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Calls will be scheduled as a part of the Wikidata Working Hours.

Upcoming calls[edit]

Stay tuned for updates on our 2024 calls!

Past calls[edit]

  • Setting up your own Wikibase reconciliation service (e.g. for OpenRefine) with Olaf Janssen (KB). 7 November 2023 Recording. SLIDES
    • In this presentation Olaf Janssen (KB) explains how to install a reconciliation service for your own Wikibase instance, how to connect it to OpenRefine and what settings in the Wikibase itself need to be checked to allow data from OpenRefine to be written to the Wikibase. (also see this documentation). Olaf Janssen is the Wikimedia coordinator of KB, the national library of the Netherlands. He stimulates and facilitates the collaboration between the collections, knowledge, data and employees of the KB on the one hand, and the projects of the Wikimedia movement on the other, focusing on Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikibase and Wikipedia. He is also an active volunteer for these projects.
  • Batch tools for working with properties and items in Wikibase: 28 April 2023 - recording | Hahn's PyWikibot demo | Slides.
    • Topic: this session covered loading properties (and some items) using PyWikibot, QuickStatements, and WikibaseIntegrator. Presentations by WBWH conveners Christine Fernsebner-Eslao (Harvard University), Jim Hahn (University of Pennsylvania), Timothy Ryan Mendenhall (Columbia University), and Jackie Shieh (Smithsonian Libraries)
  • Using a custom Wikibase with Siegfried: 23 March 2023 - 🟢 Presenter Slides | 🟢 LD4 Intro Slides | 🟢 Notes document | 🟢 Video Recording | 🟢 VTT Caption File
    • Topic: In 2020 Ross Spencer worked alongside the team at Yale University Library (Dr Kat Thornton, Euan Cochrane) and Siegfried Developer Richard Lehane to develop an integration for the popular file format identification tool, and Wikidata. The work has also been expanded with a little careful configuration to enable the integration to work with custom Wikibases as well. In this LD4 Wikibase working hour Ross will describe the Siegfried/Wikidata/Wikibase integration in more detail; engagement between the digital preservation and wikidata community; and the benefits he sees in this work for the discipline. Ross is happy to field all and any questions about the work and is especially happy to receive questions in advance if there is anything specific anyone would like to see covered.
    • Speaker bio: Ross Spencer (He/Him/They) ( is a part-time open source software developer, and full-time digital preservation specialist at Ravensburger AG based in Germany.
  • VanderBot and Wikibase: 13 February 2023 RECORDING SLIDES. The Wikibase API provides a mechanism for programmatic control of uploads, and its behavior is consistent across instances (Wikidata, Structured Data in Commons, and those that are established privately). In this session, I will discuss basic interactions with the API and demonstrate using the VanderBot Python application to rapidly upload tabular data to a instance. After performing a mass deletion, I’ll conclude by describing how I’ve used the Wikibase API to facilitate addition of structured data to Commons. Steve Baskauf is a Data Science and Data Curation Specialist at the Vanderbilt University Heard Libraries. He has had a long-term interest in Linked Data and for the past several years has been experimenting with ways to streamline uploads to Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.
  • update: 17 January 2023 RECORDING SLIDES Since June 2022, Wikimedia Deutschland has migrated the community-driven WBStack platform over to what is now known as, which has an offering of features everyone loves from Wikibase, but without the technical hassle. is currently in a closed beta, and we'd therefore like to demo it to you, so you may evaluate if this is something you would like to try out for yourselves. With Evelien Zandbergen, product manager for at Wikimedia Deutschland since May 2022
  • Wikidata vs. custom Wikibases: Community history case studies Tues. 25 October 2022, 2pm Eastern (Time zone converter)
    • Topic: The Boston Research Center (BRC) is a digital community history and archives lab based in the Northeastern University Library. One of our current projects involves taking an inventory of historical materials related to Boston’s Chinatown, and we have been using Wikibase to store multilingual data about the linked collections, organizations, and people. In this presentation, we will discuss our experience of getting started with a custom Wikibase and give an overview of our progress so far on the Chinatown Collections project.
    • Speaker Bio: Amy Ruskin is the Data Engineer in the Digital Scholarship Group in the Northeastern University Library. She has a Master's degree in Information Studies from McGill University and a background in computer science and statistics.
  • Mon. 26 September 2022: RECORDING NOTES Open discussion on use cases for a Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Wikibase instance, with members of the PCC Standing Committee on Applications (SCA). For details on the SCA's recommendations relating to the PCC and Wikibase, please review the Wikibase Exploration Survey Report.
  • 11 July 2022: Tracking alternate labels for LCSH with WBStack. Session information and registration. SLIDES RECORDING
  • 30 June 2022: The German National Library has used Wikibase to transform the authority control regulations of the German Integrated Authority File (GND) into machine-readable structured data, encouraging cooperation and openness in digital transformation. Work continues to develop a "second home" for the GND in Wikibase. Featuring speaker Barbara Fischer, Liaison Counsel at the German National Library’s Agency for Standardization (DNB). Fischer is head of the DFG-research project GND for Cultural data and the communication manager for GND meets Wikibase. On behalf of the DNB, Fischer initiated the WikiLibrary Manifesto. Fischer works to increase the quality of metadata through Authority Control to foster retrieval and linked data. RECORDING SLIDES
  • 12 May 2022 Slides,Recording Wikibase for cultural heritage data and LIS education at the Pratt Semantic Lab
    • As a member of Semantic Lab, Karen Li-Lun Hwang is part of the METRO Equity in Action partnership grant with the Asian American Arts Centre to graph new knowledge pertaining to Asian American contemporary art. Other research at Semantic Lab includes the history of women of jazz.
    • Matt Miller is a co-director of the Semantic Lab and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute as well as a Linked Data Applications Technical Specialist at the Library of Congress.
  • 21 April 2022, 3PM Eastern US time zone converter, Registration Link Digital Scriptorium 2.0 in Wikibase
  • 11 March 2022: Slides Shared notes Introduction to Linked Open Data Strategy with Lea Voget, Head, Product Management WMDE. Lea is not only the team lead of product, project and program managers at WMDE, she is also one of the main thinkers behind the Linked Open Data strategy.
  • 16 December 2021: Creating a WBStack Instance for alternative LCSH Labels: item creation. We will use a small-group breakout format and create items in the experimental WBStack instance!
  • 15 November 2021: Creating a WBStack Instance for alternative LCSH Labels: property creation
  • 26 October 2021 Creating a WBStack Instance for alternative LCSH Labels: data modeling.
  • 17 September 2021: Building in Wikibase
  • 27 August 2021: Next steps after installing a Wikibase instance -- creating users, items, and properties
    • Recording, WBStack Slides, Wikibase Slides, Shared notes
    • Ryan Mendenhall Metadata Librarian at Columbia University presented Next steps with WBStack. Following on the WBStack session earlier this year, this continuation looked briefly at WBStack interfaces for Federated properties, Mappings, QuickStatements, and the WBStack query service.
    • Jim Hahn Head of Metadata Research at the Penn Libraries presented Next steps with Wikibase. Following on the Wikibase install session from Spring, this continuation provided an overview of a local Wikibase configuration once you have Wikibase running on your laptop. The following tasks were covered: account management features -- including adding users; importing items and properties from Wikidata; a demonstration of configuring and using the Wikibase query service. The Wikibase-docker GitHub repository used in the previous session has been archived and this session made use of the latest documentation: Wikibase/Docker - MediaWiki. The new docker compose files live in wikibase-release-pipeline.
  • 22 July 2021: Breakout room during the LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group conference session at the 2021 LD4 Conference on Linked Data (registration is required, but is free). We'll collaboratively edit a WBStack instance dedicated to conference session metadata.
  • 27 May 2021: Recording Slides Shared notes Adam Shorland (Wikimedia Deutschland) will give a broad overview of WBStack and WBaas (Wikibase as a service): Looking at why it exists, what it does, how it does it, and where it wants to go, and a demo of a working WBStack instance will be given by Timothy Ryan Mendenhall (Columbia University).Slides
  • 30 April 2021: Recording and meeting notes. Lozana Rossenova (Rhizome) will discuss her work developing a custom data model for Rhizome's Wikibase instance.
  • 26 March 2021:Recording: Jim Hahn (University of Pennsylvania) will lead a session on installing and configuring a Wikibase instance on your desktop. It would be very helpful to have Docker Desktop installed before the session: Docker Desktop. Collaborative notes document for the session.
  • 11 February 2021: Recording and Meeting notes. Pascal Lefeuvre (Bibliotheque nationale de France, BnF), Anila Angjeli (BnF), and Benjamin Bober (Abes) will discuss Noemi, a cataloging tool developed using Wikibase. Slides. Stacy Allison-Cassin (University of Toronto) will discuss her work in Wikibase. Slides.

Scope and Charge[edit]

The LD4 Wikibase working hour seeks to create a space for GLAM professionals experimenting with Wikibase implementation, the software that Wikidata is based on, to learn collaboratively and share tips, tools, and resources.

  • The working group will facilitate identification of areas for collaboration among institutions experimenting with separate institutional Wikibase instances. Topics considered are:
    • Shared data modeling of properties common to many GLAM collections
    • The development of documentation for the GLAM Wikibase community following models like Practical Wikidata for Librarians.
    • Learning about each other’s Wikibase projects, workflows, and tools.

The group will explore the development of mechanisms for channeling community feedback to the developers of Wikibase and the broader Wikimedia community. Complement, (or supplement) where possible, the work from existing Wikidata groups such as LD4 Affinity group and the PCC Wikidata Pilot. The working group will focus on the functional needs of GLAM workers such as librarians and archivists, but is not a forum for development questions and IT troubleshooting of individual Wikibase instances. Those seeking assistance with setting up an institutional Wikibase instance are encouraged to consult tutorials offered by Matt Miller, including one delivered at the LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group, and to reach out to Wikibase developers and/or private consultants for any IT questions and support that they might need.

Note that the previous name of this group was the LD4 Wikibase / WBStack Working Hour.


The LD4 Wikibase / WBStack Working Hours are held as a part of the LD4-Wikidata Affinity Group.


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