by the King of Belgium (1885–1908) 294905758 historical country
vassal state
10 Czechoslovakia Q33946 1918–1992 country in Central Europe, predecessor of the Czech Republic and Slovakia 294906819 historical country Czechoslovakia
11 Damot Q2902588 former kingdom and region in Ethiopia 294906991 historical country Ethiopia
12 Geledi Sultanate Q862518 former Somali kingdom that ruled parts of the Horn of Africa 294913327 historical country
13 German Democratic Republic Q16957 former communist country, 1949-1990 294908846 historical country
satellite state
communist state
German Democratic Republic
14 Ghana Empire Q206789 former country 294913599 historical country
15 Gyaaman Q1644002 former country, ca. 1450-1963. 294896279 historical country
Ivory Coast
16 Hausa Kingdoms Q1591030 former country 294915095 historical country
17 Kingdom of Burundi Q1192936 former kingdom in Central/Eastern Africa up to 1966 294902961 historical country
18 Kingdom of Mutapa Q854468 kingdom in southern Africa between 1430 and 1760 294926984 historical country
19 Lado Enclave Q371883 former country 294921133 historical country
20 Mali Federation Q216632 former federation in West Africa linking the French colonies of Senegal and the Sudanese Republic (or French Sudan) for a period of only two months in 1960 294923608 historical country
21 Ruanda-Urundi Q590743 1922-1962 League of Nations/United Nations mandate in East Africa 294935363 historical country
League of Nations mandate
22 Sultanate of Damagaram Q4154364 historical country and sultanate in Niger 294906983 historical country
23 Sultanate of Darfur Q1474791 former country 294907114 historical country
24 United Arab Republic Q170468 former country 294942734 historical country
25 Yugoslavia Q36704 1918–1992 country in Southeastern and Central Europe 29494527X historical country
sovereign state
Gees van eMakhosini-monument, eMakhosini.jpg
26 Zulu Kingdom Q729768 former monarchy in Southern Africa 294945660
historical country

human settlement[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Agbor Q3848215 human settlement in Delta State, Nigeria 29489716X human settlement Nigeria
2 Tarok people Q7686522 ethnic group of Nigeria 294940138 human settlement
agrarian society
Approaching Zanzibar.jpg
3 Zanzibar Q1774 semi-autonomous part of Tanzania 294945385 human settlement Tanzania


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 arms industry Q392933 industrial sector which manufactures weapons and military technology and equipment 294907300 industry
2 banking Q3435731 industry for financial institutions such as banks and credit unions 294900454 industry
Landesmesse Baustelle Parkhaus.jpg
3 construction industry Q13405640 production of goods and services involved in the process of constructing buildings or infrastructure 294905936 industry
Electronics factory in Shenzhen.jpg
4 electronics industry Q5358497 global industry 294909664 industry
5 land transport Q4354683 mode of transport conducted by people, animals or vehicles over land surfaces 294921354 industry
mode of transport
6 printing industry Q26897133 industry 294933328 industry
7 shipbuilding Q474200 construction of ships and floating vessels 294937293 industry
key event (ships)
economic branch
branch of science

interdisciplinary science[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
The Brewer designed and engraved in the Sixteenth. Century by J Amman.png
1 biotechnology Q7108 use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products 294901671 interdisciplinary science
applied science
economic branch
2 gender studies Q1662673 cultural studies, sociology, and interdisciplinary science 294913386 interdisciplinary science
3 Islamic studies Q843909 Oriental studies, Oriental studies, and interdisciplinary science 294918051 interdisciplinary science
4 legal history Q680004 interdisciplinary science that is both connected to the science of law as well as the science of history 294921796 interdisciplinary science

intergovernmental organization[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States Q294278 intergovernmental organization of countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, created by the Georgetown Agreement in 1975, aiming at sustainable development and poverty reduction and greater integration into the world's economy 29489649X intergovernmental organization
2 Conseil de l'Entente Q945574 West African intergovernmental organization 294906290 intergovernmental organization
3 East African Community Q337456 intergovernmental bloc 29490882X intergovernmental organization
international organization
4 Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa Q1940250 intergovernmental organization, from 1999 294905391 intergovernmental organization
5 Southern African Customs Union Q1344350 customs union, established in 1910, among five countries of Southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland 294935797 intergovernmental organization
customs union
6 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Q182000 organization 294942416 intergovernmental organization

international court[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 International Court of Justice Q7801 primary judicial organ of the United Nations 294917500 international court
principal organ of the United Nations
International Criminal Court Headquarters, Netherlands.jpg
2 International Criminal Court Q47488 permanent international tribunal 294917527 international court

international financial institution[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Headquarters of the International Monetary Fund (Washington, DC).jpg
1 International Monetary Fund Q7804 international organisation 294916512 international financial institution
specialized agency of the United Nations
United States of America
World Bank building at Washington.jpg
2 World Bank Q7164 international financial institution 294944702 international financial institution
specialized agency of the United Nations
international organization
United States of America

international organization[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 African Development Bank Q340195 multilateral development finance institution 294896872 international organization
2 African Economic Community Q386881 international organization 294896880 international organization
Dmitry Medvedev in China 14 April 2011-2.jpeg
3 BRICS Q243630 association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa 407542655 international organization
4 Comecon Q191582 former international economic organization 294905162 international organization
5 Community of Portuguese Language Countries Q182500 international organization 294905626 international organization
6 Economic Community of Central African States Q189966 international organization 294905375 international organization
7 Economic Community of West African States Q193272 organization 294909176
international organization Nigeria
8 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Q82151 international organisation with the objective of ending hunger 294911235 international organization
United Nations System
specialized agency of the United Nations
9 OHADA Q2029901 international organization, from 1993 from Yaounde 294930167 international organization
10 Organisation of African Unity Q191703 organization 294929843 international organization
11 Union of African States Q633609 international organization 294942661 international organization
Siege UEMOA Ouagadougou.jpg
12 West African Economic and Monetary Union Q1929699 international organization from Ouagadougou / Ouagadougou 294942637 international organization
Fourth Global Review of Aid for Trade 1691 (9237986689).jpg
13 World Trade Organization Q7825 organization that intends to supervise and liberalize international trade 294944796 international organization Switzerland


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Malabo a 13-oct-01.jpg
1 Bioko Q205022 island 294901655 island Equatorial Guinea
The O Club on Diego Garcia.jpg
2 Diego Garcia Q184851 British atoll in the Indian Ocean 294907874 island United Kingdom
ISD highres ISS002 ISS002-749-82 3.JPG
3 Djerba Q188938 island in Tunisia 294908218 island Tunisia
Senegal Gorée island harbor.jpg
4 Gorée Q244347 one of the 19 communes d'arrondissement (i.e. districts) of the city of Dakar, Senegal; World Heritage Site 294913920 island Senegal
5 Príncipe Q210636 island off of the coast of Africa 29493331X island São Tomé and Príncipe

island nation[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Cuba Q241 country in the Caribbean 294906568 island nation
sovereign state
unitary state
communist state
Iceland satellite.jpg
2 Iceland Q189 island republic in Northern Europe 294916105 island nation
sovereign state

isolated human group[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Abidji people Q4667609 ethnic group 31540731x isolated human group
ethnic group
Ivory Coast
2 Ait Atta Q2364324 Isolated human group 294897720 isolated human group
3 Angolares Q2849715 Isolated human group in São Tomé and Príncipe 294898433 isolated human group São Tomé and Príncipe
4 Diawaras Q3026442 Isolated human group in Mali 294907823 isolated human group Mali
5 Kwasio people Q6450249 Ethnic group 407959688 isolated human group
ethnic group
Equatorial Guinea
6 Pende people Q377119 Isolated human group in Democratic Republic of the Congo 29493152X isolated human group Democratic Republic of the Congo
7 Semitic Q62928 group of people, culture and languages in Middle East 294936807 isolated human group

key event[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
Hindu funeral.jpg
1 funeral Q201676 ceremony for a person who has died 294912835 key event
2 naturalization Q841440 process by which a non-citizen in a country may acquire citizenship or nationality of that country 294927727 key event
3 privatization Q161500 transferring ownership of a business, enterprise, agency, public service, or public property from the public sector (a government) to the private sector, to a business that operates for profit 294933425 key event


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 father Q7565 male parent or individual progenitor of human offspring. Avoid using with P1038: use P22 instead 294911332 kinship
2 grandparent Q167918 parent of a parent. Avoid using with P1038: add item for parent instead 294914137 kinship
3 illegitimate child Q170393 child born from unmarried parents 29491644X kinship
TSgt Pattee meets daughter.jpg
4 parent Q7566 caretaker of the offspring in their own species 294931007 kinship


image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 !Xu Q55087169 language 294895787 language
2 Aari Q7495 Omotic language of Ethiopia 294896198 language Ethiopia
3 Abron Q34831 language 294896260 language
4 Abure Q34767 language 294896317 language
5 Acholi dialect Q34926 Southern Luo dialect 294896481 language
Nilotic languages
South Sudan
6 Adjukru language Q34738 Ivoirian language 294896724 language Ivory Coast
7 Afade Q56434 Afro-Asiatic language of Cameroon and Nigeria 294896740 language
8 Afar Q27811 Lowland East Cushitic language spoken in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti 294896767 language Ethiopia
9 Afrikaans Q14196 West Germanic language, spoken in South Africa and Namibia 294897062 language
10 Aka language Q11010149 Bantu languages and language 294897801 language
11 Akan Q28026 language of Akan lands in Ghana 294897828 language
Kwa languages
12 Alladian Q34837 language 294897895 language
13 Alur Q56507 language 294898174 language
14 Amharic Q28244 Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia 294898263 language
Semitic languages
15 Amo Q34826 language 29489828X language
16 Anda language Q28305 dialect continuum of the Khoe family of Namibia, Angola, Botswana, South Africa, and small parts of Zambia 294920897 language
17 Anyin Q28395 language spoken principally in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana 29489876X language
Learning Arabic calligraphy.jpg
18 Arabic Q13955 Semitic language 294898948 language
19 Argobba Q29292 Ethiopian Semitic spoken in an area north-east of Addis Ababa by the Argobba people 294899081 language
20 Asu language Q34798 language 294899421 language
21 Avikam Q34840 language 294899707 language
22 Aweer Q56526 language of Kenya 294902201 language Kenya
23 Baali language Q3515074 Language 294900144 language
24 Bade Q56239 language 294899847 language Nigeria
25 Bafia Q34930 language 294899871 language
26 Bagirmi Q34903 language 294899952 language Chad
27 Bainouk-Gunyaamolo Q35506 language of Senegal 294900020 language
28 Baiso Q56615 language 323964907 language
29 Baka language Q34905 Cameroonian language 294900055 language Cameroon
30 Baldemu Q56280 language 294900128 language
31 Bambara Q33243 western African language 294900179 language
Mande languages
32 Bamum language Q35280 one of the Benue–Congo languages of Cameroon 294900241 language Cameroon
33 Bana Q56272 language 294900276 language
34 Bandi Q34912 language 294900322 language
35 Baoulé Q35107 language 294900616 language Ivory Coast
36 Bari Q35042 language spoken in South Sudan & Uganda 371178290 language South Sudan
37 Bemba language Q33052 major Bantu language spoken primarily in north-eastern Zambia by the Bemba people 294901124 language Zambia
Democratic Republic of the Congo
38 Bench Q35108 language 294901191 language Ethiopia
39 Beraku language Q56796 language 294901302 language
dead language
40 Berom Q35013 language 294901736 language
41 Bete Q32932 nearly extinct language of Nigeria spoken by a small minority of the inhabitants of Bete Town, Takum, Taraba State 294901388 language
42 Bidiyo Q56258 language 294901558 language
43 Boki language Q35087 language 294902023
44 Bole Q3436680 Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Nigeria 294902058 language Nigeria
45 Bolon Q3913301 Language 294902074 language
46 Boma Q35080 Bantu language 294902090 language Democratic Republic of the Congo
47 Borana language Q2910610 Oromo and language 294902260 language
48 Bozo language Q35021 Mande languages and language 294902465 language
49 Bube Q35110 language 294902651
50 Bukusu Q32930 mutually intelligible Bantu dialects of a Luhya language spoken by the Bukusu, Kabras, and Tachoni tribes of the Luhya people of western Kenya 294902775 language
51 Buli language Q35085 language in Ghana 294902783 language
52 Bulu language Q35028 language 294902821 language
53 Bushong language Q3449964 Bushoong languages and language 29490302X language
54 Camfranglais Q847064 language 407540385 language
55 Cerma Q35074 language 314279423 language
56 Chewa Q33273 language of the Bantu language family 294904077 language
57 Chokwe Q2422065 Bantu language spoken by the Chokwe people 29490431X language
58 Chopi Q3437616 Bantu languages and language 294904344 language
59 Cifundi dialect Q55185556 Swahili dialect 294904484 language
60 Comorian Q33077 language on the Comoros and Mayotte 294905502 language
61 Daasanach Q56637 language 294906843 language
62 Daba Q3913342 Biu–Mandara languages and language in Cameroon / Chad 29490686X language Cameroon
63 Dagaare language Q35159 language of the Dagaaba people in Ghana and Burkina Fas 294906894 language Burkina Faso
64 Daka language Q36269 Dakoid languages and language 294903968 language
65 Dan Q1158971 a Mande language of West Africa 294907025 language
66 Dangaléat Q942591 language 294907076 language
67 Dangme Q35141 language 294896589 language
68 Degema Q35182 Edoid language of Nigeria 294907343 language
69 Dendi language Q35164 language of Benin 294907491 language
70 Dinka Q56466 Nilotic dialect cluster spoken by the Dinka people, the major ethnic group of South Sudan 294907955 language South Sudan
71 Dioula language Q32706 Mande language spoken in Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, and Mali 294918604 language Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
72 Dutch Q7411 West Germanic language 294908722 language Netherlands
73 Ebrié Q36644 language 294908889 language
74 Edo language Q35375 language 294909222 language
75 Efik Q35377 African language 294909419 language Nigeria
76 Efutu language Q34847 language 294899758 language
77 Ekoi language Q35296 language 294909540 language
78 Enya Q5381452 Language 29491014X language
79 Eotile language Q3915347 Potou–Tano languages, language, and dead language 294910166 language
dead language
80 Esimbi Q35260 language of Cameroon 294910336 language
81 Ewe Q30005 Niger–Congo language spoken in southeastern Ghana and southern Togo 294910816 language Ghana
82 Ewondo Q35459 language 294910832 language
83 Fanagalo Q35727 language 294911170 language
84 Fang language Q33484 the dominant Bantu language of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea 294911197 language Cameroon
Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
São Tomé and Príncipe
85 Fante Q35570 language 294911227 language
86 Fon Q33291 part of the Gbe language cluster and belongs to the Volta–Niger branch of the Niger–Congo languages 294911995 language
87 Frafra language Q35331 language 294911243 language
88 Fur Q33364 language of the Fur of Darfur in western Sudan 294912878 language
Nilo-Saharan languages
89 Fut language Q34888 language 294956530 language
90 Fyer Q56273 language 294912940 language
91 Ga Q33287 Kwa language spoken in Ghana 294912967 language Ghana
92 Gade Q3914459 Nigerian language 294913017 language Nigeria
93 Gagu Q3913317 Language 294913041 language
94 Gbanzili language Q35306 Language 294913262 language
95 Ge'ez language Q35667 ancient South Semitic language 294913300 language
sacred language
dead language
96 German Q188 West Germanic language 294913556 language Germany
97 Ghomala' language Q35271 Grassfields Bantu language of Cameroon 294913629 language Cameroon
98 Gikuyu Q33587 language of the Bantu family spoken primarily by the Kikuyu people of Kenya 294919554 language
99 Gitonga language Q7820988 Bantu language spoken along the southern coast of Mozambique 408330953 language
100 Gokana Q3075137 Ogoni languages and language 294913831 language
101 Gonja Q35267 language 294913890 language
102 Grebo Q35257 Kru language of Liberia 294914218 language
103 Gula language Q5617176 Language 294914536 language
104 Gun Q3111668 language 294914609 language
105 Guro Q35251 Mande language of Ivory Coast 294914684
106 Gusii Q33603 Bantu language spoken in the Kisii district in western Kenya 294914730 language
107 Gwandara Q56521 language 29491479X language Chad
108 Ha Q3105505 Language spoken in Tanzania 294914854 language Tanzania
109 Hadiyya Q56613 language spoken in Ethiopia 294914897 language
110 Hadza Q33411 language isolate spoken along the shores of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania 9839141928402711 language Tanzania
111 Harari Q33626 the language of the Harari people of Ethiopia 294915044 language Ethiopia
112 Hausa Q56475 Chadic language spoken by the Hausa people 294915087 language Benin
Burkina Faso
113 Haya Q35756 language 294915125 language
114 Hdi Q56246 language spoken in Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad 29491515X language Cameroon
Temple Scroll.png
115 Hebrew Q9288 Semitic language spoken primarily in Israel 29491529X language Israel
116 Hehe Q3129390 Bantu language 294915311 language
117 Herero Q33315 language of the Bantu family (Niger–Congo group) 294915362 language
118 Holu Q4121133 Bantu languages and language 294915583 language
119 Hozo Q5923010 Mao languages and language 294915834 language
120 Hunde Q3065432 Bantu languages and language 29491594X language
121 Ibibio Q33792 the native language of the Ibibio people of southern Nigeria 294916091 language Nigeria
122 Idoma Q35478 language 294916180 language
123 Igbo Q33578 native language of the Igbo people 29491627X language
Kwa languages
124 Ikoma language Q5996114 Great Lakes Bantu languages and language 294916385 language
125 Ila language Q5996885 Bantu languages and language 294916415 language
126 Iraqw Q33595 Cushitic language spoken in Tanzania in the Arusha and Manyara Regions 294917845 language
127 Isoko Q35414 language of Nigeria 294918094 language
128 Italian Q652 Romance language 40432245X language
pro-drop language
129 Itsekiri language Q36045 language 294917977 language
130 Jarawa language Q35423 language of Nigeria 294918299 language Nigeria
131 Jju language Q35401 language 294918817 language
132 Kabiye Q35475 language 294918698 language
133 Kabyle Q35853 Berber language spoken by the Kabyle people 29491871X language
Berber languages
134 Kadugli language Q3407136 Language 294918744 language
135 Kagoma Q3914420 language of Nigeria 294918779 language
136 Kalanga Q33672 Bantu language spoken by the Kalanga people in Botswana and in Zimbabwe 294918892 language
137 Kamara Q35561 language 294918922 language
138 Kamba Q2574767 Bantu language spoken in Kenya 294918949 language Kenya
139 Kannada Kurumba Q56589 Tamil–Kannada languages and language 294920536 language
140 Kanuri Q36094 Saharan language 294919066 language Nigeria
141 Kaonde Q33601 Language of Zambia and DR Congo 355079100 language Zambia
Democratic Republic of the Congo
142 Kar language Q35716 language 314279008 language
143 Kasem Q35552 language 294919244 language
144 Kele language Q6385549 language of DR Congo 294922725 language
145 Kete Q3195598 Bantu languages and language 294919422 language
146 Kgalagadi Q2088743 Sotho–Tswana languages and language 355246821 language
147 Kimbundu Q35891 Bantu language 294919635 language
148 Kinga language Q6412426 Northeast Bantu languages and language 294919643 language
149 Kinyarwanda Q33573 Bantu language spoken in Central Africa, official in Rwanda 294919686 language
150 Kipsigis Q56339 language 294919694 language
151 Kissi language Q35696 language 294919740 language
152 Kituba Q35746 Pidgin or creole, language, and creole language 294919759 language
creole language
153 Kiyombe Q10961975 Bantu language 294945156 language
154 Kom language Q1656595 Cameroonian language 294919805 language Cameroon
155 Kongo Q33702 Bantu language spoken in Angola and Kongo 294919899 language
156 Kose language Q34806 language 294897852 language
157 Kpelle Q35673 language 29492020X language
158 Krio Q35744 English-based creole languages, language, and creole language 294920250 language
creole language
159 Krongo Q6438927 Language 294920277 language
160 Kunama Q36041 language 391065580 language
161 Kusaal Q35708 language 294920544 language
162 Kuwaa Q35579 language 294920617 language
163 Kwakum Q35624 Bantu language of Cameroon 314284710 language
164 Kwangali Q36334 language 294920714 language
165 Kwanyama Q1405077 language of Angola and Namibia 294920749 language
166 Kwegu Q56723 language 294920803 language
167 Kwese Q3200846 Bantu languages and language in Democratic Republic of the Congo 294920846 language Democratic Republic of the Congo
168 Lala language Q6480154 Nguni languages and language 294921184 language
169 Lamang Q35700 West African language 294920935 language Cameroon
170 Laro Q35687 language spoken in Sudan 294921567 language Sudan
171 Lenje Q6522666 Language 294922016 language
172 Limbum Q35801 language 294922350 language
173 Lingala Q36217 language 294922377 language
174 Lobi Q35807 Language 29492261X language
175 Lomwe Q35824 language 294922784 language
176 Lorhon language Q36467 language 294922822 language
177 Lozi Q33628 language 294922857 language
178 Luba-Kasai language Q34173 language 29492289X language
179 Luba-Katanga Q36157 language 355078821 language
180 Lucazi language Q3265143 Bantu languages and language 294922911 language
181 Luganda Q33368 major language of Uganda 294913173 language Uganda
182 Lugbara Q3272737 Nilo-Saharan language 294922938 language
183 Luhya language Q35893 language 294923187 language
184 Luimbi Q10963134 Chokwe–Luchazi languages and language 294922954 language
185 Lumun Q35777 Niger–Congo language in the Talodi family spoken in Kordofan, Sudan 9839141937302711 language Sudan
186 Lunda Q33607 language 294923004 language
187 Luyana Q3268098 Bantu languages and language 294923160 language
188 Lyélé Q3089032 Gurunsi languages and language 294923217 language
189 Maale language Q795327 language 33831685X language Ethiopia
190 Maasai Q35787 Nilotic language 29492437X language
191 Maay Q36221 language 306062739 language
192 Mafa Q35819 language 294923314 language
193 Malagasy Q7930 language spoken in Madagascar 294923527 language Madagascar
194 Mamvu Q3033594 Central Sudanic languages and language 294923764 language
195 Mandara Q3285424 Western Oceanic languages and language 294923837 language
196 Mandinka Q33678 language 294923896 language Mali
The Gambia
Ivory Coast
Burkina Faso
Sierra Leone
197 Margi language Q56241 West African language 294924132 language Chad
198 Masaba language Q3740241 Bantu languages and language 294913726 language
199 Matengo Q6786446 Bantu languages and language 336355637 language
200 Mba Q4286464 Mba languages and language 294924671 language
201 Mbara language Q3912770 Biu–Mandara languages and language in Chad 294924736 language Chad
202 Mbato Q3914941 language of Côte d’Ivoire 294924752 language
203 Mbelime Q4286473 Oti–Volta languages and language in Benin 294924779 language Benin
204 Mbembe language Q3915395 Language 294924795 language
205 Mbugwe Q3426367 Mbugwe–Rangi languages and language 294924868 language
206 Mende Q1478672 language of Niger-Congo family 294925236 language Sierra Leone
207 Meru Q13313 language of the Meru people (Ameru) of Eastern and Northern slopes of Mount Kenya, Kenya 294925368 language
208 Meta' Q36054 language 294925392 language
209 Migaama Q56259 Afro-Asiatic language of Chad 294925570 language
210 Mofu-Gudur Q1365132 language 294926046 language
211 Mongo Q112893 language 294926151 language
212 Mubi Q3440518 Afro-Asiatic languages and language 294926607 language
213 Mündü Q35981 language 294926739 language
214 Musgu Q3123545 Biu–Mandara languages and language 294926836 language
215 Muskum Q3913334 Language 294926895 language
216 Mwera language Q6944725 Bantu languages and language 294927018 language
217 Myene Q35832 language 390741523 language
218 Nama language Q20812287 Nambu language and language 294927115 language
219 Nambya language Q3553981 Shona languages and language 392767678 language
220 Nande Q3196953 Bantu languages and language 294927182 language
221 Ndunga Q6983857 Mba languages and language 294927905 language
222 Nen language Q36632 language 294900381 language
223 Ngangela language Q17093766 language 336159854 language
224 Ngasa Q56345 language 294928227 language Kenya
225 Ngie Q36361 language 294928308 language
226 Ngoni Q7022547 Bantu language of Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi 294928421 language Mozambique
227 Njebi Q35923 Bantu language spoken in Gabon and the Republic of Congo 294928758 language
228 Nkutu Q7193313 Language 29492888X language
229 Noon Q36304 language 294928960 language
230 Northern Sotho Q33890 language 294929053 language South Africa
231 Notre Q11009194 Niger-Congo languages and language 294902368 language
232 Nso language Q35788 language 294929185 language
233 Nuer Q33675 language 294929355 language South Sudan
234 Nupe language Q36720 language 29492941X language
235 Nyabwa Q33664 language 294929525 language
236 Nyambo Q4967930 Bantu languages and language 343077582 language
237 Nyamwezi Q4121131 Bantu languages and language 29492955X language
238 Nyanga Q7070879 Bantu languages and language 294929614 language
239 Nyole language Q7071227 Language 29492972X language
240 Nyoro Q33794 language 294929746 language
241 Nzakara Q3913339 Language 294929770 language
242 Nzema language Q36337 Tana language of Ghana and Ivory Coast 294929800 language
243 Ongota language Q36344 language 323964664 language Ethiopia
244 Oring Q3915308 Language 315261153 language
245 Oromo Q33864 Afroasiatic language 294930574 language
246 Pa'a Q3441315 Language in Bauchi State / Ningi, Nigeria, Nigeria 29493068X language Nigeria
247 Parkwa Q3515096 Biu–Mandara languages and language 294930728 language
248 Pokomo Q7208693 Bantu languages and language 294932267 language
249 Pökoot Q36323 language 294939504 language
250 Portuguese Q5146 Romance language originating on the Iberian peninsula 294932887 language Portugal
251 Punu Q36401 language 294933964 language
252 Rangi language Q584983 language 294934219 language
253 Rendille Q3447297 Language 294934723 language
254 Reshe Q36258 language 294934820 language
255 Ron Q3440432 West Chadic languages and language in Bokkos / Barkin Ladi / Mangu, Nigeria 294935290 language Nigeria
256 Ronga Q2520717 Tswa-Ronga language and language 294935304 language
257 Runyankole language Q13207 Bantu language spoken by the Nkore and Hema peoples of Southwestern Uganda 294929657 language Uganda
258 Safwa Q4121160 Bantu languages and language 294935819 language
259 Sakata Q36691 language 294935924 language
260 Sama Q6407456 Bantu language of Angola 294919724 language
261 Sango Q33954 language spoken in the Central African Republic 294936122 language
creole language
Niger-Congo languages
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
262 Shambala Q3788739 Bantu languages and language 294937129 language
263 Shi Q3481999 Bantu languages and language 294937242 language
264 Shilluk Q36486 language 294937285 language South Sudan
265 Shona Q34004 Bantu language 29493734X language
266 Somali Q13275 language of East Cushitic branch of Afro-Asiatic family 294938419 language
267 Songe Q3130911 Bantu languages and language 294938478 language
268 Soninke Q36660 African language 294938567 language Mali
Ivory Coast
The Gambia
269 Suri Q5364172 Surmic languages and language 294939628 language
270 Susu Q33990 language 294939687 language
271 Swahili Q7838 Bantu language, mostly spoken mainly within East Africa, national language in Tanzania and one of the official languages of Kenya 294939709 language
agglutinative language
Democratic Republic of the Congo
272 Swazi Q34014 language 294939741 language Eswatini
South Africa
273 Tabwa language Q7673650 Sabi languages and language 294939881 language
274 Tarok Q3914953 language of Nigeria 294940146 language
275 Tem Q36531 language 294940502 language
276 Temne language Q36613 language 294941010 language
277 Terik Q3518379 Kalenjin and language 294940650 language
278 Teso Q29474 Nilo-Saharan language spoken by the Iteso people of Uganda and Kenya 294940731 language
279 Tetela Q2613465 Bantu languages and language 294940766 language
280 Tigre Q34129 language 294940936 language
281 Tigrinya Q34124 Semitic language 294940952 language
Semitic languages
282 Tikar Q36483 language 294940979 language
283 Tima Q36684 language 395406528 language
284 Tiv Q34131 language of Nigeria 294941088 language
Niger-Congo languages
285 Tonga Q34101 language of Zambia and Zimbabwe 294941185 language
286 Tongwe Q7821200 Niger-Congo languages and language 294941215 language
287 Tsogo Q36674 language 29494186X language
288 Tswana Q34137 Bantu language 294941908 language
289 Tugen Q3541935 Kalenjin and language 294941983 language
290 Tula Q3914907 Language in Kaltungo, Nigeria 294942009 language Nigeria
291 Tupuri Q36646 language 294942092 language
292 Turkana Q36958 African language, spoken by the Turkana people 294942122 language
293 Turu language Q7193418 Tanzanian language 294929681 language Tanzania
Ghana regions named.png
294 Twi Q36850 Central Tano language 294942165 language
295 Urdu Q1617 national language and lingua franca of Pakistan; standardized register of Hindustani 36440129X language India
296 Urhobo Q36663 language 307888711 language
297 Vai Q36939 language 294943145 language Liberia
Sierra Leone
298 Venda Q32704 Bantu language 294943250 language
299 Vili Q3558409 Sira languages and language 390741809 language
300 Vunjo Q12953261 Central Kilimanjaro language and language 294943498 language
301 Wan Q3913272 Language 294943668 language
302 Winye language Q3913360 Language 294944168 language
303 Wobé language Q3915363 Language 294944249 language
304 Wolof Q34257 language of Senegal, the Gambia, and Mauritania 294944281 language
305 Yaka language Q35588 language 294944907 language
306 Yao Q36902 language 294945008 language
307 Yekhee Q3915848 Language 294910670 language
308 Yemba Q36917 language 294945091 language
309 Yeyi Q8053347 language 29494513X language
310 Yoruba Q34311 Niger–Congo language spoken in West Africa 294945172 language
Kwa languages
311 Zande language Q35015 language 294945369 language
312 Zarma Q36990 language 294945431 language
313 Zay Q10195 one of the Gurage languages Laqi language language Ethiopia
314 Zulu Q10179 language of the Zulu people 294945644 language
Bantu languages

language family[edit]

image number Article item description ASC Leiden Thesaurus ID instance of country
1 Adamawa–Ubangi languages Q351533 language family 294896562 language family
2 Afro-Asiatic languages Q25268 language family 294897135 language family
3 Atlantic languages Q1075948 language family 294943978 language family
4 Austronesian languages Q49228 language family of Southeast Asia and the Pacific 29489957X language family
5 Baga languages Q2746083 Mel languages and language family 294899928 language family
6 Bamileke languages Q806005 language family 294900225 language family
7 Banda languages Q806234 language family 294900306 language family
8 Bantu languages Q33146 language family 294900535 language family
9 Benue–Congo languages Q33253 language family 294901299 language family
Tamazight Azlag.jpg
10 Berber languages Q25448 family of similar or closely related languages and dialects indigenous to North Africa 294901337 language family
11 Bullom languages Q4997006 Mel languages and language family 294902791 language family
12 Central Sudanic languages Q190822 language family 29490381X language family
13 Chadic languages Q33184 language family 294903909 language family
14 Cross River languages Q1141096 language family 29490655X language family
15 Cushitic languages Q33248 language family native to East Africa 294906746 language family
16 Eastern Nilotic languages Q153795 language family 294908854 language family
17 Ethiopian Semitic languages Q163629 language family 29491045X language family
18 Gbaya languages Q3099986 Gbaya-Manza-Ngbaka languages and language family in Cameroon / Central African Republic / Republic of the Congo 294913297 language family Cameroon
Central African Republic
Republic of the Congo
19 Gbe languages Q668284 family of Niger–Congo languages native to West Africa 354274732 language family
20 Grassfields Bantu languages Q750932 language family 294914153 language family
21 Gur languages Q33536 language family 294914625 language family
22 Gurunsi languages Q721007 language family 294914714 language family