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Project to collect all sardana (Q1413570) and other works for cobla (Q2989770) in WikiData using and as main sources, where there are some 32,000 registered items.


These are the type of items will be working on:

These are the specifics Q items we will be using:


We requested a new property tiratge (P11200) (tiratge in Catalan)as one of the principal properties of a sardana. It is the length, in numbers of measures, of each section of a sardana, the short (Q114870320) and the long (Q114870393). It is, then, a multivalued property, each one with a qualificator relative to (P2210) to relate it to the different section.

This figure of tiratge, run in English, is important in a sardana because it is needed to dance it properly. Normally, when the dancers begin to form the circle, there is one or two people who make the calculations to know what kind of final steps need to be done to end the dance in the proper way. There is a good explanation here:

Other properties will be using are:


We have requested three new identifiers for sardana (Q1413570) and composer (P86) for two online archives available in Catalonia. These are the proposals:



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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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These are the sources we are working with. We include a status for the negotiation we are having for a col·laboration process with their managers.

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